June Horoscopes All Signs 2018 (written)

June Horoscopes All Signs 2018 (written)


  • Re-state your intentions
  • Be the love you want to see in your life
  • Reinvent the dream

Deep feelings are revealed and emotional insights follow thanks to a rippling alignment between Venus in your 4th and Jupiter and Neptune in your 8th and 12th respectively. If something has not been clear – perhaps someone’s intentions or you have been seeking the truth in a situation, you will discover it now. Others could discover a secret – a secret admirer perhaps or just uncover an answer that you seek. Intuition and the creative muse provides you with the solutions you seek. These may be intangible forces but they are powerful ones when it comes to sculpting your wishes and desires and making them come alive now. Follow these especially when it comes to goals around romance and what you love to do or dream of doing – either professionally or as a hobby. Venus’s entry into your 5th from the 13th puts you in the spotlight in some way. Be ready to receive attention so ensure you are looking and feeling your best. It’s all about attraction now and the rule is: You radiate – you attract back in kind. Stand out. Spread the joy. Show your passion. And once Mercury enters here on the 29th – share your ideas. Business matters are favoured as well as love or at the very least a flirtation or two. Lost for words? Not likely now.

This month’s new Moon appears in your 3rd of Gemini – Mercury’s ruling house and sign. Although this is clearly not your birthday, this is a new Moon which always marks one of those times of the year where we can re-set our intentions for the rest of it. It’s another point where we can begin again if we need to. Look back over the past three months since your birthday and review your progress to date. Do you need to course-correct or have your priorities changed? If so, adjust. If not – re-commit to your path and inject it with fresh ideas as you’ll have those to spare now. This favours all new ventures and business dealings. So apply for that job or connect to those customers.

Looking at how the past has created the place and circumstances you currently inhabit and crafting decisions honed by past experiences and future wishes is going to be favoured by the major retrograde cycle we are all about to enter. Neptune begins this heading backwards in your 12th from the 19th. Recapture your imaginative dreams and perhaps see them in a new light as ways to answer your desire for soul expression. Ruler Mars is about to make an extremely rare retrograde between the 26th and the end of August in your 11th of friends, contacts and yes – goals and dreams. Mine your contacts, reconnect with people from your past and above all, take your time. Mars retro in here may put you into temporary hermit mode. If so, use this time to review and revisit what it is you wish to achieve, experience or do and craft a fresh strategy. This is your house of innovation and invention. Mars retrograde gives you the power to plan – and then act.

Powerful alignments in your 10th of career between Saturn who rules this house and the full Moon in here on the 28th which oppose the Sun in your 4th from the 21st, unlock career doors for you. Career matters could come to a head with the final stages of a key project or plan. It all impacts on your long term security and home life. Look forward into the future to where you need to be as opposed to want to be. The smart money says you can combine both of these now. Big decisions await you that will determine your path – not just for this year, but for several more to come.

In a nutshell: Time to go where those emotions want to take you. Express your passion and that vibe you send out attracts back in kind. Simply put – be what you want to attract this June, Aries!


  • If you can dream it – you can do it
  • Be clear about what it is you want
  • Love talk heats up

Flaming June brings hearts on fire! Make that love connection at the start of June as ruler Venus is all about the love talk as she trines Jupiter in your 7th and Neptune in your 11th. Note I said ‘love’ and not sex. It’s all about the romance – at least until the 6th when Venus will oppose Pluto in your 9th.  Then you could be looking at the freedom to express a bigger, bolder, sexier kind of love. At the very least you could be looking at an important new friendship forming at this time. Be out and about. There is also a past flavour creeping in. Missed meetings and connections. People from your past who eerily turn up right after you thought about them for the first time in ages. Stand by for more of that as well as re-imagining those goals and dreams too. Expand them and create a multiverse in your mind where you have brought them into reality. What you can dream, you have a good chance of having, doing or experiencing as Neptune turns retrograde in your 11th from the 19th. Jupiter in your 7th favours all kinds of partnerships – and the benefits that flow via them. Some of you may benefit from a partner’s success or the generosity of someone close to you.

This month’s new Moon in your 2nd wants you to get clear about what it is you want. It’s not just about how much money you have but what you do with it. Have a financial review (I hate the word ‘budget’) and set some goals from that. This is your house of values and self-worth. So flowing on from this, the new Moon wants you to set these along with your intentions. What do you feel you ‘deserve’ or are ‘worth’. There’s a trick to this new Moon which is if you focus your energy on the things you want, you will set in motion events which will bring them in to your life. Look for opportunities. They will appear under this Moon.

Ruler Venus moves off into your 4th and you’re wanting that loving feeling or to create it around your home or lifestyle. Normally I would say Venus in here brings about a cycle of domestic bliss and also favours any property dealings. Relationships with family or those you live with should flow smoothly. But Venus will square the newly—arrived Uranus in your 1st – as will Mercury on the 29th/30th ushering in changes that reform your lifestyle, family or living arrangements.

