23th September 2019 Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs September 24th 2018


  • Be a people person
  • The present moment contains a gift
  • Set your intentions

Be in the moment this week, Aries. If you can manage to be fully present you are going to be able to take advantage of a few destiny-dusted opportunities that want to come your way. Ask yourself what it is you need? Make a declaration if only to the universe about what this is. Then let go knowing you have set the forces in motion and be open to what (or who for that matter) turns up. Your entire romance/partnership/ social sectors are lit up this week and part of this involves the North Node in your 5th. Hence karma, fate, kismet – whatever you want to call it, is at work. Whatever you do, do not refuse invitations and do not stay home! Once you have stated your intentions it truly is time to get out there and connect with people. Opportunity can arrive unexpectedly and in disguise. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Just be open in the moment to what arrives.

This week brings a full Moon in your sign so it really is time to focus on that wonderful world of you. But also to know you need people too. Anyone new you meet now could feel familiar – consider the possibility you have known one another before. The fact is, no matter what our dream is it usually requires at least one other person to make it come true. ‘People who need people are the luckiest people in the world’. The classic Streisand track says the universe is playing your song this week.

In a nutshell: Be fully in the moment so you can spot the opportunities it wants to deliver. Who you need to get what you need appears – when you need it. Fate lends a hand this week, Aries.


  • Inner guidance gives you access all-areas wisdom
  • Patterns reveal themselves
  • Is it you or me? That is the question

Be prepared for a week of deep soul searching and revelations, Taurus. Authority figures, who you answer to, your own authority over your own life, your status, reputation and your career are all in focus this week. And your inner exploration is likely to revolve around one or even some of these themes.  You may suddenly become aware of a pattern or a behaviour you could not see before as the full Moon illuminates your 12th house of all things secretive, hidden and subconscious on the 25th.

You may feel that something is not quite right, but can’t put your finger on it. Is it you? Is it someone else? Be open for the answers that come as this Moon boosts your intuitive abilities. That ‘gut’ feeling will be your best guide whether you need guidance with your personal life or your career. Your future path is also highlighted this week. Be aware of any undercurrents/issues surrounding a person in a position of authority who surrounds themselves with ‘fans’, or even a potential love interest who doesn’t seem to want to ‘put out’. There are hints, unspoken promises but they don’t every be fulfilled. If you’re asking yourself whether it’s you or them this week I’ll save you the guesswork: It’s not you.

In a nutshell: Go deep in search of answers this week, Taurus. Hidden meanings and motivations surface. Your intuition has the answer so listen.


  • What your world needs now is love
  • Travel and new experiences widen your world
  • Start a personal revolution

With retrograde season well and truly over for now, expect  green lights to be popping on all around you. Especially when it comes to the freedom to go after those dreams. You could be entering a late summer of love this week, Gemini. Yes, it’s all a bit wild and wonderful with ruler Mercury in your fabulous 5th. But what your world needs now is vibrancy, colour, freedom, creative self-expression and love sweet love. What’s wrong with this picture? Absolutely nothing.  If we look back at the original Summer of Love which happened in 1967 new philosophies were seen as a way to gain greater insight into yourself and to communicate with others. This week asks you to travel in some way – if not physically then mentally and open your ever-inquiring mind.

The more open you are this week, the more you are likely to receive or attract. New loves, new experiences, new people and new passions are likely to cross your path. Dance, if only metaphorically, by the light of the full Moon which appears in your 11th on the 25th – the day after Mercury makes a true love and freedom angle to Mars in your 9th. Looking for love or just someone like-minded who wants to join your own personal revolution? You could just find them under the light of this Moon. 

In a nutshell: Join a late-summer love-in, Gemini! Life could just get a little more colourful and a little more freeing this week. Passion wants to cross your path so go meet it.


  • No more sitting on the sidelines
  • Get ready to impress
  • Success brings more than one kind of reward

The spotlight might just seek you out this week, Cancer. No matter how you try, you may not be able to escape people’s attention. And in a good way. The full Moon in your 10th could just deliver you career recognition. This is certainly not a week to undersell yourself or refuse more responsibility if offered it. Have faith in yourself and your abilities and the world will reflect this. You are in a position to impress now and are ready for your close-up! A career project, pitch or plan could enter its final stage with you set to reap the rewards of a job well done.

There’s a feeling of satisfaction that accompanies this. And not just on an emotional level. Real tangible, cash boosting rewards could be on their way too thanks to the Sun in your 4th of security and all things Cancerian-ruled making a magnetic angle to the North Node in your money zone. Along with Mercury also in your 4th meeting Ceres in here, this could mark the point where you literally reap a rich harvest from the seeds you planted. Step into the spotlight this week, and receive the recognition you deserve.

In a nutshell: You can’t evade recognition this week, Cancer. Time to receive the acknowledgement – and the rewards, for something you and only you, bring to the table.


