Your Forecast for Venus in Cancer June 17th 2024

venus in cancer

Your Forecast for Venus in Cancer June 17th 2024

By our astrologer Elena

Once upon a time it seemed to me that all the good things that came to me were dressed in the Zodiacal sign of CANCER. Then I found out that my VENUS was in CANCER. And then I discovered a great song on a very CANCER – like summer day in the company of a lovely VENUS, also CANCER. And so the birth of a Musical Realm called VENUS IN CANCER.

Robbie Basho, Acoustic Guitarist. Venus in Cancer

The transit of Venus through Cancer, sees the planet of relationships, beauty and creativity infused with heightened empathy and a desire to nurture. Venus in Cancer elevates our inner intuition and muse. We turn the simple acts of caring into an art form.

Robbie Basho (1940-1986), was an American composer, pianist and guitarist born with Venus in Cancer and who produced an album by the same name. You can listen to it on YouTube and it’s also available on Apple Music and Spotify. The quote above illustrates how Venus in Cancer can not only inspire us, but the link Robbie made to the transit – Venus in Cancer would have been his Venus return. Which would have enhanced his capabilities. Venus in this case became his muse.

Robbie’s music drew on mysticism and spirituality – two areas enhanced by Venus in intuitive Cancer. Ahead of its time when released, his music is now enjoying a resurgence thanks to today’s interest in world music and the New Age movement.

Venus in Cancer encourages openness. The willingness to wear out heart on our sleeve. Because we feel safe to do so. However, because Cancer craves security, this isn’t a Venus transit where flings will be flung. Nothing crass either. Romance rules as does sweet talk. family get together. Food is love and this Venus loves to be wined and dined. Or to express its love via nurturing others.

Heightened empathy, compassion and insight, isn’t just for others. This Venus will remind us to show the same qualities to ourselves. Venus arrives in Cancer just days before the Sun and the Summer Solstice. It’s the start of the summer of love. Here’s how your sign will be experiencing it.

weekly horoscope aries seasonARIES

Do check your sentimentality, Aries. Especially if during this Venus transit you find your finger hovering over the Send button to DM that ex. Venus can have you wrapped in rosy nostalgia for the past. And the yearning for that can have you forgetting temporarily, why they became your ex in the first place.

On a material level, this Venus transit blesses property decisions. If you are thinking of moving, you could end up with a larger or nicer home than you thought your budget would stretch to. Others show their love for where they live by channelling the upswell of creativity Venus hands them into decorating, cooking and tasks beautifying their current surroundings.

Family relationships should run more smoothly than at any other time. Especially after the Sun joins Venus (20th). But when it comes to nostalgia, do take that warm, fuzzy feeling as a reminder to refocus on the kind of love that gives your life meaning. And a sense of place in the grand scheme of things. And no, this may not be that ex. This Venus can trigger memories of what comforted you, made you feel accepted, happy and loved in the past. Anything from a place to family members or even to activities you engaged in. This Venus links you back to real happiness, contentment, connection and bliss which can be found in what’s familiar or via putting down roots. So, if these kinds of memories resurface now, look at what you can do to recreate them. Chances are the small stuff has a bigger impact than what you ever imagined.

weekly astrologyTAURUS

Patience is one of your most outstanding virtues, Taurus. And ruler Venus in Cancer and your 3rd is one of those times when your patience and the long term love you have poured into something, pays off.

You plant a tiny acorn of possibility. And then you patiently watch, wait and tend to it. You’re so willing to devote whatever time it takes to this process. Because you know that great oak trees don’t spring up overnight. This Venus transit is when your devotion – to a relationship, plan, project or vision, pays off for you.

It will however have you looking at what you have poured your time and love into, and ask how that’s growing. Does it feel the way you imagined it would? Is it blossoming? Under the influence of Venus you can come up with beautiful ways to further fertilise it. But also be aware that Venus will also show you if you need to plant something new instead. Please keep in mind that making the decision to do something new is just as valid an action when it comes to the long term. And doesn’t make you a quitter.

Ideas benefit from higher levels of creativity and inspiration that you have access to. What you say, share and send out is infused with your emotional truth. You are not interested in just flirtation for its own sake, however. So, if you are seeking that connection, you serve enticement and enchantment, but won’t be willing to stick with something that doesn’t move on from that. Of course you can bring all these ways to express your feelings into daily interactions, your online presence, your studies, job, side hustle and projects. The message of this Venus is: Use your imagination.


