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Aries – The Page of Cups

A new season is beginning for you this week Aries, there could be a new relationship coming your way if you’re single, if you’re currently coupled a brand-new dimension to your existing relationship may be on its way to you.  With all the pages, they usually signify something new that is emerging within, this is a delicate new beginning that could be easily crushed with negativity or pessimism so try to be positive and optimistic.  Think of this week as an opportunity to see things differently and a chance to feel your emotions wholeheartedly.  This is the perfect time to increase self-love, you can do this by giving yourself only the things and experiences that make you feel good, for instance choose clothes to wear that you feel nice in, eat nutritious and tasty food that you enjoy, listen to the music you love, express your love.  There are many ways to be self-loving, the more we love ourselves the stronger the love is that we attract in our relationships, remember the love we express for others is a reflection of the love we have for our self.

Taurus – The Nine of Cups

The wish card!  Something magical is hopefully on its way to you this week Taurus, when this card is drawn I know it means that a cherished wish will come true.  So, what have you been wishing for?  I really hope that it comes true for you this week. You’ve done a lot to get to this point, you’ve been through some difficult times and this week you could see the rewards of overcoming your obstacles gracefully. Perhaps a desire that you feel is of great importance will come to fruition, you’re likely to be feeling optimistic and fulfilled with life.  If you’re not feeling that yet, try to relax and trust that it’s on its way to you as this of the most uplifting of cards that you can receive.  You could be feeling a happy family life and at work you may be realising just how much you are valued by those around you.  Good luck that you’ve been hoping for could be yours.  If you have been dreaming big about a project that has been delayed, this could be the time that it moves forward with positive momentum.  If you’re in a relationship, it’s possible that it will deepen and become sweeter for you this week.  If you’re single, this is a great time to get out, mingle, and have conversations with the people and try to have fun!  Use the good energy of this time to enhance your life, what have you been wanting to do recently? Give it a go!  Use positive affirmations and visualise ways you can enrich your life. Trust yourself and dream big!

Gemini – The High Priestess

You’re more gorgeous and sexy than you realise this week Gemini.  You’re likely to be much more physically attractive to others, think of the moon, femininity, inspiration, you’re embodying wisdom and all those vibes.  It’s time to rely on your intuition and your inner knowledge this week, and please pay attention to your dreams as they will have some potent messages for you. Synchronicities are likely to be free flowing and it’s possible that a yummy surprise will be coming your way soon, this may be a new job opportunity. You may come up with some new ways or processes of doing things that could make your life simpler and less frustrating.  Ignore any dramas and gossip this week, remember that you’re vibrating higher than any tittle tattle that could be occurring and your mind will likely be drawn to gathering and seeking new inspirational information and wisdom.  This can be an enchanting, magical and mystical time for love.  Trust your instincts and use your power wisely as it’s potent this week.  Messages can come to you from all sorts of places and in different guises so be sure to look out for those signs and symbols.  You may like to look at spirituality in ways that you have not done before this week, you could be drawn to strange and esoteric teachings to deepen your growing spirituality.  You might enjoy talking to people whose experiences and beliefs are different than yours.

Cancer – The Two of Cups

Things are likely to be going well for you this week Cancer.  There is love around you and you should be feeling more loved, cared for, and content.  You are likely to be appreciated at work and feeling more comfortable there, even if you don’t particularly like your job you’ll find ways this week to see things in a more appreciative and balanced way.  If you’re looking for a job then this can mean that you’ll find a fulfilling one soon.  If you’re in a relationship at the moment, this card signifies true love, a balanced partnership, and commitment from both of you.  Real feelings of solidity, security and partnership are on their way to you, there is potential for true love and affection here. If you are looking for love it is very likely on its way to you very soon.  This card can also mean a balance of opposites and friendship, perhaps your friends are the source of your joy this week, either way you can expect to be feeling joyful, relaxed and appreciated.