  • Ditch the no-sayers
  • News sets you spinning in a new direction
  • Dream big

Negative people or those who just seem determined to clip your wings or rain on not just your parade, but those dreams, have no place in your life now, Leo. This week asks you to dream big and to explore. The full Moon in your 9th is one for ‘setting sail’ under. It’s a full Moon of adventure, of wanting to experience something more. This is an excellent full Moon under which to travel. But even if you’re not leaving home, you’re filled with possibilities and potential. If someone doesn’t share your vision, you’ll gravitate towards those who have a bigger, wider worldview. What’s over the horizon? What is possible for you to achieve now? You’ll never know until you take a step towards it so don’t allow anyone to confine you now. Explorers after all need supportive people to forge fresh paths.

Destiny defining news could reach you this week which  determines in part the next direction you take thanks to ruler the Sun in your 3rd shining on the North Node in your 1st. A karmic experience you signed up for which could even come in the form of a reward could feature. Take it that either in this or another lifetime you’ve done something to earn it. Take a chance and move towards something new – that new job, new activity, new destination that allows you to fully explore your potential. This week marks the beginning of an important journey. 

In a nutshell: Determine the direction you want to go in – and then set sail, Leo! Time to leave negativity behind.  Explore opportunity and potential this week!


  • Make your money work for you
  • Have a plan
  • Take the inititaive

Ruler Mercury and the Sun in your 2nd could add up to some money-making moves this week, Virgo. I hate the term ‘budget’ as it is right up there with ‘diet’ when it comes to having failure written in to it. Spending plan or resource allocation is a far more positive label. And one that empowers rather than restricts us.

You’re ready to do whatever it takes this week to make the most of your money – and make more of it if necessary. Taking the imitative at work or the confidence to apply for that new job, promotion or project could do more than boost your bank account, but boost your credibility and self-worth too.

The full Moon in your 8th this week shines on a transformation in a key area and again, this could be your money or even your partners. This house rules your salary, benefits, payouts, shared resources, joint accounts, credit, loans, what you owe and what you are owed in turn.

Often with this full Moon we can be handed a larger amount of money than we usually handle. Or someone places their resources at our disposal. If this happens or if you are handed that raise or that loan is approved, it’s not about the sum per se, but how you deal with it. Spending plan implies the other aspect of watching where the money goes – savings and investments. To have more you have to spend less of it. It’s that simple. Apply some checks and balances this week, Virgo and watch how that sense of empowerment grows along with that bank account.

In a nutshell: It’s all about your resources this week and how you handle them, Virgo. Chances are you’ll about to have more at your disposal. Make it work for you.


  • Turn up the heat!
  • Claim what’s missing
  • Make the first move

When you’re hot you’re smoking hot, Libra. This week promises to be a scorcher. If there’s been an ice age around your love life, your creativity or just feeling you’ve been side-lined from fun, pleasure and the good times – get ready because the thaw is coming! Prepare yourself to be noticed and to dive back in to something that makes your pulse race and your heart sing. A new connection could be made this week and it may feel as if unseen forces are at work to bring you together. This may or may not be a potential lover, but whatever form it takes, it brings something that has been missing back into your life. This could even lead to an opportunity to showcase your talents or to take a major step towards a goal. Be open to who appears now.

This week’s full Moon of the 25th is in your opposite sign of Aries and your 7th house. It’s all adding to that heat, Libra. Rewards and recognition could arrive for working, business and collaborative partnerships. Settleds want to share and get closer. Drifting through all this could be an opportunity for singles. That feeling you own it makes you more open, more approachable and more willing to make the first move especially with Mars in your 5th boosting your confidence and attraction factor. It’s time to take a chance. Be a little bit bold, a little bit brazen and a lot of sexy now!

In a nutshell:  Get ready for a thraw around your love life, creativity or getting the recognition you deserve, Libra.  Fate plays a hand at putting you in the path of something, or someone, important.


  • Shed what no longer works
  • Pull focus on your priorities
  • Initiate work changes

What’s in the way of you and your wellbeing this week, Scorpio? You’re experiencing your annual soul declutter and shedding period as the Sun and also Mercury move through your intuitive and deeply psychic 12th house.  It’s all about stirring your awareness on an extremely deep level and allowing you to see something in a new light. Once you do, it may appear blindingly obvious. Why couldn’t you see it before? It’s your perspective that has undergone a radical shift. You’ll see clearly what you need and what you don’t. What energises you and what drains you. It was always this way. You just needed to pull that focus back to you.

This week’s full Moon in your 6th helps you not only identify what needs to change, but also helps you make them. Plus you have a secret superpower thanks to ancient ruler Mars in your 4th. You won’t tiptoe around anything as important as prioritising your wellbeing. If you have been thinking for some time that changes need to occur around your job or career, now is the time to make them. Also put the finishing touches to work projects if you can. This is very much a week to free up resources and work with what you have. By shedding what no longer works for you, the two most precious and valuable resources  you can increase are time and energy. Don’t let them go to waste.

In a nutshell:  A shift in your focus allows you to see what enhances you world – and what doesn’t. Time to stop the energy/happiness drain.  And conserve those soul resources, Scorpio.


  • Go fish in a different pool
  • Accept all invitations
  • That perfect connection is looking for YOU too!

