May 2018 Monthly Astrology Forecast

Monthly Astrology Forecast for All Signs May 2018


  • Ditch the old ideas
  • What do you value most?
  • Connect to what really matters

May begins with one last opportunity to check whether you are still operating under old beliefs and limitations, Aries? Time to look back at the past seven years and see where you have broken free from old ways of thinking. By now you should have a radically different mindset to what you had when this cycle began. You now have time to make one fearless, final adjustment. Are you ready to draw on that warrior strength within and do this? Radical adjustments, revolutionary ideas about just what is possible for you should have provided an awakening during this time. By now you should feel unconstrained and unrestricted. If any limitations remain, check whether they are actually imposed on you or by you. Don’t be afraid to look back and examine this in order to move forward.

There’s a great deal of retrograde motion happening in the sky right now with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto moving backwards. This will intensify during the next few months but there’s a purpose behind it all. To be able to see clearly where the shift has occurred and to use this to your advantage. Especially when it comes to your career during the first and second weeks of the month. Mercury the planet of commerce and communication in your 1st makes one final meeting with Uranus and also the Moon in your sign on the 12th and all three angle to ruler Mars in your 10th. The 12th and 13th offer pivotal opportunities for career progression. Not only to sell yourself and get your ideas across but to be seen in a leadership role if required. Where does leadership begin? In our own lives. Being aware of your evolution brings about confidence in your next step and confidence is what leadership is all about.

Your confidence in your talents, you values and how confident you are when it comes to material success is also about to undergo a revolution – or is that evolution? Notice how similar both words are. Revolution is merely evolution with an additional ‘r’. They are intrinsically linked and we can see this when we look back throughout history. When there has been any kind of revolution – whether intellectual, political, social, industrial or technical, this has always gone hand-in-hand with a huge leap forward. Even if at first the revolution itself caused upheaval and disruption. You are now standing on the eve of a massive evolutionary revolution when it comes to your money, assets, possessions, talents and your value system itself. This is heralded by first Mercury entering your 2nd on the 13th, a new Moon in here on the 15th – which could beam in financial rewards as it trines both Pluto and ruler Mars in your 10th, and the entry of Uranus into this house on the same day.

Expect an unprecedented shift in your values and what you consider valuable to occur over the next seven years or so now, Aries. There will be ups and downs with your finances but ultimately, you will be freer and also ahead – or you should be, when this cycle comes to an end. You are going to find that your attitude to your cash and savings or even money itself, will change. As this cycle begins, I would encourage you not to take out any extra loans or credit cards unless you can possibly help it. This is a cycle of liberation and that includes debt. Look at what you spend your money on and your disposable income especially. A good way to do this is to go to your closet. What do you wear regularly as opposed to things you have bought which you may have worn a couple of times and are unused? What did you buy on impulse, feeling you had to have it at the time only to regret it? It’s not just your wardrobe but all purchases you can apply this process to. Expect your spending patterns to shift as you start to buy only what gives you true value. Taking a flexible approach to money while redefining your financial goals are hallmarks of Uranus in our second. Above all however, don’t buy things you don’t need.  Recognising what these are will pave the way to freedom.

Kick-start the process in your fearless signature Aries way as ruler Mars shifts into your 11th (Uranus’s ruling house) and squares Uranus on the 16th. Are you buying in to other people’s values rather than you own? Are you buying ‘stuff’ to impress others or do you feel people judge you by how much money or possessions you have? Because your ruler is involved, you may come face to face with someone who brings up these issues for you. Are you telling yourself you’re ‘worth it’ for all the wrong reasons? Or do you value yourself enough not to burden yourself with debt? Expect a mindshift around this.

Bring all this on home baby, as Venus ruler of your 2nd, enters your 4th on the 19th connecting you to the beauty of what really matters and nurtures you. The revolution may quieten as a result as you connect to what is most important – love, family, friends and an environment that enriches and recharges you. Don’t be surprised if you commit more resources to this as a result. Again, this all relates to your values and what matters to you. The Sun’s entry into your 3rd from the 21st asks for backing up those ideas with action and also communicating those values when it comes to work and business.

The past seven years have been about reinvention as well as that evolutionary revolution I’ve been talking about. There has also been a sub—theme of unshackling yourself from whatever holds you back – whether you have been aware of this occurring or not. Think back at how many times things did not work out the way you wanted. And how despite this, things actually worked out better instead. This reinvention includes recognising now when it is time to change direction or just adopt an open mind that is unafraid to experiment with alternatives. Someone may offer one of these around the 24th when the Sun in your 3rd trines ruler Mars in your 11th. You may have to grab an opportunity that may just come out of left field or look vastly different to how you thought it would. There’s a sense of freedom building as the full Moon appears in your 9th on the 29th – the day before Mercury enters its ruling sign and ruling house in your chart. Travel, news or just taking a chance on something or someone could see you unshackled – and entering a new cycle where the old rules simply don’t apply any more.

In a nutshell: Your money, possessions, assets and above all, what you value are about to change. What do you own, what owns you and what is a non-negotiable? Set those values now, Aries!


  • Break free from restrictions
  • Who do you want to be with?
  • You’re wide awake and dreaming – at the same time!

The Sun remains in your sign until the 21st and this year marks the start of a birthday season like no other, Taurus. If you regularly read your forecasts you will have identified a theme that has been running through then for the past few months. And that’s bowing to the inevitability of change. Hopefully you recognised this and have set changes in motion. If not, hang on to those horns, Taurus because the season of change is now upon you like no other you have experienced in this lifetime as this month Uranus arrives in your sign.

It’s time for a personal revolution that is going to go hand-in-hand with a powerful awakening. And provided you have at the very least acknowledged the need for change on an inner level, this need not necessarily be a rude one. First and foremost, it’s about identifying what has become a burden or shackles you to something that is lived out and worn out in every conceivable way. There’s a wonderful song by the late, great John Denver called Chained to the Wheel that could just turn into your personal anthem for the next seven years. Know what you really need, You can’t get enough’. Funny as often we end up chained to something without even realising it. And this can be anything from that dead-end job where we are constantly passed over for promotion but need to pay the bills, to that relationship that no longer works. It can literally creep up on us unawares. But by the time we realise this, breaking those chains can just seem too scary or daunting. So we stay put. Telling ourselves it’s not so bad. Living a half-life instead.

