Mercury Retrograde – Healing the past

Yes, it’s that time again Mercury is going retro from 20th August until September 12th 2010. Mercury retrograde (going backwards) can be a challenging time.  Communication can get sticky and the best laid plans can go awry. I am a great believer in what you believe you create so always try look atthings from a positive point of view. This month’s Mercury flip is in Virgo,the planet of order and perfection. Perhaps something from your past needs to be untangled?  Is there a loose end that needs to be tied before you can embrace a new path?  Paying attention to the details is always important with Mercury retrograde, but as it is in pernickety Virgo you should check and recheck anything such as contracts or emails before you sign. If you’re tempted to send someone an indiscreet or angry email it’s best to hold fire until after September as it could come back to haunt you in the future. The gift of all this is to make us stand in the moment and understand that the moment counts. What you do now in this moment ripples into the future and effects the creation of the next step of your life! As we are now will it be!

Turning your energy into something positive and magical now rather than surrendering to frustration or annoyance should pay off big dividends next month. Mercury retrograde in Virgo wants you to be honest with yourself, but you might find yourself slipping into being self critical.  Add to this Jupiter,Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are also retrograde at the moment so as a whole we have the chance to understand more about our own past and who we were back then.   This may feel quite painful or challenging. Where you have come from, who you were and who you are now are all of course inter-related, but sometimes looking back to past mistakes, relationships and experiences can be taintedby guilt and doubt rather than us seeing them as the rungs of the ladder that led us to who and where we are now.  Sending love, forgiveness and support to yourself in the past can help heal you in the present and encourage you in the future. The past is the fertilizer that grew us and by understanding it we set ourselves free.

Loving and accepting you as you are is essential and this retrograde shines a flash of light into your relationship to yourself. Knowing you are lovable and as valuable as all others can help ease Virgo’s penetrating stare of perfection. Forgive the past, embrace this moment and make a commitment to be the best you can be.

Much love and a ton of good vibes

Michele x

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