Free Medicine Card Reading –

Free Medicine Card Reading – Where are you now and how to remove blocks

Focus on the 4 cards and feel which card is calling you and has the right advice for you. Use you psychic intuition to sense which card is the one for you and then scroll down to reveal what message the Medicine Card has for you.

Sending lots of love


Card One. – Otter – Happiness and Forgiveness

Otter is an enchanted creature full of kindness and generosity of spirit. She is considered to be a strong power animal of woman and embodies mothering energy. Are you mothering yourself or giving all your energy away? Has someone upset you and are you brooding about it?
Cue the Frozen song! ‘Let it go, let it go, let it go!” Otter is telling you that forgiveness sets you free and that you will then have the energy to put into happiness and joy. Holding onto anger is holding you back.

Otter reminds you to get excited about life and see it with the fresh eyes of a child. There are opportunities right in front of you. Acknowledge your vulnerability but also know your strength. A shift in energy is about to see you free, let that shift release the past.

Card Two – Frog – Cleansing – Shamanism – Clairvoyance

Are you a psychic intuitive? Do you walk into a room and can tell if someone has had an argument? Do you have vivid dreams and a keen 6th sense of what is going on with those you love? Frog medicine is telling you that you have an excellent clairvoyant ability and now it is time to turn it into your life.

Perhaps there is a person, place or situation that has been dragging you down? Frog suggests it’s time to cleanse yourself of what no longer serves you be it a friend that is always negative or a pattern or habit that you know no longer serves you. You are a magical being; you know what it is!

Like Frog you are about to leap into a new situation and another level of awareness and being. Trust your psychic powers at this time and create the magnificence you deserve.

Card Three – Dolphin – Breath and Play

Dolphins are playful creatures and love to connect with others to make them laugh. Like Dolphin you need some

play and intimacy in your life. When was the last time you had a laugh? Are you paying attention to the rhythms of your life or are you caught up in the stress and struggle of day to day reality?

Dolphin suggests that you are naturally a playful being and that the immediate future offers an opportunity to remember this and have fun. Dolphins are also very intuitive and can sense when there is an imbalance in mind, body or soul. Is there something you are avoiding looking at in one of these areas?

The irony is once you decide to take time out to play, connect and feel free you energise yourself and then can get things done in half the time!

Card Four – Bear – Strength – Dreamtime – Withdrawal

Bear is roaring at you to remind you of your power and strength. You may not show your strength on the surface, but it is an essential part of your nature. You may have been through great adversity and pain but you survived, and here you are thriving and growing. Right now you are at a turning point; you have a dream, an idea and you are at a crossroad. You can practically reach out and touch your desire.

At this crucial point it may be time to be like Bear and withdraw to your cave, to take time for yourself, to regroup and make sure you have all the fine details sorted, there is no rush. Whatever you are about to go for, it means a great deal to you, so do it right. Take the time to think about it without any outside influence or interference.
If you trust the strength that has got you this far then, you got this!

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