Weekly Horoscope 23rd October 2017 (written)

Our fab astrologer Helen has helped me out this week so I can get ahead with the November Monthly and the 2018 yearly horoscopes. Enjoy. Love Michele x

Weekly Forecast for all signs October 23


  • Strike a balance between caution and action
  • Look to what really holds you back
  • Success could be yours – if you’re bold enough to reach for it

Are you hesitating, Aries? You have a reputation for rushing in where angels fear to tread. Your heart is usually on fire and you leap. And while you don’t always land where you want to, experience has taught you that you’ll end up where you need to be. So what’s holding you back this week? Fear? Insecurity? Don’t let inner doubts trip you up or undermine what could be a big opportunity to enact long-term plans, fortify your position or make in-roads into a financial and/or career matter. You’re radiating personal magnetism and sizzling with sex-appeal. Success package? That’s you. Believe in your power. The Sun enters your 8th joining Mercury and of course, Jupiter in here. This could see a transformation occurring that benefits you not just in a material sense, but connects you to a deep well of personal power. With Mercury angling at Neptune on the 24th, you could receive information that allows you to see exactly what obstacles you have been putting in your own path. Now you can set yourself free. Pluto is the ruler of your 8th and he is occupying your 10th indicating that all this adds up to elevating your reputation or status in some way. But this may require you sticking to your guns and perhaps challenging the status quo – perhaps with a key relationship as he squares Venus. The results will be worth it however. Remember to strike a balance between looking before you leap, and that truism that s/he who hesitates is lost. Grab the prize – it’s within reach this week, Aries.

In a nutshell: You may be frozen uncharacteristically in place – like a ram caught in the headlights. Don’t overthink things or let fear stop you. To the bold goes the prizes this week!


Flaunt yourself

Get fit and fabulous

Odd coincidence

It’s all about you and others this week in a way it’s not been for 12 years. The reason being that the Sun now in your 7th, encounters Jupiter in here on the 26th. There’s some amazing aspects lighting up your social sector right now too as Mercury trines Neptune in your 11th and sextiles Pluto in your 9th. If you are single and want that to change, then this is one week of the year where you cannot afford to stay home and be a hermit. Get out and get noticed. Many people with Jupiter in their 7th expect him to just gift wrap that perfect partner and hand deliver him or her to their doorstep. Sorry to say, it doesn’t work like that, You need to give Jupiter a helping hand and at the very least, ensure that prospective Ms/Mr/Mx/Ind Right can find you. See this as a decision week. If you are single, do you sincerely want to change that? If so, take whatever steps you can think of to do so. You will shortly get another love shot in the arm when your ruler Venus encounters Jupiter in this, her ruling house, next month. For now, work this transit for all it is worth.

At the moment, Venus in your 6th squares Pluto in your 9th. If there is any area of your relationship that you now see is unworkable, this backdrop may well give you what you need to move on from it. The same goes for a working relationship as well. Explore all ways of interacting and connecting this week. No matter what the context there is no ‘I’ in ‘togetherness’ – and there’s none in ‘team’ either. It’s all about you and at least one another now. It takes two, baby.

In a nutshell: It’s all about you and at least one other person in a way it’s not been for 12 years, Taurus. Want to get closer? Make certain love or opportunity knows where to find you.


  • Work becomes play
  • Up the feel-good factor
  • Worship that body!

Feel-good opportunities around work, wellbeing, pets and fitness are yours to explore this week. As the Sun enters your 6th and meets up with the planet of expansion and opportunity – Jupiter, those of you looking for work or to change jobs – this week could see that job offer land. Especially as ruler Mercury sits in this, his ruling house too and makes a wonderful angle to Pluto in his ruling house – your corporate money and resources sector. He also trines Neptune in your career and status zone asking you to get clear about what it is you want to achieve and promising progress if you act with insight. You also have a need to shine and be acknowledged too. Are you getting that? In either your work life or even your personal one? There’s a feeling of ‘What about me?’ going on as Venus squares Pluto. This week could just deliver the recognition you desire – if not in one area, then another.

Loving the skin you’re in, worshipping that body, getting fitter, spending more time exercising or taking up a new sport or fitness routine is another aspect of Jupiter in your 6th. Some of you may even take this one step further and get a dog to ensure you get that exercise as your 6th also rules pets. Appreciating your body – no matter how it is right now, is your first step in this process. And then working to reach all that potential and the reward of discovering that yes, you can! In fact, potential is what this week is laden with for you. Work that.

