Weekly Written Horoscope – All Signs 29/10/2018


Ready for some intoxicating stuff?
You have the power
Prepare for recognition and rewards

Power. Sex. Transformation. Status. Recognition and renown. From the penthouse to the bedroom, Whatsapp to Facebook, who has the power in all your relationships and shifts within these, are on the agenda for this week. Ruler Mars sits in his ancient ruling house in your chart. Those you associate with – whether these connections are on a personal or a professional level, have the ability to impact or affect how you are perceived and seen. This week will show you one way or another that we can be judged by the company we keep – or the company we work for.

Mars makes a potentially status-enhancing angle to Pluto in your 10th and this week sees both the dazzling Sun and loving Venus also in your house of career, status and reputation, both meet Pluto in here. It’s time to take yourself seriously and to set major changes in motion. You could be encountering people in positions of power and authority and it’s essential that you come across as someone who knows what they are talking about.

A radical shift in your career path or even your personal life could follow. On an inner level, this could be directly linked to how you see your sexual partner or your career/position in life as reflecting on your status. Or if you don’t have a partner, how that affects you too. Mercury enters Capricorn in your house of reputation and career this week and meets stern papa Saturn, Capricorn’s and the 10th house ruling planet.

The news that arrives could impact on your outer and inner status. Single? You could attract the attention of someone in a position of influence or power. Just don’t fall into the trap of ‘Are they really going out with me?’ Remember, it’s how you see yourself that ultimately matters.

In a nutshell: Your professional or career status is subject to change. Even how people perceive you could transform. Take yourself seriously this week, Aries.


Free your soul
Initiate changes
Prepare for improvements

If ever there was an opportunity to break free of restrictions or explore a new direction loaded with possibilities, this is your week, Taurus. Chances are your soul has been crying out for change for some time. I know change is hard, but when it comes you flower! If you’ve been following your forecasts on a regular basis then you know that change has been a theme for you recently.

This week could see you unable to put it off any longer. Change is like a rogue wave sweeping you up and away whether you are willing to initiate it or not. I really would recommend you do as the problem with rogue waves is that we don’t know where they will wash us up. When we instigate change ourselves, we at least have the advantage of jumping on our proverbial surfboard, enjoying the ride and steering towards a specific destination. Climb aboard baby!

I once read a highly humorous astrology piece which perfectly summed up the Taurus attitude to change. Basically it said the Taurus holiday from hell would be to go on one with a Gemini and a Sagittarius. Not only would plans change without notice (‘Plans? What plans?!’) but there would never be any knowing when the next meal might arrive – or what form it would take when it did.

With ruler Venus, and the Sun in your adventure zone impacting on Mars in your love house, partnerships, working relationships and even your job could shift and change without notice – especially as both Venus and the Sun bump into Pluto in your adventure zone this week. Add to the fact Mercury shifts into the same space from the 11th and meets Saturn in here on the 13th – one life journey is ending with a new one to begin. It’s an exquisite stretching of your boundaries. Get a head start on travel arrangements now and begin the journey yourself. Don’t wait for that cosmic travel agent (undoubtedly a Sag as Jupiter Sag’s ruling planet it all mixed up in this) to do it for you. Step into the unknown this week.

In a nutshell: The call to change may now be irresistible, Taurus. Time to initiate those plans. Especially if they involve freedom and leaving limitations behind you.


Are you tempted or the tempter/tress?
Tap into personal power
Expect changes around money, salary or something you share

Unlike next door sign of Taurus, you cope with change better than most, Gemini. Good thing too as this week brings a slew of planets in your house of transformation, endings and personal power. Oh and sex. The 8th house is the house of sex and creation as well as death and rebirth. This week could involve a bit of both.

Being the sign of duality, perhaps this is a good time to talk about Double Jeopardy. Yikes, your primal zone contains temptation, obsession and forbidden fruit. Pluto rules this house and is caught up in the majority of this week’s aspects, resisting temptation if it crosses your path, may be hard to do. However the planets are helping you explore your sexuality, your confidence and your power.

OK, be aware that you may be found out if you do so ensure the risks are worth it. Changes around work, your salary, something you share with another or just you letting someone know where the boundaries lie are also possible this week. If it is a question of someone crossing the line, you may have to own the fact you should have enforced this a long time ago.

This week can see personal power dynamics shift in all kinds of relationships. But fear not! Although there are some pretty compelling dynamics flying about, they are all quite positive. As long as you are honest with yourself, you come across as charismatic and intriguing. You should feel more than capable of turning this weeks energy to your advantage.

