Monthly Horoscope Video August 2017 MAJOR CHANGES!

August Monthly Horoscope.

This months astrology is extraordinary as we have an eclipse of the Full Moon and a Solar eclipse/New Moon. On top of that Mercury, the Planet of communication, is going retrograde on the 13th. Check your Rising and Moon sign video for more details. (if you don’t know your chart use my free astrology chart calculator).

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August Monthly Astrology Transits.


3 Aug 2017 URANUS TURNS RETROGRADE for rest of year (Aries

4 Aug 2017 VENUS OPPOSITION  JUNO (Cancer to Capricorn)

4 Aug 2017 JUPITER SQUARE  PLUTO (Libra to Capricorn)

7 Aug 2017 FULL MOON & ECLIPSE OF MOON (Aquarius)

Moon (Aquarius ) Trine Jupiter (Libra)

Jupiter (libra) Sextile Sun (Leo)

10 Aug 2017 MERCURY SEXTILE  VENUS (Virgo to Cancer)

10 Aug 2017 SUN SEXTILE  JUPITER (Leo to Libra)

12 Aug 2017 VENUS TRINE  NEPTUNE (Cancer to Pisces)

13 Aug 2017 MERCURY Turns Retrograde until 5th September (Virgo)

Note this happens around midnight UK so USA will start retrograde on the 12th

13 Aug 2017 SUN TRINE  SATURN (Leo to Sagittarius)

15 Aug 2017 VENUS OPPOSITION  PLUTO (Cancer to Capricorn)

17 Aug 2017 VENUS SQUARE  JUPITER (Cancer to Libra)

20 Aug 2017 MARS SEXTILE  JUPITER (Leo to Libra)

21 Aug 2017 NEW MOON & ECLIPSE OF SUN (Leo)

21 Aug 2017 SUN & MOON TRINE URANUS (Leo to Aries)

22 Aug 2017 MARS TRINE  SATURN (Leo to Sagittarius)

22 Aug 2017 SUN ENTERING VIRGO (Virgo)

24 Aug 2017 VENUS TRINE  CHIRON (Cancer to Pisces)

24 Aug 2017 VENUS SQUARE  URANUS (Cancer to Aries)

25 Aug 2017 SATURN Turns Direct (Sagittarius)

25 Aug 2017 SUN TRINE  JUNO (Virgo to Capricorn)

26 Aug 2017 VENUS ENTERING LEO (Leo)

26 Aug 2017 MARS TRINE  ERIS (Leo to Aries)


27 Aug 2017 JUPITER SEXTILE  SATURN (Libra to Sagittarius)

31 Aug 2017 VESTA SEXTILE  CERES (Virgo to Cancer)


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