New Moon in Cancer


By our psychic Elena

Radiant purity of intention shines out from the new Moon in its ruling sign of Cancer. And let’s not resort to stereotypes now. All that cup-cake baking, soothing cocooning and spoon-fed nurturing we’re force fed about Cancer. Out with the generalised astrology! Cancer is a sign which deserves better. And that includes expanding our understanding of one of the most complex and misinterpreted zodiac signs.

Yes, Cancer – your sensitivity, insight and ability to care isn’t up for debate. We’re just done with spreading the fake news that’s all you’re about. There’s your ocean of determination, resilience and ability to act and get things done when other signs are still mulling over their next move. Your talent for emotionally ‘toughing it’ out means that you don’t shy away from what needs to be done. And because of your innate understanding of emotional truth – you’re unafraid to act on instinct. And see how again and again, this serves you the best possibly outcome.

Then there’s your ability to take that step into the unknown. Modern astrology has cast Sagittarius as the sign of the adventurer/explorer. But that was not always the case. In ancient times yours was the restless heart, waiting to catch the next tide and set sail on that voyage of discovery. Yes, that home port was all-important to you. Because it was the place the journey started from and which you returned to. But you answered that call from beyond the horizon and headed for it with your heart and the stars to guide you. All while other signs were clinging to their comfort zones.

This new Moon in Cancer, we should all be looking to embrace your insightful diversity of home loving truths and fearless exploration. And understand that the moment the tide turns in our favour – we need to take action – and set sail.

weekly horoscope aries seasonARIES

This is a door-opening New Moon. One may suddenly close. But if you look around you, you’ll see a shining new portal opening wide. One that is attuned to your real needs, Aries. Whether you’ve been aware of it or not, you’ve been putting out a request to the universe for it. And this is what answers it.

This new Moon makes you want to take care of others. You have the ability to intuitively meet their emotional needs without them needing to vocalise them. This just makes you someone people want to be around. But do ensure you place your own needs on the same footing. You can’t give to others if you are running on empty.

If you have been aware of a tendency to self-soothe yourself when under stress by reaching for things you know aren’t exactly good for you, that door I mentioned at the start of this forecast is one marked ‘Courage’. On the other side you reach the place where you tackle the wounds and insecurities that drive the behaviour. Rather than just medicating it, you rip off the Band-aid approach and give yourself the care you are now also giving to others. This takes exploration and massive amounts of courage and self-compassion.

Your new moon meditation to make this easier is to cue up Hans Zimmer’s ‘Now We Are Free’ from the soundtrack of Gladiator on Spotify or your music app. Close your eyes and go to what originally triggered the self-soothing. Fast forward to all the times you’ve done this without realising what was driving it. Forgive yourself. Forgiving anyone who caused it is optional at this point. Allow yourself to imagine you no longer having to do this. This is a short meditation that only needs to last the length of the track which is 4 mins and 14 seconds. That’s how long freedom takes, Aries.

weekly astrologyTAURUS

Your phone, your devices, that multiscreen system, your words, ideas and online life – what you have to say and how you say it, fall under the new Moon in your 3rd. Your desire behind what you say or send out, is to add to or enhance your security in some way. You have a plan or need to be attain or answered. Talk isn’t cheap for you, Taurus. You mean it and need a meaningful reply in response.

Your thoughtful and heartfelt message resonates. Whether this is an in-person conversation you are having, or just what you have to share. It touches on a shared or home truth, a need which others have. As such, those business plans, applications, messages or even that book, screenplay or thesis, resonates. And gets you responses in kind.

Your greatest power now is that of connectivity. Words and messages form deep bonds for you. Your willingness to share openly allows this to happen. You’re doing this selflessly as through your own emotional story, you come from a place of wanting to fill what others need. Be it in the form of that position, product, service or just via identifying with your own experience. You hear them and they hear you. Whatever is on your mind now, Taurus – don’t keep it to yourself.


Having it all isn’t what you’re aiming for under the new Moon in your zone of money and values, Gemini. You’re all about having what’s right for you instead. Yes, this can translate into less is more. It can also have you doing more with what you already have rather than actually needing more. It can see you letting go of what you don’t need in order to open up the space or resources to get what you do. And yes, ultimately this new Moon hands you the awareness of what this is – which is 90% of getting it.

You can be looking at what to toss and take as a result. Jupiter in your sign until June 2025 puts you in a state of perpetual openness. And this abundance mindset means you’re not tempted to cling to things you no longer need or use simply from fear that there will be nothing to replace them. Donating items to charity or selling them on eBay or Vinted leaves you with what works for you and ultimately seems like more.

That’s not to say that this new Moon won’t deliver on its traditional meaning. The arrival of a new source of income as in a better paid job or you starting that side hustle. But the key to feeling abundant and attracting in more is always to come from that place of feeling you already have something that’s perfectly right – right now. Focus on what that is, Gemini. Clear away anything that hides or confuses this. Now you’re set to receive more. More of what’s perfect for you.

july horoscopesCANCER

Let the river run, let all the dreamers wake the nation! Just like the river knows how to find its way to the sea, you know just what actions you need to take or what you should set in motion now. While the Leos next door are humming and ha-ring, the Taureans are worrying about if they go with it when the next meal will arrive, and the Librans are sitting on the fence, you’re already halfway to claiming that prize. If it chimes with that inner voice that is.

