29th 2018 – Your weekly horoscope

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Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs October 7 2019


  • There’s strength in vulnerability
  • People who need people are – lucky as the song tells us
  • Share yourself

This week delivers a full Moon in your sign on the 13th. What’s important to remember with full Moons is they reflect their light into the house opposite to the one they appear in. When the full Moon appears in your 7th for example, it’s all about the person you see opposite you holding up that soul mirror. So, see this full Moon as you holding up the mirror to someone else. Time for openness and to show the other side of your signature warrior-for-love style. This full Moon says that when it comes to your feelings and emotional needs in your vulnerability lies your strength.

It just so happens that ruler Mars supports you in this as it opposes Chiron in your 1st. There’s a touch of daring now with what you are prepared to show or reveal to others. The Sun is still in your 7th and tells you the way to a new connection is to try or suggest something new as it angles to Ceres in your 9th. This could even involve the boldness of daring to show that yes, you are so very strong and capable but even warriors for love need to set down their armour and tell someone they need them once in a while. Venus which of course rules your 8th is on the move into your 8th where it’s all about your values. Both Mercury (8th) and Venus will oppose Uranus in Venus’s ruling 2nd. Financial shifts could reflect changing values but there’s more to this than mere money. It’s also about what truly matters. For you this week that could just be the ability to let people get closer. And someone special may want to do just that. Let them in, Aries.

In a nutshell: This week’s full Moon in your sign wants you to show the world your strength – and your vulnerable side. Are they one and the same thing? Get closer to wonderful, faceted you!


  • Awaken to a new love dynamic
  • Discover the life/love interconnection
  • Evolve your journey

Ruler Venus joins Mercury in Venus’s ruling 7th this week and both will oppose Uranus in your 1st. What’s the message or manifesto for the love revolution you’re experiencing now? Sudden shifts in feelings, in partnership status or revelations around love or your needs are likely now. Some of you could go from single to suddenly settled. Or you could be attracted to a partnership opportunity that is very different to anything you have entered into in the past. Remember, Uranus sets out to evolve and free us. It is also the planet of awakenings. You are awakening to what you need to experience to evolve your love journey. Who provides this experience can be anyone from a long term lover to a business or activity partner or close friend. Hey – it’s all love.

Destiny could play a role as could suddenly appreciating the interconnectedness of your relationships with other areas of your life. Sometimes these are so tightly woven we need a microscope to tease them apart. It’s not just revelations around your love needs which may open your eyes this week, but also those around your everyday work and routine. You may be filled with a need to do things differently, to rearrange your work, fitness regimen or responsibilities as Mars in your 6th opposing Chiron in your 12th opens up radical new ways of doing things. The Sun also in your 6th angling to Ceres in your 8th promises a new deal on the table for you if you follow through. This week’s full Moon in your 12th – the house of hidden truths, shines on the daily aspects of your life which we tend to ignore simply because they have become so familiar. But now you see them in a new light and also their impact on how you love and live. Radical new thoughts and ways of living and loving could follow. Follow through.

In a nutshell: Say hello to what you need when it comes to love, Taurus. Revelations around this ushers in the love evolution for you. How you’re living is impacting by how you love. And vice versa.


  • Time to radiate
  • Love has a highly original vibe
  • Look for the reason – it’s there

With the Sun and Mars still in your romance sector and Mars opposing Chiron in your 11th along with the Sun angling to Ceres in your 7th, you should be circulating, Gemini. Especially if romance and meet-cutes are high on your agenda now. You also have a full Moon appearing in your social sector this week. Friends, parties, groups, gatherings of all descriptions could facilitate you encountering exactly who you are looking for now. Just who is that? Possibly someone highly original and unique who is reflecting your own individual vibe that you are showcasing. Don’t be a wallflower if you are out and about now. This also applies to making that first move on that dating app too. The Moon rules our feelings and emotional needs. In your 11th it’s about the sense of emotional belonging we get from being in the right company. Full Moons reflect their light back into the house opposite – in this case your 5th of love affairs, fun and pleasure. This is your house of attraction. Attract attention simply by being you in the moment now.