Work, business matters, papers, documents and communications dominate as the Sun enters your 3rd from the 21st and will oppose Saturn in your 9th on the 27th – the day after Mars turns retrograde in your 10th of career. You also have a full Moon in your 9th which falls conjunct Saturn on the 28th. Long term decisions and changes which would ultimately result in your freedom now fall due. You’ll feel an emotional need to make a break towards something bigger. Any frustrations you feel around restrictions in your career or relationships, will surface now and demand you do something about them. That Mars retrograde is actually working for you, even if you may feel confined or sidelined at work as retro Mars means you will consider the implications of your actions before taking them. You’ve the ability to think things through and make the right choices while making sure you express the heat of that fire burning within you – by following that desire for more love. Flame on!

In a nutshell: The heat is on this June as you awaken to passion and love. Time to shed what’s holding you back – and make a break for something bolder, bigger and brighter, Taurus.


  • Self-esteem is sexy
  • State your intentions for the coming year
  • You own it, Gemini!

New beginnings put you in a power-position this June, Gemini. And it’s more than just the usual fresh starts we associate with a birthday cycle. Ruler Mercury has a major game plan for you that involves your money, career, resources and reputation.  With two added magic ingredients: self-worth and sexiness! You begin the month in a mind-set to explore your options – especially when it comes to expansion in any area. Business, travel, ideas all feature now. News could arrive that has a big impact on the direction your life will take in the next 12 months around the 6th when the Sun and Mercury meet in your 1st. This is an excellent day to initiate those plans and work those ideas for what they are worth.

Venus and Pluto are in their ruling houses in your chart. This is ‘mutual reception by house’ – and it usually means the two planets in question are busy having a conversation that will benefit you. In this case this could relate to your money or income and when it comes to your personal life – love, lust or a heady combination of the two. The phrase ‘you own it’ comes to mind. This can refer to your talents, your skills, your money, your career and yes – that intense and irresistible magnetism you are broadcasting on all frequencies. Singles will get a response and a relationship could begin now that will take you places you have never travelled to before – physically, spiritually or even literally. Unforgettable? As the song says: that’s what you are. But any relationship you form now could be just that as well.

The new Moon in your 1st sees you looking at what you can do to realise those dreams for the next 12 months. It’s very much a time to own your power in understanding that it is you and only you who can set in motion actions that turn dreams into tangible goals. The day of the new Moon (13th) marks the moment to begin this process and this year you have a resource at your disposal you have never had access to before. Uranus in your 12th links you to awakening to new ways of turning those visions into tangible results. You are being broken free from old habits and ways of thinking, outdated emotional responses perhaps dating back from childhood, that trap you and hold you back. Especially when it comes to your self-worth and your ability to receive rewards and abundance.

Your entire money/work/career zone continues to be in focus for the rest of the month along with that power sector. You have a full Moon in here on the 28th which falls conjunct Saturn and the Sun in your 2nd opposes Saturn the previous day. Ruler Mercury will already have opposed Saturn from your 2nd on the 16th while trineing Jupiter in your 6th on the 19th and opposing Pluto on the 23rd. All this takes place as we enter a powerful cycle where we will be able to see all too clearly how our pasts have shaped our present and our choices in the present moment create our future. For you, it’s very much about taking control of your world, your resources and your relationships and steering your destiny in the direction you need it to go. There’s no more ‘going along for the ride’ or winging it. If you can do this, major transformation shifts will occur that again, put you in the path of opportunities and abundance. Mercury shifts to its ruling 3rd on the 29th lending you the ability to weave magic and amaze with your ideas. Once you get clear on what it is you DO want, communicate this especially in work and business but bring this into the deeper, more heart-centered business of love too. Live the dream – or at least begin the process this June.

In a nutshell: Send out that signal and you’ll get a response! And most likely from more than one interested party. State your intentions for the coming year – and be prepared to achieve them.


  • Happy birthday, Cancer!
  • Revisit those old loves
  • And welcome in the new!

Changes around love are in the air this June Cancer. And not just for your birthday. It’s a month-long trend that’s lighting up June for you. And it begins right at the start of the month with some glorious, heart-freeing energy rippling across your sectors of romance and adventure thanks to Venus in your 1st setting off angles of attraction between Jupiter in your 5th and Neptune in your 9th. It’s not just about the possibility of a new love although Venus in your 1st is all about love and attraction. It’s about what you love to do and exploring possibilities. It’s about dreaming big and then getting a chance to live that dream for real. So, set your intentions to play, explore and express your passion. Neptune turns retrograde this month and this could see you re-visiting discarded dreams and re-imagining them. Revisiting old loves and travelling to places where you have strong ties to the past are other themes you will encounter. As will tapping into all that learning and experience you have amassed in the past. And apply this to the present to bring about a future that is yours to weave and create.

