Written Weekly Horsocope 9th October 2017


Onwards, feisty warrior!
Power of persuasion
Hot to trot

Holy Rams! Where do I begin? This week is a veritable theatre feast of drama and redemption! On the 9th and 10th, Pluto is square Mercury and then the Sun. Your Aries freedom-loving spirit wants to get her chops into work, but there is a potential struggle between relationships and career. There is an incredible intensity in the air, and when the Sun gets in on the action, it’s time to make a decision. Secrets rise to the surface, you may decide to transform your life but for once do it covertly, you are not keen on surrendering. Power struggles and accusations may fly about as you come to the end of a cycle.

Fear not! The cosmic energy spins in a fresh direction from the 10th as Jupiter the planet of luck, expansion and bonne chance, drops into your primal zone. It’s your charisma, fearlessness and depth that will help you evolve and conquer over the next 12 months. Yes, partnerships are taking a new direction, BUT the planets help you along the way. On the 14th Venus is going into your love zone easing problems and drawing harmony and sensuality your tow.

On the 11th your ruler Mars squares pesky Saturn as we continue the theme of freedom versus restriction. Yes, it’s frustrating but look at the bigger picture, you see what you need to transform. You cannot live your life in a prison or even on a long leash. Thankfully a Grand Fire trine on the 15th sparks you into action as you find an out the box, fairy dust, ticket to liberation.

In a nutshell – Family and work are getting a tad tangled, sort things out but avoid ultimatums. Do you know how compelling and powerful you are? You’re about to find out.



All or nothing
Dive into the mystery
Lady luck

Hola Taurus! Luckily you still have the seeds of a stunning time this week. Ooh er! Venus and Mars are tickling your fancy in your pleasure zone and hotting up your desires. On the other hand, Saturn is trying to pin you down and make you take control of your desires. Have you been more lusty and reckless than usual? Are you trying to conquer your inner demons? The Cosmos is in flux trying to bring harmony and beauty into your life. Yes, sow your wild oats, dance to the beat of your passion didgeridoo but avoid getting obsessional. You know what I mean, whether it’s a love interest or a ‘hobby’ you tend to get all consumed. Funnily enough, Pluto is trying to help you see the deeper issues, but you might find this challenging as buried motivations and self-sabotage rise up to be sorted.

Good news! Jupiter the planet of luck, personal evolution and expansion is changing signs. Jupiter does this every 12 months or so cycling through different areas and giving us different areas where we are likely to grow and benefit. The Lord of benefits is going into your relationship zone. You are about to potentially experience the best love ‘luck’ you’ve had in 12 years! It’s up to you to break out of your comfort zone and be willing to embrace a new style of relationship magic. Partnerships of all kinds get a makeover, and you’ll meet your match on one level or another. Remember ‘partnerships’ come in all shapes and sizes – business partners, collaborative partners, a new best friend. Whoever or whatever turns up is right for you – and is Jupiter turning up in person. No matter what – it’s all love.

In a nutshell – Applause! Jupiter the fortunate is going into your love and relationship zone! You have 12 months of potential fabulousness around love. Mr Expansion has not given you this gift for 12 years so make the most of it and choose your lover wisely. Single or taken things are about to go to a whole new level.



Unravel your confusion
Don’t give your power away
Feed your muse

Puzzles, peculiarities and conundrums are your forte, good job really as this week is filled with them. Mercury your ruler and frisky, harmonious Venus are in your happy place. You should be on a creative high, feel full of beans and as passionate as a bear in a cake factory. In all seriousness your spirit is opening, and you are starting to trust again. You’re especially good at writing, publishing, playing and performing. You sacred sexuality is stirred, and you long for sensual unions, soul connections, romance and the Universe might just deliver. Don’t head off down a dead end maze just because it has pretty lights, create and enjoy the things that will sustain you.

If only it were that simple! Mercury, your ruler, is kicking off with Pluto, the lord of transformation, change and radical action. You might find yourself in an exquisite chemical attraction or obsession but there’s an underlying struggle. With the Sun also square shady Mr P, it’s important not to give your power away or lose your confidence. Mercury is perking you up on the 13th when he shows you how to secure your close relationships and dig some hearty foundations.