In a nutshell: Feel-good opportunities on the work front have a knock-on effect. A new job, and a new you could go hand-in-hand. Work and working-out get fun without the ‘hard’.


  • Every little thing you do is magic
  • Take the starring role in your own life
  • Create, love, play

How much fabulousness can you take, Cancer? The sky is alight with romance and possibilities. For creation, for pleasure, for opportunities to shine. Time to feel – and be treated like a Queen or a King as the Sun enters your 5th and meets Jupiter in there for the first time in 12 years. Others may be wondering why you are so magnetic. Your default setting is ‘Attract’ right now. You should think and act like a superstar. And expect superstar results. What do superstars have plenty of? Answer: fans. You’re gathering those whether it is on a professional or a personal basis now. And effortlessly winning hearts and minds.

A creative change is occurring that transforms you and your world in the most divine way possible. This could be the start of a romance laden with rose petals of potential. That goal comes within reach. Or a door opens and all you have to do is step through it into something bigger and better than you possibly imagined. This week is all about abandoning yourself to pleasure, to dancing with life and to seeing everything you do as an act of play. You spend so much time putting others first but it’s now time to allow yourself to have the starring role in your own life.

Sting said it: Every little thing s/he does is magic. That’s what you bring to any situation. This week, the brightest star in the sky could possibly be you. And what do stars do best? Shine.

In a nutshell: Abandon yourself to pleasure, and let romance, passion and creativity flow. You light up the room – and the lives of those around you. You’re the star of your own show this week.


  • Create that castle
  • Think in the long term
  • Where do you belong – and do who?

Where’s your heart this week, Leo? Hopefully you answered ‘home’. Finding that home – be it your physical or spiritual one, or your ‘family’ and sense of belonging, is most likely top of your wishlist now. You are being offered a key – to which door? Ruler the Sun meets Jupiter in your sector of home, roots, family – and what these mean to you. Your sense of belonging – where and to whom, are increasingly important as is a place to call your own. This has not happened in 12 years. Many of you could make big decision around real estate now and there could be important documents to be signed relating to leases, mortgages, long term plans or your career.

Feeling powerful and ready to occupy that throne – or slice of heaven? Mercury the ruler of paperwork is also in your 4th now and trines Neptune in your 8th of resources. Deals could be finalised and contracts signed. Venus this week sits in Mercury’s ruling house – the 3rd, while Pluto sits in his other ruling house (the 6th).You’re being asked to look carefully at the small print while Jupiter takes care of the big picture for you. Work changes pave the way for home ones – and vice versa. It’s all about your own kingdom for the next 12 months, Leo. This week could see you take the first major step towards creating it. Or being handed the keys to the castle.

In a nutshell: Home, property dealings and your ‘family’ are where your heart is. Or creating these. Your living situation could change for the better as you claim the key to your future.


  • Discover how far an idea can take you
  • Launch a charm offensive
  • News brings benefits

Travel, learning, communications, commerce, words, your neighbourhood, siblings if you have them, and how you get around. Expect any, some or all of these themes to dominate over the next 12 months and benefits from them to arrive – perhaps as early as this week. The Sun enters your 3rd, joining your ruler Mercury in this, his ruling house. But the real star of the show is Jupiter – occupying this sector of your chart for the first time in 12 years. He could be delivering big news that you can’t miss, a beneficial trip, a business success or changing how you work or get around for the better. Writing, speaking, teaching, studying – all these things are quite literally an ‘open book’ for you now. If your work involves you using words in any way – marketing, advertising, the media or even the law, you’ll see first hand the benefits your words can bring you as you weave magic spells that sway your audience. Or you discover just how far an idea can take you.

The mystical Pied Piper? That’s you! You can also bring your incredible gift of the gab to bear on your personal life too. Your charm goes into overdrive combined with a irresistible devil-may-care attitude. Ruler Mercury trine to mystical Neptune in your 7th means you know exactly what it is lovers and others want to hear. Venus sits in her ruling house in your chart (2nd) square to Pluto in your romantic and flirtatious 5th. Is there sexual tension in the air? With Mercury in the mix that’s a definite flirt alert. But don’t flirt unless you’re prepared to follow through. Talk is cheap but actions speak louder than words. This week could see you take a big step towards success.

In a nutshell: What’s the big idea, this week, Virgo? You are! You’re the talk of the town and also talking up a storm. Flirt with the power of words this week and love the results.


