11th Dec 2017 Weekly Horoscope Forecast


Weekly Horoscope January 6th 2020 – It’s all kicking off!



Dare to be bolder!
Pause for thought but then act with confidence
Extraordinary times call for you to be extraordinary

You’re now in a state of preparation. Aries. But for what? Last week jump-started your engines when rule Mars entered your 9th. But now you’ve paused for a stock take. This may be a necessary pause in progress in preparation for this week’s big build up which could see you stepping into a far bigger role. That soul audit focusses on both home and work. The full Moon in its ruling 4th on the 10th is opposed by the Sun and Mercury in your 10th. There’s a question here about what you need to do to get ahead and also around those emotional needs too. But wait – this full Moon triggers a penumbral eclipse. This will throw 90% of the Moon’s surface into shadow. Those needs may change or who or what you thought may fulfil them may also shift or be shown to not meet them. Wait as you know emotions – yours or even anothers, are not as they appear.

You are being prepared to make what could turn out to be the biggest move you’ll ever attempt. One that offers you an opportunity to climb higher or reach for a solution that’s been out of grasp – until now. You would have had to have been living on another planet (Pluto perhaps?!), not to have heard that the biggest planetary event in 500 years occurs in your 10th on the 12th. This day sees Saturn, Pluto, Ceres and Mercury meet. Chiron in your 1st trines ruler Mars in your 9th just days before this, telling you that if you want something, an audacious approach is called for. One you may not have dared to take before. But extraordinary times don’t just call for extraordinary measures. They call for you to showcase the extraordinary you that you may have been keeping in hiding. Changing your approach could not only change your status as opportunities come within your grasp. But also how others see you from here on in. You are always the bold one of the Zodiac, Aries. Be even bolder this week. Go on – I dare you!

In a nutshell: Once in a lifetime aspects ask you to reach for a more confident, bolder approach when it comes to success, Aries. Words that simply describe you anyway. Be more than you’ve ever been before this week.



Set the engine of change in motion

Transformations set you free

Explore something bigger

You’re no fan of the ‘C’ word, Taurus. But as I love to remind people – without change there would be no butterflies. This week is all about the change that embracing something bigger, wilder and different brings you. Some of you may be travelling at this time due to what is an extraordinary journey-making line up in your 9th. This includes Jupiter which rules this house as well as airlines, long haul journeys and foreigners. Even if you are heading somewhere new and unfamiliar, know that this experience is designed specifically to change your personal worldview. Plus you may have been here before due to Jupiter opposing the North Node in your 3rd on the 7th. If something feels familiar – like a choice or direction to take, how did you choose before? Is it time to choose different this time around? News you receive as the time of the full eclipsed Moon in your 3rd will point to this – but you still don’t have the bigger picture yet.

However, this could foreshadow a fabulous new direction reveal itself or set you on an unexpected course. Again, see change or fate being at work. Without it you would never grow and remain stuck in situations which hold you back. The big, wide world – or a bigger slice of it, is yours to explore now thanks to what is a once-in-a-lifetime line up of planets in your 9th. We’ve not seen anything like this in 500 years. Nor will we again. The 12th sees Saturn, Pluto, Mercury and Ceres meet in your 9th. You’re journeying into a brand new world. Either via a learning opportunity or an actual trip. Like the Hero’s Journey in mythology, once you embark on it you may return home, but you will come back changed. You know there’s no ignoring the call to adventure. Or U-turns now. Live the journey and in doing so, be released from something that has held you back for far too long.

In a nutshell: Embrace the change and become the change you need in your world, Taurus. Opportunity to explore freedom is knocking. If you’ve been stuck in place for far too long – time to escape into something bigger.



What is most valuable to you?

Know your price

The Bank of Angels wants balance but also pays interest!

