Michele Knight weekly astrology videos 8th August 2011

Sorry if these feel a bit rushed but my trusty Taurus camera and lighting man Mo has gone on holiday for three weeks so we had to work it out from scratch. The stand in was unfamiliar with the technology but we got there in the end. Mercury retrograde is certainly doing his thing! This week make the most of the planets to find a sense of stillness and peace. Turbulent times outside encourage us (in the words of Ghandi) to be the change we want the world to be. It’s so important to spread kindness and love as these things are contagious! Mars in Cancer can be insecure or it can be nurturing and the choice is ours! Thank you for your continual support and love.

Sending you a ton of love


PS I really need your help! The fabulous http://www.alovingspace.com is a brilliant website full of the most fantastic free reports which would normally cost hundreds of pounds. Many of you are joining but we don’t have enough men! Please drag your male friends along to help us with the ratio. This is a superb resource for people who are in a relationship as well as it has a ton of reports to help evolve and understand our soul x


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