Your Free Soul Tarot Reading – Immediate Future

Your Free Soul Tarot Reading – Immediate Future

Greetings Gorgeous Soul,

Gather your senses and look at the four Tarot cards. Ask your inner psychic to choose the right card, tune in, and feel if there’s an accurate psychic message waiting. Reach into your powerful intuition. If you sense one of these cards has a psychic message for you, scroll down for your answer.

Tarot Card One – The Ace of Cups

Yay! Emotional clearing is on the way. The Ace of Cups is the holy grail of joy, cleansing, love and healing. The Cosmos is showering you in unconditional love. Your heart chakra is opening to a spiritual connection to all that there is. A peak of happiness and an outpouring of love lifts your spirits.

It looks like all your social karma is about to pay off as others willingly share their feelings for you. Super kind soul, are you ready to invest some of your pure and giving energy into yourself, the Ace says YES.

Your creative glitter is on full beam, and perhaps it’s the start of an incredible spiritual connection.

Voyage into love!

Tarot Card Two – 4 of Wands

The Cosmos is turning your attention to your home. Expect to celebrate a family event or achievement connected to your close ones. How are you feeling about where you are living? How would you describe your home environment? Is it a temple of love? Are you taking care of your space the way you would your body and soul?

Our home is an extension of ourselves, it’s where we recharge and always has constant enlightenment for us. Look around, which room needs work? Does it reflect the area of your life it represents? If the kitchen needs work or is in chaos, are you nurturing yourself? The bedroom? What does it reveal about your love life? Once you analyse your surroundings, you’ll be surprised at how clear the messages are!

Tarot Card Three – The High Priestess

Hey Wise one, it’s time to develop and pay attention to your intuition. You’re flowing with psychic skills, and your hunch is on point. Ask a question now that has been on your mind, the answer will become quartz crystal clear.

Perhaps you are practising your craft and listen to your soul answers the High Priestess appears to inform you that you’re reading for an unveiling of the next level of mysteries. Your power is growing, your wisdom unfolding. Above all else, trust your gut.

Tarot Card Four – 5 of Pentacles

Darling Soul,

Life may have been hard for you recently, you may have felt left out in the chill. Or perhaps you have been going through business troubles? There has been worry around you and you’ve had to push through. It doesn’t matter if it is emotional or financial as whatever it was, it took it out of you. You need and deserve compassion and to know your feelings count.

Perhaps this feeling has been ongoing? The 5 of pentacles highlights the fact that there is a light surrounding you. There is refuge and harmony in front of you. A divine light is waiting to guide you.

Have you been so used to this emotion that you are stuck in it? Good news, comfort and hope is coming. Try to break routines and habits, shift patterns and look beyond your immediate circumstances. Help is at hand. Expect to receive positive change.


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2 thoughts on “Your Free Soul Tarot Reading – Immediate Future

  1. I clsed my eyes and put my index finger on the screen( 3x) , and each time it landed on picture 4!
    Thank you, this brought me to tears and spoke to me on so many levels!
    Many thanks for that bit of hope. Blessed be

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