Venus in Leo – Light my fire – July 11th 2024 Onwards

venus in leo

Bold, fierce, beautiful. There’s nothing shy about Venus when it moves into the sign of warm, confident, and dazzling Leo. Unlike the bashful, subtle energy of Venus in Cancer, this Venus is all show-stopping, heart-on-your-sleeve, unstoppable, and authentic expression. It doesn’t hold back. It has to express itself. 

Venus in Leo is in love with love. It is filled with childlike wonder. When we’re young, we trust our emotions completely. We don’t question it. We feel it. We either love something – or we don’t. And when we do, we express it, act on it, and feel it. We also don’t question it. Or judge it. It’s pure emotion that we follow. And Venus in Leo allows us to experience this again.

Yes, it can be for someone. That lover, partner or our children. But it can also be the love of what we enjoy doing. Of what gives us pleasure and makes us stand out. Venus in Leo allows you to love someone or something without judgment. Truly, madly, deeply.


Hearts on fire! Venus in Leo and your 5th will trine your Aries factors. Making this one of the luckiest cycles of attraction this year. It’s Come and Get Your Love with this Venus. If the passion for something or someone is within you – it can’t help but respond to you.

Whatever you’re wishing for, yearning for or making an effort towards, answers you. Beyond your control and in a way that allows you to express yourself. It ranges from attracting new friends, lovers or backers, gifts and possessions, creativity, concepts and the opportunity to showcase your talents and ideas.

You cannot help but set in motion your feelings. No matter how easy or effortlessly pleasurable things feel, you answer the call to set things in motion. You are willing to take a chance, be a headline act or pursue what makes you happy. 

You’re at your most generous, expansive, and confident. This puts you in a position to make your best and most lasting impression, either on a personal or even a public level.

If I were to put together a playlist for you under this transit, it wouldn’t just be Come and Get Your Love but also Unforgettable. Make this your soundtrack. What happens and who and what you attract as a result is what you are, Aries.


Taurus Full Moon

The transit of your ruler through your 4th brings so much meaning. Mystical, passionate sensitivity rules. Where you spiritually belong is calling to you. It also ups your intuition and imagination when it comes to making improvements around your home, lifestyle, family, and living arrangements.

You set changes in motion not via hard work but by following up on those feelings. And how you want to care for your loved ones along with this. Your own needs and emotional security are also highlighted now. When it comes to your future needs, you’ll receive both a boost and a blessing.

A creative playfulness takes over. As does the desire to surround yourself with something permanent. And to provide that for both yourself and those you care about. Decisions around your home, moving, where you live and property matters in general can be made now. Others take that step to move in with a partner. Your family may prove instrumental in helping you with a move. While a grand design takes form in your imagination, that you translate into something beautiful and liveable.

Where you live becomes not just your safety net, but your setting and your showcase. Or you take the next, brilliant and important step towards creating it. Celestially, your ruler promises steps you take and decisions you make this transit which build on one another and interlock like foundation stones.

Each step you take cements the one previously. A golden opportunity presents itself to build on what you have already constructed, or to send something deeper. It’s a feeling of loved-up safety. Welcome home, Taurus.


new moon in gemini moonscope

Flirtation and playfulness take over with Venus in your 3rd house. Tap into your creative self and heart-felt emotions. And look to how you can translate these via your ideas and anything you say, send out and share. You’re joyously flirting with life now.

Love gives ideas wings. But there’s an important secret to follow to make the most of this. You’re infused with so much joy, impulsive passion and need to express that it may be easy to simply act on the impulse and ignore the potential result.

You think in a glittering and outstanding way when it comes to getting those ideas or message across. And yes, that confidence and self-belief is contagious. You gain followers, positive answers and rapt attention from that audience. Be it many or simply one.

However, too many ideas at once can dilute the effect and lead to false starts or simply that initial response from others, that peters out. By all means –  be bold and audacious regarding your message and what you want to say. But don’t forget the results you are after and do be strategic about your audience. You are, after all, heading into Mercury retro shadow during the Venus transit.

As a result, you may choose to refine a previous idea or message, reinjecting it with fresh creative zest. A shift in how you say something or craft it gets you the response you were aiming for, especially when it’s powered by your belief. Venus is set to deliver yes answers, good news, and all-important messages of love. Get ready to shine—or the sincerity of what you say will cut to a heart-centered result.


Venus is in one of its ruling houses in your chart when it is in Leo and your 2nd. As it and then the Sun leave your sign, its time for you to relax. Something you have set in motion during your new cycle begins to take form and blossom. And you immerse yourself in this and abandon yourself to simply enjoying it.

Venus highlights a deeper kind of love, partnership, or teamwork in which you and another are totally on the same page. It could be time to examine your beliefs around how easy life and love should flow and let go of out-dated ideas that the above are meant to be a struggle instead of simply a joyful engagement and blissful experience.