This week is all about your money and your values, Gemini. What you will and won’t ‘sell out’ for but also the flip side of this is ‘The price is right’. It’s about what you know you’re worth, what is priceless to you and what you refuse to compromise on. And what you will. I’m talking big money and big business. Not just your money either but money you may have access to which belongs to others or which you share. That joint account is an obvious example as is your mortgage, loan or credit cards and even your salary, benefits or perks. These are assets banks, other institutions and your employer share with you. It always involves a deal or negotiation and often a compromise too. Think about it. You trade your time and your expertise for a wage or salary. You are given a mortgage or a loan by the bank and now pay interest on it. All this is determined by the price you and they, set on your worth and ability to pay it back or your ‘market value’ if you like. You exchange one thing for another. Time for money. In a committed relationships freedom for security. That’s the cost and also the pay-off. What you can ‘bank on’.

The full Moon on the 10th in your 2nd is shadowed by an eclipse. Have you been underselling yourself unwittingly? Because it is asking you what you now believe your value truly is. It’s also asking you what you actually ‘feel’ about your money. Money is simply energy. An exchange as I said. But so often it gets an emotional charge attached to it. Feeling you are ‘worth-less’ on a soul level and as a person simply because you have less of the folding or material stuff. Full Moons always reflect their light into the house opposite to the one they appear in. In this case your 8yh where all the action is taking place.

We can’t talk about the 8th right now without using the term ‘Plutocrat’ due to the historic meeting between Pluto, Saturn, Ceres and your ruler Mercury on the 12th. Yes, those individuals who have amassed perhaps more than their fair share of wealth. Or used their money to buy power or influence. Then there’s the ‘Angel’s Share’ – taken from the expression which refers to the mysterious evaporation which occurs during the process of making whisky. In other words, the Plutocrats have left the rest of us living on fumes and the elusive whiff of their success. This once in a 500 year meeting could see you being given access to more than just fumes as who determines who gets what share, may be forced to share more fairly. Developments out there in the big wide world may hand you access to more. Shifts within personal relationship dynamics could see power shared more equally if this has been an issue. How you feel about having or handling more, what you believe you are worth and deserve to have, all play their role. A better way of share allocation and rewards could be to your direct benefit now. Call this interest from the Bank of Angels if you benefit this week, Gemini.

In a nutshell: You have the power to strike a new fairer deal when it comes to money or anything you share with another now, Gemini. It all rests with knowing your worth. So state your value and bank on the results!



Who is heaven is that opposite number?

Make love real

If your heart has a vacancy to fill you’re open for business now!

This week’s full Moon in your 1st is like no other as it sees you either looking out directly at someone opposite you. But through a glass darkly as they say. As it is a penumbral eclipse where 90% of its surface will be shadowed by the Earth. It may in fact be about that shadowy, empty space that your heart knows it’s time to fill, Cancer. Which one is it? Future relationships will be determined now. Either the direction a current one is headed in. Or else you know with a certainty, it’s now time to find that perfect person to fill that vacant position in your life or in your heart.

If we’re talking about your 7th, this encompasses all close relationships. Not just your marriage partner, long term love (or prospective one), but business partners, activity buddies, close friends, collaborators, working ties or even that rival or opponent. Because this is the house of marriage this includes the two warring sides that can emerge in divorce too!

Hopefully for you, this isn’t about conflict but is all about the love. Or you benefitting via someone you love – or will love. And it’s all love! One particular person who represents the pivotal partnership issues or relationship that is most important to you now, is likely to be at the epicentre of this week’s heart-determining aspects. The greatest love in 1000 years?! Well, we’ve not had a meeting between Saturn and Pluto in your 7th for 500! Performing at what can only be called the Woodstock of astro festivals in the Winter of Cosmic Love-ins, are also Mercury and Ceres which are also conjunct these two. Huey Lewis said it: That’s the power of love. You have now to determine your love future. It will be intense, powerful but above all – real There’s no more room for anyone or anything that is not genuine, committed or serious. Watch as what isn’t simply falls away to make room for something or someone that is. You can’t fake the feeling. And neither can anyone hide the fact that they aren’t serious under the light of the Moon and this planetary mash-up. Love has to be real – or just forget about it now, Cancer.

In a nutshell: You can’t hide the feeling. And neither can anyone hide theirs from you. Love determining aspects in your house of partnerships set the future in motion for you and someone else. Love simply gets real this week, Cancer.



Opt for everyday stardom

Reclaim that feelgood factor

Ditch the soul drain!

