Weekly Astro-Tarot Forecast February 29

Aries – The Moon: Enter the world of intuition and dreams this week as your higher self has messages for you. Synchronicities back up what your gut is telling you. You can also draw down insight by journaling and just see what comes up as you write. The truth is within you waiting to be released so give it an outlet.

Taurus – Eight of Wands: Many readers liken this card to Cupid’s arrows rushing towards their target! Has your heart been pierced? Sudden romance is likely as are events proceeding under their own momentum. It’s a heart-starting week that could leave you breathless – in all the right ways!

Gemini – Eight of Cups: Time to leave something in the past and don’t look back. This can be anything from a relationship, a job, a home but the message is it’s time to move on. Having what we want means leaving another phase of our lives behind and stepping into a new one. This is what you are doing now.

Cancer – Wheel of Fortune: What goes down must eventually come back up again. The Wheel gives another turn and this time in your favour. You’ve now reached a turning point and there should be nothing but green lights ahead of you. It’s time ti take a risk and bring in something new.

Leo – Knight of Swords: Fast moving situations keep you on your toes. However, ensure you are not going on the defensive for no reason now. You may feel under pressure and think you need to meet something sword in hand, but thinking things through puts a new spin on events.

Virgo – Two of Pentacles: Traditionally this card shows you having to juggle resources and most people immediately think of money when it appears. However, you could find yourself having to juggle your time in order to meet all of your commitments. You’re short on time, money or even something else this week.

Libra – King of Pentacles: A potential lover or backer appears who is well established and generous. If you are embarking on romance this person is all about the finer things of life – which of course includes you! You could compliment one another perfectly. Someone backs your creative ideas and injects much-needed confidence.

Scorpio – The Chariot: You’re on your way but this card asks that you maintain your focus. Where focus goes energy flows. Don’t be deviated or scatter your resources or you will end up being pulled in two directions and won’t achieve the outcome that can be yours with the right mindset.

Sagittarius – Knight of Pentacles: Don’t look to the far horizons this week as success can be found close to home. You could hit pay dirt when you discover an idea that is worth its weight in gold or an opportunity to leverage something you already have. Your next adventure can be found right on your doorstep.

Capricorn – Ten of Cups: Right now all your cards seem to be pointing towards a period where you embrace success and things run smoothly for you. No matter what outer successes you seek, you now understand that true happiness comes from your relationships with others so focus on these and contentment is yours.

Aquarius – Nine of Wands: You think the end is in sight or the prize is within your grasp and then at the last moment hit a final glitch or setback. Please do not let this deter you as victory is within your grasp. One final effort on your part is all it is going to take. Persevere and success is yours.

Pisces – Ace of Pentacles: You are offered a new job, promotion, pay rise or see past limitations that have been holding you back. This is not just a card about money but a card of emotional satisfaction too. Romance could be with someone well-to-do who takes care of all your needs – emotional and material.

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