Jupiter is the planet that governs our luck and spiritual evolution, he is prepared to give us all the beautiful things, BUT we have to be prepared to stretch, follow the road less travelled and do what our higher self-knows we should do! Jupiter is about to give you around 12 months of opportunity around your health, well being and work. Now is a good time to get clear on what you can do to enhance this area of your life. The rewards can be great as long as you do the work.

In a nutshell – Just like a caterpillar needs to cocoon before it can emerge as a butterfly, this week could see you retreating from the world for some serious ‘me’ time. There’s a change in the air and you need to get ready before the social butterfly can emerge once more.



Give yourself over to play and pleasure
Heal with inspiration
How far can what you love take you?

Yassssssss! I am the bearer of superb news! Well, not me, but Jupiter! Recently you have probably started to establish yourself as confident and secure. Thanks to last week’s Full Moon you are becoming quite the go-getter. Perhaps it’s taken you awhile to fully get into your stride, to walk your talk and follow through on your ambition? Lately you may have started to feel more secure in your own skin. Now that you have found yourself it’s the perfect time to overhaul and heal your relationship patterns. How are you feeling about love?

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, luck, and personal evolution is shifting gears and going trundling into your pleasure, creativity, love and happiness house. Jupiter has not been here for 12 whole years. Mr Expansion sits in the place that is going to give you the most growth over the next 12 months, where he goes you must follow or you could find yourself stagnating. Do you have a secret desire to write, perform, knit a lifesize model of the Eiffel Tower? If so, now is the time to start. Jupiter is going to show you that you have more ability than you knew, as long as you are prepared to leap out of your comfort zone, push your boundaries and do things differently.

The Lord of good fortune is whispering that you can achieve and learn just as much through happiness as you can through struggle. Have you forgotten this? Love, passion and soul connections are all on the cards so don’t cling onto anything that does not honour you or serve you. It’s also time to put your creativity out there and to play like a child, reboot your optimism and fly.

The other energy you are focused on this week is home and family. How is life at Chateau Cancer? Is your abode somewhere where you can recharge, get romantic, heal and be inspired? No? Declutter, rearrange and put some of your famous nurturing into your space. As Venus shifts signs you are keen to bring harmony into your family and you have an incredible way with words. Let’s face it your kindness is legendary, so it’s about time that others start to show their appreciation.

In a nutshell – Free your inner child and learn the power of play. Release all that creativity that’s bubbling away inside of you. And in doing so embrace healing and discover how easy life – and love, was meant to be!



Get some golden living space
You have the right words for love talk
Don’t roar – purr!

You are probably still reeling from September’s intense eclipses. Lately, you have had to re-evaluate everything in your life. The good news is your sixth feline sense already had an inkling about what has come to pass. Are you now going to trust your instincts? On the 10th when you ruler squares shady Lord Pluto you might find yourself having to deal with someone who thinks they can control you. Do not fall into the trap of losing your temper, showing your teeth or swiping them with your claws as that would be falling into their pretty obvious trap. Watch, take it in, and use that impressive intellect of yourself to sidestep any nonsense. If you find that someone is critical, or judgmental, flash them your most devastating smile, and deal with it later.

Jupiter the lord of good fortune, luck and expansion changes signs every year or so and wherever he lands dictates where we are likely to grow. Mr Success is slipping into your home and family home for the first time in 12 years. What was going on with you 12 years ago? Where were you living? How did you feel about it and what were your family dynamics like? Fingers crossed there should be a huge improvement in these areas, BUT it’s essential that you do things differently. Jupiter challenges our comfort zone and will only bestow rewards on those that leap faith.

Venus gives you extra unique allure, and you can mesmerise a love interest with your fancy words. If you want to get closer to someone or perhaps re-bond with a lover, you know just what to say to get through to them. Look out for a flirtation with a bright spark whose words string fairy lights around your heart. The 15th’s Fire Trine brings exciting drama and adventure, anything could and probably will happen.

In a nutshell – Disarm enemies or opt out of a control-game with a smile. Your choice of words could see love come running back. Time to build a palace where you can reign supreme. With a consort by your side.