Like it or not, even superstars and billionaires have to do mundane stuff. Sure, you can pay someone to take out the trash or squeeze those blackheads for you. Not that royalty like you has blackheads of course. But no matter our position or status, sooner or later we have to Do The Work. Taking care of the daily business of living is, after all, a full-time occupation. Which takes on new importance for you this week.

So, this all-important week asks first how are you living and then- what is stopping you from living your life to the fullest? This weeks full Moon of Mystery in your 12th is an eclipse hiding something directly related to your wellbeing, work or routine. Look closely as your intuition takes a leap in the dark and could be about to hand you a life-affirming insight into something you’ve ignored that’s been holding you back. Look carefully as your ability to shine and be ‘all you can be’ always rests on how well you feel, what drains your energy and what may be keeping you trapped. And this may be so obvious you literally cannot see it. Until now.

Your ruler the Sun is in your 6th along with Mercury, Jupiter, the South Node, Saturn, Pluto and Ceres. The 12th sees an event we have not seen for 500 years occur. Saturn and Pluto will meet in here along with Mercury and Ceres. This could see some of you make powerful changes to your day job or even your routine. And yes, even a Kardashian has a day job they need to keep up with. This conjunction could involve changes that see you not just doing what you do well -but better. Landing a new role that allows you to shine. Re-jigging that routine. Setting new priorities when it comes to your health. Doing the Work could mean changing your job description to ‘Fully Functional Human Being’. Ditch anything that stops you from being simply that, Leo.

In a nutshell: You’ve the most important job in the world this week, Leo. That is doing whatever needs to be done to be the best you that you can be. Time to reclaim your right to radiate – not just one day – but every day.



Time to come together

Co-create your love future

Get ready to radiate!

This week’s full Moon in your 11th is like a track from Primal Scream. Yes, come together, Virgo. This isn’t a time to be looking at differences. Except in a positive way. Instead it’s time to focus on what we all share or have in common simply because we are all human. So jump in and join up for want of a better way of putting it. Can you eclipse the things that keep you apart and instead embrace diversity? This is no time to be a spectator. Be a part of something that’s bigger than you. A group, band, cause, club, association, party, organisation, team or movement. This week is no time to stay home. It’s time to circulate and above all, get involved.

This week says don’t watch life happen from the sidelines. Be part of it. If you are looking for something or even someone – take steps to find it or them. Or be seen so it can find you. Don’t be afraid to draw attention to yourself. Rock what you have to offer. Stand out even when you are in a crowd. Whether it’s that job or that special someone you want to attract. Or simply want the world to sit up and take notice of that message, idea, dream. This week in some way will prove to be all about your future. Children or young people could feature. Your adult children or even Millennials. As could a relationship that has the potential to turn you into a parent or step parent.

Let’s focus on love, romance, creativity and glittering prizes! Joining in may involve becoming part of two or part of something. There’s possibilities swirling around like no other. Once in 500 year aspects light up your 5th. The 12th sees ruler Mercury join in the history making conjunction between Saturn and Pluto in here. They are also joined by Ceres representing the seasons, the time of planting and the power of creation. There’s a new and more serious and lasting deal to be struck around love now. It’s also the season to shine, to let your imagination run wild when it comes to what the future could contain. And above all, be a part of someone else’s or even the world’s story. Or to let them become a part of yours.

In a nutshell: You’re creating as you connect. Attracting as you radiate. People power shapes your future. Magnetise that destiny this week, Virgo. An unforgettable week calls for an unforgettable you!



Get ready for experiences that move you

Opportunity hands you a key

What does home mean for you?

Home is where the heart is. There’s no place like home. Keep the home fires burning. Homeward bound. Bringing it one home to me, baby! I could go on and on with the quotes and the metaphors but by now you should have a total grasp of how your sense of belonging and place will be all important to you this week. Which could also lay the foundation stone for the future when it comes to where, what or even who, home is for you.

