Your Weekly Astro-Tarot Forecast February 1


Aries – 8 of Pentacles: You have the opportunity to up-skill or turn something you love to do into a vocation. Learning opportunities centered around work or attending a professional event add to your expertise. Adopt the mind of an apprentice no matter what your present level of experience. Those who claim to know everything cannot go any further.

Taurus – Ace of Cups: Fabulous new beginnings in love or even your career beckon as some kind of offer is made. It’s a new phase for you and your cup is literally overflowing now. After spinning your wheels for so long and feeling nothing was shifting, events suddenly have a momentum all their own and you wonder where all these opportunities have been hiding!

Gemini – The Magician: As above, so below. The message of this card is that you can control events around you perhaps not in the way you originally thought but by understanding your choices in the past shaped what is happening today, you now see – and can work, that energy to your advantage.

Cancer – Queen of Wands: This Queen is asking you to be more assertive or else be unafraid to showcase your ideas or try something new. If you meet her in person, this fire sign lady will be fun to be around and on a professional level, may assist you. She’s all about sharing and helping others. But isn’t that a reflection of you too?

Leo – Four of Pentacles: The card of poverty mentality. This person hoards what they have instead of sharing because they feel they do not have enough. This is a card of fear. Is someone behaving in this way towards you or are you coming from a place of feeling you will lose everything? Let go and let the energy of giving and receiving flow once more.

Virgo – King of Swords: This man sees things in black and white terms but he has the ability to get straight to the point and doesn’t allow emotions to get in the way. You may need the advice of someone like this or else this card says to stay businesslike, stick to the facts and on this occasion – don’t let emotions cloud the issue!

Libra – Seven of Swords: Thinking outside the box and original solutions will be called for this week but this card carries a warning. While success is likely you may forget something as this card traditionally shows two swords left behind. Ensure your plan includes every possibility and don’t leave any loose ends.

Scorpio – The Sun: You step through a doorway – away from storm clouds and into a place where the Sun shines on your once against. You reconnect to the joyful child within again. In many ways this is a better card for romance than The Lovers as is promises that both parties are open and prepared to believe in love again.

Sagittarius – Eight of Cups: Time to walk away from something or someone – a situation or a person that has been holding you back or draining you. You are not walking away as such but walking TOWARDS something better so bear this in mind and do what the figure in the card does – don’t look back!

Capricorn – The Moon: Pay close attention to what your intuition is telling you, your dreams and also your gut feelings around people or situations. The Moon asks you to pay close attention to the wisdom of your physical and psychic bodies. You are being told something important by them now – so listen up!

Aquarius – Seven of Wands: You are prepared to defend your opinions, ideas and position if necessary. On some level you may be required to take a stand this week. Ask yourself if you are more prepared to jump in to defend a friend than you are to defend yourself? Then be your own best defender. Sometimes lines have to be drawn.

Pisces – The Star: Peace and renewal re-emerge back into your life as this is a card of hope and healing. You will see that you efforts and the outcome you hoped for were not wishful thinking or in vain. Maintain a positive outlook and if you do, the better your chances of that wishing on a star to come true!



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