Written Weekly Horoscope 2nd October 2017

Hello, Gorgeous, I have been ill for ages and just coming out of it now. My wonderful astrology pal who I have worked with lots in the past has kindly done this week’s astrology for you! I will be back next week in full fettle! I am hoping to film the videos tomorrow.


Do I need to tell you how smart you are, Aries? I shouldn’t have to. But you can so easily undermine all those smarts by impulsive action. Especially when your emotions get fired up. This could be one of those weeks where you have to take a deep breath and count to three or even 30 to avoid conflict. It may just seem that everyone is determined to ‘get your goat’ and what happens when a ram and a goat butt heads? Neither one is going to give way to the other so all you will get are sore heads. Ruler Mars in your work and health sector trining Pluto in your house of career and reputation could power you onwards and upwards but it won’t be entirely on your terms. If you can’t achieve cooperation at least avoid confrontation if you can. Or step back and consider all the possible repercussions especially if you going head-to-head is with someone in a position of power and authority. Choose your battles wisely especially the emotional ones as that full Moon sets sail in your first house of intensely personal ‘me’ stuff on the 5th.

But those smarts are still yours to command thanks to Venus also in your 6th making an equally beneficial angle to Pluto and then joining Mars on the day of that full Moon. This gives you all you need to bring about the outcome you want, without the resulting headache. This may not take place on the work front but could even involve a partner or that person who has been in your face for far too long. Full Moons can act as mirrors. Perhaps that person is just a reflection of what’s going on deep inside? Those smarts should be telling you to bite back your initial response and formulate another one. Waiting may just be the best action you can take.

In a nutshell – This week may be about work and career but don’t overlook the importance of what really drives you. It’s your emotional needs that are firing up all that ambition this week, Aries and demanding acknowledgement. It’s as much about inner as it is outer, success.




Should you or shouldn’t you, Taurus? Choices and dilemmas tempt you or else see you unable to decide which course of action is the best. Should you stay or should you go being a likely scenario this week. If you’ve been feeling you’ve not been seeing the ‘big picture’ or that nagging voice in your head has been telling you something is ‘up’, then this week’s full Moon in your secretive 12th, could just hand you the missing pieces of the puzzle. Or confirm you’ve been right all along. If ever there was a week to heed your intuition, this is it.

Gut feelings need to be followed up on so don’t be afraid to dig deeper to uncover the facts. If you feel you’re being lied to – you most probably are. But that gut feeling has a dual purpose and it’s to put you in the path of delicious synchronicities if you let it. All designed to open doors and set you free if you will allow it. Way back in the’70’s, American Express ran an ad campaign ‘Don’t Leave Home Without It’. This week don’t leave home without your intuition. It will land you in the right place at the right time in the path of the right people as Mars in your 5th trines Pluto in your freedom loving 9th of big opportunities. Ruler Venus loves to shine in your 5th and wants you to do the same. She too makes an equally wonderful angle at Pluto and meets with Mars in here the day of the full Moon. Some of you could find romance, success, a serendipitous encounter or an opportunity. All through following instinct. Don’t leave home without it.

In a nutshell – Decisions and delicious dilemmas lure and tempt you this week, Taurus. Should you or shouldn’t you? Hidden desires come to the fore. Secret loves or just secrets others have been keeping from you. Time to tap into your intuition if you want to make the right choice!




There’s a fresh start brewing for you this week, Gemini but before we can begin something new, we usually have to deal with endings or goodbyes. Bear this in mind. It’s all about rebirth, regeneration, reinvention or even relocation for you now. Endings especially around your home, or even a close family member, impact on you thanks to a lot of activity in your sector of home and roots as well as powerful Pluto in his ruling house of transformation and change.

Mars in your 4th may have an unsettling effect and for some, the changes that occur now may be powerful and not of your choosing. Instead you may find yourself swept along by them and wondering where you will wash up next. Even those of you with roots planted firmly in place may feel a distinctly un-Gemini like urge to retreat from the big wide world this week as the full Moon appears in your social 11th. If that is your impulse, then please heed it. However, Venus and Mars are conjoined in your home sector pointing to creating that new beginning, home or lifestyle. Or for others just someone nice to come home to and hygge with. No matter what comes to an end now, take it that it has been lived out on some level and it’s now time for something new.