Home can be bricks or mortar or a feeling. Your 4th of home, security, roots, that family tree and emotional safety is ruled by the Moon. This week hands you a full Moon but in the opposite house to the one the Moon is most ‘at home’ in – your status determining 10th. Plus it is 90% covered up by an eclipse. The start of the week could therefore trigger emotions around what it is you need to do or achieve to create that all-important ‘sense of place’. And for many of us this is tied to career, income, earning ability and status. Work and home issues may require just that – work. And also to defer decisions around these as what you need may not be obvious. Nor the choice now.

Saturn is the master-builder of the zodiac and as you know, currently in the Moon’s ruling 4th. This week sees it meet Pluto in here for the first time in 500 years. Entangled within this door-unlocking, powerful aspect are Mercury which rules contracts and Ceres which rules deals. Career and property decisions may be made now. Buying, selling, renting, leasing, landlords, tenants, Airbnb, room-mates, family members, people you live with. Changes to the property market in the outer world could open up opportunities for you to step up the property ladder or establish yourself in that place that feels like home. This applies equally to whether you are seeking to buy or rent. Seeing property as a place to live as opposed to something to trade or invest in could be one of the changes sweeping through that you directly benefit from now.

Some may return to their roots. Others may up and transplant themselves far away to a new area or even country. Jupiter also in here is offering you an opportunity. It’s linked to expanding your lifestyle or living space. Time to ‘move on up’ now Libra.

In a nutshell: From the roof over your head to the key to a door, this week’s aspects promise an opportunity to plant something for your future. The planets could be rolling out that ‘Welcome’ may now. You’re homeward bound, Libra!



One idea can change the world

Don’t just think it – say it and act on it!

Head in an unexplored direction

This week’s full Moon in your 9th is one I always think of as the ‘Explorers Moon’. It’s high tide and the winds of adventure fill you sails. You’re looking for something you’ve been searching for. Or is it searching for you? Sometimes what we’re seeking is looking for us too. But we may not know who or what this is. If you have a destination in mind, allow the winds of destiny to determine this for you as this Moon is a bit of a mystery as it is an eclipse. 90% of it will be in shadow. So, you may end up somewhere else entirely than where you thought. This may not be a bad thing. However, be prepared for course corrections.

So, be aware that someone or something could be about to answer the call of that restless phoenix heart of yours this week. Something utterly transformative as you will be navigating a week like no other you have ever experienced. Nor will again. Full Moons shine their light into the house opposite to the one they are in. In this case your 3rd of learning, commerce and communication. Where your best ideas reside. Maps to the future and messages feature thanks to Mercury which rules this house and is in here right now. Along with Jupiter which rules travel, the Sun, the South Node, Saturn, Ceres and Pluto your ruler. An idea or piece of news is the catalyst for what could be a life-changing journey.

It’s been 500 years since Saturn and Pluto last encountered one another in here. So, when they do on the 12th along with Mercury and Ceres – expect this to make headlines. Not just in the outer world but in your own life. You may have or receive news which changes everything. The internet, writing, speaking, your CV, pitches, books, screenplays, contracts, publishing, your social media feed – anything written, said or communicated in any way shapes a new world for you and a new deal too. Any talks or discussions you enter into have far-reaching and lasting consequences. Journeys may also feature as could how you get around, trains, planes, automobiles and also the devices you use to communicate with. That phone, computer or tablet. Or simply that pen.

You are both the message and the messenger this week. And this message can take you further and change your world. Write it, speak it and act on it. Whatever you do, say it anyway you can this week, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: Say what you have to say. Any way you can, Scorpio. Ideas or news have the ability to take you towards something new and exciting. Time to explore just how much undiscovered potential is waiting for you ‘out there’!



Have a set of 24 carat values

Know your worth

What’s beyond price cannot be traded

If you look after your money – or have been, it will look after you. Or you could be counting the cost of failing to care for it. Yes, I know you are the Mage of Living in the Moment, Sag! But what you love most actually does cost money. That freedom needs funding. Fail to take this into account (pun intended), and what you can bank on is having your wings clipped. You’re not saving for something as boring as that rainy day. You’re becoming financially savvy so you can enjoy all the sunny, adventure filled ones in the exotic locations that you love. Because let’s face it – if you can’t have that life gets pretty restrictive and very dull indeed. Yawn.