Ride the idea train
Don’t let doubt stop you
Discover the power of simplicity for love & success

Ideas are your ticket to ride now, Virgo. Where do you want them to take you? Fuel them with a little bit of passion and you could end up going further than even you can possibly imagine. Real tangible results could be within your grasp now. Your hidden assets – and by this I mean your smarts, could just turn in to money in the bank. It all begins with believing in yourself and your ideas this week. How’s your confidence when it comes to all that? September’s eclipses could just have had you questioning everything – including yourself. But this also should have re-connected you back to faith in your abilities and ideas. Follow through and this week could see this new found confidence translate itself into tangible rewards. Be unshakable when it comes to you, your talents and skills.

Mr. Big Idea himself, Jupiter is on the move into your 3rd house of communication, commerce and getting around. Time to put yourself and your ideas out there. This is more than just ‘testing the waters’. But getting behind yourself. Walking your talk. And then seeing where that gets you. I’ve known many people with a 3rd house Jupiter transit land that dream job, start that business or become quite literally wordsmiths – they use writing, words and communication to step into a bigger experience.

What you intuitively understand is that you don’t have to make this complicated for it to be a success. One elegant, simple idea beautifully executed is often all it takes. Whether you are utilising this talent to refine your home or living space, or to craft a pristine idea or business plan, really doesn’t matter. You know which details matter and what to discard. You’ll be able to use this gift when it comes to anything from planning what to do with extra money or telling someone how you really feel. The result: You end up with ideas, relationships and results that you truly love rather than just a load of clutter or empty words.

In a nutshell – Gorgeous, simple, pristine ideas transform your life and connect you to what you love. Time to discard self-doubt. Discover a new found confidence in yourself – and your ideas.



Heal wounds of undeservedness
Open your arms to abundance
Command your cosmic dream team!

The focus moves from you, gorgeous you, to your worth, your values, your talents and your bank account, Libra. This past year should have been building up to this as Jupiter exits your sign and lands in your second. Chances are others now see you differently than they did 12 months ago, and you see yourself differently too. Time to put that new found confidence to work for you, Libra. It’s more than just being about what money can buy you, however. Although Jupiter is likely to give your bank account a boost. It’s about moving through the world confident in your own worth and working those assets – whatever they are. See this translate into healing anything from imposter syndrome – yes, you ARE the real deal, Libra; to having the confidence to ask for what you want – be it a raise or what you need in a relationship, thanks to ruler Venus and Chiron engaged in healing those deep wounds of undeservedness.

Now they’ve gone you’re free to open up the doors wide to abundance on every level. Your default setting for the next 12 months should be arms open-wide acceptance. It’s time for abundance and this translates into more than just money in the bank. Although you’re going to be handling more of that. True abundance includes having the time for the things and people we love, an outlet for our talents, experiencing the good things of life, appreciation and love. You’re going to find an appreciative fan base and not just on the work front either. Your 2nd rules assets and the people we can count on and who are there for us. Jupiter in here is likely to bring us more of those and if you’re single, perhaps one in particular.

With ruler Venus back in your sign this week for her yearly visit, expressing your creativity and your sensuality is likely to be high on your agenda. In fact, both these will be second nature to you now. So, embrace both the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the God of Abundance. You have a cosmic dream-team working for you this week. Have the confidence to tell them exactly what it is you need from them. And then get ready to receive.

In a nutshell – Define what abundance means to you, Libra. Then get ready to receive. You’re at the centre of a cosmic creative vortex now. Charge it with love and determine what manifests through it. Go create!



Get ready to take flight
The world reflects how you see yourself
Let’s get the party started!

Become your own best creation, Scorpio and rise from the ashes like the golden phoenix you are! Let the world watch as you unfurl those wings and soar. The past year could have seen you diving deep into matters of the soul and exploring dimensions of the heart, mind and spirit. There may have been times during the past 12 months when you wondered if you would ever emerge from this phase. But you’ve been going through a soul refinement period and now it’s time to emerge and re-engage with the world but as someone new. Your image, your thoughts – all may be upgraded and the results of this are just magic as the world and the people in it, greet you differently. But they are just reflections of how you now see yourself.
Ruler Pluto and Mercury are pushing you out of the door this week, walking and talking your truth. What you say is a sure sign that you have changed as you realise that if you don’t know what it is you want, you get everything you don’t. You are now unafraid to let people know what it is you are all about – inside and out.

