Hack Your Future With Numerology – Born on the 6th of Any Month

Hack Your Future With Numerology – Born on the 6th of Any Month

Born on the 6th? Unlock the map to your destiny that your birthday reveals with our astrologer and psychic Helen’s easy, in-depth numerology hacks.

It doesn’t matter what month or sign you were born under. If you were born on a certain date there are certain life themes and events that you are destined to experience. There’s no better system than numerology to explain and unlock the secrets to your destiny. Of course, there are other elements in play but you will be surprised at how numerology, astrology and even the Tarot all intersect and interweave. Numerology is just one tool we can use to obtain insight into our future – but it is often the simplest and easiest to understand.

If you were born on the 6th of any given month then you are ruled by the planet Venus and have an affinity to the signs of Taurus and Libra. In astronumerology, Venus and Venus ruled-signs come under the 6 rulership.  No matter where your Sun, Moon, ascendant or personal planets are, you have all the qualities we associate with both these signs – the ability to be practical and patient when needed plus a love of art, music, pleasure and the finer things of life. Your number promises security, love and a balanced life but you may have to balance forces within your own nature first to achieve these. You may also have to maintain your inner equilibrium during periods of sudden, dramatic and unexpected change which may occur in your lifetime. However, provided you can hang on to this, you will eventually achieve the balance and security you need in both your love life and your home and professional life.

You are a person who is naturally considerate of the feelings of others. You dislike conflict and will often go out of your way to avoid it as harmony especially in your relationships, is always your goal. One of your challenges may be to have the confidence to assert your boundaries in a relationship and feel secure enough to do so. You crave love and attention and if you get it, you bloom like a Venus-ruled rose. If you feel it is being withheld or that love and success has ‘passed you by’ you will become thorny and bitter instead. Guard against becoming cynical, sceptical or closed off. Nothing worth having in this life comes with a written guarantee. This includes relationships and career success. We have to take a risk – allow ourselves to be vulnerable and open up to the risk of failing. If things do not work out, we can try again but this time with the gift of experience behind us. Your number asks you learn from your experiences and don’t keep trying the same thing but expecting a different result. You are a soul destined to evolve through love experiences so when things do not work out the way you hoped, see this as something which is sent to evolve you rather than an excuse to shut down and stop risking your heart!

You have the ability to make money but when you do are likely to spend it on beauty – either personal enhancement or beautiful things. A lovely home is important to you and all being well, provided you do not fritter your money away, you should attain this. During your lifetime, a few opportunities to make money may magically present themselves, but you may not always recognise them for what they are. Be open.

You have a deep need to be in a relationship but are usually highly discriminating when it comes to choosing your partner. You need equality in your relationship so please bear this in mind. Discussing finances and your attitude to roles in a relationship may seem unromantic. But bear in mind arguments and divorce is about as unromantic as you can get! Take your time to find out what your prospective partner’s values and views on money, chores, childrearing and roles are before committing and ensure they reflect your own. Be especially wary of any relationship dynamic where you have to ‘beg’ your partner for something – be it attention, affection, help or money. 

This is a sign of an unequal partnership and indicates trouble ahead.  Usually however, yours is the number that promises lasting love unless your partner’s path shows otherwise. Faithfulness and honesty are necessary for your emotional wellbeing yet often yours is a number which can find itself drawn into a triangle situation. If this happens you need to understand two things: the first is that because deep down you are a believer in true love, any situation like this will have a negative impact on your wellbeing. The second? Well, this is to do with your deepest fears around not being loved or loveable. Perhaps you feel deep inside that this is the only option available to you? If so, time to look long and hard at where this idea has arisen. You need someone who is yours and yours alone. Why don’t you feel you can have that? Because your number promises that you can.

You may have a strong creative streak and may be drawn to a creative profession. Even if you do not consider yourself creative, chances are you will attract creative friends or find yourself working on the more supportive or practical side of a creative industry!  People will enjoy working with you and collaborations and team ventures will go well. You are also a natural diplomat and people will help you along the way. You may also consider working for yourself or being in a business partnership. Again, as with a love partnership, this must be equal if it is to succeed.

Famous people born on the 6th include George Clooney, Khalil Gibran, Bob Marley, Connie Britton, Frida Khalo, 50 Cent, the Dalai Lama, Jennifer Saunders, Idris Elba and Sally Field. Want more clues as to what fate has in store for you? Read your monthly astronumberscope here and also look up people born on the 6th of the month just like you and especially people born on May 6 under the sign of Taurus and October 6 under Libra. Chances are you’ll discover common themes and elements playing out across their lives and yours.  The cosmos has your number and numerology is the key to unlocking your destiny.

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