Yearly Astrological Forecast 2017


Wow, Aries 2017 is going to be a scorcher, especially in your love life! Uranus has been messing with your love mojo over the past few years. In fact, since 2011, you’ve been going through all sorts of surprising upheavals and unexpected life events. The good news is that he is calming down and you only have two more years to go before you’ve passed your Uranus test and can lay solid foundations.

Although you’re an enthusiastic lover and partner, your heart has been a little bit detached (this is so very unlike you). You’ve stepped into your independence and not trusted in the way you once did. Jupiter, the Planet of luck and expansion, is continuing to give you a break in 2017. He slipped into your position of love and relationships in early September, and you should have already noticed some subtle shifts in your personal relationships. You find yourself seeking peace and balance and are unusually willing to compromise.

The good news does not end there as Venus the Planet of love goes into your sign on Feb 3rd. Jupiter is bringing you the best relationship energy you have had for probably 12 years and Venus in your sign seals the deal. If you want to sort your love life out, then the early part of the year is ideal. You’re warm-hearted and inspired to share the love, and you bring joy to those around you. Venus is also smiling on your finances and an impromptu increase in your wealth (you might even hook up with a wealthy or well-connected partner this year).

Having said that, get stuck in and transform your love energy before March, when Venus in your sign goes retrograde bringing past issues or dragging up an ex who could cause complications. March isn’t the right time to meet a new lover as you might choose them for the wrong reasons and regret it when Venus turns direct. It can also make you misbehave or be selfish and unforgiving; steer clear of that and remember the love and happy times.

On top of that, Mars also goes into your sign early 2017, on January 28th, super boosting your energy and making you feel invincible. You can achieve great things but are also a tad rash and even more impulsive. Don’t take unnecessary risks or get too big for your boots. Being humble and grateful wins the day. Save the fire for getting things done. You are at your charismatic best and know it! Mars invokes passion and war, think about where you want to channel this golden opportunity.

On the 11th February, there’s a significant eclipse, and it urges caution when it comes to love, creativity and children. I wouldn’t issue any ultimatums around this time as there could be an ending or drastic change in your circumstances. The Solar eclipse on 21 August may revisit whatever comes up so make sure you are honest and truly sort it out; having said that, an excellent cleansing and a new beginning is coming.

On the 22nd of Feb avoid power struggles at work, don’t be too bolshy. A New Moon Eclipse on the 26th brings a spiritual or psychic revelation.

Look out for an opportunity on the 19th May; it’s an innovative time for you so use it to your advantage.

Jupiter leaves you breathless with satisfaction (hopefully!) with magic still glowing on your love life, and he enters a dark and mysterious place, as he is the Planet of good fortune and abundance you achieve luck through power, transformation and possibly an inheritance or surprise lump sum of money. You’re fearless and sexy as hell. He stays here until early November 2018.

This year, you’re still committed and compelled to expand, grow and think outside the box. Other countries, unusual people and other cultures, as well as learning, could bring you abundance. You’re an adventurer, a cosmic Buccaneer with a heart of stardust; it’s your turn to cross frontiers and seek treasure in the eccentric. Your inventive rocket ride features all year, but comes to a head, out of the blue, on 11th November 2017 when Saturn trines Uranus in your sign.


Your primary focus this year is on work and your health and well-being. It’s not all boring though as some striking love aspects have you sorting out your love life and deciding what you want in relationships. There are moments where you could get caught up in (what in the immortal words of Gaga is,) a Rah rah ah-ah-ah! ‘bad romance’. It’s exciting but don’t swallow the illusion whole!

You’re determined to do things right and improve yourself in all areas. Jupiter, the Planet of luck, expansion and abundance, shifted signs in September 2016 and since then you have tried to sort out your priorities.

You’ve compassion and empathy and a burning desire to give back and be of service to others. You work hard and are efficient and centered. If you keep your eye on the ball, you can amount some serious booty and build healthy, abundant foundations.

Mars is not overly helpful at the beginning of the year as he’s in a bit of a wishy-washy place that’s ideal for your psychic ability, gut reactions, dreams and visions, but less useful for getting things done. You’re much more ethereal than usual!