Ruler Mercury sits in its ruling 6th and is joined by Venus this week. Both will oppose Uranus which rules your 11th in your 12th house of secrets, synchronicities and spiritual truths. Uranus always breaks down the barriers between us and the truth. In your 12th it’s always about your need to connect to the mysteries which govern our lives. Your ruler in your 6th is always concerned about the practical elements of working and living. But also Venus in here reminds you that you were born to do more than just repeat the same old routines day after day. Uranus says you need a path and a purpose. Also that everything happens for a reason. Who you meet or encounter this week, the company you find yourself in, could have a profound impact on your future path. There’s a reason behind it all. Look deeper and you’ll see it now.

In a nutshell: You were born for more. To do more, to experience more, to love more. Step free from the same old routine and out into love, passion and purpose. It’s your reason for living, Gemini!


  • Dazzle with your brilliance
  • Seal that deal
  • Get yourself noticed

Anything your ruler the Moon is up to has to dominate what’s happening in your life and this week is no exception, Cancer. The full Moon in your 10th on the 13th reflects its light back into your 4th. It’s all about what you need to achieve in order to ensure you feel secure and that all important sense of place. Mars and the Sun currently occupy your 4th with Mars encouragining you towards any actions that are going to result in your security being enhanced. It’s also about how you are seen and your ‘public’ face. Mars opposes Chiron also in your 10th promising a stand-out moment when it comes to how you are perceived professionally. Time to dazzle with your brilliance or your unique skillset. You can make your mark now and put a seal on a deal as the Sun in your 4th also makes an agreement reaching aspect to Ceres in your 6th.

This week is therefore excellent for anything to do with work and career matters so timing wise try to schedule those all-important meetings or interviews that are likely to lead to a positive conclusion for you to chime with that full Moon. Remember full Moons = peak experiences. After the focus on your work or professional life, isn’t it nice to know Venus entered your 5th of romance, playfulness and attraction from the 8th? This is also your house of children and creative self-expression. If you are seeking love as Venus opposes Taurus in its ruling 11th in your chart – set your romantic future in motion by showcasing that zazzle-dazzle I mentioned earlier – but this time on a personal rather than a professional level. Destined to be noticed and shine? Dance by the light of the Moon this week, Cancer!

In a nutshell: This week is all about getting yourself noticed. For anything from those professional smarts to your creativity or what you have to offer on a personal level. Get ready to dazzle, Cancer!


  • Invest in that feeling of belonging
  • Move towards expansion
  • Time to rock out!

Gains made this week could go towards beautifying your home or surroundings or simply invested in your long term future. Yes, your heart may be a little restless and yearning for an adventure and something bigger. But at the same time you feel the need to have that special place from where the adventures start and return to. Your very own Bag End if you like. You may go about achieving this in surprising and innovative ways. If you are buying or leasing property now – and Mercury in your 4th favours this, then while it may seem like home to you, your new abode may be strikingly different and highly individual when compared to other houses in the same neighbourhood. Designing a career path or lifestyle that is suited to you and your needs is possible this week thanks to both Mercury and Venus (from the 8th) in your 4th opposing Uranus in your house of long term career choices and reputation. Changing views could encompass everything from your needs to the view from your home or your office window.

Your ruler the Sun remains in your 3rd of ideas and communication. You also have Mars in here so are not exactly shy right now when it comes to speaking up or selling in those ideas – or yourself. Especially when it asks you to let your inner rock star out to perform on the 9th when it opposes Chiron. That yearning for something bigger – and this could be a bigger slice of love or how you experience the world, peaks with the full Moon in your 9th – which of course reflects the light of your ruler back into your 3rd. This is a fabulous full Moon under which to ‘set sail’, to travel and above all, to rekindle optimism and your faith in positive outcomes. In fact, you won’t be able to tolerate negative people or those whose thinking is limited. Answer two calls this week, Leo. One to establish your home port. The other – to voyage forth into something wider and wilder from it.

