Your Weekly Horoscope (Written) With Michele Knight 7th Aug 2017


Psychic realisation

Love dives deeper

Be a get fit freak

Wowzers Super ram! What a week you have in store for you!  The Full Moon and eclipse of the Moon ramp up your emotions and bring an awakening.  You have been sensing things but perhaps you’ve been ignoring your intuition? Sometimes you just want to see things your way rather than the way they actually are.  Aries can be much more naive than people think and in fact, you can be quite the innocent one.  You are very good at speaking your truth or shouting it! If you think it or feel it then you tend to express it (depending on where Mercury is in your chart of course) So, you have a natural tendency to assume other people are doing the same thing.  You’re always shocked when you find out someone is doing the dirty, although to be fair, you are then very quick to go into battle!  Is it time to let go of a group or perhaps make radical changes to your social media presence?  You’re finding a new tribe to work with, and you’re an instant visionary.  Look out for love in a group setting and socialize more if you can.  There’s loads of magic this week, so boldly travel in the direction of your dreams! (You can read more about this in your monthly overview.)

Between the 10th and 13th, thanks to lovely Venus blowing you kisses, and Jupiter taking you under his wings, you’ll be feeling soulful and romantic.  There are stunning moments of intimacy and whether you’re single or taken you’re opening and expanding your heart in a new way. The Sun and Jupiter are bringing you confidence and an irresistible air of seduction.

Mercury starts his backwards flip on the 13th, and you probably know it’s a challenging time (google Mercury retrograde memes!) This Merc retro is in your health and well-being zone so make sure you are taking good care of you.  Fit in that morning walk/workout/lusty time.  Reintegrate healthy patterns from the past.

Finally, the Sun is trine Saturn giving you the chance to commit to a creative venture or to a journey that you know will make you happy.

IN A NUTSHELL – It’s all kicking off this week!  The Full Moon and eclipse are bringing a change as you are drawn to new collaborators and a shift towards feeling truly connected.  Mercury goes retro and asks you to bring back some healthy habits, and love should get profound. BOOM!!


Magical coincidences

A golden team

Strong like bull!

Are you ready for a change?  Sometimes we can turn our life around simply by changing the way we view things.  This week blasts you with energy from the get go with a powerful Full Moon and Eclipse in your career zone.  How do you feel about work?  Are you fulfilled?  Do you have a passion you would rather be doing and fulfilling?  You’re at a tipping point, and the Eclipse is likely to give you a shove in the right direction.  You’re strong, determined and focused but the thorn in your hoof is that you tend to like routine making you cling onto situations like a Koala Bear up a Eucalyptus tree!  If you’re a typical Bull, you feel quite uncomfortable with sudden change.  The Moon is telling you the cosmic water is warm, so relax and dive in.  Whatever happens though, you should thrive.

Yay! Venus, your ruler, is bringing you lovely gifts this week.  On the 10th Mercury is tangoing with Venus and the Sun is jiving with Jupiter the planet of luck.  Tune into Venus’s loving rays for a delicious one to one adventure.  On top of that Venus is trine spiritual and empathetic Neptune on the 12th bringing you a cosmic connection with a group, GROUP HUG!!  You might stumble across a philosophy/idea/interaction which feels meant to be, and everything is falling into place.  Put your spiritual slippers on as there’s a feeling of coming home….AND RELAX

OK, it’s not all kittens and crystals as a celestial storm with Mercury retro in your happiness/soulmate and creative place is ruffling your feathers.  Merc retro can bring a barrage of annoying problems such as technology break downs and miscommunication so be sure to check that stuff.  However, in your case, you might get word from ex-lover or hook up with peeps that remind you of a creative idea that you never followed through on.  Are you having the sort of conversations that make you happy?  You are in the middle of a spiritual shift that will transport you to where you need to be.

IN A NUTSHELL – Polish up your magic wand and be prepared for anything!  A Full Moon and Eclipse in your career zone brings dramatic changes.  Venus is supporting you and showing you a good time, yeay!! Watch out for that pesky Mercury retro though!