You’re right on the money

Invest in emotional worth

Create abundance

Jupiter has only been in your 2nd house for a short time but you may already be experiencing a shift in your material status. If your bank account has not already begun to benefit from Jupiter’s generosity, you should at the very least feel a change to your values and your ability to receive abundance. Your self-worth and what you expect to receive have a big part to play here. The Sun moves from your sign and enters your 2nd this week and meets Jupiter in here for the first time in 12 years. This can add up to a real boost to your bank account but also to your self-worth and values – which are at the end of the day your true wealth-building assets. Many Librans will be handling larger amounts of money during the next 12 months, and this week could see benefits flow to you from extra work or a new source of income – thanks to Mercury also in your 2nd who makes a wonderful angle to Neptune in Mercury’s ruling house (6th). All this adds up to your best opportunity to increase your assets and what you value, in 12 years.

Ruler Venus – who also rules your 2nd, remains in your 1st for the moment and is telling you that any extra cash that turns up now, needs to be invested rather than spent. In something that holds deep emotional importance for you. Pluto sits in your 4th of home and security, so this tells you that this is all about what sustains you in the long term. Mercury also angles at Pluto as your long term financial landscape shifts. Don’t give in to the desire to just ‘acquire’. This is about the future. Remember, next month Venus will also enter your 2nd and meet Jupiter too. Think of this week as a down-payment – with the possibility of an even bigger payday to come.  Let abundance flow.

In a nutshell: Your bank account, your self-worth and your values could be in for a boost this week. It’s all about embracing abundance. And being ready to receive.


  • Happy birthday, phoenix rising
  • Prepare for breath-taking things
  • Create a new you – and a new future

Happy birthday, Scorpio. Be prepared for breath-taking events. Get ready for one of the most expansive years you have experienced in a very long time thanks to Jupiter’s presence in your sign. He’s in here to help you open up to just what is possible for you, to bring changes to your appearance and outlook and to send you on a journey of discovery – this could be metaphorical or even literal. Time to ask what it is you want to do, see or experience. Travel is highlighted for the next year – or dealing with people from far away. This week sees a heart-starting aspect of this cycle occur as the Sun encounters Jupiter on the 26th. If your birthday is on this day – you have far to go. All phoenixes will be set to receive Jupiter benefits in one shape or form.

Mercury is also in your sign and makes a wonderful angle to Neptune in your 5th this week as well as ruler Pluto in your 3rd. Dreamy encounters, romantic dreams realised or even news that  takes a situation to a whole other level are just a few of the possibilities. Life is literally an open book for you this week in more ways than one. Venus in your 12th is linking you to the past. By all means examine it but above all, remember the past is a trap for you and right now it should all be about the new. And that means a new you so don’t be your old self. You are the sign of reinvention so why not celebrate by doing just that? When you look and act different, you create a new future as you get a different reaction from those you already know, and attract a wealth of possibilities with those you don’t. Make yourself your own best work of art and see how many admirers that gets you.

In a nutshell: A birthday season like no other begins thanks to Jupiter in your sign joining the party. Get ready for a ‘no-limits’ year when you can launch yourself into incredible possibilities.


  • Insights lead to freedom
  • Your intuition delivers gifts you can use
  • Get ready to explore a new dimension

The run-up to your birthday gets all a little bit mystical and mysterious, Sag. Ruler Jupiter is occupying the house of the spiritual exploration, the occult and the multiverse in your chart for the next 12 months, and he’s joined by the Sun in here this week. Mercury is in here as well, boosting your intuition and psychic ability and as he trines Neptune the ruler of this house on the 24th, pay close attention to dreams, those ‘gut feelings’, synchronicities or what your intuition is telling you about a person or situation. It will prove to be 100% spot-on so ignore it at your peril. People from your past or even your past lives, will feature in some way. They either return for new relevance or for you to finally close that door for good. Jupiter in your 12th has to be experienced rather than explained away. He brings benefits but these may be more of the intangible kind – such as self-or-mystical knowledge. The missing piece of the puzzle that bring about that ‘Ah-ha!’ moment as the Sun strikes your ruler illuminating your path ahead. These are Jupiter’s gifts in your 12th. Stuck? You’ll be unstuck. Lost? Turns out you’re found or right where you need to be.

While Jupiter in the 12th isn’t usually a material transit, you do have Pluto working in your money zone so transformations around finances can’t be ruled out. If you’re looking for money to learn, study or travel for a good cause, then you could just see a ka-ching moment occur. Is there a spiritual lesson to be learned by having the money? If you want to travel to volunteer somewhere, work behind the scenes, embrace knowledge and create some good karma then the next 12 months could see you embark on that journey. Think of this week as your cosmic start-up and the universe might just go fund you.

