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The Sun

Wow!  This is a new season for you of joy, optimism, energy and confidence!  If you’re not feeling this yet believe me it’s coming for you!  You have been through a period of darkness and uncertainty, this was tough because things were in a state of flux and change.  Now things are becoming clearer and you can bring order to your life, you have a renewed sense of optimism and are full of energy to pursue your ambitions.  You radiate warmth and well-being and others want to bask in your glorious light, you have clear visions for the future and the foresight to move forward, you intuitively know that you are on course and heading in the right direction.  Your emerging positive attitude means that you are now able to fully enjoy life, you realise that by maintaining a positive outlook you are increasing your chances of future happiness and contentment.  You are learning more everyday how to love and accept yourself and this is what is making you radiate warmth and well-being.

The Wheel of Fortune

Major changes are happening, you are a divine creator and you are manifesting your desires.  Something is coming to an end and something new is beginning,  you are embarking on a new chapter in life and it is up to you to determine whether this is will be a positive or negative experience.  One thing we can count on in life is change and you are embracing this, for now, you understand that without change life would stagnate and you would cease to grow and develop your potential.  You are now able to gather positive momentum as you embrace change, you can let go of the past and move forward with grace.  You understand on a deep level that you are an architect of your fate and that you can choose to respond to life’s events with acceptance.  The more in touch you are with your inner workings and intuition, the more empowered you’ll be to make beneficial choices.   It is during life’s changes that we seek out further understanding in things like divination and astrology, this helps us deal with moving panorama of life.


If you picked this Tarot card you are so strong and courageous!  Everything you’ve been through to date has been shaping your character, today you’ve reached a plateau, you can look at yourself with self-loving eyes, witness and feel the strength that resides within you.  Your confidence is authentic because you have done the inner work required to develop a healthy ego.  You have the strength and courage to achieve self-mastery, you are able to overcome obstacles and embody self-control in stressful situations.  You may feel that your emotions are too strong to handle sometimes, you will find mastery when you channel these feelings into something creative or find an outlet for them. You can shake off the opinions of others because you realise it’s how you view yourself that is the most important and valuable thing.  You have created your own suit of armour, you are resilient and have the incredible inner fortitude to persevere towards your desired result. You realise what is destructive in your life, and you are able to release things that no longer serve you, you understand being destructive leads to imbalance and you know with all your being it’s better to do something creative if you want balance.


If you picked this Tarot card you are going through a transformation, something has come to and end and you are on the threshold of a brand new beginning.  People that aren’t familiar with the tarot are frightened with this card but this card is actually positive!  Everything in life is subject to change and renewal, life is cyclical.  Release the old and embrace the new, let go of what is familiar and step into the unknown.  You will be going through some emotional and mental adjustment to this new situation and you must acknowledge your feelings to be able to fully embrace your new future.  I know it can be frightening not knowing what the future may hold and you may try to stay where you are, but if you don’t go with flow of these changes you could be stagnating and inhibiting your growth.  Recognise what is leaving your life, if you feel sad allow yourself to cry, being fully present for your feelings will help you to embrace the new opportunities coming your way.  You are beginning a new chapter and transforming with renewal.

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