Weekly Taroscopes with our psychic Sally 5th March 2018

Aries – Wheel of fortune

The universe has your back Aries, are you feeling it? You can expect to feel that support if you can have faith in the universe. You could be experiencing the wheel of change this week, life may be beginning to look and feel very different. What’s transforming for you? Are you feeling the changes around you? You could be completing one cycle and beginning another during this time. One thing we can count on in life is change and you are most likely embracing this season of change. Remember that you are the goddess architect of your fate and the universe is working with you on a subconscious level to manifest your desires.

So, what are you focusing on dearest wild Aries? Be mindful that what you are focusing on with your imagination and emotions you quickly manifest and create. The wheel of fortune tells us it’s time you embrace change and heralds a fresh start, you could be embarking on a new chapter in your life and it is up to you determine what you want to happen and create. You are probably getting more in touch with your capacity to make great choices and this will make you feel empowered and majestic. Remember that if you try to stay where you are there’s a chance you could stagnate and cease to grow as an individual. You are now likely able to gather positive momentum if you can embrace change and if you can let go of the past in some way, you’ll be able to move forward with grace. This week could see you probing behind the curtain of consciousness to find out more about the meaning of life too. There’s change in the air baby!

Taurus – Eight of Pentacles

You could be acquiring a new skill this week, or perhaps developing yourself in some way, either way you can expect to put your talents to good use this week, you can develop your skills and be incredibly focused. There is a spirit of enthusiasm and dedication surrounding you that you can take full advantage of by realising that you have not exhausted all of your potentials, by believing that you can continue to grow and make things manifest, you will do exactly that. You can experience material and emotional satisfaction by recognising that you have a multitude of talents or a specialised skill perhaps is helping your confidence to soar.

This is a wonderful time to develop a hobby into a profession or dedicate yourself to your craft or to your job. Perhaps your job isn’t inspiring you at the moment but you do it to the best of your ability and devote yourself to the task at hand, you will slowly improve your quality of work, therefore giving yourself better opportunities in the future. Work, education or development are probably on your mind, with sheer passion and determination you’re likely wanting to channel all of your energies into your work, project or goal. You can put your talents to good use this week and you can develop your skills and be incredibly focused. You can experience material and emotional satisfaction by recognising that you’re brilliant at what you do.

Whatever you’re focusing on this week, you’ve got finesse and sparkle to get things done wonderfully. Harness the power of the eight of pentacles and know you can complete whatever you put your mind to with determination and power.

Gemini – Ace of cups

New beginnings in your emotional realm this week dear Gemini. It could feel like boom and bloom in your heart, the energy of this week is magical for you! There are newness and freshness to be felt and experienced in your heart. Just as the goddess Aphrodite emerged from the beautiful foamy waves and sea, you too will be emerging into a new phase of life. All Aces signify a new chapter and a deepening of a journey in the heart realm. Have you been focused on love, relationships and emotions recently? Remember to play dear one, swim and jump let your wildness out. You’ll likely be going through a period of great emotional fulfilment and this is an auspicious time for all close relationships, yippee!

You may feel a sense of peace for reaping the rewards of being in a happy union with your loved one, or if you’re searching for love, you may be feeling jolly about new potentials in love and relationships. You could be feeling a deep connection with the deep watery depths of your emotions, getting in touch with your innermost feelings will make you feel ready to express yourself creatively in a new way. Remember this week that creative impulse arises from deep within your soul, try to honour them and bring them to the world, even if you don’t usually think of yourself as creative, as Picasso said, “we are all born artists”. You could find yourself overcome with a grand idea to redecorate the lounge for instance, or perhaps a creative idea you could see blossom. You may find yourself entering a period that is fruitful and rich with possibilities. You could be beginning a new chapter in your heart and emotional life, your relationships in both the friendship and love arena could have a strong spiritual and emotional quality about them.

Cancer – The Fool

Newness! You’re beginning something fantastic, have you been feeling the brand spanking new feeling about something? Are you ready to take a leap of faith? You could say that you’re starting a new chapter or perhaps a completely new book in terms of your outlook and attitude to life. The Fool is always a huge indicator of a new adventure, so what are you beginning? What’s new with you Cancer? There will likely be purity and open-hearted feelings this week almost like the energy of an excitable happy child! Enjoy it and embrace this beginning, it’s set to be fruitful and busy!

Maybe these new beginnings have some deeper spiritual meaning for you, you could be starting a new project or even a new relationship, whatever is beginning for you when you get this card a fresh start is promised. You may have urges this week to experience things with excitement and treat your life like it’s a big adventure with lots of treasure to find! You’re likely to feel quite buoyant this week and jolly, full of excitement and positive anticipation about what’s ahead for you. This could be a fantastic time for your love life whether you’re single or coupled as lots of fun seems to be on the horizon.

Try to be present in the moment and make the most of any opportunities that come your way, positive thinking is important this week, but it should be fairly easy for you to do so look on the bright side. You’re likely to have desires to try out lots of different things this week and you’ll likely find it fun to explore. You may also have a powerful yearning to get deeper knowledge about spirituality, pay attention to what you’re drawn to this week and listen to your intuition as it’s guiding towards a broader horizon! Embrace this exciting time of self-discovery, you could be rewarded for some bold moves this week, so go for it.

