Written Weekly Astrology 16th October 2017


Psychic detective skills
Profound healing
Mindblowing sensuality!

Make sure you’ve got a head torch handy this week as you’re about to dive into some pretty bottomless, shadowy, experiences. Mercury, the communicator, is going into your deepest realms and dragging up thoughts and fears that may have been subconsciously blocking your journey. Are you now ready to face them and move on?

On top of that, Mercury is fine-tuning your intuition, and you’re able to see into the furthest corners of other people’s souls. You have a new power searing through you, but wield it wisely, don’t take advantage of the knowledge you glean with your spiritual x-ray eyes.

When Mercury joins forces with lucky Jupiter on the 18th, your new found wisdom can jolt you forward. A profound conversation lights up your path. Aries, you are the warrior of the zodiac, so you don’t like to feel vulnerable, and to be fair, you’re often too busy slaying others’ problems to notice your own fragility.

Be honest, are you hiding your fears, even from yourself? Once you know what you’re dealing with, nothing can stop you from travelling to the next step. With the Sun and Moon opposing Uranus in your sign, as well as a New Moon in your relationship space, you might find yourself wanting to embrace freedom. If you find yourself chomping at the bit to do your own thing and stretch your passion muscles, remember, the Cappuccino is not always hotter on the other side of the street.

The New Moon is giving you the chance of a clean slate. It’s the perfect time to sort out the dynamics you need for your love life to thrive. Mars, your passionate ruler, is also going into this space which inspires you to seek harmony in all your intimate relationships. Having said that, keep your eyes peeled for anyone who tries to disempower you by being passive-aggressive.

In a nutshell – You can spot skullduggery from 100 yards, you’re super psychic this week and also have a mesmerizing charm. Find time to slay your own inner demons.



Lucky in love
Clean out the closet
Ditch the perfectionism

Hopefully, you’ve been very focused on looking after yourself recently, tuning up your health and well being, sorting out bad habits. How are your routines now? I know, it can feel like a pain in the bum making the changes, but when you nail it and shake up your habits, everything else gets more comfortable. And voila, now you can get on with feeling free.

A New Moon on the 19th allows you to release the past, dust yourself off and reframe, reboot and rejig your life to make it work for you. Funnily enough what seemed irritating and a big old faff to do, once done, allows you to be free. Hopefully, you are learning to value and love yourself enough to take care of you!

With the Sun and Moon opposing Uranus, the maverick rebel, you might be tempted to run away to a monastery, join a kooky cult or throw yourself into a belief system that’s pie in the sky. It’s great you are opening up to your spirituality, and following your intuition, but keep it grounded. You are longing for ideals at the moment. Mars is giving you excellent willpower and focus, and you can achieve much more than you thought possible this week once you let go of the illusion of perfection.

On a positive note, Mercury goes into your relationship zone and joins forces with fabulous Jupiter to give you a taste of what the next 12 months have to come. Do you believe in love? Time to ditch any negativity and make the most of Jupiter’s sprinkles of possibility. Love is transforming and taking a different direction. For the next year, you should have better love potential than you’ve had for the past 12 years.

In a nutshell – Jupiter brings news of love love love this week. Get rid of any old fears and KNOW you are lovable. The New Moon enables you to rid yourself of bad habits and renew a health regime but don’t let Uranus lead you into extremes!



Lusty laughs
A Soul connection
Artistic avalanche

High five Gemini! The New Moon on the 19th is bringing you a fresh circle of pleasure and imaginative delights. Of course, the New Moon is not just about beginnings, but also about endings. Are there any people, thought patterns or attitudes that you need to ditch to be free to drink the juice of life? What gives you pleasure? What makes you laugh and feel like a kid again? The Universe is asking you to incorporate more joy into your life, indulge in your creativity and embrace your sensuality. Mars is giving you the fire in your belly to get excited about projects, and your ideas are flowing. Dive into your inventive waters and take practical steps (with the help of Mercury) to turn your vision into a reality.

Roy T Bennet said “Believe in yourself. You are braver than you think, more talented than you know, and capable of more than you imagine.” Whatever has been holding you back can now pass. Get out your inner glow stick and light your own way!