As the song goes: Don’t pray for a sign, Know what you really want. But if you don’t – don’t worry as you are about to discover it along the way. The awakening that Uranus brings in our first house is waking up to ourselves. And in your case, your values and what you truly need and want.

Begin to ask yourself questions around this especially if it involves partners – whether present or the kind you’d like to be spending time with in the future, when the Sun in your 1st opposes Jupiter in your 7th on the 9th. Who or what do you want to continue with or draw to you? Your 7th rules partners but it also rules the power of attraction – literally what is ‘opposite’ you, so time to focus on this. The second week sees you in a position to begin to communicate this and in a new and more dynamic way as Mercury enters your 1st on the 13th.

Take action on your ideas as this is the true beginning of a long-term cycle designed to break you free from whatever has got you hooked up to that situation you feel unable to escape in the first place.  You can now choose to take the initiative (recommended), but if not, outside events or others may conspire to bring things to a sudden, surprising conclusion (necessary for your evolution). One way or another, the result is the same however. You are unhooked and unchained as incredible aspects involving a new Moon in your 1st which trines Mars and Pluto in your 9th of expansion and the arrival of Uranus in your 1st all on the same day, set you free to forge a new path.

Ruler Venus is on the move also on the 19th as she enters your 3rd and makes a beautiful angle to that newly arrived Uranus in your 1st. This could bring beneficial news around business or your work with Mars also newly arrived in your 10th of career, now is the time to get clear about what you want in terms of career, communicate those ideas and sell yourself (and them) effectively. This could mark the start of an important upswing for you – especially if your direction has not been clear of late. But this can stem simply from you becoming more aware of what it is you want – which by the time Uranus leaves your 1st in approximately seven years’ time, may be different yet again than what it is now. So, see yourself as your own work in progress and don’t be afraid to experiment.

The Sun’s entry into your 2nd from the 21st combined with a full Moon in your corporate money sector on the 29th could see you bringing a financial matter to a conclusion or else bring you a powerful awakening around what it is you truly value – perhaps your freedom more than anything. Something you may have counted on may now shift or else come to an end but if it does, again, this is just intended to free you from dependency if it was holding you back. Watch for news – especially around the big money and how it relates to you personally as Mercury enters your 2nd on the 30th.

You can’t fight your destiny, as the song tells us. But you can create a new one when you reinvent yourself and your life. This month marks a period where one way or another, you’ll break free to forge a new path. An electrifying, heart-starting and soul-awakening cycle awaits. Feel the thunder as you’re unchained.

In a nutshell: Get ready for a cycle of incredible, electrifying change, Taurus. Time for the magic of reinvention as you awaken to your power – and what you truly need this month.


What you don’t know may surprise you, Gemini. Or should I say how much you don’t know. Welcome to your soul shakedown party to paraphrase Bob Marley, where the truth will literally set you free. Revelations are designed to release you from anything that is holding you back. All bets are off now and you are entering a cycle which has to be lived and experienced more than explained. Expect strange twists and turns to accompany this as everything you have held to be the truth may be turned on its head and revealed to be something else entirely.

All this begins for you right before your birthday season as Uranus, planet of surprises and revolutionary awakenings arrives in your 12th of the past and all things mysterious, secret and hidden this month. Usually what is hidden from us is right under our noses – or has been. So, when it is revealed, it has the ability to have an even more profound and soul-shakedown effect than usual. Insight and intuition feature as does using these gifts in totally new ways.  Be a soul innovator now especially when it comes to your past. The past may now resurface and in totally unexpected ways. Here’s the thing. We are products of our pasts but that doesn’t mean we should continue to live there. It’s a bit like where we grew up. Yes, it shaped us in many ways. But often we choose to move away strike out on our own and carve our own destinies. That’s what I am talking about now. However, if the past does appear chances are it is so you can re-frame it and see it in a totally new way that sets you free to create your future.

Changes you make on an inner/spiritual level will have a fundamental impact on your outer world. Because your 12th is all about what exists but what cannot be seen – so everything from quantum physics to psychic phenomena, your beliefs and perspective may also undergo radical change. How you view reality and those big questions around life, the universe and everything is likely to alter. This can best be described as a cycle of awakening where you may feel you’ve been walking through your life with blinkers on – only to have them suddenly removed. You are about to see your world and the people in it in a totally new way. Watch for the start of this process at the time of the new Moon in your 12th on the 15th which is the same day coincidentally, as Uranus arrives in here. This may provide you will some idea of what this cycle is likely to contain for you.

Expect flashes of insight now and if you receive them, follow up. This especially applies to anyone or anything you feel isn’t quite as it appears. Secrets are about to be revealed to you and ruler Mercury working its way through your 12th has a part to play here.  Some of these relate to you, your life path or purpose. Others could be around secrets that are being kept from you. And a word of warning: Uranus is highly unpredictable. So take care during the time Uranus transits your 12th with who you confide your secrets to, and also that you have nothing sitting in your closet you would be ashamed to have come tumbling out.

As this acts as a backdrop to a very special and intuition fuelled birthday season which starts on the 21st and which also sees Venus in your money zone and Mars intent on expanding your horizons in your 9th. On the 24th, the Sun will trine Mars from your 1st and you’re feeling more expansive, more risky, more devil-may-care. Your sex appeal soars as a result and you’ve a thirst for something edgier and bolder. You won’t want anyone around who craps your style or gets in the way of you expressing yourself either. But this is also a great time to set some values for the coming year. Venus in your money zone has you in a position where you can boost your earnings, but also can have you looking at what adds value to your life – the people, your talents and your experiences.

You want to dive in and experience more now and this also applies to your closest personal ties. You need your partner to express the same degree of passion that you are. The full Moon on the 29th appears in your partnership sector. You’re open and willing to express all the new soul truths you’re embracing now and you need the same in return. This can be a fabulous night for date night or that birthday party as you can bask in the reflection of all that love and good vibes. You’re radiating a confidence that is more than just birthday optimism now, so use this to kick start that party in more than one area of your life. Look at how you can create new beginnings that offer adventure, expansion and spiritual exploration for the coming year. Ruler Mercury joins the party from the 30th enabling you to let people in on your journey and share what you truly know, feel and discover now.

