My Encounter with Russell Brand

I first met Russell Brand when he was just getting known. At the time I was filming a pilot for my own show on Channel 4 and he was one of my first guests. I gave him a reading that lasted two hours as we were so caught up in conversation. My first impression of him was that he was an Edwardian Elvis with the mouth of a pirate. Not just a star, but a superstar in the making.

It was a turning point in his life as this was just before he gave up drugs. He’d been sacked from MTV and had recently filmed an episode of his series for some obscure satellite channel.  He arrived fresh from filming a scene in which he was boxing with his father. He bounced into the room with his big brown puppy dog eyes and was totally lovely and charming. One of the first things I noticed about him was his exceptional openness and honesty. He had no problem being filmed talking about intimate moments in his life and had great generosity of spirit when complimenting me on my psychic ability. Before we started I looked at his astrological chart and there, literally, layeth the man.

Russell is a Gemini with Mercury, planet of communication, in Gemini which gives him his dazzling wit and passion for words. This combination of the Sun and Mercury makes him enthusiastic, fascinated by knowledge, flirty but also extremely changeable. Russell openly talks about his sexual addiction and you only have to look at his Mars, and Moon in Aries – the Moon being the planet of emotions and Mars being the planet of sexual power – to see what makes him the sexual hunter he confesses to be. But the secret to his sexual success is the very masculine Mars in Aries, coupled with his Venus, planet of love, in Cancer, making him also have a strong feminine side. Because he is so at home in his masculinity, due to all that pulsating Aries, he is not threatened by his own feminine side and is quite open about it.

He is probably far more clever and sharper than most TV presenters and no matter what reckless words he speaks, because of h is kind heart and childlike quality, he will usually tend to get away with it. I did predict his fame, which was oozing off him but, due to his impulsive, reckless nature, he will have periodic grand falls from grace. I also predicted he would get into acting, but with this chart one career path would never be enough. He will have to succeed in several areas. At the end of our meeting he was very warm and has the ability to make you feel like you are the only person in the room. He has a very spiritual soul and a fascination with the meaning of life and his own existence.

By coincidence, several years later I met him again. He remembered me and we had a chat but he did seem strangely different, as if he’d lost something with his rise to those dizzying heights. Any addiction can put you out of balance, and I felt that his sexual addiction had really escalated since that first meeting and perhaps clouded that initially open spiritual heart – although I do feel that he will get that back and when he does he will go on to do a lot for others as he has great generosity of spirit.

Russell Brand is a unique soul and force of nature. There will never be another like him. He is a one-off genius and even if he does fall from grace he will always reappear unscathed.

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