Souls journey

Sweet loving

Reread before you press send

It’s time to pop on your cosmic hiking boots and plan for a soul adventure.  The Full Moon and Eclipse is shaking you up.  Have you forgotten what it is to stretch, to feast on life and travel to new horizons?  The Moon is bringing you an experience that is unusual, and you’ll relish the conversations and thoughts that come from it.  For some twins, it’ll be huge, and for others it’ll be a subtle shift in the way you see things.  Be sure to ask the Universe for what you want.  The Moon is trine Jupiter lord of luck in your pleasure zone! Whatever happens, the Cosmos intends to bring a smile to your soul. Yeay!!

The 10th also has a lovely vibe as Mercury, your ruler, is having a fling with Venus before he goes retrograde on the 13th, ooo er!  The Sun is also jiving with Jupiter, so it’s the perfect day for a date or get together with lovers and loved ones.  If that wasn’t enough Venus is trine Neptune on the 12th delivering an enlightened message or coincidence about your career and skills.

Ok, you can be very discombobulated when your ruler goes retro.  In this case, Mercury is messing with messages that are around your home and family.  Be VERY careful when dealing with either of these areas until he goes direct after September 5th.

THIS WEEK Your ruler goes retrograde which tends to give you the heebie-jeebies.  Keep cool and calm just make sure you double check things around home and family.  Having said that the Full Moon eclipse is giving you a second chance and Venus is soothing you with delightful experiences. Yummy


All change

Love revolution

spiritual awakening

Big Celestial News!  Not only is there a Full Moon on the 7th but your ruler is Eclipsed!  I’ll be honest with you, you are going to feel this very intensely as she is in your primal, shadowy zone.  All of your inner fears and vulnerabilities are poked, as the Moons rays illuminate any issues you have about personal power and powerlessness.  Yikes?  No!  It’s all for your greater good though dear cancer, and you’ve got this.  You might not like someone peaking under your tough shell (Put those pincers away!) but an eclipse is about changing you, and she will deliver a huge healing.  Hopefully, she is going to help you clean out your souls closet and spring clean your self-esteem.  Prepare to step into a more empowered state (power strut your way through) On top of that Jupiter, the lucky one, is helping out big time and bringing you a gift connected to your home or family.

On the 10th, Mercury is Sextile Venus in your sign, YES!  Venus is in your sign!  She is protecting you with random dollops of love and wanting you to believe in YOU!  An interesting talk lights up your heart on the 10th.  The Sun is also sextile Jupiter making the whole day a good vibe.  When Venus trines Neptune on the 12th, you should experience a soul calling that leads you into a new path and direction.

OK, Mercury retrograde is a bit of a bummer, especially as he is in your communications zone.  On a positive note, you might hear from someone who has been AWOL for some time.  Other than that make sure you triple check all emails/texts and Facebook posts to ensure they aren’t open to being misunderstood.  If you are tempted to post a meme with a hidden dig, DON’T!  On top of that, be sure to close your ears to gossip and watch what you say, as Mercury retro loves to make mischief.  Focus instead on making the most of Venus in your sign to spread the love. LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED!

THIS WEEK WOW! The Full Moon and Eclipse on the 7th are shaking your foundations and dragging you into your power.  Try not to resist dealing with emotional issues, the Moon wants to bring you back into your power, TRUST IT.



You are beloved

Love letters

Trust yourself

Your love life is being given a shake up Leo, as the Full Moon and eclipse are in your relationship zone.  You are a proud lion, and you detest being vulnerable or even worse someone making a fool of you.  When you give your love, you give it with the whole force of your fierce nature.  The Full Moon is digging deeper into the facts and filling you in on what is going on.  If you’re single (or even if you’re not!) you might meet someone who rocks your world.  If you’re in a relationship, you will be very clear about where it is heading. August is the most important month of the year for you so pay attention to every sign and symbol that is sure to come your way.

Having said that, there are some fabulous cosmic happenings this week especially on the 10th, when the Sun in your sign is kissing Jupiter the planet of good fortune, Mwah!  Hopefully, you will hear some big news that puts the sparkle back in your cat like eyes.  Venus is also sextile Mercury bringing a grounding energy to a flight of fancy.  On the 12th expect a soul revelation and either a strange and magical coincidence or a flash of psychic insight as Venus trines mystical Neptune.  There is drama and glamour galore!