In a nutshell – Just like a caterpillar needs to cocoon before it can emerge as a butterfly, this week could see you retreating from the world for some serious ‘me’ time. There’s a change in the air and you need to get ready before the social butterfly can emerge once more.



You’re more than just talk this week, Cancer. You’re all about taking the action to back it up. It’s certainly not a week to promise more than what you can deliver. And also you won’t be in a mood to tolerate people who promise something and then don’t deliver. Pay attention also to the sub-text around you. And read the fine print. Mars and Venus in your 3rd are both making superb aspects to Pluto. You need to ensure your word is your bond – and this applies to those close to you too. The alchemy of words can transform a partnership or even a rivalry. I could say it’s time for serious discussions or even vows to be exchanged. The promises we make, the things we say we will do, are all vows.

As you are ruled by the Moon you are affected by its phases more than any other sign and this week’s full Moon in your 10th asks you to be seen as someone who stands by what they say – and delivers. If you don’t, your reputation may suffer as a result. If it’s sweet talk you’re after, you’ll find the right words this day too as Venus and Mars meet. You could seal the deal or win someone over. One way or another you’ll experience how words weave magic spells this week. And what happens when you, or someone else, doesn’t take them seriously.

In a nutshell – Weave some magic spells with the right words this week, Cancer. You’ve got the power to get your point across. And to bring about the outcome you want just by how you communicate. Just remember, this week your word is your bond. Say it with love and the results – could be magic.



Money, security and work that satisfies your soul? Venus is in her ruling house in your chart – your money zone and getting up close and personal with Mars this week. It’s time to look closely at questions around abundance in all aspects of your life. What’s the flow like, Leo? Too much out and not enough in? Is this true not just for your bank account but your personal life or even your work life? You’re about to enter a period where you can create a home, a base or establish something for your future and this week could just provide you with a delicious foretaste of what’s to come. Or show you just where those adjustments need to be made if the flow is blocked.

How you earn your daily bread could be set for a transformation with better paying work on its way as Venus and Mars entice Pluto into a threesome aimed at improving your earning ability. The full Moon in your 9th may have you confronting a situation that is holding you back from achieving this. It’s being highlighted so you can deal with it. The day of the full Moon is also the day that Venus and Mars are both working towards improving your finances – and your values. At the end of the day, it may turn out to be less about how much you earn than the quality of your lifestyle. Or your relationship. With Venus in her ruling house, love could just be what boosts the bottom line for you and satisfies your soul in the long term.

In a nutshell – The books have to balance this week, Leo. Too much going out and not enough coming in? Or are you doing all the giving and someone is just taking? It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about your work, your bank account or your personal life. You can redress the balance this week.



Has life turned oh-so-serious lately and have you lost the capacity to play, Virgo? You know what they say about all work and no play, right? Mars and Venus currently in your sign are set for a passionate entanglement this week. What’s more both of them angle at Pluto busy in your sector of lovers, romance and young people. A younger person perhaps a child could show you what you have been missing of late. Or it could be that romantic possibility who if not younger than you (another distinct possibility now) has a careful and youthful charm about them no matter what their age. Does this have long-term potential? That remains to be seen. But maybe this is a timely reminder to not look too far ahead and live in the moment.
Creativity and change swirl around you too. In fact, this is a good metaphor as Venus rules creativity and Mars the need to take action. And here they both are, engaged in the creative dance. Follow their lead and tap into all that passion. The full Moon occurs in your house of change, transformation, reincarnation and yes, sex. Sex and creativity go hand-in-hand too. Something game-changing could just be created now. That transformative exchange between two souls or that creative idea you need to give birth too. Go with the flow and live in the moment. And don’t take any of it, whatever ‘it’ is, too seriously.

In a nutshell – This week asks you to let go and let love, fun and passion back into your life. Someone could cross your path to remind you of just what you’ve been missing out on lately. The message is this week to stop taking things so seriously and to rediscover joy again. Time to come out and play!