In a nutshell: Expect the truth to set you free. Intuition and insight combine to put you on the path that’s right for you. Soul truths rock your world – and set you exploring a higher path to love!


  • Life is a collaboration
  • Be a scene stealer
  • Welcome to the love revolution!

Truth, beauty, freedom and love may or may not have been part of the real life Moulin Rouge, Cancer. But this month brings you a revolution that could just make them all part of your future! Variations on the word ‘scene’ are going to feature. As in social scene, setting the scene and being ‘seen’. Putting yourself out there so others can find you and connecting far and wide – wider in fact than you ever dreamed possible, is going to be a big part of all this. As are your goals, wishes and dreams. Life is a collaborative venture and the new cycle that begins this month is all about inviting others to collaborate with you.

Above all, it’s about embracing all the unique and wonderful things that make up you as Uranus planet of evolution, revolution and individuality enters his ruling house in your chart (11th). You have never experienced Uranus in this house in your chart and this is bringing in a time of reinvention and experimentation that involves all the 11th house themes but also connects you to your values, money and other resources. The people we know can be our best resources after all. So, friends, groups, associations, contacts, networks – not just on-line but those you interact with face to face – in other words, who you know, form part of this revolution. Your social ‘scene’ is going to undergo a radical shift as will your professional network. Expect new people to enter your life who are destined to alter your outlook or even your life path in some way. It’s time to accept all invitations that come your way and to let go of any preconceptions around ‘It’s not my scene’. You, and what you consider your ‘scene’ could be about to change. This new cycle could make itself felt almost immediately as Mercury arrives in here just ahead of Uranus on the 13th. Add a new Moon in here on the day Uranus arrives (15th) and you’ll feel the surge of connectivity – or the desire to. You’ll feel more open, more outgoing and more willing to take the initiative when it comes to trying something new. Of course, if you are determined to remain coddled on your couch with that boxset or latest version of Call of Duty, nothing much will change. But that would be a waste seeing as your people – whoever they may be, are waiting and you need to be where you can be seen and found.

Owning who you are and taking that step into a wider, wilder world is the truth and freedom part of this revolutionary cycle. Uranus unchains us from what holds us back. So, what about the beauty and love part of it? Mars enters your sexy 8th from the 16th boosting your mojo, sending you in search of change, releasing you from any inhibitions and dialling up your passion and creativity too. You’ve a deep need to express yourself and a desire to connect with someone on a deep, primal level. Love gets an additional boost when Venus planet of love, arrives in your 1st on the 19th and also makes an alluring angle to Uranus making this a glittering opportunity to attract love – or any kind of potential partner. And one that could just be like no other you have encountered before. Venus in your sign adds the right mix of romance and magic to all that passion and lust! This is also a wonderful transit under which to create and express yourself so showcase the creative side of your individuality – which is where the beauty part of this revolution comes in. Venus in our first house is wonderful for a make-over or updating our image – again, in order for us to be ‘seen’ in a new light. Make yourself your own best creation – or reinvention now.  Venus in here means you will not only love the results – so will others and they will let you know this!

Venus in your 1st is all about attraction and aligning your energy to whatever it is you want to attract. Don’t forget, your 11th rules your goals, wishes and dreams. Looking and feeling the part – the person who is already living that life you imagine for yourself, is a step you can take that brings you closer to whatever it is you desire, drawing it towards you. Tap into your theatrical abilities now and see yourself in a scene-stealing and starring role. Live it to the full in any way you can and you’ll find others who can help you towards your dream will appear on your path. Try it and see! Unconscious dreams and desires, those secret wishes and fantasies that are perhaps waiting to be made into reality are illuminated and highlighted from the third week of the month. Our 11th rules the dreams we are aware of. The 12th, the ones we may not. But these could come into awareness now as the Sun enters here on the 21st followed by Mercury on the 30th. This is your preparation cycle before your birthday season begins. So why not explore what you think is impossible for you to have, do or experience and ask yourself why you think this way?

Doors are opening all around you this month, whether it is connecting with people who support your goals and dreams, lovers or even stepping away from mundane routines or a job that no longer sustains your soul even if it pays the bills. The full Moon in your 6th on the 29th brings the desire for change and to escape what confines you. When your ruler is full, the Moon’s light is reflected into the house opposite the one the Moon is in. So, in this case your 12th of those secret longings. Look at what is illuminated as it is here that your soul makes it deepest wish and cries out the most for change. When you know which direction this lies in, follow it. Even if you feel at first you are ‘acting’ a part, know it is one you are meant to play. Write yourself a new scene and a new chapter of your life and unchain yourself from ideas that hold you back. The revolution begins here.

Cancer: It’s time to find your people if your social life has got stuck in a rut lately. New faces are about to appear that will propel you out of it. Be seen at an entirely new scene now, Cancer.


  • Success comes with self-expression
  • Kick the reality hornet’s nest!
  • Reconnect to past love

Time to express yourself, Leo. Now, chances are the moment you read that you thought about the song Express Yourself by one of the most famous Leos out there – Madonna. Very often when we have an important transit occurring there is a song that perfectly sums it up for us. Our personal anthem if you like. We all know second best is not your style. But when it comes to expressing who you are via what you do, or your full capabilities, you have more than one inspirational source (and theme song) to draw on now. Uranus, planet of individuality, revolution and surprises, exits your 9th on the 15th and arrives in your 10th of career, reputation, rewards and renown. If we stick with that famous Leo for a moment, one thing about her stands out. One of the reasons she is so successful is that she is uniquely herself. And when it comes to your career, success under Uranus’s influence is going to be attained by you knowing what it is that you and only you, can bring to the table.

Uranus rules your opposite sign of Aquarius. And we have another Express Yourself anthem from an Aquarian – Dr. Dre: Yo, man, it’s a lot of brothers out there flakin’ and perpetratin’ but scared to kick reality. Uranus isn’t afraid to kick reality, a hornet’s nest or shake things up as very often shaking things up is what we need – especially if we have strayed onto the wrong path or dug ourselves into a rut we cannot escape. Uranus will spend approximately seven years in this sector of your chart. And during this time, if you are in the wrong career, you will be shaken free of your present one to find your true calling. Uranus unchains us from whatever holds us back. Especially when we don’t take action on our own behalf to change things. Uranus is the planet of sudden, shocking surprises. That starts our hearts beating faster with an electric jolt when we need to wake up. So, if we wait too long, Uranus steps in and brings the situation to a close anyway. We get the sack from that dead-end job or are made redundant. Even if events occur that initially seem negative, with Uranus they usually set in motion a chain of events that usher in something so much better. Uranus is all about putting our feet back on the right path.

