Girl’s Guide to What Rocks: Rose Quartz

My passion for crystals started over 20 years ago and today my home is packed with piles of gorgeous gems in all shapes, sizes and hues. No pun intended – crystals rock!  These inexpensive gem genies are a fascinating thing to use for your spiritual and personal development and are brilliant tools for meditation and manifestation. I want to share with you some of the stones I have in my basic crystal tool kit and what better place to start than with the love stone!

Rose Quartz

This soft pink stone of unconditional love is so delicious it looks as good enough to eat. Legendary for its ability to heal the heart chakra, it is also said to balance your energies, attract love and romance or boost any existing relationship and help you to forgive. It can be put to use in a number of ways but first we need to cleanse it and charge it up!

Cleansing your crystal

Hold your stone under running water in your left hand,  visualising it being cleansed and say, ‘I dedicate you to my love and the love of all’. Feel the pink unconditional love filling you up.

Five fabulous uses for the love stone

1. To bring love to the bedroom

Placing rose quartz in your bedroom will help turn it into a love shack! Rose quartz brings a sense of peace, love and positive energy to the bedroom and clever use means that you can conjure a bit of love magic. Place it by your bed and imagine a cloak of pink light spreading around the room. I have some big chunks all over my home and visualise them spreading love all around the house (I even have them by the front gate to keep out any negative energies!).

2. Rose quartz to heal a broken heart

Sometimes when we have a broken heart it feels like it will last forever. Rose quartz has seen me through all sorts of emotional problems over the years from grief to a broken heart. If you are feeling emotionally low try this: Lay with your cleansed crystal on your heart chakra and visualise the pink light filling your heart releasing and mending any pain. It may feel heavy at first but keep doing it and it should help you move to a place of forgiveness and healing. It will help shift your energy and bring you in touch with your emotions.

3. Rose quartz love spell

Love life stalled? Place some rose quartz in a small pouch along with some rose petals and a piece of paper saying ‘ I am ready for love, I love myself and love surrounds me’  know that the right love for your higher good is on the way. Slip the pouch under your pillow and sleep sweetly!

4. Rose quartz stress buster

Rose quartz Is a great stress reliever so carry a small piece with you in your bag. If you feel stressed at work hold it in your left hand and feel the unconditional love caress your stress away. If someone is giving you hassle or annoyed you, clutch that rose quartz and focus on unconditional love and forgiveness, you might be amazed at how quickly the feeling of irritation or anger will pass.

5. Wash away your troubles

Soak in love and wash away the days troubles. Run yourself a bath with some rose quartz tumble stones, sea salt and rose or lavender oil. Feel yourself bathing in love and feel any past pain or the days hassles be washed away and soothed.

Next time, we’ll take a look at Tiger’s Eye. Until then, remember – you rock!

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