New Moon in Sagittarius November 23 2022 Moonscope

mercury and venus in sagittarius

New Moon in Sagittarius Moonscope November 23 2022

Finally a Moon appears that does not bring an eclipse with it! Freedom, release and opportunity are inherent in the promise of the new Moon in Sagittarius. It always arrives with an invitation to go explore something and broaden our minds and our vision.

This can be a literal journey – we travel. Or an exploration of a different kind: we delve deeply into a study subject, explore a new philosophy or belief system, start a new job which stretches our abilities or we encounter someone who opens our eyes to a new way of seeing the world. It’s all about the experience with the new Moon in Sagittarius. And it says: Choose your own adventure now!

weekly horoscope aries seasonAries

Feel the fire in your heart and the wind in your hair, Aries! Under this new Moon it’s time to look forward and not back. Set yourself a goal or a destination to aim for. No small plans either. This is your house of expansion. This new Moon favours the bold souls and the brave hearts. It calls to your inner s/hero/theyro. And asks you to look at what happens in your comfort zone. Nothing new. Ready to leave it?

Reawaken your belief in yourself under this new Moon. We are now heading towards the year’s end. It’s time to think about where you want to go in the next one. This takes focus so aim higher and further in where you choose to send it. Above all, reawaken your dreams and your own ability to succeed. It’s determination that powers you forward, Aries.

weekly astrologyTaurus

Whatever you do under this new Moon in your transmutational 8th – don’t let fear create illusions and distrust, Taurus. Especially in yourself. Yes, this new Moon signals change. And we all know how you feel about that. It’s confronting enough if they mix up the toppings on your pizza. However, Uranus in your sign has been opening you up to that electrified feeling of being fully alive when you go with the new, the novel, the strange. Think of this new Moon as simply another invitation to do just that. Who knows, pineapple and anchovies might just be the perfect combo which satisfies that craving after all. And you won’t know until you try.

Have those fears and doubts caused you to freeze in place, Taurus? A bit like a deer caught in headlights? Or has your soul simply been dulled by too much exposure to limitations and self-doubt? Step into this new Moon’s gentle pull towards reborn self-assurance and empowerment. And after that, emboldened, take the next step and then – the next. Who knew harnessing rebirth could be so easy?


Love questions? Tricky issues between you and that boo? This new Moon awakens you to new partnership possibilities. A fresh dynamic or way of relating. Settled? Take some time out and try to see your relationship from the other side. Can you walk a mile in their Jimmy Choo’s? The Louboutin and the short of this exercise is simply to allow you to entertain possibilities of how someone you are in a partnership with, could possibly feel or experience your union. Chances are your secret senses will deliver valuable insights.

This applies to all duos – dynamic and dramatic, double acts and duets. Working, collaborative, and friendship based. And yes, even that opponent or person you’d like to buy a one way ticket to Uranus for. This Moon opens up a fresh way to see who you are in relationships – as well as the other party. If you are seeking a new love, do remember Mars, planet of passion and heat, is retro in your 1st. Telling you to take your time. So use the above exercise to explore just what you need to know about the kind of person you need to up your ability to give and receive love. And yes, no matter what form of it they offer – it’s ALL shoes be it Manolos or Caovilla. Or simply those super comfy trainers. This is all about getting your fit – by getting to know what makes theirs walk.

july horoscopesCancer

Stop the rush under this new Moon and the desire to be constantly ‘doing’ when you should be focussing on ‘being’. Let go of the need to constantly check your phone at the sound of every Pavlovian ‘ping’. It’s actions like this – habits we are truly unaware of, that can end up preventing us from not only appreciating the power of stillness, but end up distracting and depleting us.

This new Moon in your 6th of day job and daily habits, offers you the opportunity to change all that. Gently and mindfully easing you away from what drains or disengages you. Try this and accept the invitation to stop the soul-blinding rot! Be focussed but never judgemental about your habits. simply notice what you do like an observer. And as you identify the life force stealers and time eating actions (and their effects), you can then choose not to perform them quite so often. Focus on your breathing and with each exhalation, release soul toxins – thoughts, habits, distractions, wounds and the need to meet all demands made on you – no matter the cost to your sense of wellbeing. The results over the next 28 days will startle you like a powerful awakening. And lead you on into more time for yourself – and freedom.

monthly horoscope augustLeo

The new Moon is in your favourite house (aside from your own that is!). Your 5th of all things Leo-favoured. Lovers, blinged-up pleasure and attention, divine romance, children, showcase opportunities and indulgent playfulness. It along with your ruler in here, tells you that it’s now the start of the season – of success, enjoyment, standing out and attraction. Some Leo’s out there will find themselves with something to give thanks for and celebrate as the month progresses. This is down to this being the start of your annual pleasure and attraction peak. What you put out there returns to you – possibly by the old three times three rule when you radiate with pure intention.

If you do have something to celebrate in the coming weeks, know this is but a way station. A pause in a longer success setting grand tour you are embarking on. That doesn’t diminish it or make it any less important however. But do take a moment to celebrate, share and above all, give yourself the royal treatment when it comes to what you have so far achieved. How will you mark this moment? Do find a way if the universe grants your wishes during this coming month, to show how you so willingly embrace who or what it has sent you.


The new Moon for you appears in its ruling 4th. Feel its gentle caress as it opens up a path to something soul sustaining for you over the next 28 days. Home, living arrangements, property dealings and family may feature. Or take on fresh importance. Bring your skillset – that purity of pristine focus, to bear on these areas. And ask yourself if you needs are truly being met and fulfilled?