With Venus meeting Pluto in here that connection that’s been smouldering away for a while now breaks free like wildfire. Just don’t get burned. Ruler Mercury is also on his way from the 11th. He meets Saturn in here on the 13th. Saturn rules time and karma and chances are he now says ‘Time’s up!’. If you’ve been marking time in anything from a dead-end job to a relationship that’s long since been lived out, this could mark your transition. Embrace the sheer, liberating power of transformation whichever form it now takes.

In a nutshell: Temptation? Can you resist it this week, Gemini? Or are you yourself the temptation someone else finds impossible to resist?


Love truly is all around you
Passion, pleasure and fun rule
Get serious about romance

The areas of your chart where romance begins and where it goes to become something lasting are all lit up this week. It is potentially a time for love like no other, Cancer. You have Jupiter in your house of pleasure and creativity for the first time in 12 years and Saturn in your relationship zone for the first time in 29! Add to this a once-in-a-lifetime transit of Pluto through your relationship zone when this is going on and the patterns become unique and unrepeatable. Expect a major shift in partnerships, love affairs, creative ventures, bedroom shenanigans or around children.

Even though the Sun, Mercury and Venus all visit your 7th house once a year, they have not been in residence when all this is going on. This is Venus’s ruling house in your chart of course. Singles could see the arrival of someone new and positively magnetic (or is it you who is the magnet and just set to attract?!). Established relationships could undergo a big shift as both the Sun and Venus meet Pluto the Lord of transformation.

Mars is also in your passion/creativity/happy house heating up passion, giving rise to the need for creative expression – both in the bedroom or out of it. As both he and Jupiter are in your house of children, then pregnancy may be on the cards for some of you. Saturn’s presence in your 7th means that commitment could beckon for others as you take that relationship to the next level. Just be aware that Saturn rules karma and time and Pluto rules endings. If something no longer has a future, then your time may be up now. Look to serious conversations about the future involving you and at least one other person as Mercury arrives in here and meets Saturn on the 13th. Time for a serious commitment to love – whether it’s to finding a new one or loving the one you’re with or even loving and nurturing yourself.

In a nutshell: Long live love, Cancer! Once in a lifetime aspects sprinkle your house of romance and your partnership zone with potential as Cupid goes crazy!


You’re nice to come home to and lovely to work with
Work news boosts your bank account and your mojo
Plan for the long term

Venus and Mars both sit in sectors in your chart that don’t suit either planet’s vibe. Venus is in your house of work and daily responsibilities while Mars is in your 4th of home, hygge and security. Neither are happy houseguests. Venus finds all that routine stuff dull and Mars is hardly your domestic bliss kind of planet. However, when it comes to changing rooms or even moving, Mars in your 4th has you renovating or packing while Venus in your 6th gives you the ability to impress present or even future employers and enhances your relationships with clients and co-workers alike. While it’s all too easy to focus on Mars chafing against all the domesticity of your 4th, the opposite house – your 10th, is all about your long term career which forms the building blocks for everything else. Let’s not forget that Jupiter is also in your 4th now intent on giving you something to come home to – and the means to acquire that.

Your ruler the Sun is also in your 6th and this week sextiles Jupiter and Mars and meets Venus and Pluto. The result could be a transformation for the better when it comes to your job. As Venus rules your bank account as well as your love life, more money could sweeten the deal. If you’re waiting to hear news on an interview, a promotion or a contract of any kind it should not be too long coming as Mercury enters your 6th (which he rules) on the 11th. He’ll encounter Saturn in here for the first time in 29 years on the 13th. Whatever is agreed, could determine your destiny and your work and living arrangements for a long time to come now. Get ready to seal the deal.

In a nutshell: Long awaited job changes and rewards could appear now, Leo. It’s all about laying the foundations for your future. You’ve all the building blocks this week.


Live in the moment
Love what you do
Be present for success

Time to light up, Virgo. The room, your love life, the meeting and of course – you! You’re in the spotlight in some way this week. The Sun is in its ruling house in your chart (5th) and so is Venus, Saturn, Pluto and from the 11th, Mercury your ruler. To say you have never had a start to a New Year quite like this one would be an understatement. This is a once-in-a-lifetime line-up and it’s all about romance, fun, flirtation, pleasure, attraction, creativity and children.