Mercury goes retrograde in your house of money and security.  It’s essential that you double check all of your finances and be careful with your credit card.  No, you haven’t won $60,0000000000000000 in the Tasmanian lottery you never entered, and this is also not the best time to invest or lend/loan money. Having said that you might receive cash connected to the past but please keep your wits about you!

IN A NUTSHELL – The Full Moon eclipse brings you a revelation around love.  Trust your instincts and tune into your inner wise woman/shaman as shehas an important message for you.


Negotiate to success

Reboot your routine

Romance in a crowd

The powerful Full Moon and eclipse is bringing deep meaning to this week.  For you Virgo, it’s all about your health and fitness, that and finding your life purpose!  Happily for you Jupiter the lucky one is joining in the party and offering you a reward.  Take care of all the details this week, and you should receive a prize.  It’s also essential to look after yourself right now.  How are your daily routines?  Are they serving you?  Give yourself an MOT, and by taking care of the small stuff, you’ll inadvertently shift the big things.  One of my favourite sayings is ‘What’s for you will not pass you by’ and you should have an experience of that this week.

Mercury, your ruler, is causing havoc this week BUT, before he does (from the 13th), he is giving you a lovely surprise.  Yay!!  Mercury is in your sign which makes your words magical, and others are very receptive to your dulcet tones!  Mercury is dancing with Venus in your social zone.  A conversation that leads to an exciting encounter, get out and about and strut your gorgeous stuff.  You’re also a whizz on social media at the moment.  Perhaps you should have a peek at that dating app out you joined or republish your blog?

When Mercury goes retrograde, IN YOUR SIGN it’s big news.  Mercury retro is the perfect time to go to therapy, have a past life regression or reflect on your past and how you came to become YOU!  You might feel a little lost or be unsure of your identity in some way until he goes direct after 5th September.  Be sure to take some time out, meditate, be mindful and dig for the treasure in your past.  Lots of interesting people from yesteryear may surprise you, but ask yourself, do you want to go backwards?

IN A NUTSHELL- Mercury, your ruler, is going retrograde in your sign!  You might feel disconcerted by people from the past or revisit you of years ago.  Make the most of the first three days of this week to go after what you want as Jupiter is grounding you and cheering you on. 


Inspired originality

Work flirtation

Soul revelation

An Intense Full Moon eclipse has you reassessing what makes you happy.  You are about to discover a new layer of bliss and satisfaction.  Ok, so eclipses can be hard work as you may have to let go of something and surrender to a fresh start.  Sometimes the surrender is connected to a person or thing, but it can also be an attitude or belief that’s holding you back.  Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, is in your sign and is trine the Moon making this a much easier transition than you might ever expect!  You also have the chance to connect with the right folk during this time to help you reach your goals.  Be gentle with yourself and allow the information to flow. The cosmic configuration has plenty of wonder and magic for you. Yipeee!

Venus, your ruler, is in your career zone and Mercury is giving you a psychic message or synchronistic conversation.  Keep a look out for the subtle clues.  Some Libras might find themselves attracted to someone at work, or feel deeply connected to what they are doing.  You’re flowing with your soul purpose, and it should feel beautiful.  If you feel stuck or are in limbo, it’s starting to transform now.  Venus is also trine Neptune on the 12th bringing you a divine experience.

Annoyingly though Mercury is going retrograde the very next day, in your house of secrets, empathy and psychic ability.  You might feel confused about what is real and what is an illusion.  Be sure to tune into your intuition, but also triple check your facts before you make any big decisions or fire off that angry email.  On a positive note, you might see the return of somebody that you have a soul connection with, if there is unresolved karma, it’s coming back to be sorted.

IN A NUTSHELL – The Full Moon eclipse is bringing a transformation of joy and creativity to you.  If there’s something you need to let go of, do it.  The rewards will be more than worth it.