Your significant other could be in focus this week thanks to a full Moon in your partnership sector. No significant other? Then this could concern a potential other half. You may not be able to see that potential just yet as ruler Venus and Mars occupy your mysterious 12th house. There’s something here that is waiting to manifest, however. With links back to the past – and not just yours but your family past or karma too. Mars and then Venus are intent on exposing a love story – or a potential one. But the question is, is it yours or it is someone else’s entirely? Have you been living your own story or perhaps one handed down to you by a parent? Has their romantic history or beliefs somehow become yours? Is history repeating itself? Or has your family story around love shaped your own beliefs around how love should be?
Don’t be surprised if insights surface around these themes and a lightbulb moment could occur. If you do discover you have in fact been living out someone else’s story, then the day of the full Moon sees Venus and Mars meet. This may offer a chance to turn a clean page and start writing your own. As the 12th house rules past lives too, the potential around you could include someone who you feel you may have met before. This is your opportunity to write a new chapter – and live it too.

In a nutshell – Partners past, present and future feature as the full Moon shines on someone close to you – or that big gap in your life. Get ready for insights into your personal happily ever after. Or to discover you’ve been living in someone else’s fairy tale all along. The truth, not your fairy godmother, sets you free.



What are you saying and is your message being received, Scorpio? Do you know your audience? Sometimes it is not what we say but how we say it. You have your rulers ancient and modern opening the lines of communication this week. You are being asked to look at whether there are other or dare I say it, better ways, to get your point across. Venus also in your sector of friends, groups and the internet brings diplomacy and also love into the mix. Your words can literally transform as you reach for new ways to communicate and connect.
It’s a week where it’s not what you know but who you know that matters just as much as finding new ways to say things. The full Moon in your 6th could just be showing you where the gaps are in your network. And that includes your professional one too. Team efforts, collaborations and work connections all have their role to play. Or it could be you are lacking one special person or your social life in general needs reinvigorating. Have you turned into a hermit of late? It’s no use complaining you don’t have a partner or get out enough when you stay at home binge-watching box sets. As Venus and Mars move to meet up on the 5th, the message is that there are people out there waiting to meet you while magic is in the air. But they won’t come to you. You’re going to have to go out and find them. Find a way to put your hand up and let them know where you are. Reach for the right words and reach out. Transmit yourself and watch your world transform.

In a nutshell – Time to rise from the ashes – or perhaps your couch, as the golden glowing phoenix you are, Scorpio and connect to the wider world. Friends, groups, networks and connections offer the resources you need to achieve your goals. No more lurking in the shadows. Rise and shine!



You are a sign poised on the brink of success this week, Sag. With your career and status zone lit up by a meeting between Venus and Mars this week. Powerplays? Most certainly. With the emphasis on ‘play’. Time to shoot for that full Moon setting sail in your 5th of opportunities to shine, young people and yes, romance. With Mars and Venus angling at Pluto in Venus’s ruling house in your chart – the 2nd, you’ve charisma and charm adding to all that fire and ambition. As a result you win the job, score the client, capture the corner office and perhaps even snare the heart of prince or princess of your dreams at the same time.

Your Venus-ruled 2nd is all about your money and with Pluto in here, you can see your finances transform. But you can also bet that if Pluto is boosting your bank account he is doing so to see what you believe all that lovely money can buy you. Power? Choices? Pluto in here is asking you to dig deep and discover what is really driving you. Be prepared for a revelation around this as Venus and Mars meet by the light of the full Moon in your 5th. This week offers you the opportunity to transform your relationship with the material world, and in doing the payoff is love and not something you can buy after all. But that bank account boost won’t hurt either.

In a nutshell – If what you do seems like play, then you could be celebrating serious success this week, Sag. Overnight sensation? You may make it look effortless but this week rewards those who put in the extra effort. Your pay-off could be charting your own course to the stars.