What or perhaps who you attract this week has the power to transform – if you act with presence and passion. It’s a week of attraction and abandonment. Abandon yourself to The Power of Passion is yours. However, to really take advantage of this week you have to follow one very simple rule: be present. What is ‘star quality’? We associate this with celebrities and actors. But when you stop to think about it, chances are you have met people from all walks of life who have it. Yes, it’s a mixture of many things but with all these planets in your shining 5th you can channel it too. By being in the moment. By enjoying everything that moment offers and being totally focussed on the fun and the people there with you. That’s star quality. If you can remember these rules you will send your ability to attract skyrocketing. Just like a superstar. Fate is unfolding although you may not realise this as Mercury now enters your 5th, giving you not just flirtation power but the ability to capture an audience with your ideas. As he meets Saturn you could be set for acknowledgement or success. Light up this week, Virgo.

In a nutshell: You’ve more than a touch of star quality this week, Virgo. Be present in the moment and play to the crowd. You’re set to blaze a trail to win hearts and minds now.


Map out your money path
Invest in your living space or lifestyle
Resources open up

Big decisions around your living space, your home, apartment, people you love with or your lifestyle can be made this week. It’s all about long term planning and a future foundation that may have eluded you until now. Maybe because you just did not have the resources to create this. Jupiter in your money zone is on a mission during 2018 to increase your assets. Have a plan for when they arrive.

This week may be one where increases arrive thanks to ruler Venus in your 4th as well as the Sun making angles of attraction to Jupiter. Then you have Mars in your 2nd prompting you to take action on your own behalf. The Sun, Venus and Pluto all meet this week. Remember in mythology, Pluto guarded the Riches of the Underworld. This could mark some of them being released and sent your way. Remember, as your 4th is in focus this is all about the long term and your security. So, money is to be invested in some way for your future rather than frittered away. Mercury enters your 4th on the 11th and he’s now free from his retrograde shadow period so this marks all systems go when it comes to pushing forward cash-generating plans. He meets Saturn the Lord of Establishing Foundations on the 13th. Work with this energy and the news you receive now could see you building something that lasts.

In a nutshell: Changes to your home or living arrangements loom in 2018. This week could see the first stage of your Changing Rooms scenario. You’ve the key to this now, Libra.


The talk hots up
No more putting off that conversation
Say what you mean to say

A conversation between your rulers ancient and modern has to have a big effect on you, Scorpio. Mars presently in your sign opens up the dialogue with Pluto in your communication zone this week. The conversation could just be profound, deep, sexy and game-changing for you. It’s time to experience for yourself the power of words. And understand why the pen can be mightier than the sword. It’s all about communicating to get what you want or news that changes everything. What needs to be said and the way it is said plays a role. What’s more – with Pluto in the mix there’s no such thing as a taboo subject. If you’ve been putting off having a conversation with someone you’re now going there. And getting straight to the point about it. Mars after all favours action.

If you’re launching anything like a business, a pitch, a blog, a website, a product – what you say is going to resonate with the collective on a deep level. If you’re being interviewed for that new job or position, you’ve the power of conviction and to get your point across. Venus is in your 3rd as well as the Sun adding charisma and softening Pluto’s approach. It’s an irresistible combination so work this now. The Sun and Venus angle back at Mars and your new found power with words can also be used to attract and flirt, drawing potential lovers to you with a combination of allure and sexy banter! Talk up a storm this week and expect results from this as Mercury now swings into this, his ruling house from the 11th and bumps into Saturn in here on the 13th. That’s your lasting effect. Say it like you mean it this week.

In a nutshell: Talk gets deep but not cheap this week. Plus there’s no subject you’re not prepared to tackle. Sex? All talk plus action too.


Remove blocks to abundance
Play by the (money) rules
Yes you are – worth it!

Cash up your self-worth this week, Sag. What stands between you and true abundance? It’s a Go Fund Me week if you play your cards right but you need to look closely at where you may be blocked when it comes to receiving prosperity and then take steps to remove this. Ruler Jupiter and Mars in your 12th have you digging away at those deeply held thoughts and beliefs around you and your cash. Have trouble holding on to it? Feelings of unworthiness? Mike Todd the Hollywood producer who was married to Elizabeth Taylor once said ‘I’ve been broke but I’ve never been poor. Being broke is temporary. Being poor is a state of mind.’ How’s that state of mind, Sag?

A slew of planets are sitting in your money zone now including Venus who rules this house in your chart. You also have the Sun, Mercury from the 11th, Pluto and Saturn making his first visit in here for 29 years. Saturn loves structure and rules. Time to make some around your money. Your cash and your attitude to it could be in for a profound transformation this week as the Sun and Venus meet Pluto and all of them angle back at Mars in your 12th. Time to take control of your financial destiny when Mercury heads in here. He’s now out of retrograde shadow so it’s time to initiate any action you can take when it comes to money matters. Play by the rules now – and these can be rules you set yourself, and you could be heading into the black for some time to come as Mercury’s meeting with Saturn promises news of something you can build from. Time to be more money-minded and this begins with knowing your own worth.

