Weekly Astrology 30th October 2017 (Written)


· Follow where your intuition takes you
· Move from lack to loving
· Break those chains

Mysterious. Insightful. Passionate. That’s you, you’re the trick AND the treat this week, Aries! The trick – paying close attention to your intuition. Is it nudging you towards a change? Or is it telling you to head in a certain direction, heed those dreams or your ‘gut’ feeling about something or someone? You can make this pay off in a big way as Jupiter in your 8th trines the Moon in your 12th the night before Halloween. Your past may even play a role with your perspective on it shifting. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself thinking about someone from your past – and they then put in an appearance. But if the past is a trap it’s time to break free from it. You crave more from relationships now and you also project a mysterious allure. Not getting what you want? Fate could play a role in bringing it to you as Venus in your partnership zone and her ruling house makes a wonderful angle to Saturn on the 2nd. Your value system, your self-worth and your money and how these are all intertwined get illuminated by the full Moon in your 2nd on the 4th. Is money or even lack of self-worth holding you back in some way? All that passion can be directed into this area and that allure used to attract whatever it is you want now. If there are chains binding you to restrictions or a situation that is no longer working or has been lived out, Uranus in your sign breaks you free as he unshackles you with the help of Saturn in your freedom-loving 9th. So, plenty of treats and only one trick you need to employ to access all that’s available for you this week, Aries.

In a nutshell – Halloween is all about doors opening between this world and another. Allow your intuition to guide you through that door. And step into more passion & freedom.



Who or what is reflecting back at you this week, Taurus? Are you whole-hearted or lacking that other half? This week sees a full Moon in your sign. You and your needs and a new awareness of these are about to break the surface this week. A full Moon in our 1st house is always about you and what you need and also have to give to others emotionally, but asks that you focus on your feelings. The good news is that your 7th house of long term partnerships is alight with more possibilities than it has been for 12 years thanks to Jupiter being in here. This full Moon may stir up emotional yearnings but also shines in a week where the answer to those desires may be closer than you think.
Both Jupiter and the Sun in your 7th are connecting you to the fulfilment of your goals, wishes or dreams or even someone who can assist you with making these a reality. Your 11th house feels the focus of Jupiter on the waxing Moon in here on the 30th and then Neptune on the 3rd. You may just get nudged down a particular path to be in the right place at the right time. Or else just be unable to shake the feeling that a particular person in your extended network is who you need to talk to about something close to your heart. The unseen also plays a big role this week as Saturn in your 8th links to both your ruler Venus and Uranus, planet of the unexpected, in your 12th house. You overthrow those old ways of thinking that stand between you and happiness and embrace a new dynamic instead. All this leaves you whole-heartedly liking what you see in that mirror, or with fabulous new potential around that other half – past, present or future.

In a nutshell – Wish fulfilment is the name of the game this week. Especially when it comes to relationships. Follow your insight into who or what you need now.



· Don’t settle for less than the real thing
· Work delivers more
· Be a do-er, not a dreamer

Work a little magic this week, Gemini and be aware that everything, including magic, has its own timing. Jupiter is giving your work and wellbeing the biggest boost it’s received in 12 years and this week Jupiter and the Sun also in your 6th, link to two planets in your long term career sector. A Jupiter/Moon trine on the 30th and a Sun/Neptune trine on the 3rd. This transcends jobs or career factors and is all about you receiving emotional satisfaction from what you do. Or intangible benefits. As this is all about a job you love to do. If you’re looking for work or going through the interview process, this week promises at the very least to sow the seeds for future success. Jupiter is all about expansion and now is the time to expand what you think may be possible by applying for that dream job or asking for that promotion.
Saturn remains in your partnership sector for another two months. During his two and a half year stay in here, you’ve been on a learning curve where you have been asked to apply this to creating something with a solid foundation. The real deal. Or if you are unable to do this, to build something new. Venus angles at Saturn from your romantic 5th, asking you to see whether the work you have put in to something close to your heart, is paying off – or not. While Uranus in your 11th and his ruling house, also impacts on Saturn perhaps putting that unexpected love or opportunity to shine right in your path. This week’s full Moon occurs in the most mysterious sector of your chart – the 12th house. You may feel the tug of the past or drawn down into the world of your dreams. They may contain insights but remember that often dreams are metaphors and not to be taken literally. If they stir up deep emotions, you may feel like withdrawing and going deep within. But Jupiter and all the other planetary activity is all about reaching for goals and being seen. Embrace something – or someone – real. So, don’t stay in a dream world. Instead step up and stand out this week.

In a nutshell – Make a bold move on the work front. Stay tuned to your dreams but don’t stay in a dream world. Reality promises to be so much better.



· Embrace love, play and expansion
· Showcase your style
· Stand out and let opportunity come to you!

