QUIZ: Discover Your True Psychic Talent!

We all have our own psychic style. But sometimes we can be unaware that our gifts may encompass more than one area – or we may be waiting to discover where our talents truly lie. With this easy quiz you can quickly discover which area your gifts lie in – or if you have more than one! Which of these statements most applies to you? Make a note of whether it is A, B or C and then scroll down for your results.

1: Your Dreams

A: You have precognitive dreams and dream of situations that then occur in the future.

B: You dream of specific people and then discover they have been thinking of you

C: You sometimes wake up with the urge to either contact someone or do something based on your dreams

2: Your Ability to Tune In

A: You decide to discuss something with someone only for them to bring up the same subject first

B: You think of someone only to either run into them, or them phone or message you

C: You get a physical reaction such as a tingle or shiver just prior to hearing either very good or very bad news

3: Your Ability to Connect

A: You experience ‘flashes’ or snapshots of things that later take place

B: Your emails or letters to someone cross with theirs

C: You know what those closest to you are feeling and experiencing even if they are far away

4: Your Psychic Self

A: You get an old tune in your head that reminds you of a specific time or person and suddenly you hear it everywhere

B: You are so attuned to other people’s emotions you find it difficult to know what feelings are theirs and which are yours an even experience their emotional and physical pain on occasion

C: You have felt compelled to touch a sick loved one or animal to try to help them recover

5: What You See:

A: You have extremely vivid dreams and even your daydreams seen colourful and real

B: You know when someone is lying

C: You have been able to identify where someone is hurting or blocked by the energy in a specific area of their body

6: Your Happy Mediumship

 A: You have seen the spirit of someone who has passed away

B: You often feel that someone who has died is ‘talking’ to you in your mind

C: You often react to changes in temperature of atmosphere in a room or feel you are not alone – even if you are

 7: Your Skills

 A: You are able to read the Tarot, runes or even use a crystal ball with some degree of accuracy

B: You sometimes know exactly what a person is thinking – or is going to do

C: As a child you could see auras or lights around yourself and/or others

 8: What Lies Beneath

 A: You know what someone is going to say – or even finish off their sentence for them even if it is something unpredictable they are about to tell you

B: You know how someone is really feeling no matter how hard they try to hide their emotions

C: You can pick up on the history of an object by holding it

 9: Your Vibe

 A: You know you are going to bump into someone well before you do

B: You know when someone is thinking of or talking about you

C: You decide not to move ahead on something because you have a ‘funny’ feeling it is a bad move, despite it looking good – and are later proved right

palmistry marilyn

Mostly A’s: Clairvoyant: You’re a true clairvoyant type. Clairvoyant types receive visions of the future via symbols, intuitive flashes, dreams, metaphors or via tools such as the Tarot. You are capable of finding information in strings of symbols, events and synchronicities that others would be unaware of. You are highly tuned to the fact there are NO coincidences!

Mostly B’s: Telepath: The word ‘Telepath’ comes from the Greek words ‘tele’ – which means ‘distant’ and ‘pathe’ – ‘event’ or ‘feeling’. Telepathy is the ability to sense someone else’s thoughts and feelings or even events that happen at a distance. It is mind-to-mind communication or the ability to channel information from the universal source.

Mostly C’s: Clairsentient: This is the true ‘sixth sense’. You can feel vibrations or other people’s emotions or even the energy of an object, resonate through your entire body and this brings up insights and visions in your mind. You can visualise people or things without even seeing a picture of them! You can feel spirits brush past you even when there is no-one around.

An almost even split between two or three?: Congratulations. You have more than one well-developed psychic gift.

You can choose to concentrate on your key talent(s) but don’t forget, we are all psychic and we all possess within us all these abilities. While some may come naturally others can be honed with practice so don’t forget to work on those areas that don’t come so easily to you as this will not only benefit your existing skills but give you extra abilities to call on when you need them!









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