Just before the New Moon on the 17th, Mercury is entering your health and well-being zone, and on the 18th joining forces with Jupiter the fortunate. Jupiter is settling in for a 12-month stay and encouraging you to sort yourself out. It’s time to focus on your body, habits and routines, bin the bedtime Mojito, cast out the Krusty creams etc. Take time this week to examine what you need to do to get yourself back in balance. Jupiter and Mercury form a magical alliance on the 18th which ups your persuasive skills, don’t squander this opportunity, schedule in a chat with the people that matter.

In a nutshell – What does pleasure mean to you? Your Cosmic prescription is to factor as much joy as possible into your week.



Love revolution
Dreams do come true

Yay! After recent planetary turmoil you’ve probably been wondering what’s coming next, thankfully, the cosmos has potentially great news! Mercury, the planet of communication, is heading into your happy house on the 17th, boosting optimism and giving you a dose of delights. On top of that, lucky Jupiter is joining forces with Mr chatty on the 18th, making you extremely persuasive. Your inventive juices are in full flow, your passion is aroused, and your claws are dancing a little jig of pleasure. Is it time to declare your feelings? Don’t be surprised if someone beats you to it!

Not feeling that great? Open your arms to all the things that make you feel good. Trust that expansive Jupiter has your back, and when he canoodles with Mercury, they conspire to bring you excellent news. Look around you for potential leads and passionate partners. Trust your abilities, ditch insecurity and go for it.

The New Moon on the 19th offers you big news and is telling you it’s time to let go, to surrender pesky family issues and create the home you want. What do you need to quit?

“You must go on a long journey before you can really find out how wonderful home is.”
(Comet in Moominland)

The Sun and Moon are opposing Uranus, the maverick, and awakening a call to freedom. Be calm when making important decisions as you quite rightly decide to commit to your security and happiness. Mars gives you the oomph to sort out your space and indulge in homely pleasures.

In a nutshell – Life takes an upswing as you regain your Va va voom. A family gathering gets warm and fuzzy and a creative idea takes off.



Wonderful wordsmith
Get hygge, cosy, snuggly
Speak your truth

There’s nothing like a brand new cycle to get your life force flowing. This week you’re still sniffing out what expansive planet Jupiter has to offer. Mercury, the planet of communication, is joining jolly Jupiter in your home and family zone. There’s a sense of optimism in the air, and you realise that you can sort out blocks around those areas. You’re the Queen of your home and King of your social life, get your favourite tribe members, lovers and close ones around to your place. Snuggle in and feel your powers reviving. Expect a conversation that transforms you. If you fancy working in any area connected to property, design, food blogging, kids, now’s the time. Already focused on one of those areas? You’re shifting things. Whatever past experiences you’ve had or painful blocks, you can change that karma now.

The New Moon spills fascinating ideas and allows you to let go of negative thought patterns. If you’ve felt misunderstood and taken things personally, you can let it go.

Alex the lion: She’s got a gun! Let’s get out while we can! Pass it on!
[monkeys chain-whisper the message up to the plane]
Mason: He said, ‘Let’s have some fun and take out the dam. Basset hound’

If you feel that your words are lost in translation, you can sort it out. Mind you, Uranus is opposing the Moon and Sun on the same day, so you are feeling particularly rebellious and very much a truth monster! Be careful and understand the power of your words and the impact they can have. Mars is giving you the intensity to drive your thoughts practically and turn them into reality. Avoid being too feisty though!

“There is a huge amount of freedom that comes to you when you take nothing personally.”
Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom.

In a nutshell – Your clan and home bring you gifts this week. What do you want to change? Where do you want to go? The Universe has the answers and urges you to act and follow through.



Secret temptations
Be your own cheerleader
Money magnet

There is no doubt that the next 12 months is going to be a wild social frenzy. Jupiter is whizzing you into a different mind space. Mercury, your ruler, is already feeding the fire this week, and giving you a glimpse of what’s to come. The communication King is nipping into your social and information zone. On the 18th, Jupiter and Mercury join forces and come up with a cunning plan to bring the right conversations your way. New concepts and fresh perceptions make this a fascinating time. It’s time to trust your thoughts and see your curiosity as an asset. Do you believe in your abilities? Make the most of the information coming to you and Parkour out of your comfort zone. It’s time to blow your own kazoo and give yourself a bit of positive PR. The cosmos believes in you, and it’s time you did too.

