Your New Moon in Scorpio Moonscope October 25 2022 – Rebirth


Your New Moon in Scorpio Moonscope October 25 2022

The new Moon in Scorpio at 2o 9’ triggers a partial solar eclipse. There’s a blind spot or a cover up we cannot yet see. Phoenixes in their birthday cycle may be unclear about new beginnings – or simply keeping them under wraps for now. Check your charts for anything at 0-2 degrees – especially in the money signs of Scorpio and Taurus. It’s not a day for speculation. Either in finances or matters of the heart and soul. There’s something deep within or under the surface that hasn’t yet emerged. For more – see the outlook for both your rising and your Sun sign. And watch and wait.


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This is about your money, self and actual worth, Aries. And also controlling any impulsive need to have that thing, answer, outcome right NOW. Yes, you may get it. Only to discover it’s not what you wanted. Or what you thought it would be. Right now, both your money houses are triggered and do as I said in the introduction, check for those 0-2 degree factors. Not just in Scorpio but your next door sign of Taurus too. Lots of Aries have them. 

Hold off on financial decisions/spending if you can. Taurus and your 2nd is all about your personal cash and your self-worth. Scorpio and your 8th rules the assets you share. With your partner. With the bank or financial institution when it comes to that mortgage, loan, credit cards, Klarna etc. With your employer when it comes to your salary. With an ex or the state when it comes to maintenance or benefits. With the markets when it comes to investments. Now you get it. This house also rules relationships where sex matters. You share a bed and your soul with a partner. The chores, the childcare. This is your house of fears and also boundaries. Keep the boundaries in place even for yourself. There’s the blind spot, Aries.  



It’s up close and personal and this eclipse impacts on you and your spouse, your live in or long term boo, your bestie, business partner, collaborator, long term working dynamic, the person who completes you (not that you need that, you ARE complete), or even that enemy or rival. 

Do check your chart for Taurus factors between 0-2 degrees. And also any in your 7th and Scorpio. You may be in the dark right now, but take it your eyes will be well and truly opened by November. Chances are something may need rebalancing between you and someone else. Just take it this eclipse date is not the time to work out what that is. For some of you this may touch on a sensitive area. What you share, money (the cause of much strife in many relationships) or wants and needs. Met and unmet. Expect well – expectations – yours or the other party’s, to feature too. If there’s disappointment behind all this, it may take until next month to come up with a way to redress this. If it’s unrealistic to do so however – do bide your time to decide your next move.


A possibility or potential to enter into a more satisfying work or wellbeing phase is there for you, Gemini. But you need to avoid the 25th when making your choice as to what this is if you can. You need second or even third opinions on anything health related. Look to professionals – not Doctor Google or someone’s Uncle Gavin from Milton Keynes on FB. That doesn’t preclude complimentary therapies however if a problem makes itself known under the eclipse.

Many of you have Taurus factors so do check your chart for anything between 0-2 degrees in what is your 12th house. As well as your 6th. If you have them in your 12th, well that’s your house of secrets and hidden truths. So all the more reason to apply the eclipse rules. If there is speculation at work or even gossip, don’t indulge in this but do keep an open mind. The reality will emerge next month. That’s not to say if your inner voice is telling you it’s time to update that LinkedIn profile or CV you should ignore it. And do watch what your body is telling you. Chances are it more than remembers. It’s giving you a heads up on the future too.


Any eclipse is a big deal for you, Cancer. Because one way or another it always involves your ruler. Just like the Leo’s next door in fact. The new Moon in your 5th is about the inconceivable when it triggers a partial solar eclipse. A big ‘What if?’ question hangs over you. What could you not conceive of? Hold that question.