Leo – Temperance

There could be some healing conversations this week Leo, when we share our feelings both positive and negative we create space in our heart and we give others permission to do the same to share with us.  This week may be all about balance, relationships of all kinds may be on your to do list for improvement.  Friendships, family, romantic partnerships, and work partnerships may all need your attention.  You may be quite the alchemist mixing and matching your words and approaches with different people to find what is truly right for you.  Although, all your relationships are likely to be going quite well for you, you may just want to look at your deeper personal issues and see if these could be standing in your way. And if they are, you’ll find ways to work through them and integrate them.  You’re passionate about finding balance this week, in you, your relationships, and with your goals and dreams.  You can have peace and wisdom in your relationships but remember you need to have peace within yourself first.  Do you have an urge to talk to someone about how you’re feeling?  Has there been some tension in your heart about wanting to get something off your chest?  Perhaps this is the week to express those feelings, if you do you may find a new sense of freedom and space in your heart, remember communication leads to more authentic relationships and happier individuals.  When we talk and share our feelings we remove stagnation and make room for growth and expansion.

 Virgo – The Star

You are hopeful and faith in a better future this week Virgo.  By keeping the faith in your heart that things will improve even when life is challenging will help you to open new doors to your potential. Your most cherished wishes can come true when you are believing in your heart’s desire and have faith that things will work out.  There could be a positive outlook in your heart and a feeling that life is coming together.  You can be justifiably optimistic in your expectations and trust in life’s bounty.  You must continue to open new doors and develop your innate potential.  You may have a renewed sense of purpose and your energy and belief in yourself could be heightened, you may be asked to do something that requires a leap of faith. What have you been hoping for recently?  Your life is opening up and it is your sense of hope that inspires you to follow your dreams, you may have quiet confidence in your future and hopefully you are not likely to let self-doubt to undermine your ability to trust that you deserve the best.  Hold on to hope and optimism dear Virgo and know that unexpected blessings can manifest themselves to help you realise your dreams when you trust you have support from the universe.

 Libra – Knight of Pentacles

You are likely to receive some good news that you’ve been waiting on this week Libra.  Try to pay attention to the mundane and normal parts of your life though, take care of the little things, and the big things will all fall into place for you.  How you handle your affairs can be a grounding exercise helping you to feel more secure and stable.  How well are you dealing your responsibilities?  Do you need to ask for help?  If so there could be a wise person that offers you some sound advice this week.  Finances could improve this week too as money may be coming to you very soon, and that it could come from anywhere through a raise, a win, an inheritance, keep a look out for it! Whatever happens, you’re likely to want to just crack on with what needs doing and you’ll have the support of the universe to work through your to do list and tick a lot of them off if not all of them!  Are you getting enough rest and sleep? perhaps exercise, and eating healthy foods have been on your mind?  You don’t have to go through difficult health regime to feel better.  Remember that small and positive steps will most likely be the kind of change that you can live with and work into your routine.

 Scorpio – Ten of Cups

Wow, uplifting vibes and harmonious joy is likely on its way to you Scorpio.  You will probably be feeling happy in your family life and feeling like something is complete.  If you have been worrying about a romantic relationship you may realise this week that you really don’t have anything to worry about, you’ll be able to see and feel that you and your loved one are on the same page.  If you’re not currently in a relationship, don’t worry it’s coming to you soon.  You can further your chances of future happiness by taking good care of yourself this week, consider your lifestyle, choosing good nutrition in food and in the company you keep could improve your life dramatically for the better this week.  Live in the moment and count your blessings, notice all the beauty that surrounds you and you’ll attract more wondrous things to you.  You will likely be radiating very good energy and exhibiting your positive attitude.  You might feel like sharing your good attitude with the people around you who are down or who need this positive energy, either way you’ll be giving off the vibes of spiritual harmony, hopefully, you’ve learnt what joy can come into your life when you value yourself on a deep level.

