Your Weekly Astrology Video Week Starting 8th October 2012 With Michele Knight And Kiki

Hello Beautiful Soul,

Thank goodness this weeks Astrology is a lot lighter. We have some fabulous trines which bring a more joyful step forward! Fire signs will be especially pleased and their batteries not only recharge but turbo charge! As you know I have never put ad’s on my videos or websites and recently I have been approached by a big corporation to do so. While I keep my options open I believe the power of 2012 and Pluto in Capricorn is that we can do things differently and don’t need big corporations to make us successful. It is the time of the maverick and free spirit! I might surrender in the end but for now I want to support people to shine and be individual. Let’s be part of a love revolution and help each other so we don’t have to depend on the big boys! If you enjoy these videos can you do me a big favour and like, thumbs up or share them? You’re a star! Thank you!

Loads love
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