Your Full Moon in Capricorn Moonscope June 22, 2024


Your Full Moon in Capricorn Moonscope June 22, 2024

The message with this full Moon for all signs is not to leave anything unfinished or undone if it is within our power to complete it. And then to embrace that feeling of satisfaction that can only come when we have pushed ourselves to do so. This full Moon is a call to find out just what we are capable of when we try.

June’s full Moon is known as the Strawberry Moon, Rose Moon, the Flower Moon or the Dyad Moon. It’s about the sweet taste or small of success. And emotional sweetness too. Coming up roses? You bet you can! Also taking time out to smell them and celebrate our milestones is an important emotional rite under it.

Capricorn is the sign of worldly success and attainment. Of establishment and the willingness to defer gratification for now in favour of longer term rewards later. So, if you’ve stuck to that path – even when obstacles were placed in front of you, this full Moon asks for one last concenrated effort to reach your goal. Do be aware of the emotional component of any success story. Which should be your idea of what success looks like. And not the traditional one peddled by the media and society at large. It’s your prize and your take out.

weekly horoscope aries seasonARIES

Are you dismissing or understating your own achievements, Aries? Full Moons are always full stops. This one is when you stop comparing your journey or success to that of others. And instead choose to showcase all achievements great and small (and don’t judge those by their size either!).

Have you felt judged by a family member? Compared to a sibling for instance who never seems to be able to do anything wrong? If what you have done or attained is dissed into insignificance by comparison, this is the point where you are able to disengage from that emotional sting. And stop the crazy competition. The only approval you need is your own. And your own definition of ‘making it’ – in life or any area.

One final concentrated effort with a work or personal task you have set yourself hands you that all-important feeling of having achieved something satisfying. And if professional or outer rewards and validation are forthcoming now, if that all-important emotional take out is missing, it will seem like an empty victory. So, ensure what you are doing brings you this as part of the package.

Others could be on the receiving end of praise or positive strokes, admiration and validation from someone they admire or who embodies qualities they are seeking to attain. And that to you will be a big win in itself. Once you have done everything you can too bring something to completion, reward yourself in some way. Next month you’ll set yourself a new task to conquer.

weekly astrologyTAURUS

Free your soul and set sail under this full Moon of total emotional release, Taurus. In your 9th house, it’s all about escaping restriction, whether it has been placed on you by outer circumstances, others, or even your own thinking.

In your 9th, travel can feature. This is the full Moon under which you furl your sails and catch the lucky tide. Or we can say the modern-day equivalent sees you heading to the airport. Or you complete the final phase of one journey – which involves a deep and satisfying level of learning. And then prepare to embark on a new one next month.

Academia, the law, sports and people and places overseas may feature. As could the realisation that all along you have been destined for something bigger but have allowed yourself to settle for the small instead. If so, look to your own inner beliefs around this. Where did they originate? Did someone along the way make you feel like you had to stay safe and ‘settle’? And if so, what effect has this had on you? It may be this is what you are simply moving away from on an emotional level.

This full Moon can see you releasing a load of emotional baggage. You process the experiences that led you to this point. Integrate what you have learned from this. And then simply let go. By the time the new Moon appears next month, you’ll be ready to step into something new. Unencumbered by what’s restricted you in the past. Just remember, sweet Taurus – freedom is a choice.


Cue up that retro Bee Gees beat. Stayin’ alive and the moves that go with this. Back in the 70’s nobody had better moves than Travolta. It can be argued that he still has them if you watch him in drag in Hairspray. And now you get to show just how you refuse to be restricted, confined or even controlled. These are your moves. You make them your way.

There’s a sense of power and revival around the full Moon in your 8th. It is after all, your house of rebirth. You are willing to bring something to a close and call it quits if needed. To bring about a new beginning on the other side. You certainly won’t be content to continue with the status quo.

This full Moon can also deliver results. Which far exceed your expectations. And act as a demonstration of what you can achieve when you hone your focus. Empowerment and a sense of fulfillment accompany this. Yes, because this is your ‘other’ money house, material rewards may form part of your take-out. But the most lasting effect will be the one that permanently changes your own ideas of what you can do when you try.