This week’s full Moon in your 8th of power cash and sharing on the 10th, asks you to look at what you place the most value on from an emotional perspective. This may not be what you think but there is a high probability this is something close to that wild Sagittarian heart of yours. Travel, freedom to walk to the beat of your own drum – not anyone else’s, for instance. This Moon comes wrapped in the enigma of an eclipse. Know where that compromise can be reached and where the price is right. But also where the buck stops. What you truly value and what is non-negotiable and not for sale at any price. These are your values. Your worth, your price and also what is priceless to you. Take care in entering into long term agreements especially the financial nature. The terms may be different to what you think or are subject to change.

You need to have these to hand. Ruler Jupiter now in your 2nd has opportunities and solutions for you when it comes to your money. The price may just be right for you if you have set those values. This week sees the much-anticipated conjunction in your money zone between Saturn, Pluto, Mercury and Ceres. The value you place on your personal stock and also knowing what to concede or what not to, could result in you holding a winning hand when it comes to financial matters. We’ve not seen anything like this in 500 years. This could have a direct and beneficial bearing on your pay, income, side hustle, assets and other resources. Pluto rules that vault where the loot is stashed while Saturn rules rewards for long term efforts. Mercury rules contracts and Ceres the power of the deal. Take a chance this week and stick out for what you know you’re worth, Sag. You could be banking on the results.

In a nutshell: You need values you can bank on now, Sag. Big benefits and solutions to long term financial issues could be yours if you know your price. This week tells you there are some things that are priceless. And not selling out is one of them.



Write a new page of personal history Capricorn

Let others know who you really are

Your truth is your pathway to success

Ready to make a little history, Capricorn? This also includes her-story too. Or to simply make your mark. This week offers an opportunity to do that like no other you have ever experienced. Nor will again. If it is your birthday this week, expect how people see you to change – for good. Someone is reflecting back at you who you are, could be or are about to become. They could be holding up a more than just a mirror, Capricorn. But an invitation to enter into a new kind of partnership dynamic. Or showing you where one may be needed. Either in your personal or your professional life. Or perhaps simply within yourself. You may not have seen yourself in quite this way before thanks to the eclipsed full Moon in your 7th on the 10th. Get ready to see yourself as others see you.

The image you are projecting out there this week and next, will never have been so important. It could literally determine your future path. Time to be aware of how you appear, come across to others or are seen. This includes your social media presence as well as your one in the real world. Above all, guard your reputation and public image. You are being watched even if you are unaware of it now. Ruler Saturn hasn’t encountered Pluto in your sign for 500 years. The 12th sees them meet again along with Mercury and Ceres. You will never get a chance like this again to make an impression or be seen how you want to be seen. What you are known as and for, your status, image, profile, appearance, personal brand, message and what you say – your ability to keep your word for instance, counts now more than ever. Stand by who you are. Be seen especially by people in positions of authority, power and influence, as someone to be taken seriously and who is authentic, reliable, truthful and consistent. Project a little (or a lot) of gravitas. Know what you want and mean what you say.

Your ability to take yourself seriously means others will too. Long term efforts and your actions in the past, come full circle and there is an accounting to be done. If you have made the right choices, doors could open wider than they ever have before. Status setting events occur. Approval, recognition and rewards could be yours. Your personal truth needs to be something you live by – and act on. This destiny making planetary meeting is all about owning this. This includes owning up if something no longer works for you- and acting on it. You won’t be able to fake it any longer after this line-up.

Time to own who you are, your own path and your life. This week shows you that if what you’ve tried in the past hasn’t worked out for you, by standing by your truth you now have a once-in-a-lifetime gift to begin again. Or reap considerable rewards for right actions taken. Change how you see yourself, and the world’s view of you reflects this, Capricorn!

In a nutshell: Time to live your truth and to show how seriously you are committed to being authentically you. Owning who you are, your choices and decisions and your path sees people who matter sit up, take notice and say ‘Yes’, Capricorn.



Reality knocks – let it in!

