Psychic Kim’s Interactive Power Animal Reading

I wanted to focus on Power Animals and how you can work with them to assist you in your day to day life. Power animals are animal spirit guides that work with you in life to help you navigate challenges and move forward in life. They give you power and gifts through their own unique medicine.

This reading is designed to help you to connect with your power animal. Focus on the four cards and allow your intuition to direct you to one of the cards. This is the animal that wants to connect to you today.


When Elephant appears in your life, you are being asked to look at the way you nurture yourself. Have you been taking care of yourself lately and nurturing your body and mind? Or have you forgotten your own need to be nurtured.

Elephant is here to teach us to connect with the divine feminine and how to be nurturing and caring towards ourselves and others. This is a time when you need to look after yourself and focus on your wellbeing. It is also a good time to reconnect with your family and friends.

The elephant is renowned for its excellent memory and clarity of thought. When you work with Elephant medicine, you will be able to see things clearly and understand them from a wider perspective. Elephant asks you to remember all the life lessons you have learnt.

Take time to examine the past and present and the choices and decisions you have made. You have a lot of knowledge and can use this to manifest the future you want. When you work with Elephant, you create your reality from knowledge, and this is a very powerful place to manifest from. As well as clarity of mind, you have great inner strength when you work with Elephant. This is a time to focus on creating the life you want.


When Turtle enters your life, you are being asked to stop for a moment and connect with Mother Earth. Turtle symbolizes the earth, and the lessons that Turtle brings are all about nurturing the physical self and grounding yourself. You may have been moving through life at great speed, focusing on goals and things to do. Turtle is asking you to slow down and pace yourself. Take some time to get outdoors. There is a something very peaceful about being in nature. It will allow you to stop and reconnect with yourself.

Turtle medicine comes in to teach us about the nature of determination and staying true to our own path even when we encounter obstacles. Turtle is here to teach us persistence and the ability to keep moving when things are challenging. The turtle moves slowly forward, with patience and determination.

Turtle knows that not everything in life can be rushed and sometimes we need to slow down and pace ourselves. Success is still waiting for us, but Turtle reminds us that the best things do not always happen at once. In a world where we want everything yesterday, Turtle teaches us to wait for things to manifest.


The magical phoenix is a powerful animal to have as your ally. When the phoenix appears to you, know that this is a time of great transformation. Phoenix links directly to the element of fire and the sun. Like the sun that dies when it sets and is born again when it rises, the Phoenix is immortal and never dies and always rises from the ashes.

This mystical bird symbolizes hope. There will always be times of despair and hardship in life that will weaken our resolve and leave us feeling low. During these dark nights of the soul, we will often struggle to see a way out or through. It will feel like all hope is lost, and we will be like this forever. Phoenix comes to you to show you that you can overcome any obstacles in life and that you have the strength to push through it.

Phoenix medicine gives us the ability to endure things when we think we can’t. The greatest strength can often be found at our lowest points. Nothing lasts forever; even challenging times end. Like the phoenix, you will rise from the ashes, renewed and stronger than ever.

Hermit Crab

Hermit Crab is an adventurous little creature. It has appeared to you today to open your life to the possibilities of new adventures. Perhaps you have been stuck in a rut lately and are feeling bored and restless. Hermit Crab is asking you to step out of your day-to-day routine and wants you to try to have some new adventures.

Now is a time to be curious about the world around you. Is there a new hobby that takes your fancy or a new place you would like to visit? Now is the time to try something new and break out of any rut you might be in. New adventures bring new energy into your life, and a sense of renewal.

Hermit Crab asks you to connect with your needs and who you are. By withdrawing into a shell, Hermit Crab is able to re-evaluate things. This little crab is asking you to take some time to turn your focus inwards and to examine your own needs and wants. Introspection is a powerful tool and can be used to bring a greater understanding of self. Journey with Hermit Crab to discover more about your inner world and hidden potential.

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