Venus in your 1st opposing Pluto in your partnership sector during the first week of the month, promises transformational love experiences or the alchemical catalyst of attraction. Mercury will make the same enticing moves from your 1st later in the month right as your birthday cycle begins in fact. Time to play with ideas, to flirt and to develop an abundance mind-set for the coming year. Before this happens, be guided by spiritual truth and insight from a psychically-charged new Moon in your 12th on the 13th. Again, this is all about setting your thoughts and your intention as to what you expect the following 12 months to bring you. This new Moon can bring you answers to deep questions you’ve been asking yourself about soul purpose and what needs to stay and what you need to let go of to properly take advantage of the year ahead. So, when you receive them, please act on the information.

Venus moves into her ruling 2nd on the same day as the new Moon so it is time to welcome into something new. With the other aspects in your chart this really is a wonderful time for a new love to enter your life. Or as this is your money house, a new source of income. It’s time for pleasure, fun, sensuality and appreciating or experiencing the good things of life. Just watch for any tendencies to over-spend or over-indulge however. By the time the Sun arrives in your 1st on the 21st, the party should already have started for you. It’s time for new experiences, new friends and new opportunities. You’ll need to be flexible and open minded. But your success is going to be intertwined with groups, friends and who you know and interact with now. It really is time to state your intentions when it comes to those goals and set some new ones too.

Changes will happen but these may not occur as fast as you would like between now and the end of August due to Mars making a rare retrograde through its ancient ruling 8th in your chart. When change does occur it will be powerful however. Even if they are not what you have initiated, you have the ability to come from a position of strategic empowerment when dealing with them rather than having a knee-jerk reaction. In fact, sitting comfortably within your power is something Mars retrograde can hand you now. Sit back. Allow situations to develop and time your response accordingly.

This also goes for that newly developing love affair. What’s the hurry? Love has a timing all its own one way or another. You could see a timely (pun intended) reminder of this as the Sun in your 1st opposes Saturn in your 7th. The full Moon in your 7th on the 28th boosts your desire for love and connection and also falls conjunct that Saturn. Are your needs being met? This is a fabulous full Moon for fated encounters or that destiny-determining date or talk. But this Moon asks you to look within at whether or not your desires are being met and act on the answers you receive. Single and not liking it? Do something about it. Frustrations in your current relationship? Talk about them. Own those feelings that emerge under this Moon’s piercing soul searchlight.

Mercury shifts into your 2nd on the 29th and the talk shifts not just to money but to values and self-worth. All this relates back to you having the self-worth to see or ask for those desires to be fulfilled. With Venus in here it’s about enjoying your resources and showcasing your talents. Mercury brings fresh ideas around increasing your income and also self-promotion. Your birthday season continues into next month and this is no time to sit on the sidelines. Make love or even self-love, the change whose time has come now.

In a nutshell: The lead up to your birthday could see those wishes and dreams begin to materialise. You’ve the alchemical power of attraction on your side – use it and welcome in the new you, Cancer!


  • See those true colours
  • What revelations does love have for you?
  • See yourself in a new light

Make it real this June by starting the month in a ‘wait and see’ frame of mind. Avoid making any major decisions or jumping to conclusions at least until around the second week of the month. You need time to form a proper opinion and for all of the facts to emerge. With the Sun your ruler entering your 12th from the 21st, and Venus and Mercury in here until the 13th and 29th respectively, you can be sure you are not yet seeing the big picture. This especially applies to love and money. Give love – or rather that new lover, time to reveal their true self.

True colours shining through is a good way to look at the next few weeks. You have a big retrograde cycle coming up with Neptune who rules your 12th turning retrograde in your 8th until the end of November from the 19th. Mars makes a rare retrograde in your 7th from the 26th. Plus we are about to head into a cycle where six planets will be retrograde all at the same time! What I can promise you about this cycle is that truths will be revealed. People will show their true colours in ways that may surprise or even shock you. And you will also learn important soul truths about yourself.

Seeing yourself in a new light often brings about a shift in our personal lives. As we relate to ourselves in new ways we relate to others differently too. New connections can be made now so get out, meet up and mingle. What you have to understand is that you have to actively seek out your life and your people. Stand out where they can see and find you. Begin to set your intentions now for the coming cycle. Don’t wait for your birthday. Begin it now as this house rules your goals as well as your social life. Keep that high speed line to your intuition open as you think about what you really want and then act on what you are told. But again, don’t rush. If you are unsure but don’t yet have a clear indication of which way to proceed, then stop and wait. Your answer will come.

Sizzling attraction could occur on the 21st when Venus in your 1st opposes Mars in your 7th. Something or someone is turning up the heat now – or you are finding ways to do just that. Mars is the ruler of our 1st house and Venus the ruler of our 7th. So this is what we call ‘mutual reception by house’. You could find yourself attracting people and experiences at opposite ends of the spectrum. So – this is all about Yin/Yang or even Love/Hate. Whatever it is – you feel intensely about it and what’s more – aren’t afraid to express this. You can attract your ‘opposite’ in more ways than one. Including opponents and even hidden ones which takes us back to those true colours. Like I said, strong feelings will be involved one way or another.