Time to well – make time for what truly hands you contentment, satisfaction and the kind of rich feeling that transcends money. I could sum this up simply by saying ‘It’s about more than what money can buy you’.

Venus rules the second house of your chart along with the Moon. It’s about money, income and what level you need to feel secure, sure. As well as what you own – possessions, your home. Plus a whole heap of invaluable and priceless stuff. Your self-worth. Your talents and skills. Your values. And the people you can bank on. Yes, the obvious interpretation of Venus in here is the potential to make more money. Very often this transit opens the way for this via a better paying job, raise, bonus or side gig. But we’re going beyond the obvious.

Values and validation – being acknowledged or experiencing the satisfaction that comes from using your abilities to bring about a certain outcome – those can pay you in interest long after any monetary gain has been spent. Venus in here wants a richer experience for you. And that often transcends our income or what is in our bank accounts. You may gain more time for instance. Have lasting value added to your life via connections you know have your back. No matter what. Get to live your version of ‘living well’ – that incomparable feeling of belonging when we share good times, food and generosity of spirit with family or friends. All of the above add up to you being part of the new rich, Gemini. Get the feeling.

july horoscopesCANCER

That old saying ‘The world is your oyster’ applies with Venus in your sign. Especially when that Venus transit coincides with the Sun through it. If you were born with your natal Venus in Cancer, like Robbie Basho above, then you will be having your Venus return. Making this an extra special cycle of attraction. But each and every Cancerian can expect to be on the receiving end of a powerful attraction and manifestation effect which magnetises their desires. You don’t need to blow out any candles to activate wish fulfilment!

It is time to begin something new. Think beautiful. And if you feel this is needed, make you your new project. Fine tuning your look, hairstyle, appearance, profile (online and IRL), style and image tells others and the universe you are ready to receive. Venus enhances and beautifies. Adds allure and indefinable ‘star quality’. You own it under this Venus. Just be aware that Venus always wants the very best however. It is no respecter of budgets. You will need to set these and stick to them. Get creative. So you want to dress to impress? How about shopping for pre-loved designer or vintage labels that give you the look without breaking the bank?

Change how you feel about yourself, and the world changes to reflect this new image you have of yourself. Align your energy to what you want to attract. Look and act like you already have it. Become it. You are the ultimate art work in progress. And loving the process as you go. That lightness of being turns you into a beacon. Attracting attention, opportunities, people. The feedback shows you that you’re on the right path. Begin with your mindset. Optimism, playful and beauty. You have all the moves. Work them now for breathtaking results.

monthly horoscope augustLEO

What needs to revive, Leo? Are you asking: Where did the love go? Once your ruler the Sun joins Venus in here (from the 20th), the past is thrown into sharp focus for you. Or a specific area of it. Is there anything you let go of that you now need to recapture before the start of your new cycle?

Don’t however become bogged in sentimentality. This is the danger of Venus in your 12th. It can throw a soft, misty filter over past loves, places and events. Like a carefully curated Instagram feed, it’s Facetuned to the point of being unrecognisable. With all the not-so-lovely bits edited out. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t salvage something from your past that you have given up – especially now Jupiter is busy working on your future in your 11th. That goal, pastime, pursuit of a dream for instance. Just lost loves – especially if they relate to a person, need to be placed in a wider context. Take off the filter. Widen your perspective and look at the bigger picture without Photoshopping it.

What this Venus encourages you to do is take an effortless approach to releasing any hold the past still has on you emotionally. One way or another. Yes, you can yearn for the return of something (or someone). But now, if you love it or them – let go. Surrender with grace. If someone is meant to return – they will without you having to do anything to make it happen. If not, do integrate those happy memories and use them as lodestones to guide you towards making new and even better ones from next month onwards. Very often when we become fixed on our past, it is because we have begun to believe that good times are behind us. But that’s simply not true, Leo.

Venus in your 12th enhances your creativity, your inspiration and your psychic prowess. Because this is your house of what exists but is still hidden, this is an excellent transit under which to return to a creative project you’ve left unfinished. Or to focus on what you want to manifest next. Revive that lost vision, Leo. The best is yet to come.

weekly horoscopesVIRGO

It’s a group effort when it comes to what you want to have, experience, do or manifest now. Venus in your 11th is about the love of friends rather than the other kind. You might want to save yourself the wasted time or the ghosting and stop the scroll and the swipe for now. Focus on that social network. And whatever you do, don’t see this as ‘second rate’ love.