Emotional honesty is essential

Your home is your temple

Past loves and events may reappear

You are a natural warrior and an emotion hunter, you can sniff out others vulnerability or fear at 100 paces.  You tend to keep yourself hidden though, unless you totally trust someone and even then, you might hold back or reveal bits of yourself in between impressive smoke and mirrors.  When it comes to your family or tribe, you are uber protective, but you still might not reveal all that you know about them or you.  Other people’s secrets are safe with you as you know the value of sharing and privacy.  The Full Moon and Eclipse stirs your family relationships, and you have a growing awareness of why certain people are in your life. Perhaps you are letting go of a tricky relative or healing the past.  Whatever is coming up for you this week, it has a deeper meaning than is initially apparent.  Thankfully there’s an important twist of fate that will eventually lead you to a more comfortable ground.

On the 10th Mercury and Venus want you to experience something unusual (but pleasurable!), and the Sun and Jupiter are happily plotting a coincidence that can push you forward in your career.  When Venus trines Neptune on the 12th, it’s the perfect time to plan a trip or launch yourself into doing what you love although avoid debauchery haha!

Mercury goes retrograde on the 13th, and he is messing with your social mojo.  Be extremely careful what you say in a group setting or on social media.  Misunderstanding can be rife, and the last thing you want is an off the cuff remark being used against you.  With the Sun trine Saturn also on the 13th you might just nail that job you’ve been interested in or secure that contract just before Mercury shenanigans begin.

IN A NUTSHELL – The Full Moon Eclipse is enlightening you about a family matter.  Change is coming, but you’re probably ready for it.  You want to push yourself in a new direction, and the Universe offers a helping hand.


Bungee Jump into a tide of joy

Intrepid explorer

Join forces

As the most easily bored of the zodiac (other than perhaps Gemini) you are all for a bit of heavenly intrigue. This week’s Full Moon and Eclipse and pesky Mercury retrograde might just give you more than you bargained for but you’ll still eagerly chuck yourself into the fray.  The Full Moon Eclipse on the 7th is bringing you a shift of consciousness.  You are about to see things in a radically different way, perhaps an idea is taking off in a surprising direction, or you get involved with a team effort that fulfils your curious and adventurous mind.  Be sure to reflect on all thoughts and pay attention to your dreams, as the Universe is bringing you an important symbol or coincidence.  Jupiter, your ruler, is boosting the Moon’s vibes in your favour.

You embody this Paulo Coelho quote ‘You have to take risks.  We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen.’  Live it on the 10th when the Sun is jiving with Jupiter. They are encouraging you to be brazen and take calculated risks.  You might find yourself in the spotlight or be asked to head up a team.  Venus is also hooking up with Mercury giving you intense charisma around your career.

When Mercury turns retrograde on the 13th, all of your best-laid plans might become unclear.  Mercury is muddying the waters at work, and you realise that things are more complicated than you may have first thought.  Be sure to pay attention to everything you say and do and don’t break any rules.  I know that you’re a maverick wild one but play it by the book until after September 5th.  Focus on being disciplined and thorough.  With the Sun trine Saturn in your sign if you show that you can be responsible you might just nab that opportunity before Mercury causes too much chaos.

IN A NUTSHELL –  All sorts of interesting escapades satisfy your curious soul.  Even when things get a bit tricky, you should rise to the challenge and conquer those blocks.  Go Sagittarius! go!


Let go of control

It all comes together

Take time out to laugh and hang with loved ones

You have worked very hard in your life, you are famous for your tenacity of spirit and will always go the extra mile for those you love, but you can be a stubborn old goat at times.  The Cosmos is about to give you a break.  OK, Eclipses can be unpredictable, emotional and tumultuous BUT thanks to Jupiter and a sextile to the Sun this one should be smeared with possibility!  Don’t stand in your own way, be flexible like the proverbial river around rocks, go with the flow.  The Full Moon’s celestial song is all about money and career.  A new chapter is coming, and you realise this week that you are much stronger than even you knew.

On the 10th Mercury and Venus have a quick dance before he goes retrograde on the 13th.  On top of that, the Sun is sextet Jupiter, so you might finally find a way to balance your commitments and eagerness for success with your intimate relationships.  There’s a lot of love around you right now, and you can feel your guard coming down.  The missing piece might arrive on the 12th when Venus hooks up with spiritual Neptune when things that have been hidden are finally unveiled.