Those true colours I mentioned could be revealed on the 27th-28th when your ruler the Sun opposes Saturn in your 6th from your 12th and the full Moon falls conjunct Saturn in your 6th the following day. People from your past can turn up – perhaps armed with sob stories. Have you heard all this before? Have they changed? What effect does this have on your energy? Insights into the work/wellbeing connection may also be illuminated under this Moon. Others could find a pet requires their attention. If you are thinking about a change of job or career now, again, this is another area where you need to adopt that wait and see approach. Concentrate on making new connections and in being ‘seen’ this month and leave all those bigger decisions on the back burner.

In a nutshell: Colour by numbers this month. Expect passion and attraction. People reveal their true colours so wait and see what develops before committing to anything long term now, Leo.


Soul searching activities such as finding a soul connection should be top of your ‘To Do’ list as we arrive in June. In fact, any activity that is designed to get you noticed either personally or professionally should be your focus thanks to ruler Mercury in your 10th. Mercury makes a career-enhancing alignment to Mars in your sector of work on the 1st. Mars will make a rare retrograde from the 26th which will last until the end of August. So, it is important to make those moves before the end of the month. Mars is the planet of action, so we can find ourselves having to stop in place when it retrogrades, or put plans on the backburner. Do it and don’t procrastinate.

You’ve some angles of attraction occurring between Venus in your social sector and Jupiter in your communication zone and Neptune in your partnership sector. Add to the mix Mercury very much direct at present doing the same thing and offering an unexpected invitation or an unexpected bolt from the blue that opens doors for you. Getting noticed, recognised and rewarded for what you do is what this month’s new Moon in your 10th on the 13th is all about. Take your ideas and promote them and in sharing them, promote yourself. You need to reach for a touch of showmanship combined with professional smarts. Presenting to an audience and influencing people – whether this is in a selling, presentation or interview situation is likely. If so, you have the ability to get them to sit up, take note and make a lasting impression.  It’s very much about your ‘public’ face this June and how you come across to others. Dare to dazzle by thinking of yourself as an actor stepping into a role you were born to play! So, craft that image as it will prove to be more important than ever this month.

If you are not happy with any aspect of your career to date, this new Moon marks the time to do something about it. Doors will be opening all around you and at the very least what will come through will be insight into which direction you need to head next. Venus enters your 12th the same day as this new Moon appears. You need to stay focussed on career and business goals for now as the message from the universe is you can play or even daydream later. For now it’s time to focus on what you need to achieve in the real world. Balance practical matters with intuition as this is not just your house of intuition but the house of your soul purpose too.  So, if you are seeking insight into career matters you can combine both but your main message is: stay focussed.

We’re heading into major retrograde weather and this month marks the start of this. Neptune heads retrograde in your 7th from the 19th and unlike your ruler Mercury whose retrogrades only last for three weeks, this one is going to last until the end of November. When we are in Neptune retrograde it is all about getting real and in this case, real love – or falling in love with the real person and not the fantasy. This month’s full Moon falls conjunct Saturn in your 5th.  This is your house of lovers, pleasure and fun but Saturn is all about commitment, establishment and foundation. For some, this could mean finding that soul connection or at the very least a deep new friendship thanks to the Sun in your social 11th. Or this could see a relationship taken to the next level. However, if you have been dealing with someone who makes promises but doesn’t deliver – but you have continued to tell yourself that they will, this could bring about a reality check. Combined with that Neptune retrograde it’s very much give me your heart, make it real – or just forget about it. There’s nothing wrong with demanding recognition in love just as there is in business.

Mercury joins Venus in your 12th from the 29th and makes an angle of freedom to Uranus in your 9th. You’re awakening to who you belong with, what you are destined to be or do, and also that you can enjoy professional success and still walk a spiritual path. Those doors that are opening for you break you free from anything that restricts or confines you. And to make those all-important soul connections and choices on the other side.

In a nutshell: Get yourself noticed and out and about where people can find you, Virgo. Lasting connections can be made whether in love or deep friendship. See and be seen this June.


  • Showcase yourself
  • Set your values
  • Go with your instincts

Ruler Venus sitting in your 10th at the start of the month is all about enhancing your status. Your stock both personally and professionally should be on the rise this June, Libra as your entire money/work/career sectors feel the love while your sector of personal power and corporate money is packed with potential thanks to Uranus now in here. Set your standards at the start of the month and determine not just what it is you want but what you are prepared to trade, leverage or sell out for. You’re being asked to set your own price and this stems from your value system. Just what are you, your talents and skills, worth? June sees you negotiating something in your favour and this could be that salary, benefits or even the T&C of that relationship. One thing is certain – you won’t be selling yourself or your ideas short now. Mercury’s arrival in your 10th from the 12th and the Sun in here from the 21st, favours contracts and business dealings. Important agreements can be reached and if you are not shifting roles, then more work and responsibility may be on its way – along with the recognition that goes with it. Above all, take yourself seriously now because if you don’t, how do you expect others to?

Venus now adds sparkle to your social 11th from the 13th but before that, don’t forget that your 10th is the house that rules your partner’s status or anything that enhances yours. So, don’t dismiss Venus’s potential to attract a long term lover or even a friendship that you will benefit from for years to come, while in here.