Actually, researchers now know our brains are fully lit like Vegas when we are enjoying good times with like-minded friends. Whereas only the pre-frontal cortex is active when we are in love. So it really is time we changed our minds (literally!), about the importance of friends, contacts and groups when it comes to feeling accepted and loved-up. Venus in this house enhances your existing connections. And delivers new, enticing and potentially mutually beneficial ones.

Gather your people, your support network, your dream team or cheer squad. Or make the effort to go out and find them. Venus makes this easier than at any other time aside from Jupiter in here (FYI: that’s from mid-2025 onwards).

Venus activates that goal or wish. Infusing you with new ideas on how to reach or attain it. And brings into your orbit those divine celestial beings who can help you get it in some way. Either they have the expertise or knowledge you need. And are more than willing to donate it. Or they too want what you want and you realise you can pool your resources. Or they are just there for you with their emotional support, encouragement and wine when needed. If you’re intent on remaining a boxset hermit during this transit then of course, nothing much will happen. But why deny others your friendship and support you have to offer in return? Get co-creating a future together. And light up your brain.

weekly astrologyLIBRA

Looking for that ideal co-worker or collaborator? Or seeking that new position yourself? Your ruler in your 10th enhances your own candidacy (including for someone’s heart). Or delivers exactly the right fit for you.

Adjust those success settings. And show those working relationships or even simply what you are invested in for the long term, the love now. It will pay you forward if you do. Venus in this house dresses for success. This extends to anything you craft and share that impacts on how others see you. It will be carefully curated by you now. And fine tuned to reflect that you’re fully aware of the lasting impression you want to create.

It doesn’t matter what you do – the way you do it now is what counts. As only you can serve it. And do reframe the term ‘ambition’ to your definition of it. Is it in fact a soft serve rather than a lean in? Your aim could just be to down-shift or redefine what success means for you. What you achieve or attain now needs to have a rich emotional payoff to it. Otherwise you’ll be left wondering why victory feels like an empty vessel.

If you arrive at the point where you realise that what you have been working towards, hasn’t handed you what you hoped, your ruler now offers up an alternative version of success for you. One crafted to hand you what you need. Don’t be afraid to fearlessly blaze a fresh trail for yourself. Even if it’s a softer, more resonant, less hectic one. You decide what success looks and feels like now. And you also know when you’ve attained it. Ditch any definition that doesn’t measure up.


I think there’s something you should know
(I think it’s time I stopped the show)
There’s something deep inside of me
(There’s someone I forgot to be)

The above lyrics are of course, from George Michael’s Freedom. His auto-biographical anthem to living your truth. Venus in your expansive yet comforting 9th is all about expanding yourself into that. It could see you pushing the limits of that comfort zone in order to capture the essence of something greater. In other words – living your potential takes courage.

Freedom means going for it. Or being willing to go further. There’s something bigger, more lasting and satisfying on offer if you are willing to go there. You gather your momentum. Upwards is your trajectory. Self-expression becomes bigger, bolder and uncensored. This Venus transit offers travel for love or the ultimate pleasure trip. Far away places and people may feature. You decide to take that bucket list trip and Venus opens the resources to make it possible.

A beautiful, blossoming and big opportunity could present itself. This is your house of big loves and dreams. The vast canvas on which you can paint a new, vibrant destiny for yourself. This is your house of luck as well. Freedom often begins with the willingness to take a chance or set the forces of it in motion. Have you noticed how when one area of your life takes a dramatic turn for the better, others seem to fall effortlessly into place? So, focus on the biggest goal you can envision. The one that is part of who you are. Especially if you have been pressured into letting it go. That adventurous spirit you forget you were is unleashed once more. You’re unlikely to forget again, Scorpio.

mercury and venus in sagittariusSAGITTARIUS

Focus on the changes you most want to create. Effortlessly and beautifully. There’s no force needed with Venus in your 8th.

This is also a transit of seduction. You may not even be aware of that captivating aura you’re projecting. But others will be. Or the change engines you’re engaging now. Which see events turning in your favour. If you have recently begun a new relationship thanks to ruler Jupiter now in your 7th, Venus’s arrival in your 8th can take it to the next level.