The New Moon casts off fears about security and whispers that you can plant yourself in the earth, grow healthy roots and be confident in your future. Money, seductive liaisons and earthy pleasures float your boat. Finally, you’re finding security from within. When you truly love yourself, look out for yourself and treasure yourself life reflects it back. Let the New Moon help you let go of the dastardly insecurities that are weighing you down. However a word of caution, the Sun and Moon are opposite maverick Uranus, and this might make you want to feast on pleasure at any cost or indulge in a shady experience with a power player. You’re grounded enough to know what you’re doing so don’t kid yourself. Take responsibility or don’t do it!

In a nutshell – Emails, texts, snap chats, telephone calls aplenty as the whole world seems to want to get in touch. Root through your lists and get your priorities in order. Somewhere amongst your messages could be some compelling information.



Cast a spell
Radiant you
Be proactive

Ok Libra, no more brooding about the past, it’s time to seize the day! In the past few weeks, the cosmos has been trying to help you feel more empowered. Sure, It might not have been easy, there may have been some uncomfortable truths to deal with. Having said that, you have also had a small taste of the possibility of a new direction and an intuitive awareness about how you can increase your sense of security. Jupiter is pointing his Midas rays towards creating abundance and a deeper understanding of self. When King lucky joins up with Mercury on the 19th, you can secure a deal or come across a scrap of information that can lead to significant things.

The big news of the week is that it’s your very own Astrological new year. The New Moon is in your sign HOORAY! Once a year the magic of the Universe points in your direction, giving you a unique opportunity to shed the past. Take the time to focus on 19th and reflect on what you want to create in the next phase. What have you conquered in the past year and what are you going to devote yourself to now? Warrior Mars is also bursting into your realm on the 22nd, empowering you to tackle any battle and recharging your spirit. You’re much more brazen than usual but be cautious about making any rash relationship changes on the 19th. The Sun and Moon are opposite rebel Uranus, who doesn’t want to answer to anyone. You, above all others, know that relationships are based on compromise, teamwork and mutual respect. Talk things through before you jump ship, and that goes for friendships as well as lovers. Make a wish Libra, and the Universe is all ears.

In nutshell – It’s a brave new world Libra! The New Moon in your sign makes this your very own Astrological new year! Yeah baby! What are you going to ditch and what are you going to create? The world is your lobster!



Wordsmith magic
It’s all about you
Magic and miracles

Whoop! Are you feeling the sweet, sweet tang of lucky Jupiter in your sign? Not yet? This week the planets ramp it up as sociable and articulate Mercury also goes into your sign. Your words are mesmerising, and you can tinge any conversation with your personal agenda. Folk find you compelling, and your crystals of wisdom have even more depth than usual. On the other hand, you’d be wise to pay attention to not only what you say but how you say It. Your thoughts are thrust into other peoples minds and stay there.

Trust the power of your spirit and make beautiful magic with it. Jupiter and Mercury get together to supercharge your potential on the 18th, so make it count. Take at least one leap toward the direction of your dreams.

The New Moon lands in your place of mystery, self-reflection and synchronicity. October means you’re approaching the end of a cycle and heading towards the next adventure. A psychic revelation is on the way, explore it. It’s essential that you pay attention to what your gut is telling you, you know it is rarely wrong. With Mars also moving here, you might feel a little ungrounded or drawn towards all sorts of naughty delights to distract you from the inner work. Avoid escapism or any extremes, take some you time, chill and work with the enchantment that surrounds you.

In a nutshell – Jupiter is starting to work his alchemy so be careful what you wish for! Mercury is drawing a fascinating chat that gets you thinking.



Polish your crystal balls
The wild bunch

What sorcery is this? Jupiter is settling into your mystery zone and getting busy bringing you a significant portion of the profound. No matter how practical you are, strange coincidences and spooky experiences surround you. Jupiter wants the best for you and when he joins up with Mercury, make sure you inspect, analyse and make the most of any uncanny event.

Thinking about someone and they pop up? Get on a bus and run into your childhood sweetheart or pondering a career change and see the perfect job advert, pay attention. Prick up your psychic ears, open up your third eye (you can learn to do that here ) and learn to see things in a different way.

The thing about mystery is, well, hey, it’s mysterious! Synchronicity and psychic information are not linear, it’s often an answer wrapped in an enigma swaddled in the unknown. All is not always what it seems, you have to dig deep to work it out. Your intellect isn’t gonna help you find what you’re looking for, you have to trust your inner guru.