This isn’t a Venus transit under which you should undersell yourself. Either on a business level or personally. It’s time to cultivate a rich feeling within and project that outwards. Ditch thinking of assets as purely material. Suddenly – you have more than you think.

Be confident and engage now in self-improvement activities. From self-help, upskilling, enhancing your image, building on your self-belief and cementing those values. In return during this Venus transit, an opportunity that reflects your worth should present itself. As within – so in your outer world, Cancer.



Venus in your sign at the same time as your ruler the Sun, offers up a bold, beautiful and brazen new beginning. 

You won’t attempt anything by half-measures. And come from a place of supreme confidence. It’s about new beginnings – the upcoming weeks should see new opportunities and new folk enter your life. Along with the reveal of a whole new facet of you.

Love, life and what you want – you’ve a different approach and a brand new attitude. Yes, this is one of your most shining and magnetic transits of the year regarding attraction. The energy is highly confident and creative. You work your magic by following the direction it wants to take you in.

Self-expression is your goal. This is your time of taking the initiative, starting something new and pursuing it with courage. It blesses the bold, the fearless and the daring. Your roar is back. You’ve a purity of purpose and a ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ philosophy. 

Someone from your past could be in touch this Venus cycle. And if this happens, this is one of those rare times when that contact takes on fresh relevance for you. That doesn’t occur very often. So if it does, take it that you have a fresh chapter to author together.

Others attract in new connections who can’t resist that glowing, positive self-belief they serve. You’re in the process of creating something new for yourself now. This could even be a new you. Get ready for love or something you love, to take you in a fresh direction.



As Venus enters your 12th, we also enter Mercury retroshade. Mercury will also return to your 12th during its retrograde. This is telling you to tie up loose ends in preparation for your new cycle. But also to get exploring on deep, soul and even quantum mechanical level, alternative loves and lives you may have imagined or dreamed about for yourself in the past.

Here’s my question for you Virgo: what have you imagined for yourself, or dreamed about having in the past? Have there been times when it felt totally real for you emotionally? Or you had a dream around it and in the dream this is how it felt? You may even have been able to still hang on to this feeling when you awoke. If this has been your experience – either in the past or during this Venus transit, this is an alternative love or life in the making for you. Which you can now take steps towards creating.

All the multiverse and all our potential is connected. And falls under the rulership of our 12th house. Here is where you get to go deep into your creative and visualisation potential. And also access your intuition, your guides, your muse in helping you bring something that may seem like a dream, into being. If you can connect to it and feel it emotionally – you can create it.

You may want to spend time alone on this process. And also find renewed joy in spending time simply exploring all the alternatives you can imagine for yourself. Journal, draw, create. Use the Tarot. Meditate. Visualise. Go on an imaginative journey and explore every possible direction you could potentially go in. No matter what, where or how, know they are all connected to the now you find yourself in. This cycle shows you an alternative approach and a new path to your future. And don’t be surprised if it resurrects a past love along with it. 


libra full moon

You have so much love to give, Libra. Nobody who knows you doubts that. But Venus through your 11th house is asking how easily you receive love? Is it time to let yourself be loved in the way you usually love in return?

This is of course, your house of friendships. And yes, this isn’t really about romantic love. Not usually anyway. But as Venus (and also the Sun), moves through here it is going to trine Chiron and the North Node in your 7th. So, this tells you that it may not only be time for you to experience and accept love, but that should you be seeking it, romantic love can’t be ruled out.

Open to love in whatever form it takes. And yes, as I’m fond of saying, the love of friends isn’t a silver medal love when compared to the romantic variety. It’s all love and it’s all equally important. Acknowledging your need for the support and acceptance of like-minded souls in your life. And allowing these people to give you this without question. 

Be ready to receive surprising opportunities, invitations, new connections, and benefits from existing friends. Your social life will take an upswing, and your goals, wishes, and dreams take on fresh focus. This is your house, which gives you permission to pursue these. Also, trust as you do, that you trust the people, the process, and the universe to place what you need in your path. Self-acceptance is the key.



Long term, lifelong, enduring love is what Venus in your 10th is all about. It gets serious here. If you’ve been finding it difficult to put your feelings into words or express your needs, Venus allows you to let down those barriers. You’ll see clearly if anything like this has been preventing you from getting the closeness you so yearn for. And be willing to risk being vulnerable.

Yes, this is also your house of public image and ambitions. Where you receive recognition, rewards, acknowledgement and even fame. You’ll be very aware of how you’re coming across now. The term’ gravitas’ comes to mind. But infused with something seriously gorgeous. However you serve you – others sit up and take notice.

