9th April Weekly Written Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs March 11 2019



  • Come from that place of true worth
  • Value fuels your success strategy
  • Tap into soul power

Power moves can be made this week – especially when it comes to career and your money, Aries. Above all, success rests on those values. Knowing what you will and won’t sell out for. There’s a saying that there is no sentiment in business. Keep emotion away from money matters this week especially at the start of it. Hang fast to those values and know your price – and stick to it. Your soul’s worth, what you know is right and what you feel you deserve is what I am talking about. Know your own worth in other words. Mondays are ruled by the Moon and it is a Monday when it meets ruler Mars in Taurus. Hang on to what you know about your worth and don’t allow your feelings to intrude on any business or financial dealings.

Success and soul satisfaction from making all the right moves and standing firm could be within your grasp just days later when on the 14th, Mars makes a fabulous, success sustaining aspect to Saturn in its ruling 10th. Commit to the long term now and forge a path for yourself. If travelling however, ensure you have a back-up plan and even those travel documents backed up just in case. In case of what? Jupiter in its ruling 9th of long distance travel could encounter unforeseen delays and cancelations thanks to a snafu-inducing angle of frustration with retro Mercury in your 12th. You may not see this one coming in other words. Check your route and all departures before leaving and have Plans B through to possibly D to hand should things not go to plan. If you are returning to somewhere you have been in the past however, you could just land right back where your soul – or opportunity, belongs.

In a nutshell: Opportunity is linked to what you soul values the most. Once you know what that is – you’ll know where to compromise. And what to stick to in order to get what you want.


  • Opportunity knocks again
  • Take action and claim your future
  • Follow your emotional action plan

What do you need to break free from this week, Taurus? And are you really restricted or are we talking about restrictions you have placed on yourself? Mars in your 1st gives you the restlessness and desire for action of the soul warrior. You’re fuelled by a deep emotional need to do something as it meets the Moon in your sign on the 11th. This is your desire for emotional growth and to shrug off the chains of something that is preventing you from moving forward. Have things been stagnant for far too long? And are you the one who has allowed this to continue? I could say out of a reluctance to grasp that thorny rose! Yes, there may be a hurt but then there is beauty to follow. Take the emotional initiative as Mars makes a wonderful angle to Saturn in your freedom zone on the 14th. You can’t wait for the rest of your life to find you. You have to take action and go look for it!

Positive change is knock knock knocking on heaven’s door if you have the courage to go through it. Ask yourself: have I been in this position before? Sometimes it’s not just the postman who rings twice but that second  chance. Jupiter in your 8th of changes ups the tension between retro Mercury in your 11th. Something is re-offered to you and the choice as always is yours. Do you choose differently this time? Again, this could directly relate to something that simply does need to change. Bust free of restriction and take a chance. Every rose has a thorn but nothing smells as sweet as freedom.

In a nutshell: Grasp that thorny rose you’ve been afraid to pluck if freedom is your goal, Taurus. That pinprick you feel is a precursor to a new era of happiness. Go in the direction of your soul.


  • No secret is safe from you!
  • Intuition is your North Star – and your compass
  • What gets revived looks better the second time around

Time’s up for anyone keeping secrets from you or trying to pull the proverbial wool over your eyes this week, Gemini. If your intuition is telling you something’s up or even ‘off’ you won’t rest until you have uncovered the truth. There’s a touch of fearlessness about this as you are past caring whether you like what you discover – or not. You just want to know. Your higher self plus the need to know sends you off in the right direction thanks to a meeting between the Moon and Mars in your sector of secrets and hidden truths. Psychic espionage may be in order so follow those hunches and that ‘gut’ feeling. Mars in here aligns to Saturn in your change sector on the 14th – at which point you should know the truth and also what action to take. This is a double-dose of reality but the upside of it is, you are no longer in the dark.

Jupiter in your partnership sector for the first time in 12 years is bringing all kinds of two-up opportunities or benefits via your partner.  You’ve not had a cycle like this in a very long time. It opens doors between you and another in more than one area. Ruler Mercury is retro right now in your career sector. With some effort on your part something can be revived – possibly on the career front, to your benefit. A past job opportunity or project could reappear. If you feel you were over-looked or missed out, victory tastes sweeter the second time around.

