Your Feb Astrology Video’s with Michele Knight

Hello Beautiful Soul,

This is the month it all kicks off astrologically with Neptune going into Pisces. prepare for your soul to awaken to your true purpose! Mars is also retrograde so in some ways we need to go backwards rather than forwards and look at our patterns, reactions and blocks. Avoid passive aggressive people who may try to control you and of course avoid trying to control others but be aware of your own responsibility and shadow. We are all going through a big shift and knowing ourselves needs to be a priority at the moment. Trust your intuition and pay attention to any psychic hunches and dreams. Who we mix with is also important at this time as we are all connected and everyone impacts our vibration so do a spring clean of your friends and love life to see if people express the same goals and values as you. This is a time to support and trust yourself but expect a few clues along the way to guide you. Thank you so much for all the comments and sharing of the astrology videos, it really is touching and gives me the va va voom to keep doing these weekly and monthly. Much love to you and know you are a unique soul and essential to the whole!

Michele x

PS If you have a Pisces or Aquarius friend this may be especially important to them x

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