In a nutshell: Back in black? When it comes to your money it’s never out of style. You could just be dressed for financial success for 2018, Sag.


Find your people
Who or what do you desire?
Action turns dreams into reality

The sign with the mostest – that’s you this week, Capricorn. Mercury’s arrival in your sign on the 11th bumps those planets up to a stellium of five. You’ve never experienced a line-up like this. Time for deep personal transformations and soul determining choices now. You’ve Mars and Jupiter sitting in your 11th of friends, contacts and groups and remember, this house is also all about your goals, wishes and dreams. Jupiter brings you lucky breaks while Mars just cannot stand still. He’s pushing you out there into the big wide world and getting you to take action on your desires and dreams.

So what it is you want, Capricorn? Chances are that has undergone a shift of late. It’s time to acknowledge those deeply personal desires around your tribe, what you have to contribute to the collective and on an even deeper level around love, sex and your most intimate connections. Benefits via friends or groups or the success of a group venture could be about to follow as the Sun and Venus in your 1st align with Jupiter in your 11th. Pluto in your 1st angles back at Mars in here plus we have Venus and the Sun meeting Pluto in your 1st on the 9th. Attracting powerful friends or a shift in your social status may be just two outcomes now. You could be on your way towards whatever it is you want for the long term as Mercury swoops in from the 11th and meets Saturn your ruler on the 13th. News, travel, writing or business ventures are linked to those goals. Follow through this week, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: Are you reaching towards a new star? Or does an old goal still hold relevance? Don’t stop believing you can reach it now.


Find your calling
Is your past the building blocks for the future – or a trap?
Success? You’ve earned it!

What’s your true purpose, Aquarius? Ready to discover it? Your loaded 12th this week offers more than just a clue but a link to higher inspiration and spiritual truth. It may mean delving deep into the heart of your psyche to unearth this. Or even what it is that may be preventing you for living this out. Revelations are in order so stand by. While some may come as no surprise as you realise you have always known it on a gut level, others may come as a complete shock.

A word of warning. If someone from your past re-appears now claiming they have changed, you are advised to adopt a ‘wait and see’ approach as chances are – they haven’t. In fact, if someone such as an old lover does turn up, it may be for just one quick go-around to then disappear from your life for good. You might want to just spare yourself this. However, links to your past or even past lives thanks to an incredible five – yes, FIVE! planets in here including Saturn who rules our karma, could put you in a position to discharge karmic debts or have then discharged to you by those who owe you. Your 12th is concerned with matters of the soul and spirit rather than material concerns.

However, this week we have the Sun, Venus and Pluto meeting in here and impacting Mars in your career zone. You may suddenly veer from matters of the spirit to being a supercharged dynamo of success. Again, look to who may be helping you. Rewards come from past efforts as Mercury swings in here and bumps into Saturn on the 13th. What comes to you is owed you on some way. And that’s the
spiritual truth.

In a nutshell: Time for a soul purpose journey, Aquarius. Time to discover what that is. And yes, you can combine that with material success too!


Get connected
Friendships get locked in for the long term
Get ready to go places

Ready for a little exploration, Pisces? You have Jupiter planet of adventure and expansion in his ruling 9th in your chart as well as Mars in here determined to tip you out of your comfort zone and out the door. Your goals, wishes and dreams are in focus this week as well as friends, groups (and this could be literal as in a band), your tribe, contacts and networks. Who is with you on your road trip and also who could help you get there?

Your friendships and even professional contacts are being locked in for the long term this week with one emerging of special significance for you. Look to who is around you, who you hear from now or who you meet especially around the time when Mercury who arrives in here from the 11th, meets Saturn on the 13th.
If you have been thinking of ‘joining’ anything, this week is a fabulous entrée period. Reach out, connect, accept all invitations and get out and about.

With the Sun and Venus conjunct and meeting Pluto in your 11th as well as socialising back to Mars in your 9th, friends and social situations place you in situations where you can be seen as someone going places – or connect to those who already are. Above all, don’t be a wallflower. Make an effort to start conversations. It may surprise you to know that many of the world’s top actors confess to being introverts in their private lives – despite their performances and greeting fans.

So, even if you are shy, embrace your audience this week. The transformation that one particular connection could bring you may be nothing less than astounding.

In a nutshell: Push through shyness and step out with confidence this week. Even if you’re shaking in your shoes. You’ll fake it till you make it – and win hearts and friends doing so.

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