In a nutshell: Delve deep in your search for the truth this week. And let intuition be your compass. A missed opportunity could reappear. It’s sweeter the second time around, Gemini.


  • Check and double check the details
  • Explore soul friendships
  • Find a navigator to get you to that star!

All of us should be taking extra care with the details now Mercury is retrograde. But you especially if those details relate to legal matters, academic exams or papers, the mass media and travel. This week sees a delay or mistake inducing angle form between Jupiter in your 6th and retro Mercury in your 9th. Most of you will already have twigged these two are in one another’s houses in your chart. Therefore, watch for bigger than usual mayhem or slipups. As always, your intuition is your infallible guide and may nudge you to take a second look at something before it goes out or make alternative arrangements ‘just in case’.

Emotional resonance is always important to you in all your relationships – as is needing something to look forward to. Mars currently in your 11th of friendships is pushing you out of your cocoon and igniting your social life. Ruler the Moon meets with it at the start of the week and has you looking closely at what you have in common with certain people. Is that resonance now missing? Have you moved on and need to forge different and dare I say it, deeper connections? This is your nudge towards them. Fabulous aspects then occur between Mars and Saturn in your 7th indicating the potential for the long term in any connection that forms now. When it comes to that something to look forward to – others could commit to a new goal and just find that person willing to support them as they go for it. Find a co-dreamer this week.

In a nutshell: You’ll be examining friendships for continued resonance. What you need is a meeting of like minds and souls. New connections have long term potential. Don’t be a hermit this week!


  • Shoot to thrill
  • Don’t rush
  • Finishing touches bring success

Please don’t rush this week. There is a ‘shoot from the hip, ask questions later’ vibe sitting over you and if you give in to it, you may regret it. Yes, you know what you want and where you are going. Yes, when it comes to career matters your confidence and ambition is just about at its peak now thanks to Mars in your career sector. But you need to remain patient – especially with people who aren’t moving as quickly as you might like or just can’t keep up basically. You are in a wonderful position to impress now and make serious inroads with your career. Take a leadership role and a more dynamic approach but if you feel frustrated at the start of the week, please take a deep breath before reacting. Mars in your 10th aligns with Saturn in your 6th on the 14th allowing you to clear a path towards long team ambition and work progress.

This is all about climax and conclusion. Remember however that Mercury is retrograde right now but in your sector of corporate and shared money – your salary, payouts and change. Jupiter in your 5th is all about getting the attention you deserve. And this week this adds up to attention for what you do – or have done in the past. Interviews, negotiations and outcomes feature. It’s not time to begin something new but to finalise that deal, process, project or offer. What’s owed to you is coming to you and when it comes to rewards, like love, you just can’t hurry it this week.

In a nutshell: Be confident and go for it this week, Leo. But don’t get impatient and rush or mistakes could be made. Success is like love – you just can’t hurry it.


  • What does soul freedom look like to you?
  • Go in the direction of passion
  • What returns could have new significance

Want to break free, Virgo? What kind of freedom is your soul crying out for? There’s an emotional need for expansion or a new kind of experience welling up inside you at the start of the week.  The Moon meets Mars in your sector of travel, higher learning and expansion. What experience are you being drawn towards? Mars gives you the confidence to take any step you may have hesitated over in the past. Go in the direction of joy. Of what makes you feel good and allows you to shine. Explore all the possibilities that are available to you and take the road less travelled as that is the route to real magic. If you are planning on travelling now, unless you are returning to a place you have visited in the past, please stick to the Retro Rules as your ruler is in backwards motion.

Because of this however, you could be reconnecting to that old dream or vision or even that old love. Now, this can be something you loved to do as opposed to an actual person. Although the appearance of a past partner or lover cannot be ruled out. Going back to work for a former employer is another possibility. As is moving back to an old haunt or neighbourhood. There may be an opportunity in your past which you let go of or did not fully explore. This week is all about what returns as Jupiter in your 4th pushes back at ruler Mercury in your 7th. Also, if you have been putting off having a conversation with someone close to you, delay no longer. Don’t leave anything left unsaid if it impinges on your desire for freedom – and the pursuit of joy.

