Your weekly Tarotscope with out psychic Sally

Aries – The ten of pentacles

You have been working incredibly hard dear Aries and I hope that you’re starting to feel more secure this week.  When we work hard we can have feelings of living fully and passionately and that’s when we can attract abundance and lasting happiness to us more easily.  You’re looking at your achievements this week with a sense of pride and satisfaction, but you’re not finished in creating the life of your dreams just yet!  You want more and good for you!  The pentacles are related to money, career, work, our home and our place in it and the number 10 is all about completion, you’re rounding things up this week on one or many of these levels and realising how far you’ve come! Wow!  You definitely inspire others to achieve personal mastery and greatness by being you. There’s a humbling sense within you that you’re fulfilling your destiny, by meeting life’s challenges along the way and by keeping on building the life you dream of.  There’s a lot more you want to achieve and you’ll be feeling confident in pursuing new avenues from a place of inner and outer security.

Taurus – Justice

You are going through a period of weighing things up this week Taurus, you’ll probably want to use your rational faculties to judge a situation fairly.  An agreement may be reached through negotiation and looking for fair solutions, you’ll want balance and will be striving for this with all of your dealings with others.  By looking at things objectively you’ll have a chance of gaining a clearer understanding of yourself, others and the situations that arise this week.  Trust your gut as your higher self is guiding you to be more honest and truthful with yourself, by accepting the situation in which you find yourself you’ll cultivate more honesty, responsibility and humility.  If you can resist blaming others and try to accept responsibility for any part that you have played, you will be able to move forward gracefully, hopefully, you’ll harness the energy of this week and move on and not get stuck in denial or resentment. You will do best by adopting a balanced outlook, by reminding yourself that nobody (including you) is perfect, this will help you find effective strategies to resolve any current difficulties, with fairness, truth and balance.

Gemini – The ace of cups

Aww, I love the energy of this week for you Gemini!  There is newness and freshness to be felt and experienced in your heart.  As the goddess Aphrodite emerged from the beautiful foamy waves and sea, you too will be emerging into a new phase.  You’ll be going through a period of great emotional fulfilment and this is an auspicious time for all close relationships, yay!  You may feel a sense of peace for reaping the rewards of being in a happy union with your loved one, or if you’re searching for love, you may be feeling jolly about new potentials in love and relationships.  You could be feeling a deep connection with your deep watery depths of your emotions, getting in touch with your innermost feelings will make you feel ready to express yourself creatively in a new way. Remember this week that creative impulse arises from deep within your soul, honour them and bring them to the world, dear Gemini.  You are entering a period that is fruitful and rich with possibilities.  You are beginning a new chapter in your heart and emotional life, your relationships in both the friendship and love arena have a strong spiritual and emotional quality.

Cancer – The nine of wands

You are determined to succeed this week Cancer but you may be having difficulty with your energy levels, but you do have incredible strength in reserve.  You may be feeling daunted by certain tasks that lay ahead but you are equipped to deal with this! There are times where you doubt yourself, but you do have incredible strength to conquer what is happening.  You are so close to the finishing line of your task or goal, you may just need to make one more big effort to reach it.  You might be feeling exhausted and quite overwhelmed, but you can get through this by reminding yourself that this isn’t your first challenge you have faced and you have come through stronger as result of your past trials and tribulations.  The trials of the past have put you in a stronger position than you realise and you have the powers of endurance to get through this.  Deep down within you, you have a formidable reserve that will keep you going dear Cancer, draw upon that inner fire that keeps you warm and determined to win.  Stay in touch with your imaginative power this week, visualise your aim, but try to conserve your energy where you can.  Keep your mind on what lies beyond the present impasse and those reserves will come in very useful.  You can do it!

