Halloween Horrorscope Special!

Halloween is always a time when the barriers between our world and the spiritual one become thinner. We are all in a position to receive positive wisdom for the coming year. So, what do our Halloween stars have to say for each sign?


With some sweet sweet love going on between ruler Mars and Venus right now, this could be a scarily romantic Halloween for you. You’re in touch with your inner world – and that voice that just wants the best for you. Heed it as you’re being asked to follow up on those dreams and visions. They contain the future of your soul path.


You’re naughty and nice this Halloween as ruler Venus hands you that love mojo . Trick or treat? Well, maybe a little of both all packaged up in the nicest possible way. You could be someone’s red hot candy crush as romance rules.


Halloween could bring those hidden feelings to the surface with you blurting out what you really feel about someone. Of course, you can always write it off as a trickster prank if they don’t react the way you hoped. But taking a chance could just result in a treat in some form or another. Others may celebrate the holiday at home – but spooky fun and games are right up your street.


The Moon your ruler just happens to be in your sign for Halloween – enhancing your ability to walk through those invisible doors and touch the world of insight and spiritual wisdom but also channel that intuition into something truly wonderful. Romance? With the Moon making a fabulous trine to Neptune you’re on a journey to the stars when it comes to love tonight.


You could be starring in your own Rocky Horror Show extravaganza as ruler the Sun makes a mystical angle to Neptune setting you up to be the star turn. Work that uniqueness whether it’s in that Halloween costume realness or just being the star turn at that party. This could be a night where passion leads you somewhere unexpected. Temptation? Dare you to resist it!


With you still the sign with the mostest it’s hard to imagine it’s not all treats for you this Halloween as Mars, Venus and Jupiter just want you to have fun – perhaps more than you’ve had in a very long time. It is however a good time to re-affirm your intentions with the spirit world and ask for further guidance or validation you’re on the right path. Right now if you do ask, you’re most likely be given the answer you seek. Your guides are waiting for that call!


You may have been feeling a little disconnected or that you’re actually inhabiting more than one realm of reality at the same time. Of all the signs you’re the one most connected to the Halloween message this year. So make that work for you. You’ll be able to go straight to the heart of those issues and see them clearly. This is your Phoenix Halloween where you can literally burn free from the past and emerge as someone new. Share your experiences as you can help others by doing so.


Let’s face it – if ever there was a holiday designed specifically for you in mind it’s Halloween. With the Sun in your sign making a truly wonderful angle to the Moon in your 9th, you totally own this one. You’re both the light and the dark of it, so why not showcase that? Who else is better at integrating than you? You know everything has its place and you embrace the dark as well as the light as both are necessary. This Halloween offers adventure and the chance to show all your facets to the world.


This Halloween is about to show you that you have your dreams for a reason and they may not be just castles in the air but something about to be brought into reality. What others may see as barriers you are able to transcend and just see as things which are designed to prove just how much you are capable of – which may be even more than anything you’ve previously imagined.


Are you ready for a shift? Ruler Saturn in your 12th is angling across to Neptune in your 3rd and beaming in some important insights straight from the galactic source/spirit world/other side – or whatever you want to call it. You’re linked to a higher level of consciousness which may have been speaking to you for some time. But now you understand the validity of what it is saying and the new way of seeing things it is bringing in.


I’ve you’ve done the work you could be in for a pleasant surprise this Halloween as something you thought dead and buried comes alive again and by that I don’t mean a zombie! You may have put in the effort and then had to let things go. Ruler Uranus could now re-deliver it – out of the crypt and out of the blue!


Gorgeous romantic aspects sprinkle this Halloween not with gravedust but with star dust instead. Your perfect zombie is ready for that monster mash-up with you. Love rocks the crypt – and this world and the next. If you’re waiting for love to arrive – speak to your ancestors or guides. Chances are you will get a message back.

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