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Our angel guides are always on hand and ready to bless us with divine guidance. As we slowly approach the darker half of the year, it’s time to start focusing on areas we began building on from back in the beginning of this year. The cycle of the seasons is a fantastic way to track your own psychic movements while never forgetting to accept your own free will!  This period of time we are coming into is ideal for noticing the importance of independence and renewal.
I have chosen at random four cards which carry a message for you. Ask your angel guides to whisper which picture has a message and use your intuition and accept what is there with love. Psychic Alesso x          pin: 2296
1) Abundance
Expect to experience an emotionally reclusive episode the next few weeks. You are allowing money and practical responsibilities to sort themselves out while you become introspective and curious as to what else the universe will deliver to you! The abundance you can welcome may be coming in the form of a special relationship which will make you feel rich with joy and excitement.  There is a magical and earthy feeling surrounding you over the next little while and it will make you feel you’re not acting your usual self, the angels are asking you to ponder this new energy with vigour!
There is also a need for blocks to be removed particularly around September.  A potential professional transition may be a possibility if you take a look at your own agenda – your strength of character will be boosted and you can expect people to be more forthcoming with you so use this ‘hermit time’ to become comfortable with your decisions before you finalise anything.
2) Relection
This card is pointing backwards! You are about to be reversed and could find yourself asking why you need to deal with people from the past. The angels are really focusing on your relationships with people and there are some patterns other people get caught up in that can directly affect you. Should you find yourself being approached by someone from the past, don’t get caught up in wondering why the universe has allowed this to happen. An ex flame showing face again just reminds you that you have to claim back your power by blocking any way that this person can come back into your life (if that is what you desire). You can expect a bit of a ‘time machine’ vision board where you will find yourself connecting the dots from your past. A lot of things you needed closure on will start to make sense to you or at least show you a different way of looking at things. Look out for synchronicity as the angels will leave you little hints along the pathway.
3) planning
Thank you for choosing this beautiful card. This message reveals your own intentions that thought now needs to turn to action. There is a strong energy of delay on your part and the angels are encouraging you to start reaching out to your network and let people know what your plans are. Career and creative projects are coming through very strongly here and you feel vibrant with ideas yet seem to lack faith that you can allow things to pick up off the ground. Take a look around and go back to places and pepole you first began with, it’s there you may find a guide! The angel realm is putting across a ‘hidden messenger’ vibe here which tells you if you bind your time and have stamina for the time being, someone is about to get on board with you. Patience and temperance are of the utmost importance.  A visual of tangled wires is being highlighted throughout this message which let’s you know there could be light travel involved in the near future, there is a sense of building connections in other parts of the country and overseas.
4) Birth
We have all had a friend or family member who tells us a story about their past and it makes us say ‘I could never imagine your life like that, it doesn’t sound like you’.
Life is like a book and our character will play out different roles at different chapters.
Here, the angels are showing a mask and asking you to embrace your current life situation for what it is.
There is love around you, strong ties and bonds that will stand the test of time.
Sometimes there can be a lot of performance art in our communications with others – we have a work personality,  our true personality only our true love will see, and so on. Take a look at things like exercise or revamping your physical appearance. Inner and outer confidence is within your reach and there will be no need to adopt one of the many characters once you feel completely okay just being you. Love yourself!
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