Of course check your chart now for those key degrees at 0-2 degrees. Not just in Scorpio and your 5th and Taurus in your 11th, but Leo and your 2nd and Aquarius your 8th. If you have Leo/Aquarius factors this is about money, rebirth, transformation and what you share. Otherwise think lovers, children, those younger than you, creativity, hobbies and what allows you to stand out and shine. You may be temporarily in the shadows one way or another. Don’t get too involved too quickly with that potential boo – they may be more than you imagine but also less than. Take your time finding out. Pregnancies, affairs, something going on with that teenager, your creative project hijacked – just a few scenarios that can be hidden in the shadows of this eclipse. If you believe it can’t or won’t happen, Cancer, November could show you it can and has.


When your ruler the Sun gets covered up by the Moon – even partially, it throws you totally into the dark. The cover up is always bigger for you than any other sign aside from the Cancerians next door. You need to check your chart for Leo factors first – at 0-2 degrees because if they are there, this eclipse squares them. Follow on with the same degree in Aquarius and your 7th of partners, and then the 4th-10th axis of home, family, career and status.

Your joint home with your partner, your parents, roots, homeland, sharers, Airbnb-ers, tenants, landlord and security are where the blind spot can be located. Or even buying and selling, renting or leasing. I should not need to tell you to try to avoid signing property contracts around the 25th. There’s another chapter to be played out next month when things will become clearer. Ensure if you are buying, you get a proper survey done. That buyer may renege if you are selling. Do insist on proper paperwork if renting. You’d be surprised how many people go into something on trust only to find they should have done things by the book. Do you get that feeling a family member is keeping something on the down-low? It may take you until November to discover exactly what. 


Now, bring a retrograde pro you know what to avoid when your ruler heads backwards. This eclipse occurs in your Mercury-ruled third house. Deep fake disinformation is what an eclipse in your 3rd is all about. As it could be hackers, spyware or viruses on the internet. Therefore, guard your passwords and other on-line information on the 25th. And don’t click that link, Virgo.

Of course check your chart for factors at that key 0-2 degrees. Not just in Scorpio and your 3rd but also the other fixed signs – Taurus, Aquarius and Leo. Leo and your 12th is where secrets and hidden enemies lurk. If you find a factor – even an asteroid, then its time for Retro Rules 3.0. By November you should see the missing pieces of the puzzle begin to emerge. Siblings, cousins, your neighbours, short trips – these are the areas which can trip you up under this eclipse. Don’t launch that channel, website, make those meet up plans, sign that contract or apply for that job if you can help it. I know I’m preaching to the choir here, Virgo. You can handle this one like a boss.


Many of you have factors in Scorpio so you do need to look for anything at the key 0-2 degrees, Libra. As well as Taurus and your 8th. Yes, this is all about your personal money and your self-worth. What you will and won’t sell out or sell your soul over.

Do avoid anything to do with money matters on the day of the eclipse. In fact, keep a tight hold on your spending, borrowing etc. between now and the next eclipse in November.  I would say your #1 eclipse decoding hack is to only spend on what you need – not on what you want. And also use this time to look closely at what you DO spend your money on. What is it really buying you? A rush and then a low with another retail ‘fix’ to follow? Does it full a gap or emotional need for you? Do you feel you have to have certain things to feel as if you belong or broadcast your ‘worth’? Yes you are worth it. With or without designer labels. That’s just all window dressing.

Please don’t buy or take on new financial commitments now or until the next eclipse is over. Follow the money to the need and then fill that. Because chances are its about more than just money can buy, Libra. 


Yes it’s your birthday season, phoenix rising. But is that flame fully ignited yet? This is the time when it’s all about you, you, YOU! How you appear to others, how you want to appear for that matter. Your image, style, profile and even your title – on that business card or via your relationship status. Naturally you need pay very closer attention to Scorpio factors at 0-2 degrees. As well as anything at the same degree in Taurus and your 7th. 

If there is a new facet of you emerging, take it that it will not be fully formed until next month. Take your time and also, maybe keep a few plans under wraps for now. If you are not ready to share them, that’s probably your best strategy. In the interim, be ultra mindful of how you come across – on line or off. Adjust your appearance as needed. And in fact see yourself as an evolving masterpiece that deserves that polish before the big unveiling in November. If anyone at this time isn’t taking your seriously or giving back as much as you give out, do also take this time for a serious review. Craft your message in other words. And be ready to make a statement.