On the 1st Jan, Mars is conjunct Neptune lord of illusion, spirituality, hidden enemies and psychic ability. You may find your spiritual tribe on the 12th Jan but beware of illusions.

Take the time to tune into what’s going on around you, as a secret is revealed. Look out for a hunch that pays off. Remember, Mercury is retrograde so keep your ideas to yourself until after Jan 8th.

Mars enters your sign on March 9th which gives you gusto and drive until April 21st and is the most energised month of the year. Mars in your sign trine Pluto Lord of transformation on the 6th April is especially powerful bringing you a daring opportunity which might be connected to travel.

Your ruler Venus goes retrograde on 3rd March making you nostalgic for a few weeks, so if you have any unfinished business with an ex, this could be the time they reappear.

However, You’re a bit off kilter (Rah rah ah-ah-ah! etc!) so it’s not the right time to start new relationships as you can’t see what’s going on under the surface and can be taken in by superficial charm. If you do fall in love, don’t make any commitments until after April 16th.

Venus enters your sign on the 5th June which brings some enchantment to your love life and flings you into all sorts of tantalising opportunities; you love the world, and the world loves you. Make the most of your glorious ruler’s visit spread your warm heart and recharge your soul.

Love is well aspected and ecstatic at various points this year, and the crescendo is in October when Jupiter the Planet of luck zips into your relationship sector, this brings you a year of good fortune in all forms of partnerships, especially romance.

However, make sure you do the work on your inner self and shadow as sex, money and power are serious business for you. Saturn is forcing you to come clean and own your stuff. You may feel restricted when it comes to sexuality, especially if you’ve been having an affair or been caught up in obsession, Saturn is taking you in hand. Having said that, other people find you especially attractive this year. You can deal with addictions and clean up your act. Thanks to Saturn this is the perfect year to heal old soul wounds, past life issues/connections and father issues.




Gemini this year kicks off with your ruler Mercury still retrograde (going backwards), so it takes you a little while to adjust, and you might feel quite lazy and unmotivated until after the 8th. However, there is so much to look forward to this year, you’ll soon be leaping about with your usual enthusiasm and charm.

Jupiter the Planets of luck, expansion and soul evolution makes some lovely trines to your ruler in your position of creativity and pleasure, children and joy. Jupiter’s lesson this year should bring you a supremely fun and exhilarating year where you learn through creativity and happiness. Have you been holding yourself back or not allowing your creative side out or denying yourself in some way? The Universe wants you to know when you’re happy, things flow and taking time to enjoy yourself helps you to be more creative.

‘Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.’ – Jim Rohn

On top of that, Mercury is also conjunct Uranus the Planet of genius and the unpredictable lots this year, and this brings some stunning collaborations and teamwork. This sparky energy could help you go viral and connect you to not only your dreams, but dreams you didn’t even know you had!

Uranus is also bringing in some exciting and unexpected new friendships. You feel invigorated and inspired by unusual new pals. Seek out those that take the road less traveled, doing things with an eccentric twist. Uranus wants you to be curious and playful.

There’s a Super New Moon in Gemini on 25th May which is the perfect day to reinvent yourself and conjure up your desires. With Mars in your sign from 29th, you have a window of opportunity to reinvigorate all areas and have energy and Va Va Voom. Be careful you aren’t too argumentative though as Mars loves a good battle.

Saturn is messing with your mojo a bit as you are forced to take a serious look at your commitments, romantic and otherwise. If you’re in a relationship that isn’t working, you could feel the burden this year. You may feel more restricted. However, if you want to settle down and move to the next stage, Saturn supports you.

There is a bit of argy-bargy, and it may be that you have to be a lot more supportive of the people you love. Saturn wants all your relationships and partnerships to be committed and serious; Jupiter advises you to put the fun into making it work and grow.

The significant eclipse on 21st August highlights your home and family. There may be a separation, move or transformation that brings permanent change.

Mercury enters your sign on 6th June giving you persuasive super powers. You can charm the birds out of the trees and have many important things to discuss. Ideas are flowing, and if you are interested in writing or communicating, then this is your time.

Appreciate and enjoy all the creativity and passion as from October 10th you shift your energy away from pleasure and play as Jupiter changes signs and allows you to take care of your health and well being and also to get your head down at work and start to build good solid foundations around abundance.