This month’s new Moon appears in your 9th of freedom, expansion, learning, travel and adventure. Because this is your house of learning, this is one of the points in the year where it’s good to take a moment to reflect on what you’ve learned so far. We’re halfway through the year – the Sun enters your 10th on the 21st marking the day of the summer solstice (or winter if you are in the southern hemisphere). Where do you want to go from here? What do you want to do, achieve or experience before the year ends? And most importantly of all, how can you use what you have learned this year to do this? It’s time to expand your horizons. Travel or the start of a metaphorical journey is often marked by this new Moon. You can also expect new people to be entering your world to share your journey with you. Many Librans will have been experiencing a deep soul calling for someone new to enter their life over the past months. This could be for one special person or entrée into a new social circle that’s very different to the one you usually inhabit. You’ve been broadcasting the need, and this Moon could mark the answer to that call. The 21st – 25th sees Venus oppose Mars in your 5th and then square Jupiter in your 2nd, bringing you love or connections that could quite literally be ‘assets’ to you.

We’re heading into some major retrograde weather which is going to last until November. At its peak we will see six planets retrograde and Venus your ruler will be retrograde during October and November. This month sees Neptune and Mars retrograde – Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are already retrograde. Mars rules action and also passion and desire. Retrograde in your 5th from the 26th you could experience a romantic connection that lacks heat and/or waning creativity. Neptune is also retrograde from the 19th in your 6th of work and wellbeing. Neptune’s ability to confuse and conceal gets diluted during retrograde cycles and we can see clearly what needs to be done or how things truly are. In this case, what steps you need to take when it comes to the work you do (paid or unpaid) or with your health. There is at least one question you need to answer around these issues so look closely.

This month’s full Moon is in the Moon’s ruling house in your chart and falls conjunct Saturn in here. Time to look at your foundation and your ‘roots’ but without becoming over-sentimental about this. This full Moon marks a point of release after which you can begin to build something new for your future. Changes of residence can often accompany this full Moon as can career decisions as it falls conjunct Saturn who rules our 10th of career. This is a Moon under which people from our past can sometimes reappear. If they do, see them in the context of the present and not the past. Because this is a Moon marking the ending of a phase, you need to look closely at what or who you are taking forward into the new one.

Time to socialise, to see and be seen and to work your ‘brand’. In other words, you and what you have to offer as Mercury arrives in your glittering social sector and house of goals. It’s time to go with your instincts when it comes to your ideas or business. You’re generating a vibe that others gravitate towards so put yourself ‘out there’. New connections and travel are also favoured and someone could act as the catalyst for a long overdue and beneficial change that releases you from any rut you have fallen into lately. Your stock should be climbing now. Invest in you.

In a nutshell: Work that brand, Libra. Time to make the most of your image, your smarts, your skills and anything and everything you have to offer. Others will respond in ways you’ll love.


  • Don’t discard those dreams
  • Ditch the excess baggage
  • Expand that love experience

Give in to those big, wild dreams this June, Scorpio. Especially if they involve travel, adventure, learning, the outdoors, mass media or just you daring to do. Go back over what fires you up and ignites your passion. You want something bigger, bolder, better and chances are you’ve wanted it before but discarded it for whatever reason. June gets you fired up and also understanding you have your dreams for a reason. And that reason is more powerful than any of the excuses or pressure you may have felt to give them up. June begins with Venus in your 9th making event-horizon opening aspects to Jupiter in your 1st and Neptune in your romance zone. This is not just a doorway to a new world of experience but a portal to heart-expansion, pleasure and pure fun. In other words, all the ingredients that make up the very best of dreams. You have to set the energy in motion however. Just dreaming won’t cut it. Take the first step towards living the reality and you will set in motion the energy that brings in seemingly ‘lucky’ breaks and synchronicities sent direct from the multiverse. Live the dream to make it real.

With Uranus now in your partnership zone which is the first time you have experienced this in your lifetime, love may get a little unusual and a little hard to ground. Be open-minded if romance is one of those dreams as it may not look exactly like you thought it would – or even follow any direction aside from its own. Remember, adventures (and this includes love) are not like rides at Disneyland. You never know where you will end up and that is what makes them adventures! So sign on now and understand what looks like a detour could in fact be the direct route to your dreams.

This month’s new Moon on the 13th takes place in your 8th of depth, transformation, power and other people’s money. And sex. Let’s not forget that one as we have been talking about love. This is your departure point. This new Moon marks an end and a beginning. You’re about to step into a new experience and to do so, first something has to be let go of. This may not be a bad thing – you relinquish your single status to enter a relationship. You end one job to step into a better one. What appears now is a departure – but you depart from one destination to arrive at another. A career change is one possibility, as is the start of a new and intense relationship. Others could even benefit from the generosity of someone else. Remember – for things to get better they have to change so show no fear if change is what is necessary now.

