3th June 2019 Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs June 4th 2018


  • Prepare for revelations
  • Choose your confidants wisely
  • Step into a new success dynamic

Important information will be revealed this week, Aries so how do you intend to use it? Anything that has been kept from you or has been going on in the background without you realising it, is about to be dragged into the light of day. Sabotage and subterfuge is any exists will be exposed. Of course, what comes to light may not be that drastic. This could just be the missing piece of a puzzle, an ‘Ah-ha!’ moment as you see things very clearly. Or you reframing your past in such as way you alter the dynamic in the present and clear the way for a new future to unfold. You have a meeting between the Sun and Mercury in your communications sector to thank for this. And both make angles to Neptune in your house of secrets, the past and all things hidden. While on the subject, I do hope you are not the one keeping the secrets as trying to close the closet door on the skeletons may well be impossible now. Conversely, keep any confidences you are given close to you and above all, choose your own confidents wisely now as they may not keep things in the vault like you hoped. If in doubt, confide in a professional whose job it is to maintain that confidentiality. Forewarned is forearmed in this respect.

Don’t be surprised if what comes to light impacts on your home or career. Again, revelations may be to your ultimate benefit. Venus shines brightly when she is in the 4th house of your chart. This week Venus opposes Pluto in your 10th of career and reputation. This could just have the effect of shaking free that promotion, raise, recognition or reward you have been striving towards. Be prepared to step into a more powerful role and do so with grace and style. Venus enhances your power and prestige and put you in a position to impress. Perhaps what comes to light are the rewards for all that potential you are realising now. That’s your secret this week.

In a nutshell: Powerful aspects chart your course towards career success and rewards. Information you have needed could come to light. But if you’re asked to keep a confidence – do this week.


  • Claim your power
  • Work that mojo
  • Time to be on top!

Venus is working some magic for you this week, Taurus. And it’s of the seriously sexy kind. Your mojo is about to undergo a major upgrade. You sizzle with sex appeal and serious magnetism now. The thing is – are you bold enough to claim the results of this? Time to think about desire and also fear. These two are strangely enough opposite sides of the same coin. And Venus rules money  after all. Desire is currency. That current ‘charges’ our souls and sends us out there to try to fulfil them. What are your desires? How would you feel if they were granted? This is where the coin can land tails up. Because the sting in it is that often we fear the very thing we want the most. We want that special love but fear commitment or just feel undeserving on some level. So we sabotage it. Same goes for career success. We want that job, that salary, that corner office. Yet when we get it we feel we really don’t belong there and that we’re going to be ‘found out’ if we remain. This week Venus offers you the ability to get past those unseen obstacles to desire once and for all.

Where it all gets seriously sexy is when Venus makes some come-hither moves to Pluto in your 9th. This is all about releasing you towards those desires – to tapping you into that currency I mentioned earlier. But this is the currency of deep feminine power. Venus is showing not just her beauty here but her strength. This is about a release into your power especially when Venus will also oppose Lilith in your 9th as well. Freedom to express your desires – in no matter what area they lie, and freedom to be yourself without criticism, censorship or fear, are also part of the package. Singles could attract someone who allows them to experiment with all of these themes. Girls are on top this week – or at least the divine feminine in all of us.

In a nutshell: Embrace a powerful change that extends from facing what holds you back to releasing that passion, Taurus! As obstacles that lie between you and your desires come tumbling down.


  • Tap into limitless power
  • Time to believe
  • A new phase opens up

The Sun’s transit through our 1st each year is more than just being about our birthday. For a month, the Sun shines on us. It’s a time to make soul promises to ourselves for the coming year. We’re in our full power during this time as the Sun is the most important astral body in our solar system as without it, none of us would exist. So, tap into that limitless solar power this week and receive an additional boost when the Sun meets your ruler Mercury on the 6th. The effect should be to fire up your ideas and your creativity. There’s a sense of excitement around you. The feeling that the air just crackles with possibilities. This is a time for increased self-confidence and belief in yourself. Because if you don’t believe in yourself then how do you expect others to? This especially applies to your work and career right now as Mercury angling at Neptune in your status-enriching 10th asks you to get clear and communicate what it is you want to achieve.