Uranus also puts us in a position where we have to reach for new and untried solutions to get the results we are after. Usually we don’t do this unless we are put in a position where we have no other option. Uranus rules entrepreneurs and inventors. Anyone who thinks ‘outside the box’. So, when it comes to your career, expect unlooked for opportunities that arrive like a bolt out of the blue, or your path to completely transform over the next few years. If you are the proverbial square peg in that round hole, then know nothing and no one is going to keep you there for too much longer.  It’s time to originate and innovate now. To showcase those ideas and talents only you can offer. See yourself as an entrepreneur even if you work (or intend to work) for someone else. If you know what is it you want to do, but are not already doing it, align yourself with those who are or read about them. You’re preparing your own success story now.

Your ruler the Sun is out to support you in this. Up until the 21st, the Sun remains in your 10th and makes a foundation-creating aspect to Jupiter, planet of abundance in your 4th as well as an change-attracting angle to Pluto in your sector of work. Mercury, the planet of business, commerce and communication could deliver news of a success from the 13th when he too arrives in your 10th. The day Uranus enters a new Moon in your 10th makes a success-climate generating aspect to both Mars and Pluto in your 6th indicating this is your moment to take action. Make those bold moves and dare to try something different. Above all, it’s time to express yourself and awaken to the power of your own individuality now.

Beautiful reconnections can be made with your past thanks to Venus’s entry into your mystical 12th on the 19th. Is this you taking the initiative to connect or is it coming from the other side? This is your house in intuition and insight. Has someone from the past been on your mind of late? If so, pay attention as this may presage their reappearance. Venus in here also reconnects you to lost dreams that may be worth a revisit and/or a resurrection. This could be related to that career path you are destined to follow too as this house rules mysteries like your soul purpose. Looking for love or else a goal companion? With your ruler the Sun in your 11th of friends, networks and contacts beaming across to Mars heating up your partnership zone, you radiate and attract at the same time. Mars in your 7th adds heat, passion and sexy self-assurance to any kind of encounter. Expressing yourself comes easy now. Plus you have a romance-building full Moon appearing in your 5th of love, pleasure and creative ventures on the 29th making the end of the month the ideal time to be out and about, be ‘seen’ or schedule that date for!

The month’s end sees Mercury give you that extra push out into a world of new connections, invitations and going for those goals and dreams. Express yourself via the people you surround yourself with, be seen and above all, communicate – who you are, what your dreams are and what is truly unique about you and you alone. Express your full capabilities now, Leo.

In a nutshell: New ventures and career progression is possible. Especially if you are prepared to take a radical new approach. Get yourself noticed now, Leo. And in all the right ways.


  • Open up to bigger possibilities
  • Surprise opportunities alter your fate
  • Travel, learning and adventure call you

A cycle of transformation and change is coming to an end Virgo. You could experience one more evolutionary jump mid-month that completes a process that you have been experiencing for the past seven years. Ruler Mercury will make one final connection to Uranus in your 8th on the 13th – the final time this will happen in this house in your lifetime. Look back across what has changed for you during this time. Hopefully this has awakened you to your inner power. To vast resources within you perhaps had no idea you possessed. News could arrive with this final Mercury/Uranus coupling that sees you fully step into your power and wield the knowledge and experience you have amassed over this cycle.

You should be leaving behind this period with increased self-assurance and seeing change as a positive thing. Now, get ready for adventure and surprises which could open up your world even further and alter your worldview completely. Horizon expansion begins with ruler Mercury in your 9th from the 13th, kick-starting what I like to think is your seven year ‘Dare to Dream’ cycle. Channel your usual Virgo talent for the details but think big. Mercury in our 9th favours study and business expansion as well as travel. But as the infomercials tell us – there’s more. The day a new Moon appears in your 9th (15th) is also the day Uranus arrives in here. This is a signal to follow your passion as the Moon will make a desire-igniting angle to Mars and Pluto in your 5th of romance, creativity and children. Watch for new beginnings but also monitor where your energy is demanding you take it. What makes your heart beat faster? It could be that new lover, that job, the idea of that trip or that new venture or project you feel would allow your soul to shine and expand. Follow this now.

Uranus in your 9th brings in a new autonomy and independence to your thinking. Study, travel to far flung or unusual places, encounters with larger than life people or dealing with those from overseas, new philosophies and opportunities which appear out of the blue, are destined to change your course and awaken you to the fact it’s a bigger world out there than you possibly imagined. If changes occur – and I know you may by now be feeling that you have had enough of change, don’t stand in its way as it is designed to make your life easier. Lucky breaks could feature and please be open-minded here as often luck doesn’t look exactly how we thought it would. A good rule of thumb to apply here is to ask yourself if it releases you into something so much bigger – or better. If the answer you get is yes – then it doesn’t matter whether it fits your idea of an opportunity or not – go for it.

Mars in your 6th gives you the ability to get the job done and also look closely at your routine. Does that support you or is it something you need release from also? Guard against rushing as accidents could occur and if you come to the conclusion your current job is something you need to escape from, please resist the temptation to rebel for the sake of it and quit before you actually have another offer on the table. Yes, you may need something bigger and more stimulating. But keep that Virgo perspective in place and take it one step at a time. Venus in your 11th makes for beautiful social encounters and also for singles to be attracted to a potential lover who may be very different from their usual ‘type’. But then isn’t this cycle all about trying something new?