Leo – The Magician

Magic manifestation and inner power is what comes to mind for you this week Leo.  You are about to you meet your inner guidance in a new way and develop your manifestation skills and abilities.  The Magician is the bridge between the world of the spirit and the world of humanity.  Do you have a vision of what you’d like your life to look and feel like?  Yes?  Keep that vision this week and you may start to see the results of conscious creation quicker than you think.  If you don’t have a vision yet, use this week’s energy to access your inner magic, ask yourself what you’d like your life to look and feel like, journal, draw paint, create your reality! There could be a strong desire to begin something new, to ‘do, act, or go forth’. A ‘can-do’ attitude and a strong sense of optimism will bring a new beginning and thus the decisions that you make will have positive results.  Harness your inner magic could see you creating success in everything that you do.  You may manifest your goals by utilising the skills, tools and resources that are already available to you or create new one entirely! The choice is yours!  This is a good omen when you have a specific wish, when you begin a project involving creativity, or when you need to make a transformation of any kind. This is a great card for meditation when you need to call all the elements for help and wisdom too.  Trust your magic and your inner guide.

Virgo – Page of cups

You are likely to be ready to get in touch with your feelings this week Virgo as something is emerging within you that could be likened to the beginning of spring in your heart!  Try to imagine the delicate flower buds on the blossom trees emerging, they’re so fragile and new that they could be easily crushed, this metaphor is similar to what’s happening in your emotional realm this week, this new beginning could be easily crushed with negativity or self-doubt, so please nurture yourself to make the best of this new chapter!  If you’ve been hurt in the past, you could begin to trust again, you may need to some time to allow your true feelings to develop.  You’ll maximise this loving period by being more self-loving.  Something or someone is opening you up again to your inner world of feelings, tender care is needed to bring what you hope for to fruition, spend more time reflecting and contemplating on your feelings, allow your heart to guide you and listen to its sacred wisdom.  There is a new sense of interest being born within you where you’re paying more attention your body and environment, you’re feeding yourself pleasurable things and you’ll be more able to stop doing things that remind you of pain or hurt you in any way.  There is a renewal of love for you, your capacity for love is growing beginning with love for yourself.

Libra – The sun

Warming vibes this week Libra as this could be a new season for you of joy, optimism, energy and confidence!  We usually get this card after a period of uncertainty and flux, so it can be hard to trust the message of this card if we’ve been feeling out of kilts or topsy turvy with all the changes.  You may have been through a period of darkness and uncertainty, if you have it might have been tough for you, but now things are becoming clearer and you can bring order to your life, I hope you have a renewed sense of optimism this week with the presence of this card, you have the potential to fill yourself up with the energy of the sun helping you to pursue your ambitions.  If you can embrace this energy, you’ll radiate warmth and well-being, others will want to bask in your glorious light, you could have clear visions for the future and the foresight to move forward.  Trusting your inner guidance will strengthen your confidence helping you to intuitively know that you are on course and heading in the right direction.  You’ll likely have an emerging positive attitude allowing you to fully enjoy your life, by maintaining a positive outlook you’ll increase your chances of future happiness and contentment.  You’ll learn more everyday how to love and accept yourself and this will make you radiate warmth and well-being.

Scorpio – The seven of cups

Wowwee, there are so many possibilities for you this week Scorpio, you are likely to be faced with many choices and going through a time of realising your amazing untapped potential.  You can make choices that are grounded, by being realistic and truthful about what you truly desire.  It’s wonderful to dream and fantasise about your future as that helps to manifest your desires, you may have been doing this a lot recently!!   Now is the time to decide what you’d like in your life and your heart, make a choice about which one of those future potentials you actually want to materialise!  You’ll have an abundance of imaginative gifts so use them wisely for your intuition senses all kinds of potentials and it is up to you to choose.  Daydreams are brilliant, but you have to choose which ones you want in your reality, once you’ve decided act decisively and work hard to bring them to fruition.  Expect an uprush of happy fantasies of a wonderful future where anything is possible, now is the time to act in realistic terms to make those potentials within manifest.  Dreamy vibes, exciting times of manifesting your wishes.