Leo – The Sun

Aaah The Sun Leo, this is the perfect card for you, you’ll likely be in your element this week. This could be a new season for you of joy, optimism, energy and confidence. If you’re not feeling this yet believe me it’s coming. You may have been through a period of darkness and uncertainty recently, and this could have been tough if things were in a state of flux and change. Now thankfully, things are becoming clearer and you can finally bring order to your life, you will have a renewed sense of optimism and will be full of energy to pursue your ambitions. You radiate warmth and well-being this week and others will want to bask in your glorious light, you will probably have clear visions for the future and the foresight to move forward, you could also intuitively know that you are on course and heading in the right direction.

You’re emerging positive attitude means that you are now able to fully enjoy life, hopefully, you realize that by maintaining a positive outlook you are increasing your chances of future happiness and contentment. You are likely learning more everyday about how to love and accept yourself and this is what is making you radiate warmth and well-being. Shine your glorious uniqueness bright for more joy and positivity, see the lighter side of life to make the most of this week’s energies. We usually get this card after a period of uncertainty and flux, so it can be hard to trust the message of this card if we’ve been feeling out of sorts with all the changes. The Sun is telling you that you have the potential to fill yourself up with positive energy, which will help you to pursue your ambitions.

Virgo – Ten of Pentacles

How secure are you feeling materially? The ten of Pentacles tells us that all of your material wishes could be met this week, perhaps things will be going exceedingly well for you at work and home. You may be feeling queen or king of the castle and deliriously happy with home and family life. You may have a great deal to be thankful for and you likely know that if you keep counting your blessings you will attract more blessings into your life. You’ll probably be wanting to make the best of this time and maybe you’ll want to share what you have, by remembering that you get back what you give out you can give freely with all of your heart. You can give lots of things that bring joy to you this week; time, energy, kindness, love and material things, perhaps a cake you’ve made or a piece of art that you’ve created.

You are likely to be enjoying all this week has to offer, as all of your hard work and efforts are evident for not just you to see but for others to see too. Things are on the upswing and will be improving, even if you can’t see any signs of this yet. If you’re in a relationship, you could be talking about moving the relationship on to the next level, maybe moving in together for instance, or planning to grow your union in some way, you are likely to have a peaceful, happy period in your love life during this week. Enjoy it, feel secure, share how you feel about your love. If you’re single, a new love may come into your life, be open, notice who is noticing you. Positively, money should be flowing for you this week, you may have more than enough money to meet your needs, you might want to invest in your future and save some of what is coming in now. This week will probably be a time of peace, joy, and abundance for you. How will you share it and who with? Enjoy these good feelings and share them in whatever way you can.

Libra – Judgement

What are you reflecting on this week? Judgement tells us that something from the past is coming back for our benefit, you may suddenly have a realisation about your past, a message from the past or perhaps someone from the past could return. This could also be a time of reward for you as something is likely coming to completion and you can expect to feel a new lease of life is on the horizon. You will likely go through a period of reaping the rewards for what you have sown recently, all of your past efforts will be rewarded. You are likely to be reflecting on what you’ve achieved recently.

You may be coming to an end of a chapter in life and beginning a period of reevaluating yourself and your accomplishments in an honest way. As one chapter ends a new one begins for you, and you could be taking delight in your achievements and celebrating! There also could be a realisation that you are not completely in control of your destiny, but that your decisions have shaped your life in a significant way. You’re probably going to review your life this week and make sense of how far you have come and what you have managed to achieve. You have an opportunity to wipe the slate clean by coming to terms with your past, you can start afresh with a greater understanding of yourself and what lead you here. By also taking more responsibility for your actions to date and taking time to take stock and take certain realities on board you’ll gain insight and clear understanding as to what lead you here. A new lease of life is upon you, limiting thoughts and old behaviour patterns can be released, you’ll be likely ready to develop your awareness and enjoy excitement of an expectation of a better future!

Scorpio – Temperance

There could be some healing conversations this week, when we share our feelings both positive and negative ones, we create space in our heart and we also give others permission to do the same to share their feelings with us. This week may be about balance in relationships of all kinds, friendships, beloved and family ones could be on your to do list for improvement and invigoration. You may feel that friendships, family, romantic partnerships, and work partnerships need your loving attention. There’s no need to worry about finding which one it is, you’ll likely feel it in your heart and you’ll know deep down just the right words to say. You may be quite the chef, creating, mixing and matching your words and approaches with different people to find what is truly right for you. Although, all your relationships are likely to be going quite well for you, you may just want to look at any deeper personal issues and see if these could be standing in your way, if they are, you’ll find ways to work through them.

You’re likely going to be passionate about finding balance this week, in you, your relationships, and with your goals and dreams. You can have peace and wisdom in your relationships but remember you need to have peace within yourself first. Do you have an urge to talk to someone about how you’re feeling? Has there been some tension in your heart about wanting to get something off your chest? Perhaps this is the week to express those feelings, if you do, you may find a new sense of freedom and space in your heart, remember that communication in all forms leads to more authentic relationships and happier individuals. When we talk and share our feelings we remove stagnation and make room for growth and expansion. This card is associated with the Goddess of the rainbow Iris, you can channel your inner Goddess of the rainbow by sharing the sunlight and the rain and maybe you’ll create rainbows in your life, the beautiful symbol of harmony.