We’re also entering into a major cycle of retrogrades. Ruler Pluto is already retrograde in your 3rd and this month sees ancient ruler Mars follow suit in your 4th from the 26th. This can be a good time to think about long term plans involving living arrangements, home, family and your ‘roots’. Neptune also turns retrograde in your creative and romantic 5th from the 19th. Neptune spends almost half the year retrograde and there’s a good reason for that. Neptune’s gifts are ones of the imagination and the spiritual. But the downside to Neptune is that Neptune obscures and hides. Neptune rules our 12th house which also rules hidden enemies. And the most secretive of these is the one hidden in plain sight – the one within. So, we can delude ourselves or get trapped in unrealistic fantasies as opposed to dreams that we can turn into soul-purpose goals. When Neptune turns retrograde however, the illusion dispels like so much morning fog. Hence, you can see whether that lover has real potential or whether that dream actually answers that soul call and dream up a new one if it doesn’t.

The Sun in your 9th from the 21st keeps you on course towards those dreams while Venus in your career sector enhances your reputation and your image at work.  The full Moon in your 3rd on the 27th falls conjunct Saturn in here – a highly unusual pairing. What you hear, say or do has long term impact. Work, study, meetings or business ventures entire a critical or final phase with you having to make one final effort to take them over the finish line. Don’t whatever you do allow yourself to be pulled in several different directions at this time as it will dilute your opportunity for success. Determine your priorities and remain focussed on them.

The results could be well worth it as Mercury joins Venus in your career sector from the 29th. You’re showing up on the radar of those who matter and who can open doors whether it is that corner office or that order book. Be seen as someone who knows what they are talking about and who delivers. Your word is your bond now. Important agreements could just be reached and if so, they will mark that point of departure that I talked about earlier. This is the point where you are on course towards your dreams – and you could just have the backing to go for them this June.

In a nutshell: You’re in the departure lounge of the multiverse this June. Gates open which could lead you on towards your dreams. Focus on the one that fires up your soul for best results.


  • What can’t you see?
  • Get relating
  • Ditch those insecurities

Stay practical and grounded when it comes to love and money this month. Venus in your 8th aligns to ruler Jupiter in your 12th and Neptune in your 4th. Money and long term security issues can be triggered and what you need to remain aware of is that things may not be exactly how they appear. The problem with you Sag is that you are very much ‘What you see is what you get’. So you tend to think everyone else operates the same way. It’s not that you are naïve. You just expect the best from people. But sadly, not everyone is as up-front as you are. So, at the start of the month my advice to you is that if something (or someone) looks too good to be true – it probably is. You need to step back and wait and see rather than going all-in as is your usual style. Ruler Jupiter has your back and will be telling you if something is ‘off’ so don’t ignore your intuition. Defer decisions until at least after Neptune the ruler of your 12th, heads retrograde from the 19th – after which all should be revealed.

This month’s new Moon is in your 7th of partners and because this is the house opposite your 1st, this is also the house of attraction. This Moon turns on your personal magnetism so look at what (or who) you are drawing to you. It’s time for a new cycle of ‘relating’ and this includes how you relate to yourself too. What you attract now is going to be based on how well you understand yourself. So, the people and circumstances that appear during the next month are going to be a direct reflection of that. Take note as they are reflections of who you are!

Money factors, negotiations, what you borrow, owe or are owed, your salary, benefits, payouts and understanding how your past has brought you to your present situation with all of these will be in focus throughout the month. Venus moves from your 8th on  the 13th but Mercury arrives in here on the 12th – plus the Sun enters here on the 21st. You need to take a long term view with financial planning and again, understand there’s no such thing as a get rich quick scheme – especially as you have Saturn in your money zone. You also have a full Moon in here at the end of the month which falls conjunct Saturn. You may feel doubts about your earning abilities or even emotional ties. Don’t let insecurities undermine you however. What you are being asked to become is resourceful when it comes to your money. Both in how you get it and how you spend it or utilise it. Don’t fall into the trap now of borrowing more if money is tight. This is not your solution.

We’re on the cusp of a major retrograde cycle which is going to have us all looking back to go forward. At one point next month we will see six planets all retrograde at once. Ruler Jupiter is already asking the question: what have you learned? As well as Neptune retrograde we also see Mars make a rare backwards shift in your 3rd from the 26th. At this point five planets are retrograde – Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. Two of these are in your money house (Saturn and Pluto), plus Mars will re-enter here before he moves forward again. So, looking at your past history with money will be an important part of this process. Know what you want from the future to enter it.

Venus in your 9th is joined by Mercury from the 29th. Time to emerge onto that world stage and see what that process of attraction is bringing you. Travel and all things Sag-flavoured come into focus. Mercury in here is all about how far that idea can take you. Write, blog, communicate. Venus brings you benefits via travel and dealing with people from overseas. Legal matters, the mass media and higher education are favoured. As is attracting a lover who looks like they just returned from an archaeological dig in the Andes – but scrubs up incredibly well for dinner. Just a few possibilities you could attract by relating to yourself in a brand new way this June.

In a nutshell:  Turn on that magnetism, Sag and then sit back and watch what you attract. The process begins by seeing yourself in a whole new light – which changes how others see you.