As the end of the year approaches, a Super Full Moon in your sign brings you a peak experience. Jupiter switches the arrow of your fortune on 10th October heading into your health and well-being sector (also service to others) so make the most of playfulness while you can.



Jupiter is keeping your focus and opportunity for advancement firmly in your home and family sector. Home and family give you pleasure this year, and you could make some money from property (real estate) or through a family connection.

It’s imperative you feel comfortable and yet also free in your home. If you want to move, change things around or move someone in or out; this is the perfect time to do it. You may be surprised by a fabulous transition connected to your home environment, but you’ve got to be prepared to slip out of your comfort zone, Jupiter assures you it will be worth it!

Be a bit cautious around 5th Feb when Jupiter goes retrograde. It might feel as if you’re walking through treacle. Take this chance to make sure you’ve made the right decisions before your next breakthrough.

On 12th January there is a Full Moon in your sign. This potent Moon is filling you with wisdom from deep within your unconscious. You may have a major dream or strange synchronicity that will help guide you into 2017.

The New Moon on the 28th heralds a new era of adventure for you. When Mars moves into your career sector in late Feb, you have a new lease of vibrancy and power. Mars is empowering you, and this is a superb time to get ahead and achieve your ambitions. There may be a bit of negotiation with partners about the time you are spending achieving your dreams, and it’s important to get the right balance while also taking advantage of this movement forward.

Saturn is also helping you become very disciplined and hardworking; he started getting you into shape last October, you now have the commitment and are paying attention to the details. You’re also focusing on your health and well-being. Work feels like a meditation to you this year, even when the going gets tough you manage to plough on and head towards success.

26th April  The Super New Moon in Taurus provides you with a host of new teammates and collaborators. If you want to build up your social media presence, this Moon gives you social super powers, not only that, your connections to friends and colleagues have solid roots.

A magical New Moon in your sign on 24th June is giving you a real opportunity to conquer the past and move forward with a clean slate. You’re a visionary now and can seize your desires.

Venus enters Cancer on 31st July until the 26th August bestowing good love vibes. You’re optimistic and relaxed about love around this time. Relationships feel mellow and delicious, you’re radiating possibility and are a true love magnet! Venus in your sign helps you learn about love, including loving and forgiving yourself. When we love ourselves and value ourselves as much as we do our loved ones, then love becomes easier, and we attract more love.

On the 28th September, Jupiter is opposite Uranus again, and you’re being urged to rebel and stretch when it comes to your career. It’s great you want to achieve, and yes, you have probably had a genius idea but do take the family into account as they are more important than you think, not only for your stability but also for your happiness.

From October there’s a lot of fun to have as Jupiter bounds into your place of creativity, soulmates, children, pleasure and fun. Jupiter is giving you a golden ticket to happiness. Where do your creative talents lay? Get your confidence up Goddess, the Universe is proud of you!

Of course, Jupiter expects a few things in return; you have to grow, stretch your boundaries and learn, if you wish to reap the full rewards.



The Full Moon in Leo on the 11th of February is a Lunar Eclipse and catapults you into a deeper awareness. You’re plugged into your psychic superpowers and are immensely intuitive. Use the Moon’s power to ask for answers on how to best navigate this year. As it’s an eclipse, you may have an awakening about the need to let someone go.

Once we become aware of what we need to do, it is impossible to ignore. Many things are going to be revealed to you this year as the truth emerges from the shadows. You welcome the truth that sets you free. Eclipse, eclipse, eclipse, it’s the main vibe of the year for you. Eclipse is about shedding skins, coats, layers of outmoded being, yet ultimately, being liberated.

The other trailblazer of 2017 for you is Jupiter, the planet of expansion and good fortune. He whispers that you’ll make your luck through communication in 2017. Look out for messages, emails, texts which are significant and put your best ideas out there. Know that you have something vital to say. If you fancy yourself as a writer, perhaps it’s time to write that Kindle blockbuster or jot down the lifestyle book you’ve had in your mind for years. Media, social media and fantastic ideas are also on the menu.

