Tarotscopes! 23rd October 2017 With Our Psychic Sally

Aries – Six of Pentacles

This could be a time where you are feeling lucky dear Aries, you may have a renewed sense of faith and want to be generous with your time and resources this week.  Perhaps you’re planning a lavish do, or an exciting trip maybe, either way you’re wanting to share what you have with those closest and dearest to you.  The saying “What goes around comes around” is apt for you this week, you’ve been so kind to others and now it’s time to reap the rewards of what you have been sowing.  You may receive help at just the right time if you need it and this could renew your faith in humankind and human nature.

You are perhaps becoming more involved in life than you have in a while or you may have more ethical relationship with the material dimension of life.  You could soon be in a position to share your resources with others, financial help may be in the offing, this could be through your own hard work and efforts or through fortunate circumstances.  You’ll most likely have a feeling of well-being and security and a sense that your endeavours will ultimately be successful, this is definitely the time to be charitable and generous with your actions and well as enjoying the kindness of other people, you deserve it! Bask in the glory, YOU are wonderful!

Taurus – Two of Swords

There could be a standstill or a state of mental paralysis, there may be some tension that needs to be released.  You could realise this week that if you blind yourself to conflict it won’t magically go away. This may be an unpleasant situation needs to be faced so that tensions can be released and then healing can begin.  By closing your eyes and ears to this you may think you’re not upsetting the status quo but you’re neither happy or unhappy because you cannot grow or move.

A new view of life begins to emerge within you and you but you might only see extremes in a situation, you probably already know that you can’t pretend that you don’t feel discomfort and you have a realisation that something must change.  This may be a period of indecision, you could be caught up in a stalemate and refusing to act could lead to further stagnation.  You could be fearful of upsetting the status quo and unsure what to do for the best, and you may be weighing one thing up against another to make a beneficial choice.

Be mindful that by facing your situation honestly, you can clearly see what it is your fearful of and therefore what you can do to change it.  If we don’t change we cease to grow as individuals, even though you may be fearful of upsetting the balance in some way, this is positive as a new perspective and a new view of life has begun to stir within you.  You may know there is a decision to be made, but I have faith in you that you have the strength to handle this creatively by facing honestly what is happening, by doing this you can release tension, move forward and continue to grow.  Take time out when you need it, your life is expanding dear Taurus.

Gemini – Queen of Wands

You’ll likely be feeling powerful, strong, courageous this week sweet Gemini, perhaps you’ll be dedicated to staying loyal to your vision and passion in your relationship this week.  You may be giving the impression to others that you are capable alone and don’t need to rely upon another for confidence, support or guidance.  This uber aura you give off is the sweetest thing, you are admired and loved by your nearest and dearest and this week you’ll likely be feeling the love.  Do you know how wise you are?  You could have a realisation this week about your incredible inner wisdom, and the energy you radiate gives you an air of power and regal spirit, you could have any person you wish because you exude such authentic self-esteem and beauty.

Many people would like to warm themselves on your inner fire, but you choose to keep that inner fire banked for a special someone, you are incredibly loyal, faithful and truthful, you are loyal to your vision and share your inner fire for the people you love.  You may have an urge to protect and nurture that which you care about intensely this week, you are in a sense a fierce tiger that cares for her cub and can goes out and hunts for what she needs.  You may give the impression to others of being openhearted, warm and generous.  You deserve to bask in the love and affection of others, remember you are strong, independent, positive and passionate.  The women in your life this week, set your world alight with positivity and passion.

Cancer – Page of Pentacles

You should have improved finances, a promotion or advancement this week Cancer.  There’s a new beginning and it needs to be taken seriously to bring something you wish for into fruition.  A slow a steady but sure manifestation of deeply held idea or vision starts to sprout this week.  Perhaps you are being given an opportunity to start a career that holds great potential, or maybe a hobby that you could turn into a lucrative income.  Whichever one it is, you have the chance to build up your energy and resources in order to create something tangible and real.  You must nurture this process as it’s a new beginning it is much like the first flowers of spring as they are beginning to bud, they are delicate and could be easily crushed by negativity or self-doubt.  So please try to be optimistic and expect the best outcomes.