  • Do what  you can – then let go
  • Love your own company
  • What lights up your soul?

You’ve got an extra shot of love with that passion espresso this June, Capricorn. When it comes to love and partnerships, you’re awakening to a new relationship dynamic. Time to embrace the change – possibly in its human form. The month begins with Venus in her ruling 7th in your chart angling to Jupiter in your social sector and Neptune in your 3rd of communication. If ever there was a time to have a conversation about love – this is it. If a new lover is what you are seeking, be seen. Do what you can to attract them and then once that is done – stop trying. Let the process work in its own way. Venus will oppose Pluto in your 1st on the 6th which could pave the way for a transformative new relationship. Although Venus leaves your 7th on the 13th, Mercury arrives in here on the 12th, enhancing your flirting capacity and keeping the love conversation flowing. The Sun’s arrival in here on the 21st gives you another month where your ability to attract is enhanced.

You won’t want to be alone now but Saturn in your 1st is telling you it is better to love your own company or just be with friends, than with the wrong person. Wrong or right? If you are currently in a relationship or seeing someone, you will know for certain whether or not this is a keeper at the end of the month when the full Moon in your 1st falls conjunct Saturn. Others could meet the love of their life or forge a long term friendship around this time. Just watch for any situation where ‘It’s complicated’ or where someone appears way too keen for comfort. Yes, I know you are pretty well irresistible, Capricorn but if someone appears to be in a hurry, ask yourself what’s the rush? Neptune in your 3rd can lead you to read more into what someone is saying than they mean. Or have them weaving such a romantic spell you believe they mean it. Wait until after Neptune heads retrograde from the 19th to see whether they are the real deal. In fact, hold off on any negotiations or signing important papers until this date if you can – and if you can’t read the small print carefully or get expert advice.

This month’s new Moon of the 13th is your signal to look at what impacts on your health and your image. Chances are when something drains your energy or just affects the way you physically feel, you see yourself very differently from when you feel energised and vibrant. Take a moment to think about what causes this. You need to ditch what drains and shed what doesn’t support that body. Look to your daily routine and make any adjustments. Declutter your life and rid yourself of anything that drags you down from excess ‘stuff’ in your home to too much junk food. What will emerge is a happier, more streamlined you. This Moon can also mark the start of a new job or the beginning of a new work cycle that just supports you in every sense – and not just the financial one. Time to cultivate a confident attitude when it comes to your financial affairs with Venus in your 8th from the 13th and Mars retrograde in Venus’s ruling 2nd from the 26th. Mars tends to rush in but is tempered by being in mutual reception to Venus by house and also by the retrograde. You won’t rush in and take risks but you are prepared to act once you have thought things through. This puts you in an excellent position when it comes to any kind of negotiation or financial dealing.

This month’s full Moon of the 28th is in your sign and unusually falls conjunct ruler Saturn. This is a powerful and rare Moon and it is telling you that a big decision lies ahead. Time to give your future serious thought. This is about bringing something to a conclusion or taking it to the next stage rather than beginning something new. This may well involve a key relationship or connection as full Moons reflect the light back into the house opposite to the one they are in (your 7th). Expect an important transition to take place as a result. Mercury exits your 7th on the 29th and you’re ready to delve deeper into relationship or business issues as a result. Are you feeling supported and loved? That extra shot of love you had at the start of June should see you through into July provided you are getting the support you need. And that includes the support your body needs too. Show yourself some love this June.

In a nutshell: Grab yourself a romance espresso with an extra shot of love for good measure, this June. You’re some hot java this June, Capricorn so get out there and connect!


  • Get your glam on!
  • Take a chance
  • You’re the real deal now

Wait to make decisions around finances until after the 19th when Neptune turns retrograde until November in your money zone. Deal or no deal? You just won’t see clearly until then or you need more information to appear. Above all, don’t spend money before you receive it. You are getting a massive boost from Jupiter in your career sector and Venus in your house of work. Mercury also gives your 6th a boost from the 6th favouring all work related activities and ideas. Plus you now have Uranus your ruler sitting in your sector of home, family and security. You could come up with a solution that is tailor-made for you and only you as a result. Work it your way by remaining adaptable when it comes to job and career opportunities and negotiations. 

Mars in your 1st has been giving you an edgy, devil-may-care confidence that has been oh-so-hot. But things now down-shift and get turned down to ‘simmer’. Why? Well, Mars heads backwards in your 1st from the 26th. Up until that point however, it was green lights all the way to the red light district for you thanks to Venus in your 7th and a fabulous new Moon in your 5th of romance on the 13th. Time for a little glamor and sparkle to enter your life. If not romance then other types of partnerships could feature and this Moon is also your cue to take a chance. On your feelings, your talents and skills or your ideas. Children or people younger than you may play a role in connecting you with your ability to play and have fun. Romance may be off to a flying start and then inexplicably slow towards the end of the month due to that Mars. It may have nothing to do with you or anyone else losing interest. You’ve not lost your confidence – or even your sex appeal, it’s just that you want to take your time and enjoy each stage as it unfolds. Venus in your 7th promises attraction and not just in terms of a potential lover but also success, new friends, gifts, favours and new and beautiful experiences. Take your time and be in the moment as each one unfolds.