Jupiter opposite Uranus is agitating you in January and on and off all year. You desire immediate action and are tempted by potentially reckless behaviour. Jupiter and Uranus are having fisticuffs for most of the year although on a positive note, it does force you to reevaluate and break out of existing patterns and, on the plus side, gives you a passionate desire to travel, develop a new philosophical outlook and not give two figs what other people think. In fact, you relish a good old argument or debate.

And what of love? Well hey, you’re extremely persuasive especially in romantic ventures and impress love interests with your warmth and charm. In fact, you have an action packed start to 2017 which gives you many clues on what’s to come.

You’re likely to have a massive makeover this year, and it’s not all about looks, but your health and well being; it’s going to be intense and unavoidable. You’ll find that if you do release negative patterns and take care of your body, you will look and feel amazing. There’s no escaping Pluto’s steely stare, use this energy to your advantage.

Mars enters Leo on the 20th July; this empowers you, recharges your batteries, fanning the flames, stirring passion for life. You’re unstoppable right now with a fierce focus on getting things done. Go get em, tiger!

August 2017 brings an unprecedented time of change, a rebirth; it’s whisking you into a sparkling new cycle. It kicks off with a Full Moon eclipse on the 7th in your relationship sector. Your love life is going through a rebirth; you can’t avoid the truth now. What do you want emotionally? The Moon will show you the way.

Meantime, 21st August is this years peak experience; the main event is transforming your life, bringing out your true identity, while also revealing the next phase for you. This profound Solar Eclipse reinvents you, pushes you down the birth canal and into a brand new chapter. Anything that isn’t working is swept aside, the past vanishes.

You are given the freedom to start again, like any birth, it can be a difficult process for some, while others will slip into the next soul installment, feeling safe like the proverbial baby flown along with the soft caress of a stork’s wings!



Money joins stability to weave some super potent magic into 2017. This year has the potential for you to dig deep roots with solid foundations which stretch into your future, but before we get to that, the year kicks off with sensual Venus cuddling up to romantic Neptune, raining stardust on your love life.

In January, love has a cosmic glow. You seek soul connections; having said that, tumbling into an affair before you’ve checked them out or spent time with them could cause you problems further down the line. Mind you, Venus is delivering serious love magic throughout the year but avoid slipping into obsession or jealousy between April and June though. The whole year promises extraordinary potential for sizzling liaisons, intense passion and diving that little bit deeper.

Jupiter, the Planet of abundance, is in your house of security, wealth and finances giving you an edge when it comes to achievement. Jupiter has certain expectations of you, though; he wants you to stretch yourself, think outside the box and look at things from different perspectives. You know what they say; you’ve got to speculate to accumulate.

You might find yourself in a power struggle in March when Jupiter opposes rebellious Uranus. This struggle stems around money, primal emotions, even an inheritance. Ultimately you are again urged to think out of the box. Be aware that you have more power than you realise and whatever happens, don’t fight dirty! This opposition is sprinkled throughout the year so is a crucial soul lesson. What has held you back in your life and what desires have you blocked out or poo-pooed? The lust for freedom trumps all.

On 21st Feb Mercury your Ruler schmoozes with Jupiter making this the perfect alignment for you to nail a work victory. Even a casual conversation could work in your favour but make sure you’re paying attention to how you come across around this time.

Several energies this year are making you look at how hard you work, what you’re committed to and your health and well-being. You’ll probably decide to do something radical not only about your health, work-life balance, but also your appearance.

Venus conjunct Jupiter in November creates a peak experience. Your love life is potent and inspiring all year long, and fingers crossed, it gets better and better. The 5th October’s also a firecracker as sultry Venus hooks up with energetic Mars in your sign, a short and sweet burst that’s the planetary equivalent of Anthony and Cleopatra getting it on (if they were both Virgo natch!); sparks will fly! It also teaches you that –

‘Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.’ – Lao Tzu

What will you do with your courage?

Saturn has been focusing on your home and family for the past few years giving you tests and lessons around your sense of responsibility in these areas. Perhaps you’ve bought property or resolved a long standing family issue resulting in your healing. You’ve grown up in these areas and should be feeling more secure and grounded. This energy dawdles all year but is finally shifting in December when a whole new Saturn cycle begins.