You have the Sun in your 10th of career and reputation from the 21st and ruler Mercury will arrive in here on the 30th making this your ideal time to push ahead with your ideas and work and career plans. You’re capable now of focussing with incredible precision and with an eye for detail – perhaps more so than usual. You will be in the spotlight professionally now so be aware of your image at all times. What you say and do will reflect on you one way or another. Uranus will be urging you towards freedom but until the Sun arrives in Uranus’s ruling house next month, from the third week of May, remain focussed on career matters. You can play afterwards! The full Moon on the 29th appears in your 4th of home, family and security matters. Remember, full Moons reflect their light into the house opposite to what they appear in – in this case your 10th. In this case, that light shines on establishing something that nurtures and supports you over the long term so you can have the freedom you need now. Balance responsibility, achievement and work with your emotional needs and you could end up with the best of both worlds and the freedom to explore each of them.

In a nutshell: You can change the direction your life has been headed in over the next few years, Virgo. Time to step free or restrictions and expand those horizons – and your future.


  • What holds you back?
  • Tap into a different kind of power
  • Be ready for a sexy, electric, dynamic change cycle

We know you are the sign of partnership, Libra. But get ready to step into a cycle of independence and self-empowerment. Hand in hand with this is going to be a bold, brazen and daring new sexiness so it’s not just about flying solo. But you are about to experience an awakening that plugs you into your own power – and you will be amazed at what a limitless resource this is!

Uranus has spent seven years in the house of your chart that rules all things Libran – partnerships, close relationships and even that person who gets up in your grill. During this time you should have awakened to what or who it is you truly need in a partner as well as experimented with deep connections of all kinds. From collaborations to activity partners or business partners as well as lovers. If a connection was not working for you, Uranus should have shaken you free of it. Uranus unchains us. Or you may have discovered that the kind of partner you need is different to what you want. Above all, no matter what relationship you may have been or not been in as the case may be, you should have emerged knowing more about your individual needs in a relationship and what or who you need to get them met. One last piece of the puzzle around a former, current or potential partner remains and you could just  see where this fits as Mercury has a final meeting with Uranus in here on the 13th. Which opposite number or situation involving you and at least one other person is in focus around now? You’ll see all too clearly how the shift within you affects how you relate – and other relate back in turn. The proof is in the result now.

Mercury enters your 8th (13th) ahead of Uranus (15th) beginning a process where you will be first be challenged by new ideas. These could revolve around your salary, your money or something you share. This is the start of a seismic shift for you. The day Uranus appears in your 8th a new Moon marks the beginning of this important cycle of change. Please remember: if things do not change they cannot improve. Uranus shocks us into a state of heightened awakening. This allows us to see all too clearly where in our lives we have been coasting or just settling for ‘okay’. Stepping into our full power only happens when we solve challenges. Uranus often hands us these in the form or surprises when things don’t quite turn out the way we expected them. But that’s fine because this process ultimately ensures we end up in a better place plus we are reminded what it feels like to be fully alive.

Accepting change forms part and parcel of this cycle puts you in a position to go with it and evolve through it. Which is all the universe wants for you. The 8th house rules our fears. And the really good stuff about the 8th house is that it rules sex. Or relationships where sex is important. Many astrologers don’t want to talk about sex and your 8th. I’m not going to comment about the fear connection but obviously here it does not apply: So let’s talk about sex. That seismic shift of Uranus in this house could be via an intense sexual relationship. Perhaps with someone unlike anyone you have met before. Remember, Uranus always brings an awakening or even a re-awakening. Your tastes may change. You may want to experiment more. Or if your sex life has been a Sahara or you have been telling yourself that love has passed you by – get ready to visit the Oasis of Lust. What you need to remember here is that the 8th takes us deep (pun intended!). Yes, it rules sex but think sex with depth. The 8th is the house of transformation and sharing and when we share a deep sexual experience with another, we and they, are transformed by it. So, that lover like no other may be just one surprise Uranus is set to deliver. Shifts in your finances may also occur and the key here is to let go and be as adaptable as possible.

Ruler Venus who rules not just your love life but your bank account too. The secret to success? Be flexible and adaptable. Time to update and/or upgrade your professional image and cultivate some beautiful ambitions too. You are in a position where you can make the very best impression on the people who are in a position to say ‘Yes’ to you. Whether this is to that new job, raise, promotion, pitch or order. Your stock is set to rise as your ruler enters your 10th of career and reputation on the 19th. Pay attention to your image and craft how you come across as this will play an important role. Present the very best you in how you look and what you say and be your own best investment now. Showcase your individuality and what you alone can offer as Venus makes a positive angle to Uranus too.

The Sun in your 9th from the 21st puts the focus on expansion and personal freedom. You’re set for new experiences especially when the Sun angles to Mars in your romance hot zone on the 24th. Business, commerce and communication activities are set to take you on into June. Travel may not be on the horizon for some of you thanks to Mercury’s entry into your 9th. The full Moon in your 3rd which is Mercury’s ruling house connections you to a bigger vision and your place in it. You should reach out now and grasp an opportunity that in some ways is set to broaden your horizons. This could be a game-changer for you and put you not only back in the flow of life, but see you showcase your ability, personal power and put more resources at your disposal as it does. Make those power moves this May.

In a nutshell: Powerful changes around finances, property, assets, what you owe and what you are owed, pave the way towards freedom. Explore and utilise resources you did not know you had, Libra.


  • Welcome to the love reinvention
  • Who do you really need?
  • What’s your ‘type’?

What or who is it that you truly need when it comes to love or just relating, Scorpio? You are about to enter a cycle where your opposite number past, present or potential, features. Your needs when it comes to relating, are about to undergo a revolution. This all comes about by understanding yourself so much better. Reinvent what you believe love to be. And don’t forget this includes all kinds of partnerships – including business and collaborative ones, as well as the opposite. In other words, that person who you just cannot stand. Remember as this new cycle begins – it’s all a dance. Partners may disappear off that dance floor, new ones enter. You are about to awaken to what it is you really need from others.

Sudden shifts in your relationship status are likely as Uranus, planet of revolution, surprises and awakenings, shifts from your 6th of work and arrives in your 7th on the 15th. This is the first time Uranus has been in this house in your chart in your lifetime. The love revolution begins here. So, some of you may go from coupled up to suddenly single – and vice versa. Uranus always unchains us from anything that shackles us. So just bear this in mind. Above all, this transit will be about you coming to a better understanding of what you need in partnerships and may even redefine the kind of person you need when it comes to long-term relating. Your needs will undergo a radical repositioning and this goes hand-in-hand with the qualities you value – or should I say your values too. If you have a certain ‘type’ at the start of this cycle – which lasts approximately seven years, this may radically change and shift by the time the cycle ends.