As well as your relatedness and your creativity, Venus rules your money. This is your house of more options, more empowerment and yes, more resources. Usually those we share and are shared by and with us. Often gaining something more – from a perspective right the way through to emotional support or funding, is made possible by someone sharing with us. We pool our resources, knowledge or assets (as in marital ones). We are granted access to other parties’ assets when we are granted a loan or mortgage. Or we trade our time and expertise for a salary. Venus often grants the transformative power of sharing to us in this house. And again, makes it look easy.

Although you are at your most sensual and daring – and willing to explore this, as far as those intimate relationships go, you only want to go there with a soul who can meet you on the same level. Singles entertain serious applicants only. For settleds, this is about sharing yourselves with one another. Bare your soul and make the change.


Venus is in its ruling house in your chart when it transits through Cancer and your 7th. Balance, harmony, compatibility and mutuality rule.

You and another find yourselves on the same page, sharing the same thoughts, wanting the same thing. Needless to say, this is one of your most powerful cycles of attraction of the year. Super-boosted by the Sun which joins Venus in here from the 20th.

The ‘do’ in double acts and duos applies here. As you and another align to make something happen. Don’t forget – this could be a working relationship, a mentorship, or a friendship just as easily as it could be that love interest. Of course, you and your current partner-in-crime could be coming up with that brilliant plan you intend to crush next.

Spiritual connection and soul compatibility will take on a new importance in any union. If you are seeking someone new, you’ll be prioritising the qualities you know last. And determine your longevity. Kindness, family values, communication, trust – those will be at the top of your list. And you’re willing to look past the surface appearance for them.

Yes, you’ll take your time getting to know the other person. But you won’t waste it if you come to the conclusion something isn’t going anywhere. Or that person isn’t YOUR person after all. As well as looking to one important past, present or potential relationship under this Venus, do look to your relationship to yourself. Past self-love – although that features. How about like? Are you fun to be around? Do you offer yourself the level of understanding, forgiveness and total trust you look for in a partner? If you’re seeking depth and meaning with others – that’s where it always begins.


With Jupiter in your sparkling 5th now and you lured headlong into the pursuit of pleasure, the message of Venus in your 6th simply is: Pace yourself.

Take time to centre your being in the present moment. And be 100% present in it. That’s why the present is a gift. By doing so, you get to see all the potential within it. Rush and – it’s gone. This Venus enhances our day job (paid or unpaid), can deliver a new and more creative option around this. And also prioritises self-care. REAL self-care. The deeper kind by which we show ourselves that we matter. And what’s more we are entitled to time spent in having fun, doing what we want – or even doing nothing at all if what we need in the moment is to stop and simply be.

Have you fallen victim to society’s judgements around just how ‘busy’ you need be? Feel guilty around not multitasking more effectively? Not using an app to time manage? Criticising your own results and measuring them against some arbitrary scale of what ‘productivity’ looks like? This Venus stops the madness. And reminds you that you full time job in this lifetime is living.

Inspired alternatives to that rut or doing things by rote present themselves under this Venus. It tells you all work and no play doesn’t just make for dull, it creates burnout in every single area of life. Has your delight in living now been coloured by the role society tells you to fill or all the tasks you should be doing? Look forward now to a conscious reset. And the beautiful paradox that shows you that taking it slow and focussing on one thing at a time not only saves time – it saves your soul.

full moon in piscesPISCES

If ever there’s a transit that embodies that Summer of Love vibe – it’s Venus in your 5th. Especially when this occurs at the same time as the Sun (which rules this house), moves through here. And yes, the synchronicity continues as of course, June 20th (three days after Venus enters), is the summer solstice. Summer loving starts here.

Spread the sunshine, Pisces. Time to get your glow on and radiate. Your 1st, 7th and your 5th houses are your houses of attraction. And the warmth you send out into the world and show others, returns amplified.

Your 5th is your house of love, pleasure, creative zest, playfulness, joy and children. The child within you if not your own child or those younger than you. We see this captured in the card of the Sun in the Tarot. When we draw that card, it’s always a reminder to strip off our cares and be naked and unafraid in our pursuit of happiness. At least on a metaphorical level. So, drop those cares and simply abandon yourself to the process of joy.

What you want could well come within reach. Allowing yourself to shine or stand out, to be brilliant, sparkling and utterly fabulous in your own way happens without you censoring yourself. Or caring what others may think. Of course, the more creative your approach, the more fearless and sparkling you become, the more you attract what’s positive back. Critics simply fade away like shadows. The summer of love speaks of a new beginning for you. Or a second time’s the charm. Tom Robbins said it best: It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.

knight waite tarot

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