Sagittarius – The devil

Wanting to break free and perhaps change the way you do things this week Sagittarius.  There may be some things that are bringing some frustration in your life, could they be fears or inhibitions?  They may even be some unhealthy behaviour that you’re exhibiting, you may have gotten into a pattern or rut and want to make some changes.  Relax though dear Sagittarius it’s not all dark and gloomy as the light being shone in the darkness and it’s leading you toward a happier future.  This is a good time to look honestly at yourself and realise that none of us are perfect, we are all perfectly imperfect!  By owning your darkness and shadow, by that I mean acknowledging the dark parts of ourselves that we deny and repress that are there, such as lust, greed and envy.  If we disown these parts of ourselves we project them onto other people so that we don’t have to deal with it ourselves, this tends to cause more trouble in lives and creates problems, but if you can dare to acknowledge all that you are, you can unlock parts of yourself and a huge amount of positive energy can be released!  We are all made up of good and bad, light and dark, we need to integrate all parts of our nature to lead us to a happy and fulfilling life, so the message is, if you can accept your own human failings and mistakes, you are more likely to be more accepting of others and yourself.  This is the time to expect new insights and release any blockages that are hindering your growth, this can help you to feel freer and allow you to develop your amazing potential.

Capricorn – The seven of wands

You may have to show courage and determination this week Capricorn, by that I mean that you could be defending your values and warding off stiff competition from others.  You’ll likely succeed by reminding yourself that you have the inner fortitude to succeed! You can prove to yourself and others that you can handle this.  What have you been working on recently?  Has it become challenging to agree on a direction or tricky just to get things done easily? The ideas you’re having may have stirred ideas in others too, it can be frustrating to see someone else doing what we are doing but seeing it can lead to refinement of our own ideas and help us to strive to continue our development in the face of competition.  Remember all that you have achieved recently and recall times when others have congratulated you for all your hard work, know that you have inspired others and will continue to!  This is a time for action and decisiveness, this isn’t the time to rest on your laurels, you must continue to create new and better forms, you can do it!  Challenges make us stronger and wiser, you’ve got this.  By valuing yourself and your project, you can be spurred on towards growth and recognition that healthy competition encourages you to achieve your personal best and develop your talents.

Aquarius – Judgement

This is a time of reward for you Aquarius as something is coming to completion and you can expect to feel a new lease of life on the horizon.  You will likely go through a period of reaping the rewards for what you have sown, all of your past efforts will be rewarded when you can reflect on what you’ve achieved.  You may be coming to an end of a chapter in life, and beginning a period of evaluating yourself and your accomplishments in a frank and honest way.   As one chapter ends a new one begins for you, you could be taking delight in your achievements and celebrating!  There could be also realising that you are not completely in control of your destiny, but that your decisions have shaped your life.  You’re probably going to review your life and make sense of how far you have come and what you have managed to achieve.   You have an opportunity to wipe the slate clean by coming to terms with your past, you can start afresh with a greater understanding of yourself and what lead you here.  By taking more responsibility for you actions to date and also taking time to take stock and take certain realities on board.  A new lease of life is upon you, limiting thoughts and old behaviour patterns can be released, you’ll be ready to develop your awareness and enjoy the excitement of an expectation of a better future!

Pisces – The hermit

You’re quite happy to do things your own way this week Pisces, you could be rejoicing in extra time for solitude, inner reflection and introspection.  Your inner guidance is strong and you may want to give it space and time to speak to you and reveal to you its sacred wisdom.  You’ll probably like some quality time alone to be able to integrate what you’ve been learning recently, this would serve you well to create some YOU time.   Sometimes solitude is forced upon us and we have no choice in accepting this time alone for a while, if this is the case try not to fill this time up with distraction or worry, try to use it to enquire within and then during this time you can expect to gain deep insights into your own inner workings.  Health is vital to living a happy and prosperous life; alone time is a sweet nurturing that can’t be gotten anywhere else.  If you can harness this wise energy and withdraw from the busyness of life for a short time, when you’re ready to immerse into the world again you will have an inner glow from all of the guidance you’ve received from your higher self.  You are being given the chance to access parts of yourself that have been previously hidden from view.  Isolation from the busy world so that you can familiarise yourself with your inner landscape is an incredibly wise and self-loving thing to do, this will allow you to go through a period of soul-searching, you may even go on a course of meditation to learn how to empty your mind and find inner peace and stillness.  Sometimes being alone can be uncomfortable for some, but it is necessary if you are to develop your own resources and essential if you want to hear your sacred inner guidance loudly.   You have an opportunity this week to earn a precious gift of peace within yourself.

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