This is a ‘feel the fierce’ full Moon. If you have been disconnected from your power, you link back into it. Others had better not underestimate you. Or take you for granted. If you’ve allowed someone to take center stage or run things for far too long, this Moon sees you break out your own disco moves. You own the floor now.

july horoscopesCANCER

Full Moons refect, light seeks out truths in the sign opposite to the one they appear in. So, when the full Moon appears in your 7th – the spotlight actually falls on you, Cancer. And not the other party.

Of course, the other party – whoever they may be in your house of duets, dynamic duos and double acts, duels and your Ride or Die, is the one holding up that mirror. A rare gift that when it happens, allows us to see very clearly how they see us. Yes, mirror, mirror on the wall is talking to you. Do you like or vibe with that reflection? Or does it show you that how you look at them is very different to how they see you?

Being the Strawberry or Rose Moon, this can have you feeding each other strawberries and wrapped in that rosy glow. Or else the rose-tinted glasses are off. Now if the latter happens, that doesn’t mean love has left the building. But it can mark the point where the two of you accept the real person instead of the fantasy. It’s a beautiful act of clarity and love.

Don’t necessarily think it has to be your lover, romantic partner or spouse. Seeking? Someone who you feel that instant spark for could move into the frame. And if so, you’ll see this as the starting point to build on. But not a reason to throw caution and your heart to the winds. This full Moon is an opportunity to build on all you’ve learned about relating from your past. And in accepting what that reflection tells you, relate to yourself and your needs on a whole new level of understanding.

monthly horoscope augustLEO

Finding joy, satisfaction, meaning, and even perfection in what you repeat and do every day can be a gift or a chore, depending on how we view it. And most importantly – how we do it.

Plus, those habits are ruled by the 6th house in which this full Moon waxes in your chart. How do they impact on what you do and the time you have? Do they consume too much of the latter and leave you rushing to complete the former feeling you don’t have enough time to spare? The doomscrolling on that device for instance. Check in on the feed of those you love to hate-follow. Doing something by rote because it’s now a habit instead of really considering what it adds to your life.

This full Moon will on one level throw into sharp relief what you engage in daily. But also trigger inspiration within you to change it if it no longer enhances your life. Plus you won’t let yourself off the hook by telling yourself you’ll get round to doing it tomorrow. You’re fully present in the moment and determined to use it.

This can take many forms: prioritising tasks for one thing, scheduling your day more effectively, finding fresh satisfaction from doing what you know you need to in a new and more creative way, making small but different choices, no longer putting off updating that CV so you can apply for a new job, having that device detox, decluttering, or simply ditching those energy drains. You are fully in the present and know that the moment is when it happens.

What you do that supports you regularly will remain unchanged. Running on empty? Time to focus on rest, recuperation, recharging and getting enough sleep. Keep a dream journal by your bed, Leo. Chances are this full Moon will download something useful you can practice from here on in.

weekly horoscopesVIRGO

You’ll be craving the right company where you can express yourself without fear of criticism or judgment under this full Moon. You’re 5th is where unfiltered fabulization happens. And the light of this Moon is reflected back into your 11th of friendships, connections and shared good times.

You’re the social butterfly and the life and soul of any party. This is also a full Moon of enhanced attraction. Do you feel and look the part? Because honestly, the emotional component is the key element to activating this. No matter who you are, where you are, who you are with, or what you are doing, ask yourself how you can express your inner beauty and creativity today. Via the outer you. No, you don’t have to break the bank to do this. I know this is your house of ultimate treats and indulgences. Debt isn’t a treat. And honestly, this is about getting creative with what you already have. Bring out your best, Virgo.

