Free Three Card Tarot Reading – Is There A Message For You?

Free Tarot Reading – Three Card Tarot Reading

Hello Beautiful Soul

Focus on the three Tarot cards and feel if there is a message for you. We are all super intuitive and tune into accurate psychic information at any time. Of course we also all experience a constant barrage of social media communication which can jam up our mind and muddy our perceptive waters. Thankfully it’s quite easy to still ourselves and mindfully tune into our more profound wisdom. Do you feel that one of these cards has a message for you?

Tarot Card One – The Lovers

Yay! The Lovers! Your passion is flowing as you fall in love with life again. Has your mojo been a bit ‘Meh’ or the spark gone out of your love life? The Lovers is rekindling your desire and possibly bringing in a fresh love interest or stirring your intimacy in a current love tryst.

The Lovers isn’t all about love, although this card does ask you what you seek when it comes to affection, closeness and Amore. Be true to yourself when it comes to love but don’t settle for fantasy over reality unless it comes from a place of honesty.

The Lovers boosts your desire in all ways. You may feel stimulated by the Cosmos to reboot a creative project, or perhaps jump back into the dating game. Know you are lovable and equal to all, pour some into yourself and get ready for a stirring time!

Tarot Card Two – The Hermit

Honour your sacred space this week. Have you been feeling caught in the hurly-burly of others drama or emotion? Or perhaps you feel lonely or fear that someone has withdrawn from you? The Hermit is popping in to tell you to trust your wisdom, to focus on your inner fire and trust that you KNOW how to light your way.

Take time out to reflect and think. Be still and navigate the storm by nurturing yourself and listening to your inner voice. You have unlimited answers if you close out the outside noise and opinion and listen to the honest answers of your soul.

Tarot Card Three – The High/Great Priestess

The High Priestess. Arise sweet Goddess! An awakening is happening, and your psychic senses should be all a tingle of possibility. Have you been opening to your power? Have you been honing your sorceress skills? You are moving into a space of KNOWING. It is probably becoming increasingly difficult to ignore your intuition. It’s time to follow your hunches and honour your wisdom.

You are in an empowering time with the Universe all ears. Be careful what you wish for as your conjuring skills are spot on. If you work in a spiritual field there is likely to be an upsurge in your perceptions.

2 thoughts on “Free Three Card Tarot Reading – Is There A Message For You?

  1. Right on girl! I chose three, and its spon on. I have had an amazing gift all of my life, but now I have finally been embracing it as real and, although I have used it before, I know these are not just things that happen coincidently. I feel strong and capable. Your Sag friend thanks you MK

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