In a nutshell: Initiate a grand design for living your way now, Leo. Then when you have your base – answer that soul call to adventure! You’re setting sail towards a bigger experience this week.


  • Talk about your values
  • Ask for what you want
  • Get ready for break-free solutions

News could expand your horizons or break you free this week, Virgo. Ruler Mercury in its ruling 3rd in your chart is all about the message and the methods you may use to send it winging out there. This week sees it and also Venus which arrives in your 3rd from the 8th, oppose Uranus in your 9th. Meetings, what you communicate, publishing, the internet, writing, lecturing and above all, your ability to think different gives you a result that propels you onwards into something bigger, more exciting and less restrictive.

This may involve change and the overarching question is: do you fear change or embrace it? Muscle up those values now as Mars in your house of money, assets and self-worth opposes Chiron in your change sector. Taking a radical stance or asking for something you wouldn’t normally dare to that is underpinned by self-worth surety could get you a result you have never dreamed possible. Especially as the Sun also in your 2nd secures an agreement with Ceres in your 4th. This week says you will never know unless you try – or rather dare to. This could mean not only confronting fears around change but also what you feel you are entitled to. This week’s full Moon strikes your house of transformation and shared resources while reflecting its light back into your 2nd. You could now emerge more daring and stronger than you ever dreamed possible. Just daring to ask for what you want gives you a rush of empowerment that may have been missing lately. Ask for the result you want, Virgo. You’ll never know until you do.

In a nutshell: Talk about what you’re truly worth this week, Virgo. And dare to ask for the result you’re after. You’ll never know what the answer will be unless you do.


  • Who or what is your mirror this week?
  • Experience the impossible
  • Everything is your reflection

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? That should be you this week Libra and you should be liking what you see. And so should others. The full Moon in your 7th is all about someone holding up that mirror to you. This is because the light is reflected back into your 1st house. So, one particular partnership – present or yes, even potential could act as that mirror. And you get that rare gift of being able to see yourself as someone sees you. It’s all about attraction this week and who you have drawn into your orbit. Simply by being you. This person represents a facet of you as like attracts like. This may surprise you as Mars also in your sign opposes Chiron in your 7th. Whatever you think may be impossible when it comes to partnerships could turn out to be totally opposite. In other words, if you have come to think love has passed you by, someone could turn up. Or literally, opposites attract now.

Results could surprise you as the Sun in your 1st strikes a new bargain with Ceres in your 3rd. This week also sees ruler Venus enter its ruling 2nd in your chart asking you to look at how you relate to your cash. How does your money reflect on how you see yourself? Mercury is already in here and it rules commerce and business. Both Mercury and Venus will oppose Uranus in your 8th on the 7th and 13th. Money matters, negotiations and what you share or what is shared with you are a reflection now of your values which in turn, are a reflection of how you see yourself and your self-worth. There’s revelations and soul insights to be gained this week by who or what the world reflects back at you, Libra.

In a nutshell: It’s all about love and self-worth this week, Libra. Your birthday season continues with the world or someone showing you just how remarkable you are. In fact, simply priceless.


  • Get your glam on!
  • Partner up with life and soul evolution
  • Claim what supports yet frees you all at the same time

Hello, gorgeous! Wrap yourself in some old-style Hollywood glamour as Venus arrives in your 1st this week. Embody love by looking and feeling your best. Consider this your invitation to start your birthday cycle early. Look closely at how your love style and your needs around partnerships are changing. The coming year could see you experiment with double acts of all descriptions. Not just long term love but close working connections, friends, activity partners, collaborations – it all comes under the 7th house. Who or perhaps the partnership dynamic you need next to evolve your understanding of togetherness could appear. This week may serve a preview night as Mercury also in your 1st and then Venus oppose Uranus. Look to news that appears which invites you to join the dance with someone on some level.