In a nutshell: You want freedom on some level. Perhaps to bring joy, fun and creative self-expression back into your life. Where does the magic happen? On that road less travelled this week, Virgo.


  • Balance action with patience
  • Read the fine print
  • Something delayed is resolved in your favour

Mars is the ancient ruler of your 8th house so is very much ‘at home’ in this sector of your chart. Change is in the air this week and it looks to be long overdue, Libra. Please do not dig in and refuse to budge however. Emotional buttons around this could get pushed at the start of the week when the Moon meets Mars in here. This could all revolve around your house, flat, apartment, roommate, lease, mortgage, job or overall feeling of security. Long term decisions need to be made and action needs to be taken but please, think things through.

The ruler of contracts, important documents and papers Mercury is retrograde at present. And in its ruling 6th. I should not need to emphasise the need to read the fine print.  Nor to put off signing anything important that is not already in motion until Mercury is out of retroshadow if you possibly can.  However, this does not mean opportunity is not out there or will not come knocking. This is merely a precaution. That other Mercury ruled house – your 3rd of communication and commerce, contains Jupiter who makes a tight aspect to Mercury this week. Take care when travelling as delays, cancellations and snafus can and will occur. However, something that has been held up could now be resolved and very much in your favour. You may be on the move towards something better. Know when to remain in place and wait – and when to move. You are the sign of balance. You got this.

In a nutshell: Know when to move and when to stand firm and wait this week.  Contemplating a house move or change since the New Year? This could be your deciding moment.


  • Be love in action
  • Express your desires
  • If you can’t be with the one you love – love yourself

Ancient ruler Mars stirs up passion and desire in your 7th – and demands an outlet for it! You need to express that love. Make it real. Now, this can even be via your work or anything that brings you emotional and soul satisfaction. However, if the energy is blocked, frustration can result when the Moon meets Mars in here on the 11th. All energy needs to find its highest expression. When this is denied, and especially with Mars in the mix, we don’t make love – we make the opposite. Arguments and conflicts can ensue with loved ones. On a more positive note, that sexy yet ethereal vibe you are emanating pulls others in to your orbit of desire. Whether something lasting is indicated is another matter but that passion could just find the perfect object to focus on! Work and business partnership matters are very much favoured by the alignment of Mars and Saturn in your 3rd on the 14th. Some of you could literally seal a deal or reach some kind of agreement for your future.

Remember that Mercury remains retrograde in your 5th. Past lovers, creative projects or even money making opportunities could feature. That passion and need to do something could also be channelled into reviving something you left in limbo. Romance? A creative project? Reconnecting to something you love to do? It’s all about taking action with Mars. Be love – or even self-love in action, actually, this week, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: Passion demands you give it an outlet this week. That magnetic aura of desire you’re broadcasting attracts others in. Follow where love wants to take you, Scorpio.


  • Put what you have learned into action
  • Aim for the emotional take-out
  • Attend to your real needs

You’ve been on a steep learning curve this past couple of years when it comes to your cash and other resources, Sag. This week is all about putting that into action. Your daily routine needs to be adjusted to support that body in a way that allows you to get whatever you need to do. Extra effort pays off now. You’ll be seeking emotional satisfaction as well as financial benefits from the work you do as the Moon meets Mars in your 6th this week. Questions around your security – how much you need to feel sustained and rewarded fuel your actions and decision-making process.,

Draw on what you have learned now. The 14th sees Mars make a wonderful angle to Saturn in your money zone, so those long term efforts when it comes to your cash, earnings or budgeting is going to pay off. Ruler Jupiter wants that house of yours put in order this week as it angles towards retro Mercury in your 4th. What have you been putting off? This says attend to those needs – physical, material, emotional and yes, even bricks and mortar. If you know deep down you need to move – home, job or both, plan now for doing this once Mercury is direct again. But drawing on those past lessons brings invaluable and possibly resource attracting results right now. You’ve all the resources you need. Knowledge and experience being the most valuable. Time to put them into action.

In a nutshell: Combine knowledge and action this week when it comes to your money – or whatever you need to enhance your sense of wellbeing. You have all the resources you need within, Sag.