Uranus enters your 7th on the same day a new Moon appears in here indicating this is a time where you will begin to look at love in a new way – even in existing relationships. The new Moon makes a powerful angle to both your rulers in your 3rd indicating a deep transformation in your relationships is already underway. If you are single, this could mark the beginning of an attraction for someone new and totally different to that usual ‘type’ that I mentioned earlier. Or you could establish new priorities when it comes to love or how you go about finding it. If you are a coupled-up phoenix, then you could be looking at putting your relationship on a new footing and establishing fresh priorities for the two of you. Look at your connection and see if it needs a re-charge. If some of you are now asking ‘Where is the love?’ try some heart-starting thinking to revive it before resorting to anything more radical. Uranus rules rebellion and it can be all too easy to rebel for the sake of it. So think things through carefully and explore new ways of relating and dealing with any issues before considering anything more drastic.

Mercury also in your 7th from the 15th aids you when it comes to talking things out with partners. At the same time however, watch for ancient ruler Mars causing disruption on the home front when it enters your 4th on the 16th and makes a challenging angle to Uranus. If there are long term domestic issues that need your attention, you need to look for a different way of dealing with them or else channel your energy into activities outside of the home as otherwise tensions could boil over. The Sun in your 8th from the 21st will make a more positive angle to that Mars shining the light on alternatives and putting you in a position where you can direct outcomes for positive change if necessary. See yourself as an agent for dynamic transformation where you can bring about solutions that alter the situation for yourself – and others, in powerful, positive ways.

Venus makes a love expanding entry into your 9th could usher in love, music, entertainment and celebrations on a grand scale. Travel is also highlighted now and if you are travelling whether for business or personal reasons – expect unlooked for benefits and encounters. There’s an aura of luck hanging around you and Venus in here makes this a good time to take a chance or ask for favours as you are more likely to get a ‘Yes’ now. However, do not be reckless – especially with your money. This is all about a calculated risk or just having the confidence to do something you would normally hesitate doing – such as asking someone out for coffee who you like or for that raise for example.

The full Moon in your 2nd on the 29th is about to throw a light on your money, values, assets and possessions. This occurs just before Mercury exits your 7th and arrives in your 8th of salary, personal empowerment and shared resources. This is going to be about personal money and what you earn – hence my advice not to take any risks with money. This can be a time where you can leverage and increase what you have especially if you are willing to look to the future. It all boils down to what your values are, what you are prepared to trade or negotiate in order to get what you want. This may require you to change and adapt as your source of income changes and adapts along with this.

Ultimately, May brings you a time of letting go, release and change – especially when it comes to love and all close relationship. Treat love and loving as a grand experiment and be ready for awakenings and breakthroughs when it comes to you – and others now.

In a nutshell: Partners past, present or future allow you to love in a new way. An exciting new cycle of loving and relating begins now that allows you to experience love, unchained Scorpio!


  • Escape that rut to freedom
  • Get working in a way that works – for you
  • Time for some sexy negotiations

Get ready for a new regimen, Sag. Especially when it comes to work, your routine and your wellbeing.  Insights on what this should be or where these need to take place could be highlighted for you around the 9th thanks to ruler Jupiter in your 12th opposing the Sun in this sector of your chart (6th). Intuition could provide the answer to a long term work or wellness issue but wait a few days before acting on the information you receive. There’s also a shift around money and income and again, this is linked to your work. For those of you involved in interviews, negotiations or selling yourself on some level, one final push may be necessary but a new beginning lies ahead by the second week of the month. The message is – don’t give up now. Tap into those reserves and make that extra effort, You can access them and it will be worth it.

The change begins in the second week as the Sun still in your 6th trines Pluto in your money zone and opposes ruler Jupiter. Mercury is about to make a move into what is his ruling 6th from the 13th. This brings is the start of a new phase of ideas when it comes to your work and everyday routine. You also have incredible focus now when it comes to seeing what needs to be done or changed. Whether you know it or not, your work, how you approach health and fitness issues and rut vs. routine is about to undergo nothing short of a radical change as on the day of the new Moon in here, Uranus also arrives in this house in your chart. Tap into new creativity when it comes to your work. Some of you could now branch out into an exciting new direction. Uranus can awaken you to what it is you need to be doing that provides you with excitement, variety and above all, allows you to be yourself. If you have found yourself stuck in a rut over the past few years, Uranus will free you from it and possibly in an unexpected way. One example of this would be a dead-end job that suddenly comes to an end. This may not be pleasant but it frees you to go find something better. Often Uranus brings shocks but these are usually designed to put us back on the right path when we have strayed off it. And also, when the unexpected happens, we are usually put in a position where we are forced to reach for solutions and alternatives we would never have attempted otherwise. Think back to the times when something untoward has happened that at the time appeared to be a disaster. But then later appeared as a ‘blessing in disguise’ as they set in motion a chain of events which in the end resulted in something so much better? That is Uranus in action!

So, if you are stuck in any kind of rut now – that treadmill job, a routine whether daily or in connection to your health that restricts or confines you, look forward to being propelled out of it one way or another and for exciting changes to occur throughout the next seven years. When it comes to the immediate however, Mars is in your sign of business and communication from the 16th making this an excellent time to work on those job-related changes or plans. Mars gives you energy, a call to action and above all, increased confidence when it comes to selling yourself and your ideas.

Venus enters your 8th from the 19th and this is your house of salary, corporate or shared money, personal power and yes, sex. Funny how so many astrologers shy away from talking about the sexiness of your 8th. Venus rules your bank account so this transit can mark increased financial security especially when coupled with activity in your work sector. But let’s not forget to talk about sex! Venus in this house stirs up those sleeping passions and desires and if you recently met someone new while Venus was in her ruling 7th, this could now mark the point where things get intensely physical between you. If you are already coupled up, Venus in here points to you wanting more intensity in the bedroom. You won’t be shy about letting your partner know what it is you want. If you are single and seeking, flings could be flung now. However, with any relationship that begins or intensifies under an 8th house transit, you should adopt a ‘wait and see’ attitude and enjoy it for what it is in the moment rather than look too far ahead. This does not mean it cannot lead to something lasting, just that you may be acting on the desire of the moment – rather than a long term one!