Ancient ruler Mars along with the Sun remain in your house of soul secrets. Your energy remains at a peak as you navigate changes necessary for the next 12 month. Work or wellbeing matters could get a radical overhaul as Mars opposes Chiron in your 6th. Then there’s Ceres in your money zone charged by the Sun in your 12th on the 11th. The 13th sets a full Moon sailing across your 6th which could mark the start of job changes for some of you or a new, enhanced and emotionally sustaining change to a key routine for others. There’s a deal on the table – it could be with a boss or it simply could be with yourself to only accept what supports yet frees you at the same time. That’s also a partnership, Scorpio. Your new cycle and fresh attitude begins now.

In a nutshell: Life is meant to be a dance. And you’re not strutting that disco floor alone, Scorpio, New relationship dynamics are emerging. Partner up – let’s get this party started!


  • Get that routine working in new ways
  • Set your vibe to attract
  • What you think impossibly improbable could be all too do-able

Look to your everyday tasks and routine and don’t neglect the small stuff, Sag. And hey – it’s all small stuff. Uranus in your 6th is shaking up your daily environment – anywhere from your household to your workplace. You’ve fresh insight into how to make that daily less grind and more freeing thanks to Mercury and also Venus in your 12th opposing Uranus this week. Take that beautiful bolt from the blue idea and make it work for you in new ways. When you’ve done that – you’re free in more ways than one and one of those just happens to be free to express yourself and to love.

Electrifying opportunities around romance, friendship and what you consider impossible could appear this week. Mars in your 11th gives you added confidence in any social situation. Making that first move isn’t usually a problem for you anyway. Stand by for an amazing outcome to doing something daring as Mars opposes Chiron in your 5th on the 9th. Now is the time to showcase yourself especially if love, accolades and attention are your goals. The Sun still in your 11th points to Ceres in your 1st again speaking of a outcome you almost dared not dream of or imagine being presented around a highly personal goal. This week also delivers a full Moon in your 5th. It’s a wonderful one for date night, for attracting that mate, dancing at a full Moon rave or simply entering the moment and abandoning yourself to something you love to do. Above all, be yourself because by doing so, you’ll effortlessly attract what you seek. It is also seeking you this week, Sag. Go radiate.

In a nutshell: Be amazed by what is possible for you this week, Sag. Simply by making that first, bold move. Taking that step, being in the moment, all tactics that set you to attract – and get yourself noticed.


  • Friends and contacts set your future in motion
  • Invest in long term plans
  • Be seen in the right place, in the right way and by the right people

Remember this week that your 11th house is about the love of friends, not the romantic kind. Uranus rules this house and it sits in your 5th. Yes, I know that is your house of romance and love affairs. It’s also your house of hobbies and stuff you simply love to do. Venus of course rules your love life and it enters your 11th on the 8th. Mercury is already in residence and hopefully boosting those social invitations. Both planets will oppose Uranus this week. So keep the friendship thing in mind rather than love. Because that’s what’s most likely on offer. If you feel you are getting mixed signals from someone – don’t get friend-zoned. Set your own vibe to ‘just friends’ to avoid disappointment. That being said, benefits via friends, contacts, bands, groups, organisations, parties, networks and ‘all the right people’ could be yours to access. Your social and professional circles could be set to expand. It’s who you know now that will have a big impact on your future. Get circulating.

