August 2016 Monthly Astrology Forecast

Your August monthly horoscope video with Michele. Saturn goes direct this month releasing us from unwanted responsibilities. Check your rising and Moon sign


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Featured Psychic David Pin 2269

Some of your kind words about David.

“When I first spoke to David, without asking any questions at all, and without any initial conversation other than saying hello and asking my birth sign, he started to describe my life, me, my character and values completely and perfectly. He told me, quite rightly, that the last two years hadn’t been very fruitful for me, that I’d had little fun, that there had been problems with people behaving badly and without integrity and completely described a work situation and the things going on around me in my life. He picked up on and described the work I do perfectly and used specific language that would only be appropriate to my particular field of work, which is not something anyone could guess at. He also described and advised me on two areas in my life where I needed specific guidance and gave me great hope for the future.”

“I wanted to leave some feedback for David (pin 2269). He was brilliant, precise, concise and didn’t require any input for me. He picked up on thoughts, emotions and feelings I hadn’t told anyone before. He wasn’t judgemental and even when there was something i didn’t necessarily agree with, he gave me some further information that made it all make sense. I’ve been toying with many ideas over the last 6 – 12 months and he described them to a tee. I’m really positive about the future now and believing in myself! I had a great connection with him and definetly place him up there with Sadie and Lara – who I think are fantastic. I’ve had lots of readings in the past so I think i know what I’m talking about. Give David a ring – you won’t regret it.”

“I have to say that my reading today with David (2269) has left me absolutely speechless. I was first struck by how direct he was (in as much as he launched straight into the reading – no time wasting or trying to tune in). He never asked one question and didn’t encourage you to tell him anything (unless it was a concern that you had). He described how I had been feeling to a “t” and his predictions for the future gave me the very real sensation of “chills” – not in a bad way, but, in the way that made you feel that he was absolutely “bang on the money”. There was not one item which didn’t fit with me or that I had to “reason out” – the way you have to do with some readers. The best reading I have had from anyone – ever – truly a very gifted and genuine guy. Thanks David you are the best!”

“I had a reading with David yesterday which was THE most incredible reading I’ve ever had. I’ve had plenty of readings before and I read David’s reviews prior to booking and they all filled me with confidence. However, the fact of the matter is, he is better than is possible to convey in any feedback. His readings are magical. He is caring and gifted -he does all the talking with no prompts needed from you. He told me I would be opening a shop, the exact timescale (down to the month and year), the location of the premises, he decribed the surrounding area preciesly (it would be near the coast with a sea view on a slight incline)and even told me the colour of the walls. Wow! I mean, if its specific answers you’re looking for then David is definitely the reader to turn to. He was awesome, really personable and such an easy person to connect and talk to. He received messages from his guides constantly throughout the reading and it was jam packed with information.”

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