Mercury goes retrograde on the 13th and is messing with your travel mojo.  If you’re planning a trip, studying or dating someone from a different culture or who is eccentric take special care when communicating. (read your monthly astrology forecast for more on this)

Your ruler is trine the Sun on the 13th and the Cosmos is conspiring to give you a big clue about a situation you’ve been misreading.  On top of that, you can make bold steps towards what you want to achieve this week.

IN A NUTSHELL – You could receive a reward from the Full Moon eclipse and Saturn’s hook up with the Sun this week.  Don’t fight to be in control but let the Universe waft you towards your dreams.  Go forth in the direction of your dreams!



Magic and Mayhem

Dreams do come true

If you’ve read your monthly horoscope, you’ll already know that this week is especially important for you.  A bewitching Full Moon eclipse has your name written all over it and it’s going to bring you towards a fresh path, in many ways you might feel as if you’ve found yourself and can clean out any unresolved debris from the past.  Some Aquarians will experience a peak of fabulous, there could be an emotional high, but if you’re unhappy, you might have a reaction that is challenging but yet it pushes you to make the changes that you need to.  Jupiter is bringing you a stroke of luck and opening doors for you this week. Enjoy the cosmic ride.

With Mercury sextile Venus and the Sun sextile Jupiter you are piecing together a way to make a relationship work, it could be a friendship or a love affair.  Interestingly enough, you realise that the changes you need to make are internal ones and by dealing with unhelpful thoughts you can feel liberated and empowered.  Venus trine Neptune on the 12th reveals what your spirit wants you to do and you might become aware of your true calling.  Of course, Neptune can be tricky so if you feel that a lover is trying to get you to do something you’re unsure of, hold back.

Mercury retrograde is hitting your primal zone giving you the chance to deal with wounds and situations that make you feel powerless.  You tend to think that you can think things through and intellectualise the past, but Mercury is asking you to process your deepest and most hidden emotions.  Perhaps someone you were obsessed with reappears or you are reminded of an old family dynamic.  Read your monthly horoscope for more details.

Funnily the Sun and Saturn are giving you a confidence boost, and you feel grateful for the like-minded folk that surround you.

IN A NUTSHELL – There’s a touch of enchantment to this week as the Full Moon eclipse is in your sign! What needs to happen will happen.  Trust in the process as you are initiated into a whole new level of awareness.


Magical mystery tour

Fishy tales

Don’t be over sensitive

Life is even more of a fairytale than ever this week.  The Full Moon eclipse is in a very familiar energy just turbo boosted to the extreme.  If you have any psychic ability, expect to experience it in 3D.  Messages, coincidences, strange and magical experiences cross your path as your world feels a little bit VR.  You might seem as if everything has been tipped upside-down and you’ve entered a holographic Universe where suddenly YOU have the power.  There’s an energetic shift happening that allows you to plug yourself into your inner Magician and the mains of your soul.  It might feel like you’ve got stuck in an emotional Wurlitzer, but you are strong enough to deal with whatever happens.

Mercury and the Sun are lighting up your intimate and romantic zone on the 10th, and your desires are stirred.  You are more confident about close relationships and should have a good few belly laughs on the 10th.  If love and romance aren’t flowing Mercury and the Sun will bring you a chat/call/WhatsApp that could help sort things out.  Don’t delay though as when Mercury goes retrograde on the 13th he’s doing it in your relationship zone so that’s when things could go tits up again!  On the 12th Venus is trine your ruler helping you to heal and merge with a soul connection.  It may be up and down this but it sure is exciting!

The Sun trine Saturn on the 13th is helping you secure a more solid role.  Use all the cosmic confidence to achieve things before Mercury makes life foggy.  Truman Capote said ‘Failure is the condiment that gives success it’s flavour’ and your success this week should be delicious indeed.

IN A NUTSHELL – Life gets a little bit Harry Potter this week as the Full Moon and eclipse splash’s magic and extraordinary coincidences all over you.  Remember all you need is inside you now.

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