So, eclipses conceal and cover up. We know that. In your 12th house and Scorpio however – well, the cover up may be bigger and more obscured than you think. Do check your chart for Scorpio factors at 0-2 degrees. Many Sagittarians have them.

It’s a wake up call you may not want. Perhaps you have been pushing a thought aside or else simply been in denial. Between now and the Sun arriving in your sign next month (and another eclipse in the interim), expect the steel of the cold, hard truth to pierce the shadows. This eclipse asks you be very very careful about who you get into bed with now. Literally, in friendship, work and especially finances. Do not lend money under this eclipse unless you can afford to write it off. You may not get it back despite the assurances you receive. If you have ignored various signs and portents leading up to this that something is ‘off’ – expect a larger one on the cosmic superhighway you can no longer ignore. You may turn to the Tarot, religion, spirituality, astrology, therapy or self-help for more answers. If you truly want it, take it clarity is coming.


Friends old and emerging, groups, associations, clubs, bands, teamwork which makes the dream work, and your goals – all are contained within your 11th house. It’s where the future takes form. And an eclipse in here means the future is now in motion, possibly around a key connection. But you may not yet be able to see its importance.

Of course check your chart for the key 0-2 degree factors in not just Scorpion (your 11th), but Taurus and your 5th, Leo your 8th and Aquarius and your 2nd. Anything on the 2nd/8th axis impacts on your money, shared resources and even self-worth. You may have to look at whether you are trying to be someone you’re not to ‘fit in’. Or even whether you are trying too hard for entrée into a particular social or professional circle without success. Ask why you want to be part of anything or with anyone that doesn’t accept you as if you belong if so.

Someone may have a yet to be revealed role in your future as eclipses conceal positive stuff too. Old friends can re-emerge under this eclipse. But if you feel someone you know isn’t being honest with you – do hold that thought but don’t confront – yet. By next month you’ll have a good idea what’s really going on. Do remember, your friendship needs to be earned. Give anyone the time to prove they can do that, Cappy.


Aquarian factors at 0-2 degrees? The eclipse and new Moon will square these from your status determining 10th. Check also for anything at these key degrees in Scorpio, Taurus or your sign of opposite numbers Leo and your 7th. 

Above all, be boss and be seen as in control. Of your image and emotional responses at the very least. I could just say: Be Cool, Aquarius. Changes may occur around your work, your professional or relationship status, career trajectory, income. Or you find yourself suddenly thrust into a situation where you have to deal with people in high places or positions of authority. It’s important if this happens that you come from a place of truth, trust and integrity. While remaining aware that others may not be.

If it’s not in writing, it’s probably not on. Or if it is, you need to read through it carefully. Just try to avoid agreeing to anything long term under this eclipse if you can. Because what you enter into is going to be long term and binding. If you can have more time, then ask for it or insist on it. Your word is going to be your bond now. And if others cannot keep theirs, it is time to show that you have no room for this in your future.


The eclipse takes place in your 9th house of higher learning, the law, travel and foreign affairs of all descriptions. Yes, check your own chart for Pisces factors at 0-2 degrees. But also your 9th, 3rd, and 12th/6th houses. Many of you have Aquarian (12th house) factors. And if you do at this key orb, take it you are totally in the dark about something relating to overseas travel or connections, a legal matter, studies, the mass media, big business or big loves.

Do your due diligence if you are embarking on a long haul journey now. There could be some factor you are unaware of. That enticing love prospect reaching out from overseas? You need to know more. That legal matter? Defer decisions until next month if you can. That thesis or research paper may be missing a key factor. And don’t make a big purchase whatever you do. Anything from a horse to a car. What happens far away in an overseas country may impact on you personally. It could be a market shift, COVID, war, weather or someone just not being what they appear to be. Don’t book that dream trip either. Factors may affect it later. Stay close to home if you can. And if not, have an alternative route or plan in mind.

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