Celebrating All Hallows Eve on October 31

As the circle of the year turns, we celebrate another All Hallows Eve – the day of death, rebirth and transformation.

As a medium, this is my favourite time of the year.  On this special day the veil to the other side, the spirit world, is at its finest and the connection to our beloved family and friends that have departed is so clear. This is a time to feel their warmth and hear their messages of love and support. On the night I will frequently light a white candle to tell them I am listening and ready. Often I surround my sacred area within my house with jewellery and keepsakes remembering their time on earth.

Symbolically, this is a time for change.  We are encouraged to embrace the new and to recognise fear for what it is, only a human emotion.  This symbolism is reflected in The Death card within the Rider Waite Tarot pack.  The grim reaper cuts away the cords of life and all that relates to it; materialism, mortality and make believe. He rides forth on his powerful steed, showing us all that death is inevitable, too powerful to escape, and it is the fear of death that controls us. He also shows us that permanence is a mere perception.

Astrologically, this is the time for the sun sign of Scorpio. As a water sign, Scorpio searches, finds and brings forth the imperfections of life and ourselves that need to change. Scorpio is itself an incredible potent, intense and intuitive sign.  One of the mottos for Scorpio is “What is hidden is more interesting than what is obvious”.  Scorpio understands how important it is to look in the depths, to delve within, searching and bringing forth.  So on this All Hallows eve spend some time meditating, looking within to reflect on what you wish to change about yourself, your life, and start to sow the seeds, ready to embrace the new you.

At this time of the year, as children trick or treat, dressing in masks and frightening outfits, they portray the fears we contain within ourselves and tell others to give from our hearts or reap the consequences. This itself is a very interesting message.

This is a time to start working and nurturing within, to acknowledge the darkness, not to fight or fear it. This is a perfect time to work on projects connected with the mind, and subconscious, such as writing a book or creating an art project.  Look, delve and bring forth all that lies within.  Look to bring forth your inner Magick.

Michele Knight reader Sue C, Pin 2141

Sue C is a medium and hereditary psychic who has been reading professionally for 15 years.  She also runs the Psychicvisions group on Psychic Knight, where people can talk about their dreams and visions and raise any queries they might have about their own psychic development.

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