It’s all about a new you on some level as Jupiter boosts your upcoming birthday potential when he arrives in your sign this week. Kick-starting a party like nothing you’ve experienced for 12 years. Your Scorpio ability to look below the surface and dive deep means that you intuitively know what intensely personal changes need to be made during this period. Healing powers are yours to command now thanks to wounds around love, creativity and self-worth coming to the surface for more than just a psychic Band-Aid to be slapped on them. Experience the real strength of soul-healing. Venus and Chiron prompt you to look at where you may have been made to feel ‘not good enough’. You now see it’s not about you at all, but about others and their own sense of unworthiness. That new you demands to be created and then unchained. Break free and have the confidence to find your people and get this party started!

In a nutshell – It’s time for the outer you to reflect the inner changes you’ve been going through. Time to step free of past restrictions. When you see yourself in a new light, others reflect this glorious new you!



You are the shaman and pathfinder
Explore the multiverse at your leisure
Your social life sizzles with potential

Your ruler Jupiter always wants to expand your world. And give you something. The next year sees him hand you gifts that may come in the form of diamond-hard truth and deep experiences. Yes, they may not exactly be money in the bank, but here’s the thing, they will last you a lifetime. Your compassion and your deep need to know and explore will be stirred as he arrives in your mysterious and mystical 12th house this week. There’s a touch of the shaman about you now. Don’t be surprised if others turn to you for help or wisdom. Go deep into the knowledge you have acquired and also expect Jupiter to add to this. You’re connected to universal wisdom and all of the multiverse is yours to explore with Jupiter in your 12th. As with all Jupiter transits, look back 12 years to when Jupiter was last in this sector of your chart for clues as to what this cycle is likely to bring you. And see yourself embarking on a journey of discovery with treasures and mysteries to be found ahead.

Family karma can also be healed as Venus in your 10th opposes Chiron in your home and family sector. Have you been living out the restrictions of others’ beliefs? Sometimes we do this without even realising this is going on. The things we’re handed down like beliefs may not be our own after all. As Mars also opposes Chiron on the 15th, you could see you breaking those chains for good. Keep up the good work.

All this deep work needs to be contrasted with some lighter aspects. Lucky for you, you have those going on as well. Venus sashays into your social scintillating 11th and it’s time to shine again, Sag. Good times roll and new connections can be made. Unexpected meetings and encounters could see an old connection revived with new relevance or a gorgeous new one where both of you resonate on the same level. Romance could even be in the air. There’s an aspect of fate at work now. Step into the multiverse and discover just who or what is waiting for you in it, this week.

In a nutshell – Ruler Jupiter takes you on a mysterious journey over the next 12 months. He is handing you gifts you will treasure and keep forever. Explore a new path to your potential, Sag and add fresh strings to that bow!



State your intentions
Make a wish
Get connected

Reach out and connect. In addition to that, makes three wishes, Capricorn. Jupiter planet of abundance and expansion arrives in your social centered 11th. New friends, old friends who now have renewed relevance, your professional contacts – you’ll benefit in all kinds of ways from the people you are connected to now. So, why the Three Wishes advice? Well, this house also rules your goals, wishes and dreams. Jupiter always wants us to experience more life – and sometimes getting what we want is the perfect way to do that. Having what we want is every bit as valid a spiritual experience as is not having it. There are three rules however for making those three wishes. Are you ready?

1: It must be something big. Not something that if you save hard for a few weeks you could buy, for example. It needs to be something you perceive as hard to attain or achieve.

2: You must love it.

3: You must be prepared to do whatever is in your power to get it

Jupiter is not your fairy godfather. He will not just deliver whatever it is you asked for gift-wrapped like some cosmic courier, to your door. You need to take whatever steps you can to attain your goal on your own. If you are prepared to do this however, be prepared for Jupiter to place opportunities, synchronicities and people on your path to help you on your way. Especially people. If you follow these three simple rules you could have the satisfaction of attaining at least one, if not more, of those wishes in the coming year.