You’ve got a head start and a clear advantage over others right now. Don’t forget – you have blessed Jupiter in your 12th – boosting that intuition and revealing your emotional destiny. So, you’re not likely to ignore the call to set something in motion under this new Moon.

You are in a position where you instantly recognise an opportunity when it emerges. Or know the time to act is right now. In other words, you catch the tides of fortune as the wind changes to fill your sails. What emerges under this new Moon is an invitation. It could be an idea, a person, an opportunity, a journey, an offer. But it wants you to go with it. And if it feels right, you’re in.

The month leading up to this point has been about readying you. A soul cleanse so you can embark on this voyage without unnecessary baggage. Your emotions are your compass now. They are what you steer by. You don’t need to know the final destination to commit to that course. Run with it.

monthly horoscope augustLEO

The trick to this new Moon for every sign but especially for you is: Don’t over-think it. Above all – and this is the key – trust yourself, Leo. Your choices. Your emotional messages. Your inner voice. Your intuition. If you’re still questioning this – do look back to times where you dismissed your feelings or dismissed or diminished your responses. In hindsight, you’ll see it was lack of trust in yourself that stopped you each and every time. This new Moon has the power to stop you from repeating this.

If you feel the ick, if something feels ‘off’ – sit with that. And if an idea or course of action keeps resurfacing again and again, there is a reason for this. Again, ask yourself why you are not exploring this or taking action on it? Again, the only person you may not trust is you. So, let’s fix that, shall we?

If you need to, do journal and take a fearless deep dive into your past and chronicle all the times you can remember when you didn’t come from that trust. But do this without judgement or self-blame. This needs to be done as a healing and validation exercise. Not as self-shaming. All of us have ignored our inner wisdom and wish in retrospect we had listened instead. But we learn from this. The whole point of this is for you to understand just how trustworthy you are as your own soul custodian. Now you see it, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.

weekly horoscopesVIRGO

Ready to rock your own brilliance, Virgo? Reanimate all that makes you unique and authentic as the new Moon charges up your house of circles, communities and change. This is how and who you fit in with. But without having to sacrifice who you are in the process.

If your sphere has shrunk, do make that extra effort to expand it. You are not alone in this. Ending up feeling lonely and isolated can happen to anyone. And there are many many successful and incredibly popular people out there who have experienced this at some point in their lives. It is no reflection on us if this occurs. And knowing this can be what enables us to take the first step towards fixing this.

Know you have so much to share and offer. And the key is exactly that. Share the miracle that you are. Don’t keep you to yourself. You ARE needed! Be ready to experiment. With alternative contacts, connections and communities. Issue some invitations of your own and don’t just wait for them to land in your inbox. If you have not seen people for a while, suggest a catch-up. Chances are someone’s delighted you called.

Goals are very much in focus with this new Moon. And ‘new’ is your key word here. While old friendships can be revived, do opt for setting a brand new goal rather than reinstating an old one. Look ahead to the future when thinking about this. Where do you see yourself two years from now? What have you achieved that you might never have imagined doing? That’s your starting point. If thinking about something gives you that heart-starting electric charge – the way is wide open to getting it.

weekly astrologyLIBRA

It’s all in the timing and guess what, Libra? If you seize the day then time is most definitely on your side. This is a new Moon which tells you its time to seriously commit to something long term. The time is ripe with potential, rewards and for you to attain emotional success as well as the material kind. And sometimes the former is what delivers that real sense of accomplishment.

Your fearless exploration task is to see what you can achieve when you put your mind to it. Do keep in mind that in your 10th house – this is all about the traditional, tried and established ways of doing this. This doesn’t prevent you from defining what your goal is. Or even carving your own path to it. But you do need to be seen as someone who plays by the rules. Especially if this new Moon draws the rule makers into your orbit.

Others who have gone before you may offer guidance or a helping hand. Do be willing to accept this. Approach humbly with a learner mindset no matter your level of smarts. But do have your goal in mind and know you are going places. It’s this combination that gets you the entrée, backing or to the yes answer.

During the next few weeks you could even find yourself in the public eye or certainly with eyes on you in some way. What you began or was initiated at the last full Moon in here could enter its next stage. Rehearsal’s over, Libra. It’s opening night. Bring it.


You’re a seeker under the new Moon in your 9th. You want to expand your knowledge. And also your understanding of emotional truth. What really makes people tick. The questions you ask – are we really that different – or are we universally the same? draw opportunities, solutions and fresh experiences to you. Keep exploring now, Scorpio.

Yes, this new Moon marks the start of a personal quest. You need something to explore. Other cultures, people, places, beliefs fascinate you. Travel may be on the horizon for some of you in the next month. Others simply want to embrace something bigger. Widen those perspectives. And you may engage with this via a subject, activity or big plan.