Two portals, two pathways may open up to you in the coming month. Between this new Moon and the next, you may be asked which one you want to choose. This isn’t just the Moon of roots, family and ancestors. But the Moon which rules your life, path and your ability to explore these or own them in your own way. Free of the need to conform to what may work for others, but simply doesn’t for you. Look to what you are emotionally ‘inherited’ in terms of how to get your emotional needs met, what you should do, what traditions you should keep or even how you should live. Are they truly yours? If you can say yes, then build on these as your lasting support structure. If not – go your own way and create your own.

weekly astrologyLibra

Fire up that creativity and fresh ideas, Libra. The new Moon in your communication sector is all about not keeping these to yourself. But it’s no use simply sitting around, thinking, talking or else – over-working them because you doubt their perfection.

Unlike the Virgos next door for whom this new Moon is one of gentle beginnings, yours is one of walking your talk and taking action. No shifting gears – rev it up and go 0-60 in under 3 seconds. Boldness and the ability to run with those plans set success in motion. And you send you hurtling down a path of exciting new opportunities. This Moon makes a shout out to you and shows you clearly what direction you need to take. Time to stop planning and dreaming and make your move. Act on that idea that’s been niggling at you. The one that won’t leave you alone until you do. The forefront of your mind is where action begins. Follow through, take a chance and watch how you effortlessly leave your own limitations behind you. Along with any competition, Libra.


A treasure-seeking new Moon in your money zone asks you to engage with a fresh cycle of abundance. And to embrace this in all the many forms that rich feeling can take. Don’t just think about this as money. Because it comes in so many other forms. And this new Moon hands you a map with ‘X’ marking where yours is hidden.

Focusing purely on one – usually cash, means we deny ourselves the richness of all the others. Which could in a way be defined as the poverty of limitations. Sure, money and how to make it dominates in these crazy days of uncertainty and rising costs. But can you invest your energy in looking at how the others could in fact, turn out to be just as valuable and problem solving for you as your money? The new Moon can in fact open up a new income stream. But it can also give you something just as valuable. Love, happiness, friends, support, talent, time, spiritual gifts, work that feels like play, and a purpose. Look to what creates that rich feeling. And what you can do to attract more of it. Chances are, your bottom line will increase in at least one abundant area over the next month.

sagittarius bannerSagittarius

Your future starts here. Just be aware when it comes to fresh starts in love, that Mars is retrograde in your 7th of partners. This is about a solo journey you begin. If you’re single, wait until 2023 for that travel companion to join you.

You are beginning a fresh chapter in the most important story or reality series of all – yours. Keeping up with the Sagittarians. Chances are not many other signs can right now. Been cultivating a new plan to take you further in ‘23? Now is the time to initiate it. This new Moon will resurrect your spark and sent you hurtling along a path towards a new cycle of experience. You’re the road warrior, the easy rider. Following your own inner compass. Feeling fully alive and ready to go wherever adventure takes you.

With all this inner renewal now made manifest, is it time for some outer upgrades too to visually demonstrate how your brand has evolved? Yes, image is your calling card so splurge within reason (a birthday treat to yourself). A Sag friend I know bought a superb gold and green dress at the time of last year’s Sag new Moon– totally different to what she usually wore, and was amazed at who or what she attracted as a result of wearing it. Do experiment. Above all, don’t waste time on anything that’s going nowhere. Claim your path, head out on the highway looking for adventure. And see what comes your way.

moon capCapricorn

Can you bow to the wishes of the cosmos now, Capricorn? What we resist, persists. And that includes not wanting to face up to the need for change which like the Hanged Man in the Tarot, keeps us painfully stuck.

The new Moon in your 12th is the last before your new cycle begins next month. It calls to you to take off the blindfold and face the reality. What do you need to release now? 2023 brings the beginning of the end of Pluto in your sign. You have been through so much, Capricorn. And are emerging burning bright from the forge of transformation. So, if this new Moon highlights one more reality shifting area you need to tackle, just look back on all you have faced these past years and know – you got this. Do not enter your fresh cycle burdened by something you know needs its release. If you hang on to anything that’s flatlined, you not only block your own progress, you also block the other party’s too if this involves someone else. Release both of you and follow growth instead of stagnation.


Of course you love the ‘All for one, one for all’ vibe of the new Moon in your 11th. It’s just so MFEO (Made for Each Other). Especially when it comes to connections, friends, groups and networks.

It can however trigger your restless soul. The rebel and maverick creator in you searches for stimulation. Do listen to your own voice under this new Moon rather than those around you. If you are met with criticism or judgement, understand this is about them, not about you. Don’t deny your own uniqueness by giving in to their insecurities. Sudden invitations, new and enticing connections send you down a fresh path. And validate your own wisdom. This new Moon is all about your inner circle and those who truly have your back. The circles who accept you for who you really are. The people with whom you can be strong yet vulnerable, fit in with but remain unique. Time to share and circulate, Aquarius. This new Moon lights up a future path for you. And those who will be walking it alongside you.

full moon in piscesPisces

Logic and reason are powerful tools. No, you don’t have to turn Vulcan and turn off your feeling heart, Pisces. But the new Moon in your 10th can be used to reinforce your emotional truth when used correctly. And also protect your most precious asset – the love and compassion you have to give.

Think and act from the head in the coming weeks. Especially in career and professional matters. In doing so, you will actually be creating the freedom you seek in the long term. An example of this would be you are an artist or creator and get offered a high paid corporate role. Yes, on one hand your free-spirited soul may feel you are selling out. But your head is telling you that money will in fact, fund that long term vision and make it happen sooner. It’s a trade-off in the short term for long term benefits. Your mind can support your soul. Let it do just that now.

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