You need realness

Truth is the ultimate freedom

If you’ve been living in a dream state up until now, Aquarius, this is the week where reality bites. Yes, you can hide in the highest room in the tallest ivory tower in the Castle of Denial. But chances are anyone from that ogre to that dragon will storm your keep anyway. Simply put: This week tells you there is no hiding place when it comes to escaping the truth. The planets are serving up a double dose of realness. Go get real now.

The truth however, could just be your Knight in Shining Armour. Whether your idea of that is Shrek, Prince Charming or Brienne of Tarth. Know that whatever revelations come to light, the truth is here to set you free just like in the stories. Yes, it’s liberation time, baby! And that translates into no more wasting time on someone or something that’s isn’t 100% real.

This all begins on the 10th when the eclipsed full Moon in your 6th overshadows the deepest recesses of your secretive 12th. Your 6th of course, is your house of wellbeing. And like an undercover, covert agent, this full Moon is intent on getting to the heart of something that simply does not contribute to that.

Yes, you may not initially like what you are shown or merely intuit at this point. You may want to stuff it back in the closet and lock the door again. But the universe has other plans. What is more – they have been 500 years in the making. Yes, I’m taking long term karma here. Do you believe in a higher power? It doesn’t matter what you call it. A path, a plan, a purpose or presence that’s bigger than you. Jupiter in your 12th is all about seeing the bigger picture. The how and the why things happen. And the South Node also in here is about karma and fate.

Extraordinary astral events of exposure on the 12th mean there’s no looking away from what holds you back, drains or restrains you as Saturn, Pluto, mercury and Ceres all meet. They will show you all too clearly that your hunch, gut feeling or inexplicable insight you receive at the time of that full Moon, has a firm basis in actual fact. And also rip off those rose-tinted glasses if you are still insisting on wearing them. It’s a monumental once in a 500- year expose and there is no looking away. Or looking back either. This allows you to step away from the illusion and on into something vibrant and real. Denial keeps us prisoner even if it feels safe. Reality allows us to live in the real world – not the tower. The take out for you is real love, not fake. Welcome to the ultimate reality trip, Aquarius!

In a nutshell: That niggling feeling, that hunch, that instinct – it’s spot-on for you now, Aquarius. You’ll see something as it really is – not what you’d like it to be. It either lives up to reality – or you’re now free to head towards something which does.



One idea can change the world

It’s who you know who moves you

Change what the future looks like

‘This is a beautiful day. This is a new day.’ With aspects like these you have never seen before in your future-setting 11th, it’s time to make a life-changing or even world changing wish and come together with people.

Friends, groups, parties, movements, clubs, associations, contacts, bands – being part of something bigger than you all feature this week. As could be not just wishing, but being willing to do whatever you can to bring about a better future. Not just for you, but for everyone. Personal as well as group goals see you extending yourself out and wanting to make a difference. Is it time for a new vision of what the future could look like for you, Pisces? Or even a new future for love? However, this week’s full Moon in your romantic 5th is eclipsed so focus on the love of friends, groups and shared goals and experiences rather than one-on-one love. Love needs to get universal now. And under the shadow of this Moon, that lover may not be all they appear to be.

Ancient ruler Jupiter is in this house telling you that people who need people are simply the luckiest people in the world. You also have the cosmic South Node in here. Fate, destiny, karma – whatever you prefer to call it, links you to those who have a role to play in your future path. Consider that you all agreed to get together long before you arrived at the point. The group experience and people power is what matters how. Making a difference by changing the world or simply sharing friendships and ideas whose time has come. Your 11th is the house where better worlds are created and your goals come to life!

So, you and possibly others will be coming together to do just that as Saturn and Pluto have a once in 500-year meetup in here on the 12th. Mercury (news, communication, movement) and Ceres (power, compromise and seasons) are also part of this. You could end up part of something which changes the accepted way of doing things or opens up a new world for you on a personal level. Such as making a connection that takes you out of your usual sphere for instance. Reaching those dreams – be they personal goals or wanting a better future, rests on who, not what you know now. Bring those dreams for the future closer this week, Pisces. It’s in your hands – and others.

In a nutshell: You and who you know have the power to shape the future. Yours personally, the groups or even the world. It’s a week to join in, get involved and above all, connect, Pisces. Embrace people power.



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