This month’s full Moon on the 28th heightens your intuition and also falls conjunct Saturn which makes it extremely rare. This occurs in your 12th and this is all about your past ‘catching up’ with you on some level. This could quite literally see someone from your past reappear. What is more likely however is that you will be able to re-frame the past and see how your choices and decisions in the past led you to where you are now. People may come to you with their problems and what you are being asked to do is listen to them and act as an observer rather that offer to help or get too involved. This full Moon is all about owning our choices and taking responsibility for them. This process applies equally to you as it does to others. And if you find yourself becoming overwhelmed by past regrets, again, be an observer. If you have regrets it means you learned from the experience. Place this in context and move forward.

Mercury joins Venus in your 7th and with Mars retrograde the talk is about relating and love rather than sex. You’re becoming more aware of your needs in a relationship over the long term and when it comes to discussing the future with someone, how much you have changed may surprise you. You’re still in the process of evolving but you’re happy to talk openly about your feelings. Because this is the real ‘you’ people are automatically drawn closer. Any kind of discussion involving you and at least one other person is favoured and that includes business ones. You’ll make a series of fresh choices this June based on what you have learned about yourself in the past. And then sit back and see what develops.

In a nutshell: There’s nothing more sexy than someone who is unafraid to be themselves. You’re getting your real on this June, Aquarius. And others are loving it.


  • Be a psychic detective
  • Get yourself noticed
  • Don’t wait for what you want to find you – start the search!

Ruler Neptune spends almost half the year retrograde. Why? Well, that’s because even soul travellers need to come back down to earth at some point. You are the sign capable of weaving the mystical with the pragmatic. You’ve done your shamanic journey for a while and this month begins your period of integrating those insights into everyday life as Neptune turns retrograde in your sign until the end of November. You’re being asked to apply those spiritual truths and psychic abilities to your everyday world. To act on your intuition and above all, measure all this in the real world. Think of yourself as the captain of a vessel putting into port for a while. You’ll be off on another journey of discovery come November when you leave the rest of us far behind.

Before all this occurs, time to shine! Your 5th house of being noticed, fun, self-expression, younger people and romance is getting the star treatment from Venus up until the 13th. Your power to attract is amplified so what is it you want? You won’t want to be alone with that boxset or even meditating over those soul truths now. It’s time to get yourself noticed in all the right ways. Venus aligns to ruler Neptune (still very much direct) at the start of the month along with Jupiter the planet of opportunity in Jupiter’s ruling house (9th). This month could bring new beginnings in a couple of key areas but this one is going to revolve around something feel-good – especially love or anything that allows you to shine.

Mercury also moves into your 5th from the 12th and the Sun arrives in here on the 21st. Start something new! And don’t want for ‘something’ to find you – go initiate it. Look and feel your best. Invitations should be winging their way to you and you’ll find yourself in the spotlight in some way over the next month. So, ensure you put your best face forward. You are going to be noticed – for who you are, what you do or that effortless attraction you are broadcasting now.

This month’s new Moon in your 4th marks the point in the year where you can re-set your future. Yes, this Moon is all about your security, your home and your family. But it is also about claiming your life (or lifestyle) and the way you want to live it. Look closely at whether you are living up to your family’s expectations or your own. This is your life. Live it your way. If you step into this mindset, you are going to see the next two months begin to deliver new opportunities for you.

Become the psychic detective and revert back to soul explorer mode as Mars turns to retrograde in your 12th from the 26th. Secrets are about to be uncovered. Chances are your Spidey-senses are giving you the ‘heads-up’ that something requires further investigation. Follow that nudge from your higher self. You are about to uncover a piece of information you definitely need to know! We are now on the cusp of a major retrograde cycle which at its peak next month will involve six planets all going backwards at the same time. Remember – retrogrades are illusions and what this cycle will do for you is expose any you may have in order to free you from them.

A rare full Moon in your 11th on the 28th falls conjunct Saturn. Fate could be at work when it comes to meetings or a date night with destiny. This could be a pivotal moment when something gets locked down for the long term or you realise that you have to let it go. A connection made now could last a very long time whether this is a lover or a friend or even a working or collaborative partnership. Who you know, your long term goals or even a brand new group of people or person who will influence your future path may emerge now. The party that’s been happening in your 5th will continue until the Sun exits here next month. But on the 29th, Mercury exits here joining Venus in Mercury’s ruling house (6th). Time to look to the details for this ‘shore leave’ you are on away from those spiritual seas and explore how your life, work and daily routine are reflected in your physical body. I’ll have more to say on this next month. You’ve a month of fun ahead of you in June and July will be a month of harmony. Stay tuned, soul voyager!

In a nutshell: June promises new beginnings in more than one area. A new connection could lead to love and so much more. Make a date with destiny this month, Pisces.

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