Voyage into the waters of love and expansion this week, Cancer! You could be in for smooth sailing now. You’ve entered one of the most sparkling periods you’ve experienced for a long time. 12 years to be precise. It’s all down to Jupiter in your fabulous 5th set to release you into something bigger and more breath-taking. Children, lovers, romance or just being given the opportunity to shine and recognised for exactly what makes you special are in focus. You’re dusted with a little bit of stardom this week so work it! As your ruler the Moon waxes she makes a fabulous angle to Jupiter from his ruling house – your 9th. Then on the 3rd, the Sun which is also in your 5th makes another one to Neptune also in here. The result? Travel, publishing, study, the law, the media, sports, animals – all could see you working that star quality. You’re elevated above the crowd now so you could attract that ‘lucky’ career break which sees you stepping into a more prominent role – or that romantic opportunity that sweeps you up and away into a journey of pleasure.
Ready to play? Work could become just that as not only do you have Jupiter just wanting to give you the opportunity to shine and have fun while you do so, serious status-boosting aspects point to you making a career or work-related breakthrough. It’s all about strutting your stuff – and that’s the stuff that makes you uniquely you. Don’t be anyone else now whether you’re seeking to impress that prospective boss or lover. Uranus in your 10th is all about what you and you alone bring to the party and he makes a beneficial angle to Saturn in your work sector. Just two days before the network charging full Moon appears in your 11th of connections and contacts, Venus in your 4th of emotional security and home also reaches across to Saturn. You can now create something sustainable for your future. And which has lasting potential when it comes to satisfaction. This week is all about being seen. And embarking on the first stage of an exciting new journey.

In a nutshell – Start the first stage of a journey designed to transport you into the realms of opportunity, romance and pleasure. It’s not a week to be shy. Stand out – and attract!



· Changes empower and build a foundation
· What do you need to feel secure?
· Create a place or a space to call your own

Beneficial changes which empower and enhance your long term security could add to your already amazing professional or street cred, this week, Leo. Your chance to roar is here and if all you’ve managed is a meow of late, things are about to change. If certain people have been underestimating you, this week sees you show them just how wrong they have been. There’s satisfaction to be had on more than one level. Home, family, your roots and a place to call you own are of prime importance to you now Jupiter sits in your 4th. It’s all about laying foundations for the future and a place to call your own. Jupiter has not been in residence in this house of your chart for 12 years so many Leo’s could get that foot on the property ladder, expand their present home or move to a bigger one. Jupiter could hand you the financial wherewithal to make all this possible, especially this week when he angles at the waxing Moon in your power and resources sector on the 30th.
You’ve also got the Sun in your 4th making another home-and-security enhancing angle to Neptune also in your 8th this week. Those emotional needs go way back. Look to your past and what or who made you feel safe and grounded. Some of you could even benefit from someone else’s generosity in helping you achieve the stability or place to call your own that you seek. Others could receive a job or work related breakthrough which allows for this or just see a connection with astounding potential to achieve this open up. All thanks to Saturn in your 5th making some lasting angles to Uranus in your 9th and Venus in your 3rd. You’re playing for keeps now.

The Moon is the ruler of our 4th house and a full Moon always amplifies our emotions. This week’s full Moon appears in your 10th of long term career and status. Time to acknowledge what it is you not only need, but want to achieve. Emotional satisfaction and security can be yours now. And all the roaring benefits that go with it.

In a nutshell – Asking for what you need to feel secure, isn’t neediness. It’s a roaring necessity. You could be offered the keys to a door – or your future now. Unlock it.



· Communication brings the results you desire
· Discover the power of your ideas
· Words are magic spells – use them

Winning minds. Winning hearts. Winning ideas. Jupiter in your 3rd is all about how far an idea can take you. He’s not been in this area in your chart for 12 years and some of you may be experiencing the benefits of Jupiter in residence here for the very first time. This week is all about your ability to influence others by what you write, communicate or say which results in benefits for you. Others are receptive to what you are selling – whether it’s your ideas, a product, your expertise or even you on a personal level. Get those job applications in, those pitches and presentations happening and that manuscript crafted and submitted. Your ability to engage on a personal level and reach out in ways that touch minds, hearts and souls is amplified now as Jupiter trines the responsive and feeling Moon in your partnership zone on the 30th and the Sun also in your 3rd trines Neptune in your 7th on the 3rd. You are able to tune into people and intuitively sense what it is they need from you. And you deliver on that promise. Whether it’s forging a successful business deal or just getting closer with a loved one. You just have a way with words right now.
The right idea won’t just take you further than you ever dreamed possible, but can result in real, tangible benefits for you as well. Venus right now sits in her ruling house in your chart (2nd) making a beneficial angle to Saturn in your home and long term security sector. Saturn also gets a shot of blue thunder from Uranus in your house of personal power and transformation. Those smarts could be literally right on the money now and your unique message you’re taking to the world is not just received, but rewarded. Walk your talk. This week’s full Moon sails into your house of expansion, learning and above all, freedom. This is all about growth for you. Growing into a new role, new opportunities, new growth and new experiences. You’re opening up to your own power and the power of your ideas this week. Let the results of that flood in.

