Weekly Astrology with Michele Knight 30th August 2011

Hello Gorgeous Spirit,

Here are your weekly astrology videos. I have also filmed your monthly astrology which I will be uploading this week. I hope you had a stunning weekend? I was editing until 4am some nights as I am off to ‘boot camp’ for a week to try and kick start my fitness. Sitting at a desk all day has not been good! I need to practice what I preach and change my routine and patterns. I did get a chance to do a beautiful cliff walk in Devon where I live which was challenging but incredible. It’s amazing what we can do if we don’t let our mind tell us we can’t and as you know our thoughts create our reality! If you enjoy these please would you be so kind as to click the like or share button. You are a star! Also if you haven’t visited www.alovingspace.com do check it out as there is a ton of really in depth free astrology reports as well as a love oracle which I think is really cool.

Sending you a ton of love

Michele x

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