You have a love and thirst for learning this week and are full to the brim with new ideas, you can expect future success of an innovative venture if you are willing to start at the bottom and work your way up, you’re probably ready to take on a task that involves hard work because you know it will pay off in the end.  You have excellent future prospects but may have to be patient if you are to make a success out of this opportunity, hard work will definitely bring results for you.  This card and this week promises long-term rewards in your resources, finances and status as long as you remain open to good advice.

Leo – Eight of Wands

New momentum is happening after a time of delay and struggle, dear Leo, you can now move forward and be active and travel.  You may have unlocked some positive energy by releasing tension and anxiety that you’ve been carrying, you’re understanding that by overcoming obstacles in your path you can feel more confident and self-assured.

There’s a release of creative energy after a period of difficulty, you may have met the challenge of self-doubt and competition and perhaps you’re now rising out of this rough patch with a renewed energy. Yayyy!  Sometimes you need conflict in your life to create better and more authentic forms, be mindful that difficulties are there to be overcome and to teach us lessons on the way.  This could be a clear stretch of creative and fruitful activity where your imagination can flow unchecked and unrestrained if you’ve resolved and overcome anxieties and tensions.

You are ready to broaden your vistas and new people may be coming into your life to reflect this expansive time!  Take full advantage of this productive time and enjoy this period of flow and success, once you’ve begun to resolve your anxieties you can be all set to focus on the new journey ahead.  Your future can be something to look forward to and you may be overflowing with a positive expectation of what is way ahead.  Pat yourself on the back, you earned your stripes!

Virgo – The star

You are hopeful and faith in a better future this week Virgo.  By keeping the faith in your heart that things will improve even when life is challenging will help you to open new doors to your amazing potential. Your most cherished wishes can come true when you are believing in your heart’s desire and have faith that things will work out for the better.  There could be a beautiful positive outlook in your heart and life may be feeling like it’s coming together wonderfully for you.

You probably can be justifiably optimistic in your expectations and trust in life’s bounty, there may have a been some beautiful new recently that’s making everything brighter and lovelier.  Remember that you must continue to open new doors and develop your innate potential.  You may have a renewed sense of purpose and your energy and belief in yourself could be heightened, you may be asked to do something that requires a leap of faith.   What are you hoping for or wishing for?

Your life is opening up and it is your sense of hope that inspires you to follow your dreams, please keep a wishful heart so the universe can support you and your dreams.  If you can have quiet confidence in your future and not let self-doubt to undermine your ability to trust, the universe can help you more readily.  Hold on to hope and optimism dear Virgo and know that unexpected blessings can manifest themselves to help you realise your dreams when you trust that you have support from the universe.

Libra – Three of Wands

You’re full to the brim with new possibilities this week Libra, you have added oomph to achieve a great deal and this could give you a great sense of optimism.   New opportunities are probably being offered to you and you may already be sensing that there is further to travel in realising your dreams and ambitions.  You could have a fresh momentum in your life and you may be feeling motivated to launch yourself into the task at hand.  By having the determination and strength needed to persevere with your goals you could see them coming to fruition quicker than you’d hoped, although you must remain focused if you want a favourable outcome, now is the apt time to promote yourself and let your talents shine.  How well do you sell yourself?  Are you shy or timid about speaking up about your skills and attributes?

This is the week to acknowledge how great you are and allow yourself to shine.  You could be full of creative ideas and perhaps you’re feeling justifiably optimistic about the future, remind yourself that you’ve come along way!  You may understand that you have further to go and much more to accomplish, but you’re feeling satisfied with the good foundations that you’ve laid so far, there could be hard work ahead, your new plans must be put into action before you feel that you’ve realised your dreams.  Keep believing in yourself and go for it!

Scorpio – The ten of swords

Something may be coming to an end this week dear Capricorn, you could be feeling shattered by an ongoing and mentally draining circumstance.  This may seem doom and gloom but in fact, a new beginning is promised!  You may come to realise this week that you’ve done all you can in this situation and it’s about surrendering and resigning yourself to the fact that things have to change, you have a wonderful opportunity to understand that if you no longer change things, that things can become stagnant and stale, you have to change so that you can continue to grow and develop.  This could be an ending in a state of mind and a perspective that you’ve held onto too tightly or this could be an ending of a relationship that is no longer serving you and your growth or maybe even an ending in a particular behaviour that you’ve been partaking in.