In a nutshell – You could get to discover just how far an idea can take you. Craft what you say as you’ve a way with words that wins minds – and hearts now.



· Tangible rewards could be yours
· Know you’re worth it
· Baby, you’re a firework!

Jupiter says you’re right on the money this week, Libra. Plus you have ruler Venus in your 1st making a wonderful angle to Saturn in your communications and business sector. The Sun also shines on your finances, sharing your money zone with Jupiter right now. It’s been 12 years since Jupiter last visited your cash house and he’s set to bring improvements in your personal finances. Satisfying work could be just the start of these benefits as Jupiter makes a fabulous angle to the Moon in your work related area on the 30th, while the Sun adds another boost when he trines Neptune in your 6th on the 3rd. This could bring job-related success and associated financial rewards for many of you. With Saturn in your 3rd the news you receive could have lasting impact and be the result of a determined effort on your part. In other words, this isn’t a windfall. You’ve earned it.
The full Moon in your 8th also points to this as this is the culmination of a process which could be linked to your salary or resources you have available to you. By the 5th we could be seeing fireworks in the best possible sense as Uranus in your 7th also makes a beneficial angle to Saturn. Whatever you’ve been working towards now, pays off. Know whatever form success takes this week, it would not have happened without you, and what you and you alone bring to it. This applies whether you were flying solo or part of a team. Our 2nd house rules our self-worth as well as our talents, skills and abilities. Baby, you’re a firework. So, show them what you’re worth this week.

In a nutshell – You’re right on the money at the moment thanks to Jupiter in your finances sector. But any gains are probably down to you. Time to take credit and know you’re worth it.



· Possibilities radiate
· Amp up that attraction factor
· Feel the rush!

This week – you are the magnet. Look to what you attract. It’s all linked to the ‘vibe’ you’re radiating. Don’t like what you see? This week as all about changing that by changing how you radiate that gorgeousness, Scorpio. Reinvention and re-thinking your image and what you project are all yours to work and make work for you. The result? Are you prepared for a little – or a lot, of WOW? A romance making aspect kick-starts the week. Jupiter makes a beautiful and empathic angle to the Moon in your 5th which could make this the best date night you’ve seen for a long time. The same wavelength? You’re on it! Two hearts could just beat as one. A past-life connection or a link to the past in this lifetime? Venus in your mysterious 12th linking to Saturn in your 2nd could just place someone in your path – or see them return. Second-time around love has an opportunity to be re-born thanks to the Sun also in your 1st impacting on Neptune in your 5th on the 3rd.
Who or what makes your heart beat faster? Your heart also beats deep, Scorpio. Without depth there’s no passion. The full Moon in Taurus appears in your partnership zone connecting you to hidden depths. And hidden desires. Your emotional needs surface and demand you express them. You need more connection from your relationships now and the freedom to express yourself. Are you getting that? Saturn in your money zone makes a rare angle to Uranus in your work area. A long-awaited breakthrough could see you taking a more dynamic role at work or a new position that stretches you.

In a nutshell – Let the excitement in this week and feel the rush, Scorpio. Play with the law of attraction and see just what it can bring you.



· Soul searching brings hidden benefits
· Are you being helped or helping others?
· Fate could put love in your path

Your home, your flat, where you live, your family, your roots and where you come from are important right now, Sag. Ruler Jupiter sits in your 12th house. He’s not been in here for 12 years so think back 12 years to what was happening then. Your 12th is all a bit mysterious. It rules psychic powers, mediumship, your past and your past lives and secrets too. Anything hidden is hidden away in your 12th. This includes stuff we hide from ourselves. With Neptune the ruler of your 12th house sitting in your 4th of home, family etc, it should come as no surprise this week if you find yourself thinking about exactly where feels like home as Jupiter angles to the Moon in your 4th on the 30th, and then looking at anything from family karma to secrets as the Sun also in your 12th, makes a beneficial aspect to Neptune on the 3rd. Some of you may ask for and receive help from a woman or female family member during this time who may in turn, shed light on a hidden aspect of your family life or just empower you so you can reframe the past. Or you may be asked for help by someone else. All of this could have a deep impact on your physical, spiritual and psychological wellbeing so be gentle with yourself at the time of the full Moon. A ritual cleansing, meditation or yoga could align you with the cosmic flow once more.
Home is the point from which the adventures all start and end and nothing will prevent you from taking those, Sag. Looking for a fun travelling companion for your next one? This week isn’t all about serious business as you have some sexy soul boosting aspects impacting on your social sector and your area of romance thanks to Venus and Uranus. Both make delicious angles at Saturn in your 1st hinting at a fated encounter when you’re out and about. Accept all invitations and be seen out and about, as this week, you never know who may cross your path.