Will having your dream come true boost your cred or status in some way? Your sector of professional success and reputation continues to receive a planetary boost this week. Pluto in your 1st demands changes as he angles at Mercury and the Sun in here. Add Venus in here enhancing your image and enabling you to make the right impression with people in positions of influence, and this week could involve some serious success-making moves. The right moves, the right people, the right company. Make a wish, then follow through with action. You’ve all the resources you need this week – and you’ll meet more of them in the coming year.

In a nutshell – Time to make three wishes. And be prepared to act like a magician in your own life when it comes to manifesting them. Who you know is as important as what you know this week.



Heart-starting news
Aim for the stars
What stands between you and recognition?

Surprising news could have your heart beating faster this week. Let’s face it, Aquarius. This past year has been all about freedom and expansion. Hopefully you’ve made the most of opportunities to travel, to learn and to explore that have presented themselves over the past year. This week Jupiter moves from his ruling house in your chart – the 9th, and on into your 10th. Time now to build on those opportunities and experiences in ways that benefit you and elevate your professional status in some way. As always, think back 12 years as if you were over 18 at that point, this may give you some clues as to what Jupiter has in store. Prepare for a dynamic, status-boosting move and to make significant inroads into your chosen career path. Don’t like the road you are travelling? Jupiter will make it easier to change direction than at any other time.

It’s now use just working on your career path however. Let’s get looking at what you expect to get out of it. The two are intrinsically intertwined as it all boils down to our self-worth and how we value ourselves, talents and skills. It’s all about not selling yourself short when it comes to how you expect to be rewarded. If you’ve still got work to do on healing your expectations around what you think is possible for you to achieve – especially in terms of financial recognition, then Venus in your 8th of power, fears and corporate or shared money receives some healing love from Chiron in Venus’s own house in your chart (2nd). Powerful aspects also pull out hidden insecurities into the light of day to be cut down to size. And ruler Uranus could bring you some restriction-busting news that allows you to see things in a whole new light or opens up an avenue that was previously closed. Your heart should now be beating much faster and your ambitions should be stirred. This week marks a year where you can shoot for the stars. So – take aim.


In a nutshell – Fire up those ambitions, Aquarius as it’s time to take aim for the top. News has you looking at something in a whole other light. The only obstacles between you and success? Your thoughts.



Go to where the magic happens
Travel, learning and adventure beckon
Start the journey

Are you ready to step into where the magic happens, Pisces? In fact, don’t step – take a leap. Where the magic happens is where you have not been before – and Jupiter is about to expand those boundaries as he arrives in his ruling house in your chart this week – your 9th. If you stick with what you know – you get more of the same. Stretch your soul and become the explorer now. This will be a year of travel, learning and expansion – to the max! Travel especially the long distance variety, is likely. Make sure that passport is up to date and if there is anywhere you have ever dreamed of going, then start your research. Your plans have a better chance of becoming reality during this cycle than in any other.

Some of you may embark on a course of study as Jupiter rules higher education. Your beliefs and philosophies will broaden – thanks to a bigger experience of the world. The mass media, the law and all things ruled by Sagittarius feature. The outdoors, Foreigners. Large animals. Jupiter could even turn up in person. As someone larger than life in some way who sends you on this voyage of discovery – or even travels with you.

First however, there may be shifts in your social circle that are less to do with expansion and more to do with contraction. You may discover there is someone with whom you no longer share a connection or resonance. With Pluto in your social sector impacted by Mercury and the Sun, don’t be surprised if some goodbyes get said now. However, when it comes to partners, a new dynamic comes into play which could see you heading in a fresh direction or even taking an existing partnership deeper.

Whatever new direction presents itself, head towards it and don’t hesitate. If it takes you into unknown territory, all the better. As I said, the magic happens outside of your comfort zone. Go discover just how much of it is waiting for you this week.

In a nutshell – It’s not that there are no fish in the sea, Pisces. It’s just you’ve been casting your line in the wrong pool. If you’re looking for someone special this week could bring them swimming alongside you. But you may have to navigate uncharted waters first to find them.

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