Venus hands you inroads towards those long-term dreams, business or personal. And no, success doesn’t necessarily add up to being a CEO or entrepreneur. This can be soft success where you realise the traditional definitions of ‘making it’ are yours to re-write. That doesn’t mean that if your business and/or financial goals relate to a more traditional path, Venus isn’t ready to help you make all the right moves. 

Venus in Leo is an excellent transit for forming a business or working dynamic with someone of the same gender identification as your own. So watch for an opportunity around this. If someone enters your life this Venus transit, no matter what your connection, something long term is on offer. For those of you already involved – this is your Put a Ring on It, Venus. You’re playing for keeps.


full moon in sagittarius

As Venus moves through your 9th house, it will trine your Sag factors. Delivering along with the Sun, one of the most expansive and lucky periods of the year. And yes, let’s not forget you now have your ruler Jupiter in Venus’s ruling 7th. Venus will sextile Jupiter on July 21st. This puts these two planets in mutual reception by house in your chart. And renewed faith in the power of love.

Your outlook and horizons expand. And yes, travel, that big, eternal love for you, could be on the cards for many. People and places overseas may feature. You shrug off restrictions. Opportunity doesn’t just knock – it makes a grand entrance. It sashays. It struts. 

There’s no stopping you from aiming higher, going further or simply standing out. Your theme: I had the time of my life. Just what form this will take – breathtaking. But aside from that – do you really want or need every spoiler, Sag? Do you need certainty or do you want to go to the edge and take that leap instead? This Venus transit is your green light to go for something. Whether you feel you have angel wings or Dumbo wings doesn’t matter. All that matters is your own belief in your ability to fly.



Let’s talk change. Do you really want things to stay the same? Lucky for you, with Venus in this sector of your chart, the changes are beautiful and beneficial.

Something you have been hoping for clicks into place. You see the way forward. Resources you’ve needed open up. Your plug back into your own power. Self-belief in your ability to bring about the results you want is restored. You even transform your ideas around transformation. 

Gloom gets replaced by glow. This Venus once joined by the Sun, invites you to engage with the elements of chance – a key factor of bringing about the changes we seek. Yes, it can challenge you a little as you realise that you’re going to have to let go of an element of the status quo. But it also shows you that unless they change they can’t improve. 

You pivot from a point of power. Going from less to seeing that in fact, you have all the resources you need to enact the changes you want. You’ll enter into a process of rebirth, transformation and renewal in a key area during this Venus transit. And soar, golden, glowing and phoenix-like above those restrictions and fears. This can touch on money, resources and your intimate life. It can also help you understand that a life dictated by fear is a life half-lived. And you’ll out to change that in favour of fully living now.


Venus is in its ruling house (your 7th) when in Leo. And with the Sun in here not only heats up your personal magnetism, but delivers the right people from whom you can live, love and ultimately, grow with.

Yes, this can be an existing or even a past union. Just as easily as it can draw a new one to you. Not only will you relate to others around you on a deeper level. But you also understand your own needs so much better. You are at your most alluring and captivating under this Venus. And let’s not for one moment forget that Venus will oppose Pluto in your sign on July 21st. Perhaps drawing to you one of the most transformative duos, duets or other double act experiences you have entered into in this lifetime. 

The only warning I have for you, sweet-flowing Aquarius, is to watch your spending. Venus can lead you into extravagance here, not just splurging on yourself but also your generosity towards others. By all means, show your love, but don’t break the bank doing it. 

It’s also honestly time to stop worrying once and for all what others think of you. Or worse – trying to be someone you’re not to gain someone else’s love and/or approval. That’s not love. Accept yourself if you want total acceptance from others. Be your own lover and best friend. And if someone isn’t prepared to embrace you as you are – this is your cue to go find those who will. 

This is one of your major attraction transits of 2024. Super-boosted by Pluto in your sign and Jupiter in your 5th. Allow yourself the love and freedom of creative self-expression to magnetise those wishes, dreams and desires. Magnets can’t help but magnetise, Aquarius. All you have to do is simply be.


What are you serving, Pisces? It’s all about adding that extra pinch of love this Venus transit. The power of every day magic. The small acts you perform which in fact, add up to something a lot bigger.

This Venus enhances your work and day job – be it paid or unpaid. Your studies. Your everyday environment. Your habits, wellbeing and your routine. Your pets if you have them. This is also about those who may provide you with a service. Cleaners, tradespeople, health care professionals, complementary therapists, vets, dieticians, fitness instructors. Watch for any dealings with these.

Venus here enhances your relationship to bosses, managers, co-workers and employees. It offers beautiful and inspired new ways to do that thing you do.

Expect some short pleasure trips. And even if traveling for work under this Venus, you have time to enjoy yourself. Something is about to be resolved in your favour as this Venus brings a turning point for you. This could be via additional resources or someone who offers a solution crossing your path. You won’t have far to look for them. What you need can be sourced – right where you are.

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