Sagittarius – Six of Wands

Victory!! Something of value to you has or will be achieved. You’ve probably reached a peak time, you can reap the rewards of your dedicated efforts, there’s victory in the air and your success in readily visible in the eyes of others. Well done! So how will you celebrate? It is important that you take some time to recognise your achievements and accomplishments this week. You’ve been working incredibly hard to bring something to fruition and it’s down to your hard work and tenacity that it’s reached this point, there is harmony around you and you can expect to receive some form of recognition for your hard work and effort.

This is the end of one cycle and the beginning of another, a fresh start is promised if you can celebrate your hard-earned success whilst realising that there is further yet to travel, you have much more you want to do and a great deal more you want to achieve, and you can do it, go for it! This is an exciting time where you can enjoy the lovely acknowledgement of others, everything you’ve worked hard to do in the past has helped you to reach this point, this definitely gives you confidence and that will inspire others to achieve like you have. So enjoy this time of victory and achievement, whilst keeping in mind the vision of the goals you still would like to reach, you are likely feeling optimistic this week and you can probably enjoy the accolades that are coming your way, hooray!!

Capricorn – Queen of Wands

Your energy levels will likely be soaring this week and with this you could have an abundance of warmth and generosity to dish out to yourself and others. You’ll likely be feeling powerful, strong, courageous this week too, you could say that you’re staying loyal to a vision in some way. Perhaps you’ll be dedicated to staying loyal and passionate in your relationship this week. You may be giving the impression to others that you are capable alone and don’t need to rely upon another for confidence, support or guidance. This glowing aura you’re giving off is drawing the right opportunities to you this week, hopefully you’ll be feeling admired and loved by your nearest and dearest whilst feeling the love.

Do you know how wise and powerful you are? You could have an aha moment this week about your incredible inner wisdom. You also could see that the energy you radiate gives you an air of power and regal spirit, you are exuding such authentic self-esteem and beauty effortlessly this week. Many people would like to warm themselves on your inner fire, but it seems that you choose to keep that inner fire banked for a special someone, you are incredibly loyal, faithful and truthful this week to yourself. You may want to share your inner fire for that person you love. You may have an urge to protect and nurture that which you care about intensely this week, you may also be given an opportunity to work as a mentor or guide in some way. This is a time of great learning and growth, you’re incredibly powerful, be mindful of times when you may need to reign in the more forceful aspects of your personality so that you can be more graceful.

Aquarius – Ace of Pentacles

You’re being handed a new opportunity, this could be a new position, a project or perhaps a new outlook. Abundance, what does this word mean to you? Is there an area of your life you hope for more abundance in? It could be that you hope for more money, a bigger home, a new job. There’s good news this week, as this card heralds a new and fresh perspective on abundance for you, it could be your home, finances, career and status for instance. You could be offered a promotion and increase in salary or given recognition for your efforts of late. There is likely to be something better on the horizon for you, have you been dreaming of a new project recently? What insights have you had regarding your finances and career?

This card showing up is a positive omen that things are looking up and are set to improve, you may be considering starting a new business, or perhaps starting a new job or founding a home or even decorating. Either way, this week you’re likely to be seeing your life differently with a fresh and excitingly new perspective, this is an optimal time to give your skills and abilities expression, manifest your capabilities let the world see your greatness and your life will be all the richer for it. Whatever you focus on this week, you’re likely to dedicate yourself to it wholeheartedly, using your ingenuity and having persistence will help you use all your resources productively. Expect a boost in your self-worth and a strong family life this week, when you believe in you and behave accordingly the universe will follow suit. Newness, yeay!

Pisces – The Star

You are likely hopeful and can have faith in a better future this week. By keeping faith in your heart that things will improve even when life is challenging will help you to open new doors to your amazing potential. Your most cherished wishes can come true this week when you are believing in faith and remaining determined that things will work out for the better. There could be a beautiful positive outlook in your heart and life may be feeling like it’s coming together wonderfully for you. You probably can be justifiably optimistic in your expectations and trust in life’s bounty, there may have a been some beautiful new recently that’s making everything brighter and lovelier. Remember though that you must help the universe help you by continuing to open new doors and developing your innate potential.

You may have a renewed sense of purpose and your energy and belief in yourself could be heightened, you may be asked to do something that requires a leap of faith. What are you hoping for? Keep the faith, stay positive. Your life is opening up and it is your sense of hope that inspires you to follow your dreams, keep a wishful heart so the universe can support you and your dreams. If you can have quiet confidence in your future and not let self-doubt to undermine your ability to trust, the universe can help you more readily. Hold on to hope and optimism, keep your wishes in mind, trust that they can come true. Know that unexpected blessings can manifest themselves to help you realise your dreams when you trust that you have support from the universe. Keep the dreams alive and they may come true sooner than you think.