Venus rules your money and your love life of course and right now is in one of her ruling houses in your chart – the 2nd. Pluto also occupies his ruling house – the 8th. So, we say these two are in mutual reception by house. In other words, the planets are having a conversation. As your 2nd house is the sign of Cancer, Venus finds it very easy to express herself in here. Pluto looks to be listening in that house of shared resources and corporate money and yes – sex. Those of you in creative professions could be in line for a raise or promotion or find the backing for your idea. Others could attract that smoking hot lover or extra income. All this will involve a change and that could just stem from that increased belief in yourself and what you have to offer. Get upgrading while the sun shines.

In a nutshell: You’re surrounded by potential and the start of a new cycle, Gemini. To make the most of it you need to believe in yourself and your ideas. Because if you won’t – who will?


  • Don’t be rushed
  • Make love real
  • Be inspired

With the Sun and Mercury meeting in your 12th this week and making an angle to the ruler of your 12th, Neptune in your 9th, you need to think of this as being like a Mercury retrograde. Yes, dust off those Retrograde Rules and stick to them – at least for this week if you can. What this is telling you is that it is not a good time to sign contracts or jump into anything new as more information is going to emerge. You need to stop, watch and wait to find out what this is. Your intuition is very astute now so please tune in to it as it will prove to be your best guide. Those Cancerians who are involved in creative projects or have any kind of job where leaps of the imagination are required, will benefit from this transit as you can channel solutions that would not otherwise have occurred to you. They may seem to be sent literally from somewhere outside of yourself. And they probably have been. Do however pay close attention if you are involved in any relationship or deal where the other party is putting any kind of pressure on your to make up your mind quickly. This can range from anything from you buying something and being told that you need to sign quickly because there are so many others interested, to that lover you have only known a short while rushing you towards a commitment. If so, this should set off some warning bells and is your cue to adopt a ‘wait and see’ tactic. As well as ask yourself: what’s the hurry? Remember, your blessings have your name on them.

Venus in your 1st opposes Pluto in Venus’s ruling house in your chart (7th). Venus has the final say here when it comes to love and relationships. A key connection could undergo a shift or a transformation. Again, don’t be rushed in matters of the heart. This should be all about you and when it comes to any partnership, whether it is exactly that or if the scales are unbalanced in some way. Pluto represents not just transformation but power and control too. Don’t sacrifice who you are just to be in a relationship. Others could begin a connection which has the potential to transform them in ways they never thought possible. But please, take it slowly. If your existing relationship offers continued growth for both, step into a new dynamic of powerful creativity and change now. Where the love is 50/50. And the real deal.

In a nutshell: Want real love? Someone caring for you as much as you care for them? This week could just deliver the goods, Cancer.


  • Are you ready for a rebirth?
  • Friends offer support and freedom
  • Share the love

Time for some growth this week, Leo. And in ways that are going to surprise you. Life will not be dull this week thanks to your ruler the Sun in your 11th. You want to shine, be noticed, be creative but in new ways now, Leo. Friends will play a pivotal role here one way or the other. New connections can be made too and if so, they could also have a role in freeing you from any restrictions you may have inadvertently created for yourself. This week contains an important message for you as the Sun meets Mercury. What love have you been spreading amongst your friends? Because the love, support and opportunities for exploration your friends and contacts offer you now will be in direct proportion to what you have been giving out. People are ready to support you and your ideas – or not as the case may be. If you find yourself in deficit now – which would be unlike you, then time to give give give your time and love back to that social circle. It really is the perfect illustration of what goes around comes around this week. And this is what fuels your growth.