The Sun’s entry into your 7th from the 21st helps in this respect as it is all about attracting what is ‘opposite’ ourselves and often this means our opposite number! Time to focus on all kinds of partnership matters from the love and marriage kind to the business, friendship and collaborative kind. Close working relationships are also favoured continuing the theme around your job as you can also attract more income with the Sun in here! Mercury boosts communication and business ventures when it arrives in here on the 30th inviting you to get talking about what it is (or to who) you want to attract. The full Moon in your 1st on the 29th sees you looking at your needs and whether they are being met by others. Again, this all boils down to talking about or asking for what you want. You are emotionally open now and this can allow you to connect with someone on a very honest level as feelings flow. Use this to boost your power of attraction this May.

In a nutshell: What has you stuck, Sag? Get ready to be set free one way or another. Even free-spirits can fall into a rut unawares. Get out of yours this May.


  • Life’s a rom-com and you’ve a starring role!
  • Let yourself stand out
  • Be you

Think of the most fun and unusual rom-com you have ever watched and enjoyed. Or that film about someone who was very different and off-beat and succeeded because of that. Or alternatively, think of real life people you admire whose story runs along these lines. Now get ready for a cycle of loving and being loved for who you are just the way you are. Yes, it all sounds very Bridget Jones when put this way, doesn’t it? In fact, Bridget Jones would definitely come under the category I am talking about. Other crazy, unusual and off-beat love stories which relate to the cycle you are about to enter include Say Anything starring John Cusack, Mr. Right with Sam Rockwell; I Love You, Phillip Morris with Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor and the cult classic Harold and Maude. If you are single or find yourself suddenly single in the next few years, forget Twilight or even 50 Shades. Your love story is going to be unusual and defy the norm – and that includes what even you thought of as ‘the norm’ now. Love has a story all its own as Uranus enters your fabulous 5th. The great thing is – you get to write it any way you want.

Over the past few years your home, lifestyle, living arrangements may have been literally re-arranged from the ground up or have gone through a radical change. You should be emerging from this cycle with an increased awareness of what you need when it comes to living space and family support and also what you need to feel secure and settled. Funnily enough, this may have all emerged from you feeling extremely unsettled at times. Uranus often shakes things up so they fall apart. But the result is we are usually able to rebuild something much more solid and meaningful. Remember – Uranus cannot shake what is solid and lasting, but Uranus frees us from what has us chained or holds us back.

Now expect a similar revolution to occur in your love life. Or if not, in how you express your passion for what you do and who you are. Uranus is all about being an individual and standing out from the crowd. If you don’t stand out, then how will that special someone notice you? This is why I am asking you to think of all the people who have succeeded by being themselves and not imitating others. Chances are you can come up with quite the list. Are you trying to be someone else and bend yourself out of shape in order to fit other people’s or society’s idea of what a ‘loveable’ or ‘successful’ person needs to be? That must be exhausting to say the least. And uncomfortable. Uranus says stop the madness. If they don’t love and adore you just the way you are, you don’t need them and you certainly don’t want them. Pluto in your 1st has seen you working on deep, inner transformations. Uranus’s arrival in your 5th is your cue to now showcase these for the entire world to see. Love them, love yourself and others will reflect this.

The day Uranus arrives in your 5th coincides with a new Moon in here which makes a positive angle to both Mars and Pluto in your 1st. This is about love and creativity too as well as new beginnings. When it comes to love, Venus enters her ruling 7th from the 19th and with this new Moon comes an invitation to create. Your 5th also rules children, young people, pleasure and passion. Of course, we can say pleasure and passion are usually part and parcel of creating children! Some of you could become parents during this Uranus transit and if so, expect an unusual and possibly highly creative child.  If not your own children, then expect those younger than you to feature prominently over the next few years. What do you have to hand down or pass on to them? This can be anything from knowledge to just your outlook on life.

Single sea-goats may discover that age features in unusual ways when it comes to romance too with a big age gap one way or another between the two of you. You’ve entered a cycle of innovation and creativity where you will be inspired to make your mark – or leave it as a legacy to others. The more inspired or individually ‘out there’ your ideas are the better now. Mars in your 2nd heats up your desire for financial rewards for your efforts too and positive change around work is heralded by the Sun’s entry into this house in your chat from the 21st. Showcase your skills, take action on your ideas and above all, look to your daily routine and see how this supports you or where you need to make changes – which you can implement once Mercury arrives in here on the 30th as this is Mercury’s ruling house. Job changes if you need to make them are favoured now so dust off and update your CV if necessary.

The 29th sees the full Moon wax in your mysterious 12th and a secret or mystery could literally be ‘illuminated’’ for you. Full Moons reflect their light into the house opposite to which they appear – and in this case this is your 6th. Apply insight and intuition and act on it. In fact, your intuitive skills are heightened under this Moon. If you feel that something is ‘off’ you need to go fact-gathering. You’re being pointed in  the right direction however.

Uranus awakens and also brings opportunities that arrive out of the blue. Your 5th is always associated with love and pleasure. Be yourself and also be ready to accept an opportunity that may not look exactly how you thought it would – but is perfect for you nonetheless.

In a nutshell: Get ready for surprises. Anything from love to inspiration or a lucky break, can strike like a bolt from the blue. Expect the unexpected this May, Capricorn.



  • What does home mean to you?
  • Live it your way
  • Get ready for moving experiences!

Changing rooms. Changing faces. Get ready for a radical shift, Aquarius. Ruler Uranus is on the move this month and heads into your 4th. This heralds a time of putting down or pulling up roots or even redefining what family or home mean to you. Uranus opens doors to new lifestyle possibilities. It’s all about living in a way that works for you and those you love – and on your terms for that matter. This may involve more than just redecorating. Seachanges or treechanges could be part of this cycle as some of you could create a totally new lifestyle in a brand new location.  Others could explore a different kind of living arrangement, creating your own support network or idea of ‘family’. The TV series Friends captured perfectly what Uranus transitting the 4th can bring in. Some of you may find it beneficial to re-watch this – especially if you are single or your birth family live far away or you are not close. Your own idea of ‘family’ is likely to be under the microscope as is what and where  you need to in order to feel you ‘belong’. New and exciting people could have a role to play here especially women.

