3 Card Free Tarot Reading – Pick a Card

Dali Free Tarot Reading.

My partner came home with this wonderful Tarot deck as a surprise present. I never knew that the artist Salvadore Dali had painted a Tarot deck and was thrilled with it! I thought I would share this beautiful Tarot deck and do a review of the deck in the form of a free tarot reading.

Look at the three cards and see if one of them has a message for you. Feel which one has a personal message for you and then scroll down to read your Dali Tarot answers.


Tarot Card One.

Dali Ace of cups tarot card

The Ace of Cups – Traditionally this card is the holy grail of emotions. You are heading towards a peak emotional experience. What are you feeling at the moment? Where are you heading emotionally and what would make you emotionally satisfied and happy? The Ace of cups tells you that the answer is on the way. It may be that a gorgeous emotional experience is about to arrive. You may have the sensation that in this moment life is beautiful and be filled with a surge of love. It can be a peak spiritual experience or even indicate the beginning of an exciting new love chapter.

If you’re experiencing hardship the Ace may be asking you to count your blessings and pay attention to the love around you. See and feel the love that is present in terms of friends, family etc. Tuning into this love alone can be a great healer.

I love the way the Dali Tarot shows two faces kissing and this card also has a wonderful piece of wisdom in the book

‘The secret of the Ace of Cups lies in the purification of the psyche. If you can delve into your feelings – through reconciliation or letting go- thus ensuring that no bad feelings or compromises dull the clear mirror of your soul, you will stay young regardless of age’


Tarot Card 2

8 of pentacles tarot card

8 of pentacles – The work card. You may be thinking about work, this card urges you to be confident. Working hard should bring the results you desire. You have the skills needed to move forward and if you don’t you may decide to take up a new avenue of study or learn some practical lessons to achieve your goal. We are all unique souls with special gifts and talents, are you using yours? Do you have faith in your ability? It is time to push and put your effort into your career to reap rewards? Are you working on your relationship with yourself and happiness as well as working toward success?

Dali Tarot shows a small hiker striking out to achieve their success and has this advice.

‘Create many results that are uniquely yours, with your signiture and style, and through which you can express yourself. In this manner you will create a sort of healthy luxury; an abundance of well-being and accomplished ideas, and fulfilled desires.’


Tarot Card 3

2 of wands tarot card

The 2 of wands – A world awaits but will you go for it? I’ve always seen this card as an opportunity that initially looks small yet may lead to an incredible reward or dream come true. Are you thinking of changing your world in some way? Is there an offer on the table that could lead to an interesting destination? Are you ready to expand and explore and discover a whole new world? Has your world ‘shrunk’? If so, how best can you evolve? You are ready for your next adventure and destination so don’t hold back.

Dali Tarot has an interesting take on this card and one which I like. The two cards indicate a conflict between two basic instincts,which one are you going to follow? No little world is shown on the card like in the Rider Waite but we have a woman looking over her shoulder (although there is still a castle in the distance!) She looks like a feisty and determined sort! Are you?

‘Wait until your vision has become clear and your mind made up. Then do not hesistate any longer. Act with all your might’

I adore this deck and think it is the most refreshing I have seen in a long time. I also love the book that comes with it. I can’t find a copyright on the box but you can get them from Amazon.com

Lot’s of love Michele xx

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  1. Oh my goodness, I was just talking with my mum that how scared I am of my Business Management exam and if I’ll be able to crack it or not and I randomly came upon this article AND the MIDDLE card was what I chose. I’m simply speechless.

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