This Moon is aptly named. Roses and strawberries mean love is in the air. Again, embody this. If you are seeking love, first romance yourself. Don’t wait for someone else’s appearance to make you feel lovable. Holidays, gatherings, get togethers, parties and even for some, being the centre of attention or in front of the cameras, may feature. All the more reason to look, feel and project that radiance, Virgo. And then see what you attract back in kind.

weekly astrologyLIBRA

This full Moon is in its ruling 4th in your chart. Its focus is on your long term emotional security and stability. You’ll know for certain if you have it. Or if certain areas need shoring up now.

For you, this full Moon really does represent a stop. You need to press the pause button on where you are and what you are doing. Does this support and sustain you? Do you have that all-important feeling of emotional safety? Do you belong? Is this ‘home’ for you? Are you ‘at home’ in your work, your relationships and yes, where you physically reside? Does this all feel right? Nurturing and comforting? Is it a bed of roses or of thorns?

Decisions can be made if you need to move on. But only by pressing pause can you discern properly what you need to keep and what needs to be changed. Are you clinging to something just out of sentimentality for instance? Even though you are fully aware that it no longer feeds your spirit or protects you?

There’s a second hidden message to this full Moon that many astrologers miss. And that is you can be so focussed on working towards or establishing something for your future, that you have stopped enjoying the present. You can be working or saving diligently – and that’s admirable. And telling yourself that once you reach that milestone you’ll be able to stop and enjoy yourself. Take the holiday, make time for loved ones or simply relax and do what you love to do. But that day hasn’t arrived. And you feel as if life is strangely empty despite all your hard work. If that’s your homecoming truth under this full Moon, take time to smell the roses now. It’s all part of your process of belonging.


News brings culmination and completion in an emotionally satisfying way. Your idea pays off. You get the answer you wanted. Your project or plan is approved. Your online profile or strategy gains you the result or following you were after.

No, of course you won’t be resting on your laurels. Even as you celebrate you’ll be readying yourself for the next stage or idea you pursue next. This is also a full Moon of beautiful flowing words and conversations. Where you feel able to openly share what’s on your mind with others. Yes, it is a Moon where the L-Bomb can be dropped if that’s what you’ve been waiting for. Where agreements, understandings and contacts can be entered into. On a business level and on a strictly personal one.

Your inner poet is unleashed. Even if you normally don’t see yourself as that or struggle to find the right words. If you’ve sent something out and been waiting for a response or answer, this is the Moon that could finally deliver it.

That open communication extends to exploring topics you would usually shy away from. This stems from your desire for better understanding, closeness, and knowing exactly where you stand. So, asking someone about how they feel and what they want and really being open to those answers simply proves that the truth will not only set you free but also them.

mercury and venus in sagittariusSAGITTARIUS

Do check your chart for Capricorn factors, Sag. Many Sagittarians have them. Especially if yours are at 2 degrees of Capricorn and this full Moon. Your emotional take on your self-worth and how you work this, how you add value and what is ‘priceless’ to you, will be shown to be in credit or deficit under it.

This isn’t about an amount in your bank account. Or your income. This is about what you have and your relationship to it. And your values are assets, Sag. Just as real as your possessions or investments. Emotionally, do you see yourself as rich? Do you feel rich? Again, don’t get hung up on money. We can be rich in love, friendship, experience, talent. Poverty is a state of mind. Being broke is a temporary situation and doesn’t define who we are. This isn’t about shying away from a truth around a financial situation. But it is about your emotional attitude towards it.

How you relate to your money, what you can attract, and your invaluable self will be the key. This Moon can bring you satisfaction when you look at your bank statement, yes. But it can also see you looking at yourself as richer than you believed you were regarding how you value who you are. And what you have at your disposal. I’ll leave you with a quote from Cher. When her mother advised her to settle down and ‘marry a rich man’, her response was ‘I am a rich man’. So are you when you add it all up, Sag.


Strawberries and roses and all things blooming and beautiful. Are you feeling all lushly loved up or pinkly sentimental about someone? How does that garden grow when it comes to relationships? Or one in particular – past, present or potential?