The Sun and Mercury in your 11th promise a boost to your social life. Friends have a major role to play and one of them may even be involved in your quest to attain a major goal. New people will also enter your circle now. They may be very different from those you usually socialise with – come from a different background, professional, culture for example or just have their own unique way of looking at the world.

Accept all invitations that come your way but pay special attention to those which offer you entrée into a very different circle than you usually inhabit and don’t decline them unless you truly are double-booked. This is a good time to look at which friendships are important to you, and those which you may have outgrown. I’m not talking about your 2,763 ‘friends’ on Fakebook, but the people you spend your time with. It’s time for the real face time or to decide to un-friend if you no longer feel the resonance.

This week sees a full Moon in your 5th of self-expression (people and situations where you can be yourself), fun (good times) and of course, romance. If love has been hard to find recently, could it be you have been fishing in the wrong pond? All the more reason to accept any and all invites that come your way this week. Especially those which will take you somewhere new. Whether it’s an activity partner, new love interest, or just interesting and like-minded people to share good times with, time to make meeting someone new your priority this week.

In a nutshell: Friends or one particular friend, could be the determining factor to attaining that goal. Whether it’s love or just good company you’re after – mix and mingle this week.


  • Lay the foundation for success
  • Progress is your best feedback
  • Shore up those support structures

Saying ‘I did it my way’ could just be the icing on the cake for you when it comes to this week’s success building aspects, Capricorn. You may be called on to make one final effort this week when it comes to work or career endeavours. This may even involve challenging the status quo on some level or having to sell yourself or your ideas more strongly than you have done in the past.

You’re the sign associated with achievement and reaching the top. Those higher aims and ambitions are in focus now as are the people that can help you get there. Time to ensure you impress on every level. Are you receiving rewards and validation now or are the doors to success remaining closed? Whatever feedback you are getting, treat it as valuable as it is a big indicator for your future.

This week’s full Moon in the Moon’s ruling house in your chart favours long term planning and anything that adds to or would enhance your future security. Look to your roots and the fundamental building blocks of your life. These are your foundation stones. Your home, family and people who support you are part of this. But then there’s those invisible support structures which this Moon will illuminate for you: a sense of pride in what you do and knowing you have something to offer that nobody else has. That’s the basis on individual success. Do it, and do it your way, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: Aim for the top when it comes to those career ambitions this week, Capricorn. Promote what you alone bring to the table. And embrace success on your terms.


  • What do you believe in?
  • Ideas take you further
  • Harness the power of your ideas

Go the distance this week, Aquarius and by that I mean be prepared to either travel or expand your worldview in some way. Study, travel or people from overseas feature and a change of location or just a vastly different perspective may be exactly what you need right now. Long distance friendships, love or even doing business with people in faraway locations may actually bring you the opportunity to broaden your horizons. Your belief system, philosophy around life and what you stand for or believe to be important could also play a role and some of you may find yourselves put ‘on the spot’ where you have to stand up for what it is you believe is right.

Overall, it’s time to take a chance this week as luck is on your side. This week’s full Moon in your 3rd is going to require that big picture thinking. Where do you want to get to? Above all, what’s that big idea? You have the ability to sell yourself or your ideas now provided you don’t get too carried away.  You’re able to convey your thoughts and ideas in such a way that people can instantly visualise what you’re talking about. Whether you’re attending an interview, meeting for business or for personal reasons, writing or just talking to someone about your plans, your words take people on a journey. One idea or conversation can take you much further than you imagine this week.

In a nutshell: There’s something waiting to be discovered this week, Aquarius. An opportunity to travel or just expand your worldview arrives. Think big this week especially when it comes to ideas.


  • What’s your vibe?
  • Focus on security
  • Upgrade that self-love

Chiron revisits your 1st this week having made a brief foray into Aries and your 2nd house. This final visit is all about vibration. Becoming more attuned if you will. Chiron is actually a comet. Chiron spends about four years in each sign. So, when he leaves your 1st again, he will not be back for another 48 years. Chiron was not just a wounded healer but a musician. Music is all about vibration. Changing our ‘vibe’ begins with self-awareness and self-healing. You’ve one more shot at this or to finish up a process you began four years ago. Change your vibration – change your world.

This week’s full Moon in your 2nd has you looking at issues around security and vulnerability especially when it comes to money and your income. It’s more than just your bank account. This full Moon has you looking at where you feel rich – as in friends, family, skills, experience, talents, love and where you feel insecure. This may or may not have anything to do with the current state of your back account – or it can. Security certainly is linked to how much money we have – or feel we can get as this is your house of earned income. It’s hard to feel secure when we are worrying about paying bills. If it’s emotional security that’s in deficit, then this goes back to that self-healing Chiron wants you to do. If others don’t value us it’s usually because we do not value ourselves. Upgrade that self-worth and upgrade that vibe, Pisces.

In a nutshell: Change that vibration you’re sending out, Pisces. You’ve got a wonderful opportunity to step into lasting soul healing. Which has the ability to  change your world both inside and out!

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