Law of Attraction: Mixed Messages

There’s an old drama exercise that’s great fun to do if you can persuade a group of mates to give it a go.  What you have to do is sit in a circle and pick one word that you each take in turn to say with a totally different meaning behind it.  The rest of the group then guesses the meaning behind your delivery.

Take the word ‘Yes’.  You can say it so it actually means any of the following:  ‘No’, ’Do I have to?’, ‘Maybe’, ‘Who, me?’, ‘ I don’t understand’, ‘I’m not sure’ or’ I’m not actually listening but I’m saying this to try and get you off my back.’

You can also say it so it means ‘Yes’, ‘Yes PLEASE’, ‘Oh how fantastic!’ ‘Really?’  or ‘Let’s go right now!’

We do this when we are talking with each other all the time – say one thing and mean another or play with emphasis or even the expression on our faces to make  what we have said mean loads of different things.

And it’s exactly the same when we work with The Law of Attraction and cosmic ordering.  This works on the principle that like attracts like.  It says that what shows up in our world is a reflection of our vibration, and that if we want to change what shows up, we have to change our vibration to match the vibration of whatever it is we want.

If you really want to totally grasp what is actually going on, the simplest way is to understand that, no matter what you say, the Universe always gets what you really mean.

The Universe knows when you are really saying, ‘I want a really great job (but actually I don’t think I’m worth it so please make sure I don’t get one.  And by the way, if you think you can push one in my direction, I’ll make sure I blow my chances!)’.  It knows when you are saying, ‘I deserve to be in a loving, committed relationship (but who could love someone as awful as me?)’.

So how do you avoid sending out mixed messages?

1/Understand that you are always in communication with the universe.  If you tell the universe that you deserve a loving committed relationship, and then ten minutes later see a couple walking hand in hand and think, ‘that could never happen to me’, you’re going to slow down the speed of attraction!

2/Be honest about when you might be giving out mixed messages.  Pay attention to any part of you that offers resistance when you talk or think about what you want.  It can be as clear as an inner voice telling you good things can never happen to you, or as subtle as the muscles in your shoulders contracting or your tummy turning over in a way that you know isn’t excitement.

3/Be kind to yourself.  Thinking, ‘Oh no, there I go again, I can’t do anything right!’ when you catch yourself working against yourself puts you in a vibrational state that probably isn’t lined up with what you want. Notice it, bless it and let it go.

4/Notice when you feel good and start layering it up from there.

As always, have fun and be playful with it.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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