Jupiter switches signs in December blasting a message, communication or idea your way, taking you into the next soul evolution chapter.




Good news! 2017 has the potential to set you free! Jupiter, the Planet of good fortune, is in your sign. This hasn’t happened for 12 years. What was your luck like 12 years ago? Was there a significant surge forward? Jupiter will drop tantalising openings, and it’s your job to grow, expand and stretch your soul. Interestingly, you’ll be hurled back to the past in February to examine how adventurous you are. You also have an unquenchable thirst for freedom that could cause a sense of unease in a partner. If you’re happily coupled up, be as reassuring as possible. You’re very drawn to unusual characters all year.

February is an exceptionally exciting month for love; you see the world with wonder and creativity, and now you’re more than willing to leap into the depths of love. As you’re happy, you want those close to you to be happy. If you’re single, expect to have your soul rocked by an important character that you feel you’ve known for eternity.

From March onward, you may even decide to get married or move in with a lover or generally dive into the next step. Remember that Jupiter is the magic wand of Planets, so be very careful what you choose to conjure up in your life. What are your dreams? Are they to impress others or are they a true soul calling? Do you want a lover to commit to you out of fear? Or are they truly your soul partner?

This year should bring heady days with the promise of romance, soul connections and blissful sensuality. In fact, the whole year brings fascinating and fulfilling emotional relationships. Okay, Mars and Uranus can make things a bit feisty, and there may be some compromise or drama with extended family, but you have the opportunity to be genuinely at peace. Watch out that you aren’t too controlling but keep your Libra ability to see both sides, not just to seek justice for yourself or a loved one.

February 21st when Jupiter smooches with your Ruler Mercury could bring you a profound possibility. Focus, focus, focus and head for your dreams.

March sees you building solid foundations and ploughing your energy into finding your power and speaking your truth. You have a strong sense of who you are this year and where you want to go, you also have the courage to be true to your authentic soul.

November could bring with it some challenges as Uranus is poking you to make sure you’ve made the right decisions and not sold yourself short. Have you kept your integrity and ability to express your freedom in your personal relationships? Is someone close to you wanting to spread their wings? Freedom is an essential element in all relationships, as one of my favourite authors Kahlil Gibran wrote in the magnificent book  The Prophet –

Love one another, but make not a bond of love:
Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.
Fill each other’s cup but drink not from one cup.
Give one another of your bread but eat not from the same loaf
Sing and dance together and be joyous, but let each one of you be alone,
Even as the strings of a lute are alone though they quiver with the same music.

Give your hearts, but not into each other’s keeping.
For only the hand of Life can contain your hearts.
And stand together yet not too near together:
For the pillars of the temple stand apart,
And the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other’s shadow.

Interestingly you are going to make new friends, believe in unexpected ideas and philosophies, and align to different teams and collaborators. All of this should begin around the time of the eclipse in February.

Downsides of Jupiter in Libra? Jupiter wants you to expand, grow and push your own boundaries, it urges you to explore life and be limitless in your approach. If you refuse to break patterns, think outside the box or move out of your comfort zone there you may find your body expanding instead of your life!

This is could be the best year you have had for a very long time so make the most of every moment x





2017 is a very spiritual and enlightening year for you. Your psychic powers are on full tilt and all sorts of mysterious synchronicities, magical happenings and secrets are revealed. There’s a softness and compassionate energy surrounding you, and you seek deeper meaning in all your day to day interactions. Jupiter, the Planet of expansion, is urging you to open your soul and listen to your intuition. Trust your inner voice as well as your gut feeling when you meet new people; you’re likely to meet an old soul friend that your heart tells you that you’ve known for eternity. The majority of this year has an enchanted feeling about it.

However, the other side of Jupiter in your 12th tempts you into being hungry to escape, to indulge in sexual dalliances,  scoff drugs, dance with illusions and fantasy. Try to avoid running away or becoming a total hedonist as there is so much more to gain if you follow the calling of your soul. Having said that, there should be lots of delicious adventures for you!

The overall flavour of 2017 is a bar of chocolate from Charlies chocolate factory. Inside there’s a golden ticket but it’s up to you how far it will take you. Don’t be tempted by the forbidden bubblegum!