Sagittarius – The Fool

You could say that you’re starting a new chapter this week Sagittarius but peharps it’s more accurate to say you’re starting a completely new book?!  The Fool is always a huge indicator of newness, so what are you beginning?  What’s new with you?  There will likely be purity and open-hearted feelings this week almost like the energy of an excitable child!  Maybe these new beginnings have some deeper spiritual meaning for you, you could be starting a meditation practice or a new relationship, whatever is beginning for you when you get this card a fresh start is promised.  You may have urges this week to go off on your own and experience things and treat your life like it’s a big adventure with lots of treasure to discover!  You’re likely to feel quite buoyant this week, full of excitement and positive anticipation about what’s ahead for you.  This could be a fantastic time for your love life whether you’re single or coupled as lots of fun seems to be on the horizon.   Try to be present in the moment and make the most of any opportunities that come your way, positive thinking is important this week but it should be fairly easy for you to do. You’re likely to have desires to try out lots of different things this week and there’s nothing wrong with exploring.  You may also have a powerful yearning to get deeper knowledge about spirituality, pay attention to what you’re drawn to this week and listen to your intuition it’s guiding towards broader vistas!

Capricorn – Ace of Swords

Wowzas! Your mind is sharp this week Capricorn.  Clarity and rationality should come with ease and help you make quick and sensible decisions.  You may have a sudden realisation and you could want to change the way you do things.  You have the ability this week to deal with any adversity or difficulties with ease and grace.  Conflicts may be necessary to force you to look for new solutions to old problems, but you will be filled with strength and will be prepared to fight for what you believe in.  Your mental powers are awakening and this process of awakening will help you to develop your mental faculties.  You have the ability to plan ahead and think logically, if you are committed to truth and are prepared to face difficulties because you have a strong sense that a resolution will be achieved.  You have an upsurge of mental energy which gives your intellect a controlled edge, this is a new beginning where you are ready to act and be decisive.  You may feel an overwhelming urge to think logically and act in a responsible and fair-minded way, you can involve yourself in a new form of study and do well at work, anything you can use your excellent intellect in you will do well at this week.

 Aquarius – Seven of Cups

What will you decide and what will you choose Aquarius?  There are multiple possibilities for you this week, you are likely to be faced with many choices and going through a time of realising your amazing untapped potential.  If you can make choices that are grounded, by being realistic and truthful about what is it that you truly desire, you’ll likely be feeling excited about the future.  Although it’s wonderful to dream and fantasise about your future if you just keep them in your mind and don’t choose it’ll just stay in the fantasy realm!  It’s good to visualise what you want as that helps to manifest your desires, you may have been doing this a lot recently, haha!   But, now is the time to decide what you’d like in your life and your heart, make a choice about which one of those future potentials you actually want to materialise!  You’ll have an abundance of imaginative gifts this week so use them wisely as intuition is sensing all kinds of potentials and it is up to you to choose. Daydreams are brilliant, but you have to choose which ones you want in your reality, once you’ve decided they have more potential to manifest and come to fruition.  You can expect an uprush of happy fantasies of a wonderful future where anything is possible for you, now is the time to act in realistic terms to make those potentials within manifest.  Dreamy and exciting times where you can manifest your wishes.

Pisces – Two of Wands

You may have a goal or project in sight or maybe you are formulating a new idea.  You could be now ready to do something with your energy and enthusiasm, you are undergoing a time of transition and this week has to potential to show you that success, growth and progress are possible.  You may have some strong feelings of change and restlessness to move forward, but rest assured that you will be able to overcome obstacles in your path.  There could be a realisation that you have far to travel, your ideas are firmly enough established for you to take the next step and manifest your powerful ambition.  If you are willing to put yourself to the test to realise your potential.  There could be a feeling of being slightly at odds with yourself as is suggested by it being the two of wands there is a duality card so you could be being offered new opportunities this week. Is it time to take stock of your situation and plan ahead? So, you are undergoing a period of re-evaluating things and deciding where to go from here.  There may be an opportunity of a business partnership or a joint venture coming up.  Your circumstances are set to improve if you allow yourself time to think things through, even though you may feel some anxiety you do have the courage to move forward.  I BELIEVE IN YOU!  You could realise that you have potential that is unfulfilled and have powerful visions and ideas about where you are heading.  You have to put faith in the invisible creative power which has generated the visions of the new path, everything here depends upon your courage to take this new idea up with both hands. Go for it!

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