Venus in your 12th opposes Pluto in your 6th this week. Again, this points to you being offered a growth opportunity and again, this could stem from something you have already set in motion or has links to your past. Ideas come out of nowhere and they have the ability to be game-changers now. Don’t go anywhere without something to write them down on when they do emerge. Something you considered set in stone is now revealed to be something entirely different or your ideas around a specific area now undergo a radical and surprising shift. Again, this is all to do with your growth. Someone from your past could reappear unexpectedly and if so, ask yourself if they are really good for you – or not? This transit promises a rebirth or a new lease of life if you delve deeper into something and follow your instincts. It’s all part of the surprise that awaits you this week.

In a nutshell: Step into a week of surprises – and growth. Friends allow you to express yourself and offer entre into a new cycle of growth. Get ready for a rebirth, Leo!


  • Connect directly to your bliss
  • A friend could turn into so much more
  • Get yourself noticed

Ruler Mercury meets the Sun in your 10th this week making it a week for professional advancement and long-term agreements to be made. No matter which house of our charts the Sun is in, this will be the ‘spotlight’ for that month.  So, take it that professionally, you are stepping into that now and all this involves. In other words, you are going to be noticed and as this is the house of people in positions of authority in your chart, by those in positions of power and influence. So, please be aware of how you are coming across at all times. Be professional and show you are ready for more responsibility – and the rewards that come with that. Promotions, business wins or job offers can feature now. Mercury in here lends weight to what you say and your ideas. Contracts and agreements can be signed with long-term benefits attached. Ensure you deliver on all promises – whether written or verbal whether this is in your professional or your personal life. There’s a need to stand by your word and also not to promise more than what you can possibly deliver now as the Sun and Mercury also impact on Neptune in your sector of commited relationships. This governs those working ones as well as love don’t forget!

The ruler of your 7th Venus sits in your house of friends and also goals and dreams this week. There’s a powerful link happening between Venus and Pluto in your 5th of romance, creation and pleasure. You are now being invited to step into your own power. Your power to be yourself, to attract, to feel attractive and to create. This powerful alignment could quite literally plug you straight into your bliss – no matter what that happens to be. If a new connection is made now, even if it starts out as a friendship it is unlikely to stay that way. Your 11th is your house of goals and wishes. Which one if granted, has the ability to change you or your life? Pick the one and go for it now.

In a nutshell: Take a leadership role in your own life and watch how seriously others take you. A new contact could quickly turn into more than friendship. Follow your bliss this week, Virgo.


  • Love is set for the long term
  • Set your intention
  • Others show you how much you are valued

Make a plan to travel, to learn or just to experience more of the world than you have done of late, Libra. Even if you can’t actually travel or experience it right now, if you at least set your intentions and the wheels in motion, you have a better chance of actually doing it in the future now than at any other time. All courtesy of the Sun and Mercury meeting in your freedom inspiring 9th. Others could see arrival of news they have been waiting for which releases them into something bigger and more adventurous. It’s a wonderful transit under which to launch those big ideas and to expand your horizons.

The means by which you can accomplish this may also appear this week courtesy of ruler Venus. After all, all dreams require bankrolling or a foundation to bring them into reality. Serious inroads can be made into home and career issues now as Venus in your 10th opposes Pluto in your 4th. There’s a feeling of establishing something lasting and beautiful here. Someone could demonstrate with tangible force just how much you are valued either personally or professionally. Or you are handed the means to create something that acts as a foundation for that bigger dream. Any new connection that begins now doesn’t just have the ability to change you and your experience of love on a fundamental level, but also comes wrapped in long term-promise. This person could help you to open up in ways you may have not been able to before. Inhibitions drop away. Success and love could be set to last this week. And those are both worth experiencing.

In a nutshell: Connections that start now have the ability to transform both your life and the way you love. And they come with long term promise. What begins now could be set to last, Libra.