Hold your breath, make a wish, count to three. – Willy Wonka

On the 11th of February, you have a revelation about your career or choose a change in direction. Whatever the eclipse reveals to you is important, so pay attention to the signs and symbols of the day. You are working very hard this year but should be acknowledged for it. Uranus brings an unexpected opening which you may find rather surprising.

You’ll be wanting to keep it real in March and be forced to see how grounded your plans are. If you have done your homework, you can forge ahead now and increase your abundance. If not? Back to square one.

On April 6th Mars Trines Pluto bringing out your daring side. Love interests are bowled over by your words, and you have a charismatic radiance that is utterly captivating.

In May there may be some argy-bargy in your personal relationships between fantasy and reality. Make sure you see both sides. With Venus trine Saturn on June 1st you want to dig firm foundations in love and could join economic forces with a lover but Mercury opposite Saturn on the 18th you need to make sure that there are no emotional power struggles about who put in what or who pays for what.

The year ends on a high for you with Jupiter the planet of good fortune going into your sign on October 10th, from this point on you could have the best luck you have had in 12 years. You are urged to expand and grow to push yourself into new frontiers.


Your Ruler Jupiter is the metaphorical dipstick to measure your year, and in 2017 your Ruler’s magic rays are shining a light on friendships, socialising, collaborating and your connection to the whole. Teamwork brings you success, and there’s an excellent chance of meeting powerful influencers. Of course, Jupiter has certain expectations of you; he wants you to expand, grow, shift and embrace new experiences. Jupiter is all about evolving our spirit and moving to the next level. Connections and teamwork are where your treasure lays.

The other leading player for you in 2017 is Saturn the Lord of responsibility, and some may say, restriction. Saturn is still taking an interest in you as he is in your sign and wants you to be a good Sag and play by the rules. He expects you to do things by the book and plan and strategize well. The positive news is that Saturn loves to reward hard work and vigilance towards you own patterns and behaviour. How do you feel about responsibility? Now is the time to embrace it!

Rather than seeing Saturn as the grump of the Planets dictating your behaviour, perhaps see him as a beneficial teacher who is showing you good practices for long lasting success? You’ve got this stern Papa all year, so dig in and do the work if you want the rich rewards.

Love is frisky and has a dash of the unexpected starting in February as Venus the Planet of love enters your 5th house of pleasure and soulmates, and Mars the Planet of passion is also visiting in the same place suggesting a wild time. If that wasn’t enough Uranus, the Planet of the unpredictable is also being cheeky and sending you all sorts of unexpected and tempting experiences. It’s time to think outside the box when it comes to love.

The astrology of this year makes it a potentially fantastic year for love. Okay, you do go through some soul searching mid-year where you examine your attitude and needs when it comes to romantic relationships, and you could decide to seek out some therapy or delve into exploring tantric sensuality for a bit of soul healing.

Jupiter shifts signs on the 10th October 2017 and takes you into a calmer more reflective space. Jupiter also urges you to pay close attention to your spirituality and psychic ability. You’re at a point of unearthing the truth and exploring new cosmic spheres that bring all sorts of fascinating coincidences and magical happenings.



2017 has big news for you! Saturn, your ruler, is crawling toward a magnificent finale this year. Saturn has a very long cycle 29/30th years, and when he returns home to your sign at the end of the year, it gives you the potential to lay some solid foundations and roots for the next 30 years!

You will have power, tenacity, strength and true grit. This wonderful and rare occurrence will be the beginning of a new chapter and happens on the 20th December. Until then, you have an important job to do, and need to pay close attention to your soul truths.

What do you need to let go of? How honest are you with yourself? What have your soul lessons of the past 30 years been about? And of course, for some of you, what has your whole life taught you and is there anything you keep repeating that you’d like to let go of? What mistakes have you made and how can you rectify them or not repeat them for the next 30 years? For some people, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to do things differently and triumph. You will come into a whole new era of power, but hopefully, Pluto and Saturn have taught you how to use this wisely and to lead with compassion.

You might find this year unusual and testing as you are at your final exam. Expect some interesting chance meetings; your feelings stirred, fated encounters and mysterious attractions.