In a nutshell – A sense of place has never been more important than it is to you now. Soul searching could bring breakthroughs. Fate has a role to play in romance.



· Cultivate an aura of mystery
· Keep your dreams to yourself
· Abandon yourself to romance, sensuality and hedonism!

There’s lots going on behind the scenes this week, Capricorn. And more to you than meets the eye. There’s also no harm in cultivating an aura of mystery or even keeping things to yourself now. It’s a little known aspect of manifesting that when we talk about whatever it is we are seeking to create, we actually give away the energy needed to do this. Of course, not telling people you are looking for a job is not a good move if you actually want one. But there’s a big difference between that and scattering your dreams in front of people who will just tread on them (pearls before swine). Conserve your power and send it where it needs to go instead. With Jupiter in your house of goals, wishes and dreams you’ve the power of manifestation at your fingertips now. Good news and wish-fulfilment, or an emotionally satisfying result around work, study or business could be headed your way thanks to Jupiter in your 11th impacting on the Moon in your 3rd on the 30th. The Sun also in your 11th beams across to Neptune, also in your 3rd on the 3rd. The full Moon in your 5th is shining with potential for you. It’s all about heightening your emotions when it comes to romance and pleasure. So, schedule date night for the 4th or for any creative venture or activity which allows you to feel sensual and even a little hedonistic!
Ruler Saturn still in your 12th for another two months continues to align you with your soul path. In many ways you may be working behind the scenes but the rewards of this may now be evident thanks to beneficial aspects with Venus in Saturn’s ruling house (10th) and Uranus in your security zone. How you go about this may be unconventional or different to what you usually do. But the results speak for themselves.

In a nutshell – Only allow those who really support you access to your dreams. One of them may come within reach this week. Dare to do things a little differently.



· Create and shape your future
· Step up to success
· Expand your horizons

This week’s full Moon appears in her ruling house in your chart – the 4th, so expect the effects to be felt more intensely than usual, Aquarius. Embrace those feelings and if you need some nurturing – or just a hug, ask for it. Home and family matters could dominate as well as decisions which affect your long term security. Career changes lie ahead for many of you with Jupiter in your 10th opening doors to opportunity wider for you than they have swung for 12 years! As the Moon is waxing she moves through your money zone and receives Jupiter’s boost as she does so. The Sun is also shining on career matters now and trines Neptune in your money zone too on the 3rd. You could see the culmination of a job or career process occur around about this time – especially the day after the full Moon when modern-day ruler Uranus trines your ancient ruler Saturn in your 11th.
Travel is possible and any dealings with people or businesses overseas bring long-term benefits. Romance could even be on the cards if you are travelling or with someone from far away. It’s time to expand your horizons on some level this week but overall, the desire to make yourself secure is likely to take precedence. This week asks you to look to the long term when it comes to decisions and see what you will be able to build for the future from them. This week could write the first chapter of a long-term success story.

In a nutshell – Career and home decisions add to your long term security this week. Even if you are occupied with matters close to your home and heart, there’s a new chapter emerging.



· Go after what’s missing from your life
· Break free from stagnation and stalemate
· Tap into a new source

If ever there was a week for thinking big, this is it, Pisces. Be a little bit bolder in all that you do. You have two influential planets in their ruling houses in your chart. So, their influence is that much more powerful right now. Jupiter sits in his ruling house – 9th, while Saturn is in his -10th. Now, your ruler Neptune is in his ruling sign – yours. Beneficial changes and news could break you free from a stalemate situation now. If you are going through a pitch, proposal or job interview process, you may see your efforts come to fruition at the time of this week’s full Moon in your 3rd. Jupiter is your ancient ruler and along with the Moon in Pisces on the 30th, stirs up a desire for something more. This could be anything from more recognition, more attention, more experiences or more rewards. It’s okay right now if you’re not satisfied with the status quo. This is Jupiter stirring you to action to go after whatever it is that you feel is missing from your life. This could be something intensely personal and if so, you are being given a green light to go for it now.
Powerful shifts could also transform your career path thanks to Saturn ruling the corner office of your 10th. And along with Venus in your 8th, could just facilitate that successful salary negotiation, settlement or pay increase. Others could see a new income stream open up – perhaps via something entirely different to how you usually make your money thanks to innovative Uranus also making a deal-making angle to Saturn. Big thinking plays a part here too. So explore some new possibilities.

In a nutshell – Be bold. It’s a week to go after what it is you really want. Don’t settle for anything less.

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