In a nutshell: The Sun meets Jupiter in your mysterious 12th for the first time in 12 years. So prepare for illumination, a blot from the blue and revelations that set you free.


Make three wishes

Chase down the dream

Expand your social world

Have you made your three wishes, Capricorn? When Jupiter entered your 11th earlier this month, you may remember this is what I told you to do. Hopefully you followed by instructions. This week says – be careful what you wish for as you may get it. Or at the very least get some help in attaining it. I also hope that you didn’t limit the potential of this cycle by simply asking for more ‘stuff’. Jupiter works best in your 11th when you wish for something that will broaden your horizons and add to your treasure house of knowledge and experience. With Pluto in your 1st intent on personal transformation and impacted this week by both Venus and Mercury (also in your 11th), then wishes that bring about profound changes in your worldview are the ones which resonate with this cycle.

This could work by Jupiter placing in your path those who can help you on your journey. As the Sun and Jupiter meet this week, you too could meet Jupiter in person. Jupiter is set to expand your social and professional circle and in doing so, expand the resources available to you in order to make dreams come true.

You’re being linked to that dream by Mercury as well this week as he trines Neptune in your 3rd, delivering news or directions that lead to how or where the dream can be made real. Remember, you have to take the first step here. Get out and about, accept all invitations, and connect. Friends bring benefits in more ways than one.

In a nutshell: Your social life is set to expand and goals, wishes and dreams come within reach. Who you know becomes all important as friends and connections offer benefits.


Take a big step towards success

Define your path

Rewards and recognition could be yours

Time to make that career move, Aquarius. To take yourself seriously when it comes to your job skills and what you have to offer, and to get noticed, in all the right ways, by people in positions of influence. Dust off those ambitions and aim for the top. The Sun enters your 10th of career and status and meets Jupiter in here this week. This is the first time this has occurred in 12 years. Some of you may have been too young to really benefit from this transit the last time it happened as you may have been in full-time education. If not, think back 12 years to what opportunities for career advancement were offered. What doors opened? Who offered to open them for you? Did you choose to walk through or looking back, do you now have regrets at missed opportunities?

You’re being offered a second chance at success – or a first, to make significant in-roads in your chosen field as at least one big opportunity will present itself during the next 12 months. It could even be now, so be ready. Looking to change direction? You will find with Jupiter in here that this is easier than at any other time. Events that set your feet on the right path could see your career transform as Venus and Pluto reveal your purpose or set in motion something that bumps you out of that dead-end job. Mercury is also in your 10th and along with Neptune in your money zone could be bringing you financial rewards too. Whether you’re after the corner office, a job which offers more satisfaction or a place at The Apprentice house, the sky’s the limit starting now.

In a nutshell: Your ambitions soar. You establish yourself in your chosen field or enter a new one which offers success and satisfaction. Get ready for career recognition this week.


Explore where the magic happenss

Dream big, do bigger

Fate puts your feet on a higher path

Pack your bags, Pisces. You’re off on a journey now and this could be metaphorical – a learning curve or journey, or a real one. Travel, foreigners, far horizons beckon. Your ancient ruler Jupiter is in his ruling house in your chart (9th) for the first time in 12 years. He’s going to deliver a bigger, broader life experience than anything you’ve experienced during this time. It’s all about setting your sights high and stepping boldly out of your comfort zone. Your mantra: Magic happens. Know where it happens? Outside your comfort zone. If it stretches you, involves something new – learning something, broadening your horizons and doing something on a grand scale – then go for it. The Sun enters your 9th and bumps into Jupiter this week perhaps delivering your first taste of what’s to come. Chances are this is all tangled up in a big dream of yours. Something intensely special and soul-resonating you’ve been nurturing. Mercury also in your 9th angles to ruler Neptune in your 1st. Does this mean travelling to a distant goal or shore? You’re setting sail now.

There’s an element of chance or luck on your side too. Of being in the right place at the right time or encountering just the right person or opportunity to make things happen for you. Pluto the lord of transformation, sits in your social sector which coincidentally, also rules your goals wishes and dreams. Someone could put their knowledge, contacts, influence or resources behind you or literally offer an opportunity that sets you free on this new path. There are no limits now. Only a limitless sky. And the only way is up for you.

In a nutshell: Big opportunities and far horizons lure you out of your comfort zone. You’re entering the Expansion Zone. There’s no limits here. Just magic.

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