  • Act – and attract
  • Ignite the passion
  • Tap into the past to release you into the future

The hottest star in the sky this week could just be you, Capricorn. Work it, baby. Mars in your romance sector is all about the heat. You’re on fire now and what is more, others can’t fail to notice. You’ll infuse whatever you do with passion and purpose from the start of the week when the Moon and Mars meet in here. This is your spark to a flame week as what ignites now could burn for some time as Mars angles to ruler Saturn in your 1st on the 14th. This could also include something that re-kindles – a past opportunity, project or romance. Action fuels your ability to attract. Work this.

Karma, kismet, fate – whatever you prefer to call it, sits over this. There’s a touch of mystical destiny around all of this. Jupiter in your 12th has been reminding you that there is more behind your relationships, lifepath or even events which take place, than meets the eye. This is your house of the past – and this includes your past lives.  You can tap into the knowledge and experiences you acquired during these this week. Messages or even people from your past could feature and you may have to deal with something or someone for one final time as tensions arise between Jupiter and retro Mercury in its ruling house on the 15th. The upside of all this – and yes, there always is one, is that this is the final go-around with this particular person or situation. Tap into past memories for a solution that frees you for a fresh future. Karma creating? That’s you this week. Burn bright, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: The hottest thing in the sky may be the Sun, but you’re radiating attraction too, Capricorn. The Sun creates life and love. Shine on and burn bright this week.


  • The universe knows your heart’s true wish
  • Make some living arrangements
  • Dream bigger – and better

Often we focus on what we believe we want, rather than what we need. Lucky for us if this happens, the universe can sometimes take a hand. We can get what we wanted – only to discover we don’t. This is our learning opportunity. Our window to our soul when this happens as we have learned something valuable about ourselves. Other times, we work towards a specific outcome and on the way towards it the universe throws something wonderfully different but just as enticing in our path. Do we stay fixated on what we believe we want or do we dare to reach for that untried alternative? Whatever you can dream this week, the universe can dream bigger and better so keep this in mind. Jupiter in your friends and goals sector angles to retroactive Mercury in your money and assets zone. What returns needs your serious re-consideration. Are you confident enough to let go of ideas around what you want and try the alternative which is what you need?

Tackling things that need to be done around home, family, living arrangements, roommates, property and anything which impacts or impinges on your long term security and wellbeing may well be linked to this. The Moon in its ruling house meets Mars in there at the start of the week telling you it’s time for emotional action. What do you need to establish, build or construct? The decisions you make now require action on your part. Do whatever needs to be done as you have the ability to create a foundation upon which a better sense of security can arise. Above all, look again at what is on offer. Or change direction if having what you wanted doesn’t turn out to be that after all. Allow your soul to set you in the direction of your heart’s true desire this week.

In a nutshell: When it comes to those big goals and dreams, wish on a star. And then let go and understand the universe may have the answer. What we want isn’t always what we need.


  • Be your future self today
  • See yourself in a new light
  • Weave an emotional story with everything you say

It’s your revival week this week, Pisces. Time to look closely at your image, online presence, how you come across to others, your brand, your message and your professional packaging. See this as a chance to relaunch or reinvent yourself. To allow others to see what you have to offer or to change their perception of you – for the better. There’s a touch of theatrical magic you can bring to this. See yourself as an actor preparing for the role of a lifetime. What research do you need to do? How do you need to look and come across to be convincing to your audience? Immerse yourself in your future you and bring it into being as Jupiter in your 10th of career and retroactive Mercury in your 1st push you to  reach for a new take on reaching those professional goals.

If you believe in yourself and have the courage of your convictions and your ideas, you have extra help with this now. The Moon meets Mars in your communication sector at the start of the week, bringing emotional truth and intensity to what you say. Mars then extends its influence in here on the 14th when it aligns to Saturn, the ruler of your 10th, in your 11th of the collective and your goals. You can influence on a grand scale – and change how people see you. Your ability to get your message across in a new way, combined with you seeing yourself differently – and others seeing you in a new light as a result, literally re-shapes that path for you. The future is yours to step into.

In a nutshell: Revive and reinvent this week, Pisces. Prepare yourself for a new phase with you taking a starring role. The future is yours to reshape – and step into.

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