You of all signs appreciate that Uranus is all about awakenings and also freeing us for anything that chains us or holds us back. There’s a huge difference between security and shackles and Uranus will highlight this for you over the next seven years. Some of you may have a move forced on you or see your living arrangements suddenly change. If this is not your choice, understand there’s a purpose behind it. And that is to ensure you end up where you are supposed to be.

Whatever this cycle brings you it will result in living in a way that supports you from the inside (emotionally) out (materially). The day Uranus enters your 4th is also the day the new Moon appears in here and this is the Moon’s ruling house. This marks the start of a re-building process on some level when it comes to home or family. Mars in your 1st gives you the desire and the drive to get things moving and it’s important to focus this energy into a specific area or task. It’s a time for dynamic action rather than talking or planning when Mars is in residence. Temptation is also part of having Mars in our 1st due to our increased sex drive.

Venus the planet of love is in your 6th of work and wellbeing from the 19th which is not the best position for the planet of romance as this house is about our day job and responsibilities. Venus in here does enhance your relationship with bosses (current and prospective) as well as co-workers and customers alike. However, when it comes to love (or lust as the case may be), you have the Sun entering your 5th of romance, passion and pleasure from the 21st which should deliver opportunities to flirt and get yourself noticed. Mercury will enter here at the end of the month which promises invitations and interactions of all kinds. Good news could follow in business, work or around a creative venture as this is the house where we express our talents. The 29th also sees a full Moon in your sociable 11th. As Aquarius is the 11th house in the zodiac it is the house of the future which is why your sign is associated with invention, innovation, science fiction (which often predicts what becomes science fact) and revolutions which change the course of the future. Look at what appears under the light of this Moon – especially the people you meet as it or they could have long term implications on your future path. This is your house of friends and for many, friends are also family. They certainly form an integral part of our lifestyle. Who you live with at home and on a larger scale could have a big influence on your evolution now. Home is more than four walls and family can be more than the people we are related to by blood. Create yours and live in a way that works for you.

In a nutshell: Your surroundings may change but there’s no place like the home you can create now. Be prepared for a radical lifestyle shift and an awakening to where you truly belong, Aquarius.


  • You are the idea whose time has come
  • Don’t just walk your talk – share it!
  • Fresh perspectives open up your future

Let’s talk, Pisces. Especially about those ideas. Be ready to step into a period where the way you communicate and how you communicate will undergo a seismic shift over the next few years. You could be the idea whose time has come in oh so many ways. You’re about to launch yourself and that idea out there and you’ll be amazed at the impact this will have. Be prepared for new and exciting people to cross your path and for you to cross-pollinate with their ideas. It’s all about the exchange and how one ideas power if not to change the larger world at least to change yours.

The internet could be your playground in more ways than one during this cycle which begins in the middle of the month when Mercury arrives in your 3rd which is his ruling sector in your chart. Usually Mercury entering this house points towards business and a flurry of communications. Travel is also highlighted as is an enhanced ability to get your ideas across to others. Selling yourself (or your product, company, service or concept), is highlighted now. All these themes are likely to feature but in a way that allows you to do all of this and more much more innovatively as Uranus also enters this sector of your chart on the 15th.

Expect to be awakened by possibilities during the next seven years. If old ways of thinking have you trapped, Uranus is about to free you from limited thoughts. Those new and exciting people I mentioned earlier will cross your path to open your mind and shake you free of ideas that restrict you. You’ll see the world or what you are doing from a fresh perspective as a result. You will also get to witness first hand different approaches and ways of doing things. Again, this is all designed to have you look at your own methods and to reach for alternatives. We all know the saying that a definition of madness is to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. See Uranus as a lightning flash of sanity as you open up to trying the untried. The results could just be off the charts. Change your mind and you don’t just change your thoughts, you change your world.

Your 3rd also rules contracts and negotiations. As this cycle begins, just a word of caution. If you are signing important papers now, please double or even triple check them first. The reason I am advocating caution is that Mars in your 12th from the 16th will impact on the newly arrived Uranus in here. Hidden clauses, the ‘small print’ or something you are not aware of could feature. This does not apply for the rest of the cycle, don’t worry. And it is only a suggestion, not an absolute. But if in doubt – don’t sign. Or at the very least seek professional advice before you do.

Luck and love are yours to embrace and play with thanks to the arrival of Venus in your 5th from the 19th. Put the serious stuff aside and flirt, socialise and attract. New friends, potential lovers and even money and the odd stroke of luck are hallmarks of this Venus cycle as are pleasure and indulgence. You may choose to indulge yourself by splurging out on something that makes you feel sensual and desirable. Everything during this Venus cycle relates to your energy. If you feel good you’ll quickly plug in to your power to attract. Don’t allow spending to tip into extravagance however. But this cycle usually puts you in the ‘spotlight ‘ in some way so look and feel your best. Starting something new often accompanies Venus in your 5th – a new romance, a creative venture or a job where you or your skills are ‘front of house’ in some way are just a few of the possibilities. Venus says make love, embrace joy and create. So, what are you waiting for?

There’s lots to talk about when it comes to home, living and family matters. Living arrangements, moving or lifestyle changes may be up for discussion as the Sun enters your 4th. Mercury will also arrive in here from the 30th favouring anything to do with real estate from signing contracts and leases to financing. However, with the 4th there is always the need to spend some alone time in your home surroundings and recharge on a soul level. So ensure you carve this out if you can. A good time to do this may be around the time of the full Moon in your 10th on the 29th. Full Moons reflect light so this one beams its light back into your 4th. This is a good time to take stock of what you need for your future in terms of your career which the 10th rules and how this adds to your sense of security – which is what your 4th is all about. By all means make plans and have a strategy in place. Especially when it comes to fulfilling those emotional needs. But with Uranus now in your 3rd, don’t be too attached to them and be willing to change them if necessary. This keeps you in the flow of positive change and open to new ideas and solutions. Swim with that current, Pisces.

In a nutshell: Embrace and showcase those ideas. The way you working, study, communicate or even get around is about to change. And it’s the power of ideas that can take you into a brand new future.

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