  • Something springs from the past
  • Love and luck are the magical blend
  • Reach for something new

Ruler Pluto casts an eye across at Venus in your 9th this week – and can’t resist bringing you an opportunity to transform any restrictions around you as a result. Time for some big love because your 9th is all about living life large. So, look around at where it has shrunk or is simply not enough anymore. You know deep down inside where you want and need those changes, Scorpio. Pluto in your 3rd always asks you to look backwards and have one eye on things you have already set in motion. Is there something that can be resurrected here? Drawing on your past – especially with regards to ideas and work you have done, holds the key to your freedom now. Don’t be surprised if news springs from this. Venus always desires to bring us love, beauty and pleasure. Shining in your 9th she also adds the element of luck to all of these things. Travel or any overseas connection including doing business overseas, is favoured as are studies and legal matters. You’ve all the elements for romance too this week and one that changes your perspective in some way.

Negotiations feature thanks to the Sun and Mercury meeting in your 8th. There’s a call here to meet some kind of challenge – but also not to fear it as you are ready for it. This could involve your salary, benefits or just something you share with someone else. You’re being fuelled through this process but those big ideas and that desire for freedom. So, you’re most likely to reach for a new and better solution than you have done in the past. And in a more fearless and confident way too. The entire process will leave you with the lasting realisation you are more capable and powerful than you previously thought. And that in itself could be the biggest change – and your biggest step towards freedom, that you can make now.

In a nutshell: Deep within, you know what areas of your life need to change, Scorpio. That desire for something bigger gets fuelled by soaring self-confidence – and a magical touch of luck this week!


  • Share what’s really on your mind
  • What are you attracting?
  • Draw in love, abundance and opportunity

The more open you are now, the more you are going to attract, Sag. Single and seeking another free-spirit to run with? That could include attracting them as well! Talk about your feelings, your desires and your dreams without fear this week. Open up. Initiate everything from conversations to actions designed to turn ideas into concrete goals. Make connecting with others openly whether it is in a personal or a professional capacity, your main one now. As the Sun and Mercury meet in your 7th this could see you with important agreements or papers to be signed and attracting new people, possessions or opportunities –  and yes, that includes love. But success depends on you being as open as you can be so you don’t block the flow. Look at where you may have shut down your ability to express yourself. Perhaps out of fear of judgement, rejection or criticism. Banish that now and take the attitude that if they don’t love you just as you are – they don’t belong in  your life anyway.

However, acceptance of yourself almost always results in acceptance by others. And you vibe set to ‘acceptance’ signals you’re ready to receive all kinds of benefits. Pluto in your 2nd opens a channel to Venus in your 8th. They are both in each other’s houses in your chart and this is ‘mutual reception by house’. Your desire to increase your worth on both a literal and a soul level brings about an intense push towards money making ideas and opportunities. This could even involve exploring a new line of work or source of income. Resources you may have overlooked can be tapped into or talents you have allowed to lapse, resurrected.  You may even consider trying something you never thought you would attempt! The result can put you in the black and turn out to be to your long term advantage now. Open up and get ready to receive.

In a nutshell: Open up and get ready to attract this week, Sag. What comes to you could be anything from that perfect partner to a money-making opportunity. Get ready to receive!


  • Take the next step in love
  • Seek out that mental challenge
  • Expect a change in the romantic weather

Two planets occupy their ruling houses in your chart this week, Capricorn. And that’s big news for you. Mercury sits in his ruling 6th and meets the Sun in here on the 6th also. Looking at ways to nurture your wellbeing and improve your health – especially your diet are favoured now. Work and your daily routine also feature. This transit could bring in a job change for some of you, good news around business, and if you have been thinking about applying for something new, then this is the transit under which to take action. Your ideas, your eye for detail and your thoughts can all be expressed via the work you do – or want to do now. You’re taking pride in your skills and the results of what you produce. Others will take notice – especially bosses, managers or potential ones! You need mental stimulation at work and if you present role does not supply this you will either ask for tasks that do or else seek out a new role that does. Just ensure you don’t take on too much this week through your desire to make a good impression and do the best job!