The New Moon is delivering the right clan/tribe to support you in the next part of your journey. Is there a gang of people you know you have to leave behind? Is it time for fresh collaborations? The Sun and Moon are opposing Uranus in your pleasure zone, so you might be tempted to hang out with the wild ones. With Mars also entering your community zone there’s plenty of energy for a strong team.

In a nutshell – Magic is in the air, so be very careful what you twitch your nose at! You’re a magic magnet and travel down unusual routes this week. Pay attention, don’t dismiss the strangeness!


Team leader
The Universe is cheering you on
Meet a new gang

Juicy Jupiter is starting to flex his biceps in your social zone. This week you have a unicorn of an opportunity to convince a group of the importance of your ideas. You’re as close to going viral as possible, but of course, it’s up to you what you want to seed and spread. There sure is power in numbers right now, and you’re an influencer as well as a team player.

Mercury the wordsmith is joining forces with lucky Jupiter to bring about a pivotal moment. The more you surround yourself with the right clan, the further you’ll go. Reach out and connect, network and have faith knowing you are an important, unique, part of the whole.

Cappy, you love to succeed, and what most people don’t get is all the hard work you put in the background. You are not one to sit on your bum and wait for the dreams to come to you, you stubbornly and persistently plan how to get there. Thankfully, much of your slog is about to pay off. A New Moon is catapulting you to the next level, having said that, you also have to be a brave heart and chuck out what is no longer working. If you find yourself in an awkward position between family and career, think it through before you savage the opposition. Yes, Mars is making you tenacious, determined and focused, but take timeout to get in tune with your empathy and love for those around you. The smallest amount of attention is a treasure to those that adore you.

In a nutshell – Galvanise yourself into action as important folk are watching. Show the Universe what you’ve got. The New Moon is bringing a fresh career cycle and the game is on.



Breaking free
Eccentric travels

It’s all kicking off Aquarius! The next year brings you a ton of chances to take a career quantum leap. You’re incredibly convincing this week and capture the imagination of others. Let’s face it, you’re a visionary, OK, you don’t always feel that way, but right now you’ve got it going on. The heavens are asking you to ground your electrifying ideas, give birth to your vision and make things happen! When talkative Mercury foxtrots into your career zone you can pitch your ideas to a receptive audience. What’s your strategy? Be authentic, come from your heart and believe in yourself and you can’t go wrong. Whatever your plans, Jupiter is helping you magnify them, so think big!

‘Remember the promise in all legends – that if we embrace our destiny head-on, the entire universe itself will rally to our aid and help.’

The New Moon is hitting your adventure zone on the 19th. You’re unusually impulsive at the moment and want everyone around you to tell it like it is, you’re not in the mood to kitty foot around and thanks to a Sun/Moon opposing spitfire Uranus, you might find yourself blabbing things you could be more delicate about! You’re unpredictable, daring and audacious and your wild one is out and proud. Remember the difference between rebellion and recklessness, keep yourself safe.

In a nutshell – Your unconventional side is bringing you a gift this week. Express your maverick side but also focus on impressing others with your brilliance. It’s time to believe in you and go for it.


Unleash your intensity
Lust is banging on your window
Take the road less travelled

Wow! It’s going to be intense! At the beginning of the week, you’re feeling feisty and wild, and your inner banshee is more than happy to yell the truth and express what’s on your mind. Get used to it, for the next year you are fuelled by a desire to be free. You aren’t in the mood to take any bull ca-ca and will call people out who are inauthentic. Although you’ll always be a sensitive empath, your healing takes a feral path! Jupiter is showing you how to be fishy revolutionary, and you’ll love it. Like any new skill, you might find yourself falling off your truth seahorse as you navigate towards openness. Hone your honesty monster so that she can combine with your kindness.

The New Moon in your primal zone on the 19th is generating some pretty profound desires. You are letting go of insecurity, embracing your sensuality and reclaiming your she-wolf within. Keep your wits about you, experience your instincts as your very own spiritual google. Nothing escapes you but avoid letting this stoke paranoia, don’t make assumptions but ferret out the truth one step at a time. When Mars enters the same raw and saucy space your desire is on fire, temptation is lurking and you want to dive deep.

In a nutshell – Secrets, temptations, obsessions and confessions make this a full on week. The key to this is owning your power, trusting your senses and letting go of fear.

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