The time has come to look honestly at your life and the direction it’s heading, ask yourself how can I improve my life?  By being honest with yourself you can open up new ways of being and you’ll find new solutions to problems, this will help you move forward with grace and humility.  Learning from your experience will help you to strive forward with greater optimism, the only way is up Scorpio, you have the power to make a fresh start this week, but be mindful of taking good care of yourself in the process.

Sagittarius – Four of cups

There could be a bee in your bonnet this week Sagittarius and you’re probably determined to get to the bottom of what’s bothering you.  An emotional situation may be causing you to doubt and question if you’re really satisfied with a relationship.  Dissatisfaction, boredom and feelings of discontent could emerge, your inner self may want you to look more closely within and develop a stronger and closer relationship with your inner world. Although these feelings can be unpleasant, our feelings are there to guide us toward greater happiness and contentment, so when you’re feeling unhappy by really feel those feelings and recognising them, can give us the power to change our circumstances.

This week you may encounter a meeting with your innermost feelings and through this meeting, you could come out of it feeling wiser and more secure in yourself.  You will instinctively know what to do and what direction to take. Life could have become dull in some areas, but you can make things fresh and new by being determined to move forward, by doing this you will continue to grow and make this manifest. Try to embrace this time Sagittarius, you have an opportunity to let go of outworn patterns of thinking, it’s time to appreciate things and yourself, you will then start to notice things that are working and things that are good, therefore raising your vibration and attracting more positive circumstances to you!

Capricorn – Ace of Wands

You have a driving force that’s bubbling within you that’s ready to unleash your raw untapped potential Capricorn.  You could have the power, vision and motivation to make things happen this week. You’re likely to have fresh ideas and impulses, that are breaking through and are ready to manifest themselves.  There is a wonderful new phase of life which is upon you and there is an abundance of innovative ideas.

There’s a new business venture that has the potential to succeed if you have strong commitment to back up your new goal with optimism. You’re probably full of creative ideas and you have strong impulses to put them into action. Your dream could be challenging but it will be worth the effort!

You are on the threshold of a new beginning, this may be a new direction, this goal is probably both daunting and exciting for you.  Life is moving fast and you’re eager to get out into the world, you may be feeling cautious and fearful about moving forward in some way and you probably don’t want to rush and make impulsive decisions as you realise this could undermine your success.  If you can remain hopeful and take your time to make a decision with strong foundations, you could see this week going smoothly and full of excitement.

Aquarius – Eight of Swords

You may be holding yourself back this week Aquarius, perhaps you fear moving into the future, or you are fearful of getting hurt by a new situation.  Try to think about what it is that you’re afraid of, what’s filling you with dread or nervousness?  By asking yourself and thinking about this, you’ll see that often the truth of the situations is much less frightening than your mind is making it out to be.

Try not to fear the unknown and trust that there are many blessings on their way to you, worrying doesn’t get you anywhere it’ll just leave you feeling worse, new situations can be nerve racking but trusting that things will work out helps to create the outcomes that you’re hoping for.  If you’re loved up, you may want to re-evaluate your relationship and look for new things you can do together.

If you’re searching for love, you need to look at how well you’re loving YOU.  Somebody else can only love you as much as you love and value yourself.  If you need direction this week, ask spirit/the universe for signs and signals, you have all the answers that you need inside you.

Pisces – Six of wands

You’ve reached a peak time, you can reap the rewards of your dedicated efforts dear Pisces, there’s victory in the air and your success in readily visible in the eyes of others.  Well done! It’s important now that you take some time to recognise your achievements and accomplishments.   You’ve been working incredibly hard to bring something to fruition and it’s down to your hard work and tenacity that it’s reached this point, there is harmony around you and you can expect to receive some form of recognition for your hard work and effort.

This is the end of one cycle and the beginning of another, a fresh start is promised if you can celebrate your hard-earned success whilst realising that there is further yet to travel, you have much more you want to do and a great deal more you want to achieve and you can do it!  This is an exciting time where you can enjoy the lovely acknowledgement of others, everything you’ve worked hard to do in the past has helped you to reach this point, this definitely gives you confidence and that will inspire others to achieve like you have.  Please enjoy this time of victory and then keep in mind the vision of the goals you still would like to reach, you are feeling optimistic and can enjoy the accolades that are coming your way.

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