The other planet in its ruling house this week is Venus in her ruling 7th of partnerships and all long term close connections. You want a deeper, more loving connection with someone now. As Venus opposes Pluto in your 1st, a key connection could evolve or transform. Others could begin a new relationship and if so, expect your outlook on love to be changed via this on some level. You are not a sign associated with the superficial in any case. And this transit will highlight that. The connection either offers the depth of feeling and freedom to express your desires that you need right now, or you will look elsewhere. Your attitude towards love and your needs have been slowly undergoing a major transformation process whether you have been aware of this or not. This week could show you just how far along you’ve come with that, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: Love is the transformational power for you this week, Capricorn. Do you know how far you have come on this journey? Get ready for the next evolutionary stage.


  • Send your life in a brand new direction
  • Reset the future
  • Time for romance, pleasure and play!

Get your glam on, Aquarius! The Sun in your 5th brings you so much opportunity. The kind that’s usually associated with the start of your birthday season. When the Sun hits our 5th it’s like a mini-birthday all over again.  That is because the 5th is the Sun’s ruling house in your chart. During this time, we get to press that ‘Reset’ button and start anew. If life has been flowing in a direction you don’t like, you now have the opportunity to send it where you want it to go now. This transit is always good for starting something new and that includes a love affair or a creative venture. Children and generations younger than you will also feature prominently now. What do you have to share and give to them? It’s time to be a little bit more playful. Especially as the planet which is associated with youth –Mercury, meets the Sun in here this week. It’s all about networks and connecting when this occurs. Make an increased effort to socialise and also to contact people when it comes to work, business or promoting yourself. It’s time to be seen and heard now.

Venus in your 6th of work and wellbeing opposes Pluto in your 12th. You can bring a touch of diplomacy to what you do this week – especially in work and career related areas. Pluto in the mix here is telling you that you know what it is you need to be doing or the direction you need to be heading in. It’s all about working with creative self-expression in a way that transforms your daily routine or how you earn your money. The message is you have permission now to be what you want to be. The only regret you’ll have later is if you don’t take the chance and allow yourself to be just that, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: Time for a fresh start. New opportunities could appear around romance, money or work.  There’s a new beginning waiting to happen for you. Reset the future this week.


  • What’s the hidden meaning behind your home?
  • Get attraction with a capital ‘A’
  • Initiate something new

What is your home or your lifestyle saying to you now, Pisces? Because it is reflecting on some level the changes you need to be making or the way you need to be living from hereon in. If you can, spend some time alone contemplating your surroundings. Look around. What is your home saying to you? How does it reflect who you are, your interests and your hopes and dreams? There are valuable clues as to the direction you should steer in for the rest of the year to be found in your immediate environment now. Mercury meets the Sun in your 4th this week illuminating these and ruler Neptune has a roll to play heightening your intuition and insight. There is more about your living space than meets the eye – especially when it comes to telling you which direction you should be moving in next. So be open to what comes through as a result. And be prepared to act on any wisdom you receive. The insight could astound you now as it is pointing you in a direction you need to go.

This week also sees Venus at her most glamorous in your 5th. The planet of love and pleasure in your house of romance and creativity adds up to one thing: attraction. With a capital ‘A’. Take a chance now as Pluto opposes Venus from your social and goal-centered 11th. Venus wants you not just to follow your bliss, but to draw it to you. Pluto wants to transform you via your friends, groups, networks or contacts or via you reaching for that dream. What goal do you desire that would change you on a fundamental level should you attain it. You need to initiate something that’s new, fresh and above all, original. And it has to be something you love. Or with someone you love. Your interior world provides the clue. Get contemplating this week, Pisces.

In a nutshell: See your home environment through new eyes. It contains valuable clues about the direction your life is headed next. Hopefully towards love, creative self-expression and romance!


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