There may be a change to move or change your environment in May. Trust your gut instincts and look out for a sign or spontaneous opening that is perfect for you.

The even better news is that Jupiter the Planet of good fortune is in your money and career sector. Jupiter in your career sector offers you the chance to have the most abundant year for the past 12 years! Money, career and gains are all your friends. Of course, Jupiter wants you to step up to the plate and make it happen. He insists you put the effort in and truly go for it. Jupiter has no respect for people who play it safe and stick to what they know.

Do the work and you can expect much love, success and celebration, go create a fabulous 2017.



Jupiter the Planet of good fortune, luck, expansion is opening up a whole new world for you in 2017. This process has likely already begun; your soul is craving adventure, learning and experiencing things that push your imagination and boundaries. Follow your wild heart and embrace new philosophies and eccentric people.

The clue to your success comes from the unusual, bringing with it a kaleidoscope of possibility. There are a wealth of interesting roads to travel down, so get your explorers hat on and be fearless in your journeying. Jupiter does not like the mundane and is whispering that it’s time to leap out of your comfort zone.

Uranus, your Ruler, is still in your communication zone which allows you to come up with genius ideas and have unexpected conversations. You are nailing it with your creative power, your flair and brilliance BUT you can also be erratic and speak before you think, so make sure you find the right balance.

In February an eclipse is bringing to the surface any relationship issues, you are ready to transform. If a connection is not working, it could be good night Vienna. Having said that, after the eclipse, between March and June, Venus is also making you very chatty and flirty and ready to up-cycle your love life.

There may be an attraction to someone with a sizzling wit, and you’re bedazzled by their mind as well as their body. You crave witty repartee and are more than willing to flash your own inventive mind. From June onward, your love energy goes into your home and family. You want to cosy-up and snuggle in your safe space.

Jupiter shifts into your career sector on October 10th which brings massive kudos to you. Jupiter here brings a time of prosperity and achievement, as well as quantum leaps into abundance and security.
Of course, Jupiter needs you to push yourself to reach your deserved rewards.



2017 is all about Power baby! It’s the time to dive deeper into the depths of your being than ever before. 2017 is not a light and fluffy year, but one that will empower you, and show you how to conquer your fears. There’s a good chance you can make money and change your financial circumstances. Sure, there’s a quest ahead, but you’re well up for it.

Jupiter, the Planet of good fortune, is bringing you the gift of intimacy, power, primal emotions, and super intense psychic skills. Jupiter also dangles the possibility of receiving money from someone influential, perhaps an impressive, successful lover or long lost dead Aunt Maude who you never knew you had; maybe a new abundant career move?

Whichever way it plays out, Jupiter is telling you to push, push, push forward and whatever happens, don’t let insecurity or fear defeat you! 2017 is a time to embrace the hidden parts of yourself and slay inner demons. Jupiter is giving you the sword, and it’s up to you to wield it to your advantage and healing. The Planets are not saying it’s going to be easy, but they are saying it’s going to be worth it. It’s an exploration of your shadow side and perhaps the shadow side of others. You’re taking a walk on the wild side but with a plan!

We also have a spectacular Solar eclipse in your sign in February which offers you a tremendous opportunity to reboot your confidence. Let go of the past and recreate yourself; you have a brand new cycle and a clean slate for a thrilling new start.

Saturn is still in your house of Career and security which may have made you feel like a goat clambering up a particularly gnarly mountain, but you are three-quarters of the way there, so dig those hoofs in, keep going, and you will reach the summit. Hard work pays off, so don’t cut corners.

Mars is also in your money making sector giving you the drive to succeed. All of this Planetary magic together makes this a year where you can draw in abundance and make your mark. Uranus and Mars bring an amazing offer that has the potential to lead you in a new direction; the choice is yours although it may be a bit wacky.

If that wasn’t enough Venus, the Planet of love is joining in, and is dancing around your abundance place! Venus loves fine things, and she can bring wealth and prosperity, she wants you to feel delighted and adored as well as grounded. This year can be the time of digging in and building solid partnerships. There’s also laughter, naughtiness and a secret attraction. It is hot and steamy. If you’ve avoided letting your wild side out, watch out, it may be about to climb the gates and run free!  Yippee-Ki-Yay!§


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