It honestly is time to consciously push yourself out of what feels known and familiar. And when it comes to those questions, ask what it is that will do that for you. Right now domestic duties, obligations and what you’re used to may seem cloying and confining. You find yourself shopping at an ethnic grocer instead of your usual supermarket. You check out a destination online you would never have dreamed about visiting before and discover it answers that call within you. Your Airbnb guest arrives from the other side of the world and opens your eyes to fresh possibilities. Just a few ways this new Moon wants you to know there’s a big world out there waiting for you.

Get out of your comfort zone. Head to what is unexplored. That part of town, the country, that festival, that activity. You may not need to go very far to find there’s a whole new world waiting.

mercury and venus in sagittariusSAGITTARIUS

Wherever you find a No Entry sign – you’ll want to go there, Sag. There’s no off limits areas or subjects for you right now. If someone tells you that something is not for you – you’re going to want it all the more. If they tell you not to go there – yes, that simply fuels your determination to do just that. If worse – they tell you don’t ask – you’ll keep asking until they spill. Telling you that you can’t do something means you’ll not only do it, but do it so well they have to eat their words. Tell you not to look – yep, you looked.

This is a No Fear new moon for you. Seeing as you love to travel, this is when you would be likely to sign up for a Dark Tourist destination. You want to go where nobody else usually does. If you happen to work in areas such as investigation, espionage, profiling or psychology expect heightened attunement and willingness to confront the dark side. And yes, for this month at least, you’re comfortable on that side.

Which leads me to relationships. In a cycle where ruler Jupiter sits in your 7th and Pluto in your 5th. For you to click, the other party has to be willing to go way beyond the surface with you. You want to share what’s deep within you and need the other party to reciprocate. If they turn out to have all the depth of a Petrie dish – you’re done. No matter how externally hot they may be.

That intensity you project may be a little scary for some people. See this as a good thing. Because who or what is drawn to you matches your own desire to go deeper. Welcome to your very own Area 51, Sag. It’s where the real magic happens.


Have you been so giving in the past and focussed on what others need from you that they are totally clueless about your needs, Capricorn? That doesn’t mean they are neglectful. It just means that you have neglected yourself in favour of them. So, the big ask under this fresh feeling new Moon in your 7th is to place your needs on an equal footing from here on in.

This new Moon in the final one in your house of partnerships, the last freshly baked new relating phase you will experience during the biggest personal transformation period you have undergone in this lifetime. I am of course talking about Pluto in your 1st. Pluto has one very brief revisit to make between September-November. And then it’s gone for good. Never to return. So, the new Moon is the finishing touch to the process. Where you bring your energy back from others and look to how you relate to yourself. And how you get your needs met within relationships.

Any imbalances can be addressed now. And this could involve you sitting your opposite number down and being open and candid about what you need from them. If you’ve hesitated to ask up until this point. If you have no significant other, take some time to review the times when you may have prioritised the needs of others over your own. To the point where they may have had no idea you were running on empty and sacrificing all for them. And then ensure the future looks a lot more balanced. Love or two union asks for mutuality in give and take. And for you to be upfront, Capricorn. Love yourself just a little more in other words.


Know your standards or set some new ones with the new Moon in your 6th. You’re aiming for perfection now. And are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve this. One small step at a time.

The slapdash approach or broad strokes you’ll leave to the Aries and Sagittarians. You also know there are no results without focus. Right now, you are one of the best signs others can call on for advice. Just why is that Aquarius? Because you have the mental acuity to cut away the extraneous and go straight to the core of the issue. Again, this is about focus and perfection. And coming up with the perfect solution rather than a ‘One size fits all’ approach.

And yes, this can make you the go-to authority at work when it comes to implementing new systems or a fresher, more streamlined approach. If you are seeking a new position (this is your house of day job and responsibilities), then your research combined with your precision thinking puts you ahead of the rest.

You won’t scatter your energy and multitasking is your Kryptonite so don’t even go there. You get more done and perfectly with your one thing at a time and ability to prioritise. And while you’re at it, ensure that work/life balance is perfectly aligned as well. It turns out its the little things that end up delivering your biggest results.

full moon in piscesPISCES

Ready to come out and play, Pisces? Its certainly not the season for you to lurk in the backroom or behind the scenes. Or act as an extra in someone else’s production. This is about you, how you shine and sparkle. And the opportunities which land to let you get your glow happening.

Next year in ‘25, your ancient ruler Jupiter will land in here. Handing you your biggest Bridgerton style ‘glow-up’ yet. But take it you don’t have to wait that long for this to begin. Indulge yourself and do whatever it takes (within your budget of course), to give yourself a little star treatment.

Celebrations, children, creativity and close ups feature. Be camera ready. Act like you are a headline act. But ditch the diva. Although you may feel like a star you’re still no afraid to get your hands dirty or do what it takes.

This is your season of attraction, of hedonism and of summer loving. And this can simply be love for what you love to do. Your 5th house cycle always marks a surge in your self-confidence which translates to you willing to take a chance trying something new. Your playful nature means you’re less focussed on the result and more on the process. And when we are in that state, it’s usually when we attract the results that far exceed our expectations anyway. Go on – express yourself, Pisces.

knight waite tarot

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