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Psychic David’s beach treasure oracle. Objects in nature have traditionally been used by psychics from the dawn of time. The first Runes were cast with stones and ancient wise women read with small animal bones. David is using found objects to give a psychic reading. I love this! Watch the intro video to choose your object. The focus of this reading is how far are you from your goal and what energy you can to shift to move things on.

2 thoughts on “FREE Reading – Beach Treasure Oracle

  1. David, it was spot on. It’s fair to say the last two years have been painful,and hard. Now the person in question is constantly reaching out,and yes I think they should be able to read my mind….if only I was strong enough, I will think about how I can tell them how I truly feel.

  2. Hello
    I was telling friends, I need to step back, be quiet for a bit and think. Try to put pcs and parts together. Everything seems so scattered. My mind consumed by a broken heart, disappointment, and so much going on all around me. I picked object 2, the shell. Simply could not have been any other answer.. Perfect. Thank You David. And may I add, Michelle, you are the best. Sometimes I wish you were wrong! Tell me what I want to hear, but… I am so very true to my planetary lineup. There’s just no way around it. Lol. So be it :)
    Many Blessings

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