You may just feel like escaping this week, Capricorn. Where to? Well, just about anywhere so long as it is far away from whoever is causing conflicts or problems. No matter how hard you try to remain as neutral as Switzerland, they may just seem determined to draw you in. It may be extremely difficult to remain neutral especially if the dramas are happening on the home front. In which case, it may seem there is no escape. Mars and Venus both in your 9th of learning, expansion and travel trine Pluto in your 1st. Yes, I am aware that a trine is usually a positive angle. But your 9th does tend to ‘big things up’. Add in the fact that Mars can have you acting in haste and anything in your 1st means it all seems intensely personal. The 4th does not just rule your home, but your sense of emotional security and belonging. So, with emotions peaking at the full Moon it may feel as if your foundations are being undermined. Hence the desire to run away or escape if it all suddenly feels too much.

That does not mean to say travel is not a strong possibility for many sea goats this week. Venus and Mars conjunct on the night of the full Moon could see some of you quite literally flying off or setting sail under it. If there is no escaping, do try to tap into Venus’s innate gift for finding a diplomatic solution. As Margaret Urlich put it in her song ‘Escaping’ – ‘Oh starry eyed am I, Knowing that when I try, To forget you, Love brings me out of my shell.’ Don’t retreat in the face of conflict. Reach for love instead.

In a nutshell – Emotional ups and downs could have your diplomatic skills strained to their limit. You may feel like running away this week, but your heart just keeps tugging you back to someone or something no matter how much you want to escape. Time to look at family ties.



A project may enter a critical or final stage this week, Aquarius. The culmination of which could propel you forward into a new phase of experience. Something has to be completed, finished off, ended, presented, signed-off on or put to rest. The full Moon in your 3rd is telling you to say whatever needs to be said. To do whatever you can do, and then with both Mars and Venus in your house of transformation, you need to let go of it and trust in the process. Mars traditionally rules this house in your chart and he is making a trine to Pluto – the contemporary ruler of this house, who sits in your spiritual and mysterious 12th. Venus is also in your 8th and she too trines Pluto the day after Mars. It’s therefore a week to tie up loose ends and bring things to fruition.

Sometimes recognising we have done all we possibly can do and there is nothing more is enough. This is not ‘giving up’, ‘becoming indifferent’ or even ‘resignation’ as some people will have you believe. This is what is known as grace. You’ll intuitively know as Venus and Mars meet on the 5th, if this is what is called for now. If a situation is stagnant, stuck or if no matter what you do, nothing changes then have the grace and the wisdom to just let go and do no more. And in doing so you’ll let the change start to happen and that new phase begin to appear.

In a nutshell – Tie up loose ends. Put the finishing touches to something. It’s a time of completion and also recognising when you can do no more. Then let go and let life, love and the universe take over. New beginnings are about to come calling.



Looking for someone special, Pisces? They’re out there waiting for you but the message this week is that the fish you are looking to swim with may be in a different pool than the one you think. Pluto in your social sector is all about bringing you into contact with people and groups who are destined to transform you in some way. This house in your chart also rules the internet and individuals who may be from very different backgrounds, social circles or professions to those people you normally mix with. And here is where Pluto can unearth real treasure for you. A rich vein of connection and even love that you can tap into thanks to Pluto making angles to Mars and Venus in your house of partnerships and close personal ties.

The full Moon appears on the 5th in your second house which is ruled by Venus of course. It’s not just about your money and assets but your values too. In fact, your partner or the people around you can be your greatest assets. As Venus and Mars meet on this day then this could be your chance to increase yours. The Moon in here, however, may highlight a few insecurities. If you’re connecting with a new group or even a person, do you feel you belong or are out of place? Remember Wayne’s World and how Wayne and Garth used to chant ‘We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!’ to their rockstar idols? Is this you? Venus brings the love connection and Mars gives you the confidence to accept that, yes you ARE worthy. Go fish in a different pool this week.

In a nutshell – It’s not that there are no fish in the sea, Pisces. It’s just you’ve been casting your line in the wrong pool. If you’re looking for someone special this week could bring them swimming alongside you. But you may have to navigate uncharted waters first to find them.

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  1. Brilliant reading :-) I am Cancer and had an interview yesterday. I had a call this morning to say I had the job! I have been out of work for two years and been job hunting all that time. I have had other interviews in that time but yesterday felt ‘different’. I knew what I was saying was being well received by the interviewers :-) Now I need to keep to my word on what was agreed on the phone this morning x

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