Weekly Horoscope Forecast August 8th 2016

Saturn the Lord of responsibility is going direct this week. There is a feeling of a burden being lifted and we can all move forward with our plans and make strong commitments. Check out your Moon sign for how this will impact your emotions and your Ascendant to find out how others  perceive this change in you. If you don’t know your birth chart you can find out with my free birth chart calculator.

If you enjoyed this, why not try a reading with one of my award winning psychics, all hand picked by me?

Featured Psychic Sharie.

Your feedback about our Sharie

“She described exactly what is going on for me right now right from the start – it did blow my mind, but in a good way! She was so insightful about past events, without labouring over them, and related them to my present experiences in a meaningful way. Her humour, warmth and gift left me feeling very much encouraged and hopeful about where I am now and the future. ”

“I have had many readings over the years and I must say that my conversation with Sharie has been my favourite of all. She is so sweet and uplifting and got straight to the point. Without me giving any information, Sharie was able to pinpoint the exact area where I live, as well as the place I was planning on moving to. She told me I’d be moving “10 miles more north” than where I currently live, and this is exactly the plan! Mindblowing, and her Welsh accent is so soothing, especially when you are in such a state of anxiety. I cannot wait to have another reading with Sharie and share how her predictions came to pass.”

“I have just had an emotional reading with Sharie and it was emotional because she picked up on my beloved grandmother who came through to her.  She said her name is an old fashioned name linked to a flower.  Her name is Lilian and she picked up on her character and the way she was, playful and cheeky. She said we are very alike and we are, in looks and in personality.  That meant everything to me. She picked up on my Celtic roots being part Welsh even though I have a London accent. I feel very blessed and I feel much lighter in myself now to have had the joy of talking with Sharie. She was exactly what I had hoped for, warm, friendly and insightful and encouraging and kind.”


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