Working that professional network and also how you are seen professionally or want to be seen if you are seeking work, or even your partner’s reputation, will be important now thanks to the Sun and Mars in your 10th. This is your ‘public’ house and how the world and especially people in positions of influence and authority, perceive you. Be aware of this at all times. This house is linked to your home, family and security. It is your house of achievement, recognition and rewards and what you establish. While your 4th is your foundation stone and security. Worldly success usually translates into our ability to enhance our sense of security. Especially when planning for the future. Bold but considered moves to impress those who can say ‘Yes’ to you are favoured when Mars opposes Chiron in your 4th on the 9th. The Sun in your 10th highlights your ability to realise secret ambitions as it shines on Ceres in your 12th. Come from a place of planning for that future as the full Moon appears in its ruling 4th on the 13th. You have an increased need now to feel secure and to create that sense of belonging. Success needs to be channelled into these areas and anything which enhances this. Be businesslike and work towards what sustains you this week, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: You’re a friend to the world this week and the world wants to get to know you in return. When it comes to worldly goals– know what you want. And how you want to be seen.


  • Make those decisions future proof
  • Head towards where the heart calls home
  • Work that network for all it’s worth

Changing needs around security issues, home, who you call family and where you most feel that sense of belonging, could be reflected in career or job changes this week, Aquarius. Your close to home and hearth revolution is being fuelled by ruler Uranus in your 4th. What you value above all emotionally is what you are seeking to establish now. Look to where you feel most ‘at home’ or what hands you that sense of belonging. Mercury and Venus in your 10th of career and reputation oppose Uranus this week. This could see some of you change jobs, career paths or move house. Or changes around one fuel the other. Relocating towns, areas or even countries due to work for example. If you have felt ‘stuck’ – in either a dead-end career path or trapped where you are living, this week could offer the key to escape.

Take a radically different route or approach to this if necessary. You of all signs should know Uranus favours thinking outside the box. Helping you along this week the Sun and Mars in your 9th of travel, expansion and big possibilities. Mars charges up those dreams and desires for something bigger. It impels you to act with passion and a dash of daring as it opposes Chiron in your 3rd. The Sun in your 9th ignites Ceres in your zone of contacts, friends, groups, bands, clubs, organisations. Someone you know could propose an idea which leads to your freedom. Perhaps that all important entrée, recommendation or introduction. Deals can be done, agreements reached, business dealings or interviews shepherded to a satisfying conclusion, contracts or documents signed and order taken as the full Moon appears in your 3rd on the 13th. This could put the finishing touch on that move or negotiation, Aquarius. And one that meets those needs for your future.

In a nutshell: Your sense of place, family and belonging asks you to look at how long term decisions enhance this. Friends or who you know could open doors to high places. It’s all interlinked this week.


  • Change your ideas – expand your world
  • Look beyond the obvious when it comes to that opportunity
  • Dare to live the dream!

What sets us free varies from individual to individual. Sometimes freedom is merely changing a thought or an idea which has kept us stuck in place. Other times freedom is going someplace new or the ability to do so. Travel – whether actual or via the mind, expands your possibilities this week thanks to Mercury and Venus in your 9th. Luck could play a role as could last minute opportunities to escape as both oppose Uranus in your 3rd. How attached you are to routine or plans could determine how you work these possibilities. It’s all about being ready and flexible. And also having the ability to see that a golden opportunity sometimes doesn’t look quite like we thought it would. This also calls for an expansion of your mind so you can look past the obvious to the possibilities beyond.

Mars and the Sun both sit in Mars’s ancient ruling 8th of change and transformation this week. Sometimes being willing to take a chance or have what we want calls for courage. Mars hands you that as it opposes Chiron in your 2nd on the 9th. You could dare to try something you have shied away from in order to pull off what you previously considered impossible for you to do. You’ll never know until you try. The Sun also angles to Ceres in your 10th of reputation and status. This points to a coup or new deal on offer touching on work or career matters with a positive flow-through to your finances. You could bring something to a highly satisfying conclusion around the time of this week’s full Moon in your money zone. If lack of cash has been holding you back this could mark the point where your relationship to the material world in general and your money on an emotional level, changes. Be the idea whose time has come in your life this week, Pisces.

In a nutshell: What do you dare experience, have or explore? This week asks you to expand your boundaries. And also what you believe is possible for you. Enter where the magic happens, Pisces.

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