What are you seeking (or who?), to draw to you? The full Moon in your 1st acts like a searchlight picking out what you emotionally want or need. Because full Moon shine their light into the house opposite to the one they are in, this one illuminates your 7th of partnerships. Your spouse, live in or long term lover, your business partner or collaborator. That bestie or bae. Even that opponent. And yes, in some cases that Situation Vacant in your life.

The full Moon in your sign looks beyond the obvious in any relationship. And also avoids that rose-coloured past sentiment colouring your choices in the present. It has you looking at how love works for you. And why. It makes you oh-so-accurately aware of what qualities you need in a partner if you are looking for one. And also allows you to take on board without judging yourself, how lack of awareness of this, may have tripped you up in the past.

This Moon is about the give and take that has to occur between any two people for a relationship to flourish. It’s about you being able to discuss this if its missing while owning the fact it’s been up to you to bring this up in the first place. You and someone else could find yourselves in a very good place now.

If you do have that empty position to fill, this Moon has you taking the time to go deeper into your relationship with yourself. Are you happy with your own company for instance? Because if you don’t, then how can you expect someone else to? Do you feel you’re ready and emotionally open to make room for a partner? When you embrace yourself, you set yourself up to be embraced by another. And if you’ve been out of harmony with yourself or your life, from this point onwards, you’re in sync again.


Heightened sensitivity and intuition result from a full Moon in your 12th. The feelings that surface may have been dwelling just below it for some time. You may have been carrying on without the realisation they were there. Or the knowledge of how deeply they have been impacting on you. Any awareness of what lies beneath, asks that you honour it by stopping and processing it. Rather than just carrying on and slapping that psychic Band-Aid on it.

You are in the most powerful cycle of attraction, goal crushing and social radiance you’ve experienced to date, Aquarius. All thanks to Pluto in your sign and Jupiter in your 5th. All the more reason to embrace healing and wholeness rather than staying as the walking wounded.

When you take the time to reflect under this full Moon, you will also come to understand that moments of loss, pain and those challenges, have in fact made you who you are. Suddenly, disappointment turns into bravery and you see yourself finer than tempered steel. This full Moon can reignite hope and optimism for you going forward. Which in turn, allows you to tap into the full potential of what Jupiter and Pluto have in store for you.

You can’t turn back the clock. But you can choose to reframe your past and what it has given you. Not only will it have shown you that there’s no challenge you can’t meet with fearless determination. But better still, you are so ready now to accept something new. That’s just around the corner for you from the middle of July onwards, Aquarius. It’s not false hope you’re hanging on to. But the vision of what can become real.

full moon in piscesPISCES

It’s a wonderful night for a moondance with a full Moon in your 11th. Parties, gatherings, celebrations and get-togethers. With like-minded souls. Is it time to hit that app and send out some invitations? Whether it’s just you and one close friend or a while bunch of them, this full Moon is about sharing everything from a meal to a community.

It’s also a full Moon under which you can check on goal progress. Or the continued relevance of them. This is your house of goals and the future. What you envision having, seeing, doing or attaining. It may in fact, deliver on a goal you’ve been working towards. Or you put the finishing touches to the process of attaining one. It enhances your ability to visualise and elevates manifestation to an art form. You may choose to actually express this via the creation of a mood board or manifestation journal. And if you are stuck on a theme when inviting people over, why not suggest a group goal-setting effort? That extra element of sharing and playfulness could literally light fires under those intentions.

Shared experiences, memories, interests, or even a cause can be the glue that binds you. Don’t neglect the friends who have been instrumental in the past in forming the memories you have today. Suggest ways you can form new ones.

There’s a party feel to this full Moon. And you’ll also be aware of what you bring to the party as a friend. And what others contribute. A wonderful meditation under this full Moon can be done with a friend around how each of you see your future unfolding. Both of you imagine for the other party how they can attain a goal in the next year. Between this Moon and the same one in 12 months time. Both of you write down every way or possibility you can see this unfolding. Then share with one another. Did you friend come up with an option or way of getting there you never considered? Or has your perspective shown them a new route? Two minds are better than one and the more the merrier under this full Moon. And yes, it’s a party. You can include the wine!

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